Floyd Mayweather “Fighter of the Year”?

floyd676“Experts” are in unison declaring the pound-for-pound “number one” as the best. Cheers! Their consensus on the matter mirrors a lot of odd things in contemporary boxing. And it sends the people a serious message.

Awards aren’t supposed to be blind and politicized. But where have the cerebrums gone for some of those who have the voice to be “counted” in boxing? It has been said that the main purpose of giving an award is to honor a particular person/s extraordinarily good at something in order to encourage him to continue being good at the same worthy level of recognition, and to stand as an example to others.

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No to any Mayweather opponent but Manny Pacquiao

pac#1The issue is no longer between Pacquiao and Mayweather or between Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions. It has come to a point that the “unbeaten” boxer has to contend with the entire boxing world excluding puppets.

There’s not much problem with a boxer avoiding another boxer. But for a boxer to belittle the boxer he avoids and fears, malign and mock him with a litany of unfounded accusations, and then proclaims himself to be the best on the planet, it is the height of irony and delusion combined for any fans, aficionados and media to continue believing and supporting such a boxer.

Nothing is more defined than this: Boxing will have to ever say NO to Amir Khan, Marcos Maidana, Devon Alexander, Danny Garcia or any other Mayweather “solid guys” as future opponents for Mayweather until the fight with the eight-division champion “not on his level” is made first. Floyd’s latest vulgarity using social media proves one thing: He defies and challenges YOU, the people.

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Height of ignominy if Mayweather chosen fighter of the year

floyd#15Toughness of mind and skill in facing toughest oppositions are equal to gallantry. It is the virtue most supreme and compatible to boxing as a combat sport. Thus beyond ring performances, gallantry should be topmost as criteria in choosing the Fighter (not “Fighter”) of the Year award.

How can a boxer who avoids toughest oppositions ever be thought of being “so good” to be considered Fighter of the Year for 2013 or any year? How can he be awarded as the best from the year he started shying away from solidly genuine challenges up to the year he refuses to fight a fellow boxer that the entire world has been longing to see him fight, for as long as the fight makes sense and matters?

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Mayweather now ready to fight Pacquiao?

The coming year is ideal for the fight to happen, should it ever get to be made. If not 2014, then count everything nice hereunder to be profound poetry or plain satire. Don’t get him wrong. The American top dog is ready to face his biggest challenge anytime soon though he seems to be currently using the PPV numbers comparison as an excuse to avoid a persistent public outcry for him to face the Filipino icon.

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Mayweather heads for 2014 bout with Pacquiao: belt or no belt?

007FloydIMG_4768If you can’t be a part of the people, at least don’t be a party to the problem that the people are intending to solve. Where in the rule of reason or any sanctioning body in boxing we can find a provision which states that beating Adrien “The Problem” Broner can be translated into a credential to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.? What if Robert Guerrero and Canelo Alvarez would whip Broner in an even more convincing fashion which is highly probable? Does that earn Guerrero and Alvarez the fresh mandate to battle Mayweather again?

Such a “timely” suggestion but foolish.

NO solid fight for the unbeaten “number one” boxer except the resurrected eight-division champion whom he got accustomed to avoid. Thus who is the Money Team looking for to challenge their “man” outside of the Filipino sports icon? Nobody.

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“People power” in boxing: Pacquiao-Mayweather (part II)

pac93623NO solid fight for the unbeaten “number one” boxer except the resurrected eight-division champion whom he got accustomed to avoid. Thus who is the Money Team looking for to challenge their “man” outside of the Filipino sports icon? Nobody.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. runs on the wrong side of the road if he is not fighting Manny Pacquiao next, while Pacman has an unfinished business to do with Timothy Bradley if Floyd decides to stray in barren grounds. The world has yet to see the best of Mayweather and no opponent but Pacquiao can bring it out in him.

FMJ will do a calamitous disservice to himself, his promotional outfits and Showtime if he opts to continue ignoring his worst fear in Pacquiao. Counter flows are forbidden in a single-way-narrow-street game called boxing.

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Canelo’s chance to win is why Floyd ducks Pacquiao

canelo66Aside from his brilliance to handpick toys, Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s ability to score points and beat his opponents lies in the “invincibility” of his defense. This is ax and stealth for him. And this is why he looks unstoppable in boxing.

Unlike Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather can’t be caught with a “lucky” punch because Mayweather is into “politics.” Floyd is focused and knows what he’s doing. He belongs to the sport as a Money man “Ninja Turtle.” He is master at protecting his head in ring fights and has the natural talent to elude being hit such that no other boxers both past and present can equal his prowess in that aspect, so it seems.

Though, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and his strategists need not complicate the matter for themselves in preparation for “The One” bout. Bombard Mayweather with unrelenting torpedo combinations and Mayweather will be captured open to succumb and fall.

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Pacman dares Floyd; assures he’s not over-the-hill

pac73“I was not mauled by Marquez, it was a lucky punch that knocked me out,” Manny Pacquiao explains in an ABS-CBN interview yesterday as he rejects Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s taunt and assures the fans he’s not over the hill yet.

Rightly so, Pacman was the one beating black and blue Juan Manuel Marquez into submission when the miracle blow suddenly hit the entire arena into shock during the quadrilogy. If not for the “lucky” punch, another round and Marquez would be out. The bloodied and bruised Marquez, gasping for breath, appeared to be the over the hill boxer in that bout had it not for the seer that hypnotized Pacquiao to fall twice.

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