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Mick the Marmalizer

Undefeated 23 year old Dustin Dirks looks the most promising.

Posted February 4, 2013 9:55 am 


Cleverly gets another stiff to waste his talent on…wonderful. Braehmer is probably the only native-born German amongst all the current crop of so-called German fighters. Wait, Zbik is a native too because he was born in Neubrandenberg. He was fun because phony German Gutknecht (really a Borat Kazahk) just sucks.

Posted February 3, 2013 2:28 pm 


Woge is fun to watch with his entertaining style.Is he really German? He certainly doesnt fight like a typical german.

Posted February 3, 2013 12:26 pm 

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Braehmer beats Gutknecht – Robert Woge wins first title

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