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Mares is physically maturing at this weight & his power will be a factor. Jhonny is a good puncher & fighter but Little Mares is the best little boxer most people don’t notice…but he’ll keep making his mark & surprising the unbelievers.

Posted August 23, 2013 12:57 am 


Mares looks to be in TERRIFIC shape! he looks damn good…haven’t seen Johnny yet, should be a DAMN GOOD scrap.

Posted August 22, 2013 7:17 pm 

The Mad Scientist

Rigo ain’t schooling Mares at 126..Abner is not Donaire who just waited all night to land his left hook..Mares has the ability to make fights ugly if need be to gut out a win..

Posted August 22, 2013 7:16 pm 


i dont HAVE showtime

Posted August 22, 2013 1:10 pm 


Mares looks good not in a guy way. Mares late ko

Posted August 22, 2013 12:50 pm 


elmatador…my man you got a few things right,that bob doesnt want rigo in his stable and that he should match him with mares but the thing you got wrong is your prediction/ rigo would school mares at any weight…yezzir!

Posted August 22, 2013 12:38 pm 

The Mad Scientist

Mares is looking strong at 126 in that pic..

Posted August 22, 2013 8:30 am 


Good fights mares is the best in the lower divisions the only thing that tarnish he’s reputation are those constant low blows so johnny better were a cup. After he wins this fight gbp should throw an offer to bob arum for a fight with rigo its a good way to get rid of rigo since its obvious arum doesn’t whant rigo in he’s stable cuz mares will beat rigo by ko or tko

Posted August 22, 2013 3:57 am 

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