Erik Skoglund on Ryno’s boasts: ”Empty vessels make the most noise’

Erik Skoglund (24-0, 11 KOs) has hit back at his opponent Ryno Liebenberg (17-2, 12 KOs) for boasting about his street fighting past ahead of their light heavyweight contest on April 23 at the Hovet in Stockholm.

‘’I’m coming to Sweden to kick Skoglund’s ass,’’ said the South African fighter yesterday, before claiming to have been involved in ‘hundreds in street fights’.


Erik Skoglund beats Derek Edwards

Erik Skoglund - Erik Skoglund

Erik Skoglund (24-0, 11 KOs) continues his World title charge following an impressive performance against Derek Edwards (27-6-1, 14 KOs) tonight in Nyköping, Sweden.

The 24 year-old Swede used his height and reach advantage to good effect, keeping Edwards at range throughout the ten-round contest. Despite trailing on points, Edwards remained a threat as he looked to land his big overhand right.