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Unfortunatlly the Cruiserweight division is looking as bad as ever in the UK & looks to continue that way. From what I can see (correct me if I’m wrong) The Lonsdale belt has never been won out-right @ 200Lb. Glenn McCrory had a bit of success with the IBF & Johnny Nelson did well to avoid to many many tough fights with the WBO bangle. Sammy Reeson gave it a go, but came up short & Herbie Hide seems to have fallen by the wayside. Bob Fitzimmons, Len Harvey & Henry Cooper would have nailed this division had it existed in there day. So where is the future of the British Cruiserweight division?

Posted September 24, 2012 1:54 pm 

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News: Dickinson fights McPhilbin on Harrison-Price undercard on October 13th; Perry-Mouton this Friday

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