Why Should Oscar Waste His Time On Floyd?

09.11.06 - By Scoop Malinowski: By now it's pretty apparent The Floyd Mayweather Show was a considerable failure last Saturday night, maybe that's why no one is releasing the pay-per-view numbers which must be unexpectedly low. Perhaps those figures are so embarrassingly low, they'll need to be concealed like those from June 10th [smile].

The public's had enough of lousy set-up fights and most everyone knew 35-year-old Carlos Baldomir was handpicked as a perfect, slow and old punching bag for Floyd to look fabulous against. Everyone, I mean everyone, whether they have the guts to admit it or not, knew Antonio Margarito was the fight that should have been made. And all those who played a role in ducking and dodging and preventing it deserved what they got.

Why should Oscar bend over backwards and give Mayweather the golden opportunity of a lifetime he's been practically begging two years for? Oscar De La Hoya is in a another stratosphere than Mayweather, he's a living legend of boxing because he has confronted and battled each and every formidable warrior there was to meet. He didn't always win but Oscar gave the sport and the business and the paying customers the events they wanted to see..

And with all the pressure that was on Oscar, from the second he first signed a pro contract, he's handled it all just about as well as anyone ever has.

That's first and foremost why Oscar is the man that he is, the world renowned icon that transcends the sport and attracts massive interest and popularity for the sweet science.

There is no comparison between "The Golden Man" Oscar De La Hoya and little pretty boy Floyd Mayweather in how they have served the sport or how they have delivered quality entertainment to the paying customers.

Mayweather is a super talent but he radiates the impression of a me-first, crybaby who seems to be spoiled by the success he has been able to achieve. Nothing ever seems to be enough for Mr. "slave wages" who now admits he has made more than enough money to spend in a million lifetimes. You get the sense if Floyd doesn't get Oscar when and how he wants, he might explode in a tantrum.

For the last four years Mayweather has given the fans nothing but lousy set-up exhibitions against safe opposition that everybody already knew had zero chance. There was no excitement, there was no suspense in any of Floyd's fights. He took the public's money and ran. And when formidable challenges stepped up and challenged Floyd - like Vivian Harris, Antonio Margarito and (indirectly) Paul Williams - Floyd, as repulsively arrogant and conceited as any pro athlete there ever was - acted like he didn't know who they were. Believe me, Floyd's uncharismatic personality, lack of humility and ingratitude is a major reason there is no buzz or excitement at ANY of his handpicked fights.

Regardless of what the sychophant puppets of the major media say - they basically only say what they corporate power wants them to say (remember how they once were united in their negativity against Bernard Hopkins?) - the mainstream public wants to see Mayweather in a dangerous and risky fight. Who knows, at this point they might be so sick of Mayweather, they may never buy anything with his name on it.

I believe the powers screwed up by freezing out Antonio Margarito. This is the real true champion, in every sense of the word. He may not have the hype or best connections but he is everything you could want to see in a champion - vicious, relentless, determined fury and passion that can tear a man's ear off with a single punch. He has humility and modesty that people gain inspiration and joy from. Sincerity and class and respect that only the true champions have. Margarito is the real deal, Floyd knows it too, that's why he's so astonishingly reluctant to face him. It's the fight everyone wants to see. Except, of course, for Floyd who has already given 16, I repeat, 16 different excuses and reasons to DUCK and DODGE Margarito this year alone.

Unfortunately the powers decided to protect and coddle Mayweather like an overly sheltered, spoiled rotten, demanding diva, prima donna. The result is everyone lost. Floyd's PR image took a big hit, the paying customers who bought into the hype - because Floyd has all the right connections - went home dissatisfied. Even folks like Charles Barkley and Tiger Woods exited early like they wasted their time. I even know of some people who felt ripped off.

"The best team in boxing" couldn't sell Floyd, even though they tried their best. Perhaps it's becoming plainly clear that Floyd is unsellable except for a marginal audience who likes to pay money to watch mismatched competitions.

The bottom line is trouble. Boxing is stuck with a fraud as the symbol that it is trying to build up into the next Face of Boxing. Floyd is apparently incapable and ill-equipped for the position of Face of Boxing. Everything has been done for Floyd to succeed, he got the Gatti fight, he got to handpick everyone, EVERYONE for his entire career, but the public just doesn't want him. The public isn't buying.

There's no reason, there's no way in hell Oscar De La Hoya should feel any obligation to bend over and do this pretender any more favors.

Especially not when Floyd Mayweather wouldn't do any favors for Antonio Margarito, the man every intelligent insider and many astute fans know he should have fought on November 4th.

What goes around, comes around.

Oscar De La Hoya knows what events the fans will pay to see, what they want to see, as most recently evidenced by the hugely successful grudge match with Ricardo Mayorga.

And Floyd Mayweather, as talented as he is, just does not sell right now. He doesn't bring anything to the table for Oscar. And because of his lack of popularity and lack of generosity to give worthy people like Antonio Margarito a shot, Floyd Mayweather deserves nothing from Oscar. Absolutely nothing.

It's high time for Floyd to either change his attitude, change his policy of only handpicking safe fights, or like he said, Retire from the sport.

And leave the sport of boxing to the real fearless warriors who don't duck or dodge anyone, the real class act champions who are humble, genuine, considerate of fans, who gratefully understand they are just part of the sport and the sport doesn't revolve around them.

Oscar De La Hoya can do what he wants. He's proven himself, his reputation of greatness is undisputed.

Floyd Mayweather hasn't proved himself yet. Yes he may have enough talent. But Floyd has not shown that he has the class, the daring fearlessness, the maturity, the popularity credentials and box office power, or kind of inspiring personality to deserve to share the same ring with Oscar in his final performance.

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Article posted on 09.11.2006

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