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big head

frank galarza is sombody to lookout for even know his last fight ended quick with a good knockout it was still impressive we see what he do in this fight sebastin bouchard is tough he agressive and strong he aint no slouch but frank seem like he the better all around fighter tho galarza seem like a fighter that like to figure you out first see what u brings he patient he take his time he dont rush things in there kinda like in his last fight he seen what he needed to see when he fought john thompson in that first round the second round he just explode and caught him with a good shot it was over this fight here might go some rounds bouchard fight with his hands down i can see frank landing right hands frank got a good jab to and he got pretty quick hands when he throws i see him beaten bouchard im curious to see if it going to go rounds or end in another knockout for him

Posted May 16, 2014 8:53 pm 

big head

this should be a good card tonight it good joel diaz jr is back on tv again he a exciting fighter with punching power tonight could be a lil test for him tyler assletine is a solid boxer with some handspeed his hands is proably a lil faster then diaz the thing that might hurt tyler he not really a big puncher so idk if he got the pop to gain diaz respect i think diaz is the stronger fighter with more power i think tyler quick hands and solid boxing abilty might cause diaz some trouble tho diaz is hittable his defense needs some work he need to move his head more his offense is good diaz is tall he need to use the jab more to set up his power and shorten up his punches and distance once he learn to do that he going to be a problem in this fight i see him being to strong and powerful for asseltine the kid can crack i see diaz getting the better of the exchanges doing the more damage and stopping him in the 5 round or 6th

Posted May 16, 2014 8:28 pm 

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