Miguel Diaz Q & A

This Friday Allentown, Pennsylvania’s Miguel Diaz (9-0, 4 KO’s) will enter the ring and take on tough Texan Joseph Rios (11-7-2, 4 KOs). As the main event of the evening on Thompson Boxing Promotions’ “PATH to GLORY”, the flyweights will engage in an 8-round battle to reign supreme.

Tickets for “PATH TO GLORY” are priced at $75, $45, and $30. They are available now and may be purchased by calling 714-935-0900.

Bouts subject to change. Doors open at 6:30 pm, and the first bell rings at 7:30 pm. Ontario Doubletree Hotel is located at 222 Vineyard Avenue, Ontario, California.


Q: How does it feel to have worked your way up to be the main event of the evening on Thompson Boxing’s “PATH to Glory” series?

A: It is truly an honor for me to be the main event of the series. In my first fight under the Thompson Boxing banner I was a four rounder and I feel that they have really focused on growing me as a fighter. Earlier this year, I fought as the main event on a private show but to have a public show that I headline makes me really happy because I know that my hard work is paying off because they are showcasing my skills.

Q: You are entering the ring against Joseph Rios who has double the experience that you have in the ring. How do you plan on beating him?

A: Joseph Rios is a forward fighter. He could be one-dimensional and my plan is to fight on the inside because I can box, move and punch off the angles. I feel that I am an all around fighter where he isn’t.

Q: Have you ever seen videos of any of Joseph Rios’ fights?

A: I have seen a short part of his past fight against Joel Garcia. I wanted to see it just to get a feel for him. Rios can be strong at time but the fact is that he does only one thing at a time and can tire out easily, at any rate we will see what he brings to the ring because I will not allow myself to under estimate him.

Q: What did you do in training camp to prepare yourself for your fight against Rios?

A: I have been working real hard on my conditioning. I have been really active in order to keep getting stronger and to stay sharp because the challenges are getting harder and stronger and I want to one day become a world champion.