Results: O’Sullivan stops Quigley

Gary "Spike" O'Sullivan - Gary "Spike" O'Sullivan

The fighting Irish illustrated the meaning behind the famous moniker tonight as Irishman Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan (26-2, 18 KOs) battled Englishman Nick Quigley (15-3, 3 KOs) to a fourth-round technical knockout victory in the televised main event on Golden Boy Boxing on ESPN.

(Photo Credit: Golden Boy Promotions )

O’Sullivan and Quigley both came out swinging from the first bell and went toe-to-toe, with each fighter bloodied from the action. O’Sullivan received a cut as the two middleweights fought for dominance. Ultimately, the referee took note of Quigley’s decreased ability to stand solidly on his feet after a big right was landed by O’Sullivan and waved off the fight in the fourth round.

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