Klitschko, Brock, Ali Conference Call Transcript

03.11.06 - Tom Loeffler: We are really excited about this show. We are bringing the heavy weight boxing back to the Mecca of boxing at Madison Square Garden. Wladimir Klitschko has really established himself as you know, the permanent heavyweight champion and exciting Calvin Brock is undefeated. US Olympian 22, with actually 29 you know, with 22 knockouts. We are also excited about having Laila on the show.. She has really generated a lot of publicity for the show 35 years after her father fought, the FFX battle with Joe Fraser, and sheís defending, actually sheís defending her super middleweight title. WBC and WBA super middleweight titles. Kevin Kelley who is coming off the great win over Carlos Hernandez. Heís fighting the five time champion Manuel Medina. That's where the IBF number two ranking and IBF eliminator at a 130 pounds, light weight. Then we have some great local fights. We have two -- two New York state championships. One is the heavyweight championship. Derric Rossi is very popular on Long Island versus Shannon Miller from Upstate New York as well as a Bronx rivalry between two golden Gloves champions -- new champions Franky Figueroa fighting Joe Real, he is undefeated. But he may alone just been added on the show, the show, he is a very popular New York heavyweight as well and also Irish Olympian Andy Lee, who is undefeated and also trained by Wladimirís trainer Emanual Steward. At that point, John Iíll turn it back over to you and the news media.

John Cirillo: Very good Tom and thanks so much. So as Tom mentioned, one of the all-time great incredible standard at the gardens and now his daughter will continue in those great footsteps as she defends her title against Shelly Burton in the co-feature. The great buzz about this fight is Laila making her New York down side New York debut. So itís my pleasure to introduce the super middleweight champion Laila Ali. Laila, tell us a little bit about your training camps and about preparation and about your opponents.

Laila Ali: Sure. Hello everyone. I am calling from Las Vegas on a training camp. I started training with Floyd Mayweather Jr. I am very happy with how the campís been going. I am ready to go, I am excited to be fighting at the Garden obviously, for obvious reasons, I mean the fact that itís the mecca of boxing and all five is I think would like to dream of fighting there and with my father being who he is and you know, the fight that he had there you know, I can't wait to get into that ring and put on a good show. So you know, itís unfortunate that HBO who is televising this does not show womenís boxing. So therefore they will not be televising my fight even though I am the co-main event. Thatís a -- you know, that's a little upsetting because no oneís going to be able to see it unless they come to the Garden, but neither here nor there I am still going to do what I have to do and I am fighting Shelly Burton. Sheís a tough fighter, you know, I am looking forward to a very exciting fight. So thatís pretty much it.

John Cirillo: And we are going to open it up for questions in a second, but I have one -- quick one for you. Tell us a little bit about Shelly and you know, what you are expecting from her and you know, defending your title against her.

Laila Ali: Shelly is a very, sheís who what I call a tough fighter. You know, she is really true to the sport, she took the fight you know, the first on the first call right away, thereís some other girls that I chose to fight originally ,that backed out of the fight. So Shelly is a very tough opponent, she is talented, sheís going to come to fight, she has good boxing skills, sheís tough and I think that she really believes she can win. So that makes it all the more exciting for me. Of course sheís not because I just don't loose, this is not what I do, but I think up until I stop her itís going to be a great play.

John Cirillo: Great. Operator, letís open it up for questions to the media.

Operator: At this time I would like to remind everyone, if you like to ask a question please press ď7Ē only once your telephone keypad and we have our first question comes from Eddie Goldman, SecondsOut Radio.

Eddie Goldman: Laila, how are you doing today?

Laila Ali: I am good, how are you doing?

Eddie Goldman: Very good. Glad to speak to you again.

Laila Ali: Thank you.

Eddie Goldman: When -- when we spoke to you at the Treeside press conference couple of weeks ago, at the Garden, you were hoping for more experience upon into somebody with a better record. Is this kind of making it a bit (indiscernible) debut at the Garden, because it is Madison Square Garden, your first fight there, but --

Laila Ali: No. I don't know where you are going with it, not really. Because like I said Shelly Burton, she is eight and two, but she has amateur background you know, before she was a Pro Fighter. So the girls that I usually want to fight are with 12-1. So for me 12-1, and 8-2 is about the same thing and thatís how it is in womenís boxing you know that with the talent, some fighters are more experienced than others. You know, I mean I had 22 fights, but I don't have any amateur fights. So, you know, I think you have to look at each fighter and look at their skills and talent and then you are going to assess what type of a fight itís going to be and I actually think that sheís actually a better fighter than the girl that I originally chose, but the girl I originally is just more impressive looking, sheís tall and strong and thatís why I want to get in there with.

Eddie Goldman: Do you think you need to make a statement exceptions to the (ATL) people who are there, who are still pleasing to show your fight, because most people could view if thatís town to town boxing out there and have the note of writing, if they are not going to show you, they are not showing anybody else I mean, what could be done to bring in that as a (indiscernible).

Laila Ali: Well, I am not -- I don't really focus too much attention, you know, I am going to mention it and do what I can so the people know what's going on, but I am not really going into the ring thinking about HBO, anytime I fight I have to make a statement, you know because people are watching me closely and I have very high expectation myself, but I am not going to worry about HBO, thatís not the deal, but you know I am going to mention this, because I have to because you know.

Eddie Goldman: Right are you going to also, afterwards listen to the crowd reaction because you notice this is a press conference even though they are very prominent fighter like Wladimir Klitschko, you seem to be getting more attention from the media than even (indiscernible)?

Laila Ali: Well, you know, the last name Ali is very powerful and you know, I don't think thereís any name more powerful in boxing. So you know -- you know, I have all my dadís fans behind me. So I am not surprised about that.

Eddie Goldman: All right. Now like you did, you want to make a prediction or pick a round or --?

Laila Ali: No, I never do that. I just, all I am afraid is it ain't go into distance you know.

Eddie Goldman: All right. Good luck. Weíll see you there.

Laila Ali: All right, thank you.

Eddie Goldman: Thanks.

John Cirillo: And our next question comes from Bobby Anthony from Newsday.

Bobby: Hey Laila, itís just the question about the Garden. Have you ever been there before, have you ever seen your dad fight there before? Have you ever attended a fight or a sporting event there?

Laila Ali: I have attended a fight there. I can't remember which one it was. I think Lennox Lewis was fighting there, but no I never saw my dad fight there, I was an unborn when he had a fight there.

Bobby: What was your impression walking into that building knowing what your dad had done at that place?

Laila Ali: You know, I don't really get the same feeling that a lot of other people get that you know, people might think I would get you know, the Garden is just a wonderful place to fight, but just walking in the building, I am getting these special feelings.

Bobby: Were you fighting at the time that you went to see Lennox Lewis there and did you think about possibly fighting there yourself one day?

Laila Ali: I just assume that I wished.

Bobby: Uh-huh. All right Laila thank you.

Laila Ali: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from Melissa Murphy from Associated Press.

Melissa Murphy: Hi Laila. Nice to see you again.

Laila Ali: Hi. How are you doing?

Melissa Murphy: Good, thanks.

Laila Ali: Good.

Melissa Murphy: I am wondering about your training with Floyd Mayweather. So they are going to be working on defense with him and obviously he is a master, what kind of guidance has he given you?

Laila Ali: Well, I have definitely grown in that area as far as defense is concerned, of course you know, you need more than eight weeks to learn. Itsí going to take more time, I can't learn everything that heís going to teach me, but I think that -- that anybody who has been following my carrier would be able to see some changes already.

Melissa Murphy: Like what kind?

Laila Ali: Just in my -- in my defense, you know, I mean I -- I can't really go into too much detail for you, but I mean you would definitely see a difference.

Melissa Murphy: Uh-huh and have you seen Shelly Burtonís fight much and what are her strengths and weaknesses (indiscernible)?

Laila Ali: Iíve seen her fight once. I have one pay per fighting and of course, always keep in mind every time people fight me they come ten times harder because of who I am and she has very good solid boxing skills, she is a complete fighter, she uses her jabs, she knows how to move around the ring you know, she knows when to stop and deliver punches you know, she definitely has heart, you know, and I think that she -- that's a good start for her.

Melissa Murphy: And how you are doing? I know itís been almost -- almost a year since you fought last in December in Berlin and are you anxious to get back into the ring?

Laila Ali: I am definitely anxious to get back in and I think that everything, I believe that everything turns out the way it does for a reason and you know, it will be wouldn't have been the best idea for me to get in there with the toughest fighter I can find and I haven't fought in a year, even though I would have you know. So I think like I said that Shelly Burton be the perfect person for this fight.

Melissa Murphy: Okay and word on when the -- how you dadís schedule is taken out, whether he might be at the garden as well, to watch you fight?

Laila Ali: Yeah heís planning on attending.

Melissa Murphy: Really?

Laila Ali: Yes.

Melissa Murphy: Okay, when did you speak to him last?

Laila Ali: When did I speak to him? I spoke to him last week.

Melissa Murphy: Uh-huh. And what did he say at that time?

Laila Ali: Well, you know, he said what he always says. He loves me, misses me and heís -- heís very excited and wants to come to the fight. I think for him itís extra special being able to watch me at the Garden, you know, because he did fight there. So I think heís going to -- heís going to be very excited about that.

Melissa Murphy: Sure. All right, well are we going off for the excitement on that too?

Laila Ali: Yeah.

Melissa Murphy: Okay, thank you for your time.

Laila Ali: Thank you.

Melissa Murphy: Good luck.

Operator: Our next question comes from Michael Horsley from the Chicago Tribune.

Michael Horsley: Hi, hello Laila.

Laila Ali: Hi, how you are doing?

Michael Horsley: Good, how are you?

Laila Ali: Good.

Michael Horsley: The fights that we keep hearing about that people would like to see you in or against the lives of Ann Wolfe or Leatitia Robinson. I know you had just said that since you have not fought this December that might have been a factor in -- in opponent other than them.

Laila Ali: No, no. That wasnít a factor.

Michael Horsley: Is there any progress, so to fight against either Wolfe or Robinson or you know, one of those, what we considered to be unique?

Laila Ali: Right. I don't think that there is, I wouldn't say thereís any progress with Ann Wolfe you know, Ann Wolfe for one has continued to call me out and you know, this that and other but every time we call her to make the fight happen because months ago before I have even knew, I was fighting at the Garden, we were trying to get her to fight in November, not knowing that I was going to be fighting at the Garden, but I was trying to fight in November and she was saying that she was going through problems with her promoter, she won't wait till next year and this, that and other, but you know, meanwhile she is on ESPN, calling me out there and I won't fight her and all that. So you know, I am very irritated with Ann Wolfe because you know, people keep asking me like I am the one that can make everything happen you know, but I can only fight these girls if they get in there with me you know, and as far as Leatitia Robinson is concerned you know, I have not been trying to make a fight with her as if yet, because I want to fight Ann Wolfe first Leatitia Robinson, I haven't even really built up yet and when I say I haven't built up, itís because I do have to built them up. That's why everyone knows who Ann Wolfe is because every time I fought, when we were supposed to fight four times, we were scheduled to fight and she kept throwing out -- you know, and always be building her up, talking about us, people know who she is. So hopefully next year you know, if she gets in there next year that will be great, but if not you know, we cannot do.

Michael Horsley: I mean do you -- do you see that these are -- are that particularly Ann Wolfe is somebody that people want to see you fight, but you can't get her out there, but those two are opponents, the two are concerned to be perhaps the most competitive.

Laila Ali: Well thereís -- thereís four girls that I -- that I put on my top list, and that's because the mixture of things because of their records, because the people want to see them and because of my personal hitlist, you know, I have been running them out. So itís Ann Wolfe, Leatitia Robinson, there is a girl named Natasha (Rogasino) I am not sure if I am pronouncing the name right, but sheís from Russia fighting in Germany, sheís undefeated. That's why sheís on the list, because sheís undefeated and then there was a girl named (Idelma Ibudanine) who I actually had for this fight and then she pulled out a few, you know, about four or five weeks ago and that's how I ended up with Shelly Burton.

Michael Horsley: So, you are (Ibudanine) was the fighter who had a (12-1) record and was tall?

Laila Ali: Yeah sheís -- sheís tall, had (12-1) record, and like I said you know, may be that wouldn't have been the best fight, but I would have gotten there anyway because I am just confident enough to do that you know, because you definitely don't want to always seeing someone in the ring when we ever faught in a year with someone whoís you know, whoís got the will to win. Ann is very strong, tall you know, has to have a weight advantage, height advantage, but you know, I was willing to do it because like I said I believe I can beat her on my first day.

Michael Horsley: Let me just come back to Ann Wolfe real quickly for a last question. What you are saying is, that you have called her out in public, but sheís turned it down in prior to -- to the appreciations, negotiations.

Laila Ali: Exactly -- exactly and I -- and -- and you can even ask you know, the promoters that Iíve dealt with in the past, her own promoter because you know, my people were talking to her promoter because he was about you know, had to go litigation with her because he was trying to get it fight me and she didn't want to do so. You know, you don't have to take her word in his mind you know.

Michael Horsley: Thank you very much and good luck next week.

Laila Ali: All right, thanks. I appreciate it.

Operator: And I am showing there are more questions at this time.

Laila Ali: Good. I answered all the questions.

John Cirillo: There you go, Laila itís well spoken and all the best to you on November 11th.

Laila Ali: I appreciate it.

John Cirillo: We are going to ask the operator announce that -- get Calvin Brock on the call. So, if the media members would just hang in there for a minute or two and Calvin will be our next guest. In the mean time Tom, we can see if there are any questions on the Undercard that any of the reporters and media you have for you while we are getting Calvin.

Male Speaker: Sure I would be happy to answer any questions about the promotion itself and the K2, their first promotion at Madison Square Garden. We've gotten a great response from -- from the people there in New York and Wladimir had build on (indiscernible) last fight, when he fought Kirk Johnson there at the Garden and they are very popular in the Russian and Ukrainian communities and Laila complements of Wladimir perfectly defending her championship there, now she brings a lot of mainstream interest in media to light on this promotion and what she said about that. I go off the comment on I have experienced first hand as well, what she was referring to, we tried to make the slide with -- with (indiscernible) and at first the promoter was all you know, bored and we had agreed to all the terms and then if just things kept changing and it got complicated -- we set about three weeks trying to make that fine and then as soon as I call Shelly Burton, and Butch Gottlieb her Manager at Las Vegas they agreed. 24 hours we had a deal done. So that shows that Burtonís very confident, sheís Rank number three in WBC.

Operator: And this is the operator. We are showing that Calvin Brock is connected to the call currently.

John Cirillo: Okay Tom, we just wanted to introduce Calvin and weíll get going.

Tom Loeffler: We are said to have Calvin on the show. Heís undefeated at 29-0, he was part of the US olympic team and you know, really provide the -- the US counterparts you know, we always have -- have a whole great way I hope they know itís a little bit reversed and Calvin is a great shot at you know, bringing the title back to United States and heís training up in, if I have it correctly comes up in Pennsylvania include it up there opening on the fight and I like to introduce the Boxing Banker, Calvin Brock.

Calvin Brock: Thank you very much.

Tom Loeffler: So would you like to say may be a few words about your training and you know, fighting in the Garden and then we could pick some calls from -- from the media.

Calvin Brock: Well my training is going very well here in California, Pennsylvania we just (indiscernible) very exciting to see my dreams come true handing my first heavyweight title and then legendary Madison Square Garden when you are sitting against the most recognized and we are doing it World Champion Wladimir Klitschko.

Tom Loeffler: Operator letís go to the questions.

Operator: At this time I would like to remind everyone that if you would like to ask a question please press ď7Ē only once on your telephone keypad and we have our first question coming from Arnold Leighman. Weíll move on to our next question. It comes from Eddie Goldman from SecondsOut radio.

Eddie Goldman: Hey Calvin. Howís everything going today?

Calvin Brock: Good Eddie.

Eddie Goldman: I mean if you, go in to the slide obviously you know, you are the underdog in this. Can you tell us what in your words you think you can do it better to defeat Wladimir Klitschko than him?

Calvin Brock: I think that I am a (indiscernible) boxer more versatile than Wladimir, and I think I can take self rebut on that better than the Wladimir you know, (indiscernible) beat him.

Male Speaker: Have you watched -- I am assuming you watched tapes of the fight where he lost against Lamon Brewster and Corrie Sanders and is there anything you have gotten or picked up more slides also the tough fight he had with DaVarryl Williamson?

Calvin Brock: Well, he is from a greater (indiscernible) I watch his films and I see that he has a good jab, and then, a good straight right hand and it gives out the weight pretty good.

Male Speaker: Uh-huh.

Calvin Brock: But, another day it's something that I haven't been in the ring before (indiscernible).

Male Speaker: Uh-huh.

Calvin Brock: So, I donít feel myself not being able to beat him, I think I will beat him.

Male Speaker: You tried to get on inside of him or fight more from the outside, because you can have the size advantage?

Calvin Brock: I will have to see, I am able to do whatever things to win. I am pretty sure that people will see a little bit of both throughout the boxing match.

Male Speaker: Okay. Do you want to make any predictions to the fight?

Calvin Brock: I will win. My decision is I will knockout like I am always the big bet, I will win and (indiscernible) over the time.

Male Speaker: It's true. Okay. Good luck, we will see you there.

Calvin Brock: Thanks.

Male Speaker: Thanks.

Male Speaker: We have our next question comes from Dan Rafael from ESPN.

Dan Rafael: Hi, Calvin, how are you today.

Calvin Brock: Hi Dan how are you doing?

Dan Rafael: I am very good, Calvin this is going to be your first opportunity to fight for a title and I know we talked about this before we go back and we came out in Olympic games could you sort of just recount a little bit about the you know, the desire for you to combat for various promoters and have you know, you didnít really have a lot of offers in this what its sound like at that time and where you have come through now at this point you still undefeated and you know, really be great in heavyweight championship.

Male Speaker: Well as you know when I first came at the 2000 Olympics I was looking forward at least (indiscernible) that was very learning being there I was one of three chosen from most people that if I will win the gold medal you know, in Olympics but I know (indiscernible) you know, unfortunately (indiscernible) Olympic loosing my (indiscernible) bad signal professionals so I start aware of I making this club but I didnít stop myself and my team and I knew that this day will come where I will have undefeated record again soon become the undefeated heavy weight champion of the world which will transpire (indiscernible) November 11th and it feels good that even you know, when I became a free agent where nobody wanted me to come in on the 2000 Olympics, everybody that was rebuttal promoter Pat Anderson. (Over speaking) he raised all the same (indiscernible) 2000 Olympic.

Dan Rafael: And you referred to previously and you are saying about being considered the least average to succeed and I recall I actually I think I am a person that wrote an article where I quoted Paddy Alice who is a ring side commentator for NBC who called all the Olympic Gods and when many of your -- you and your teammates where about the conferral I had Teddy breakdown at the side bar to sort of line the guys in order and he said, I actually went back and looked up his comments you know, he didnít kill you in there, but it wasnít very complementary and he did in fact rank you 12 out of 12 guys. Can you talk about how those - -I know that you saw those comments, because you told me about that previously, can you tell you how those comments you know, if in anyway motivated you or what you thought when you saw those?

Calvin Brock: Man, I thought it was quite ridicules and very kiddy. You know, Paddy is -- and he is a good analyst -- boxer analyst, but he takes (indiscernible) team and label down before they -- they are even given a chance, we just down the way to ring now, I mean you donít have that right and unfortunately boxing people a lot of time believe what you hear than what they see you know, just coming to same people (indiscernible) in a fashion, but not in a horrible fashion either, but they are interested in the rate in the USA Today article you know, based on all the commentary comments (indiscernible) coach say that it had been like train hard and all this (indiscernible) and I didnít have a punching problem, am going to become -- I won't be a prospect in a probably in even gaining a world title which (indiscernible) that will be a waste of money so anybody invest as a promoter.

Dan Rafael: And that's what Tom (indiscernible) was telling about you?

Calvin Brock: No -- that was Allis saying about me.

Dan Rafael: Okay.

Calvin Brock: Tom said I have been like train hard and it doesn't make sense how could I have been five time national champion and making to Olympics and then (indiscernible) qualify and go to the Olympic and be at least 16 in the whole world (indiscernible) Olympic without work -- hard work you know, being to that level to be without hard work, you know, obviously (indiscernible) go over in to the pro and guess where I am right now with an undefeated record 29 with 22 knockout. So I made everybody out a liar and myself to be the truth.

Dan Rafael: You were a person (indiscernible)?

Calvin Brock: Well I (indiscernible) it back.

Dan Rafael: Did you ever talk Paddy about that in the year that (indiscernible)?

Calvin Brock: No I --

Dan Rafael: Because we had called couple of your fights when you (indiscernible) obviously was on ESPN preview do you ever just you know, just ask him about that?

Calvin Brock: No I ask him about, but I am pretty sure he knows what exactly what he says he knows these wrong, he was wrong and he is, and he changed his tone, everybody change their tone though everybody that was saying -- saying bad things about me starting saying that I am the highest competent in the whole world and I am the (indiscernible) although most likely to be the one in United States of America to win the title. So the prospect of, and image to maintain in everybodyís mind because I made it change.

Dan Rafael: Can you answer why would your coach in the Olympic game -- because you met him -- you five time national champion may be Olympic game you know, got to the round of 16 etcetera, what would (indiscernible) them to say that you didnít have a workout obviously he is one of your coach and he sees you on a daily basis. So he entirely knew what you are doing, what kind of work you are putting in. Is it just the matter of prospective what was -- why would you say that if it was, you obviously working hard.

Calvin Brock: Because I like --

Dan Rafael: Say it again Cal.

Calvin Brock: I donít like the (indiscernible) six days a week then it work well for me on the heavyweight you can't --

Dan Rafael: Okay.

Calvin Brock: I mean heavyweight (indiscernible) like flyweight and lightweight can't take a 12 man team two are different weight class, two have different coaches and train everybody the same way, where everybody (indiscernible) everybody else.

Dan Rafael: When you say run you mean like get out there and do (indiscernible) work.

Calvin Brock: Yes.

Dan Rafael: Okay.

Carl: Dan it's Carl.

Dan Rafael: Hi Carl.

Carl: Hi isnít it more of a statement just (indiscernible) how much proving over all and when the coach says something like that.

Dan Rafael: (Indiscernible).

Carl: Yeah.

Dan Rafael: I went back and looked at the top 12 list and see Calvin rated last and I --

Carl: Yeah.

Dan Rafael: -- guys in middle that never did anything --

Carl: Yeah. Right.

Male Speaker: Okay.

Dan Rafael: Anyway Calvin thank you for your time and good luck to you, see you in New York.

Calvin Brock: Okay.

Male Speaker: We have our next question comes Brett New York post?

Brett: Hi Calvin how are you doing?

Calvin Brock: Hi Brett.

Brett: You think it's important for you know, the popularity of boxing to bring the title -- the heavyweight title especially back to United States?

Calvin Brock: Yes I think it's important -- I think it's important because you have an American heavyweight champion, the heavy weight decision more -- in other decision, the heavy weight decision pretty much it's the decision that encourage boxing and if they donít have a native champion then they did turn out to other sports and get forget about who --.

Brett: Right so you think because like the title is now held by some one out side the United States that people really donít care about boxing?

Calvin Brock: Not only think that I think they have a little bit (indiscernible).

Brett: Right. So we got you and trying to start some sort of system that unify all the title?

Calvin Brock: Anyone of them yes.

Brett: And what your strategy go and --?

Calvin Brock: To hit and not get hit.

Brett: I (indiscernible) inside -- go inside.

Calvin Brock: Man I am going to beat him by (indiscernible) necessary I am going to beat him by hitting him and not getting hit whether it inside out side where ever it take.

Brett: All right Calvin thanks.

Calvin Brock: Thanks.

Male Speaker: And our next question comes from Michael Hirsley from Chicago Tribune.

Michael Hirsley: Hello Calvin, how are you doing?

Calvin Brock: Hi Mike how are you doing? Thanks for sending this, I am (indiscernible) from you or somebody send me the article man, great article Chicago Tribune I really appreciate it.

Michael Hirsley: Well thank you for the book. You -- in response to I believe to Dan's question you said, you used to say there is a waste of money for anyone who invest in me, do you see your self sort of from a banking prospective as a long-term investment that people didnít want to be placing with?

Calvin Brock: Well, I donít know whether or not people wanted to be patient, I don't think that people had confidence that I will win you know, I am in now -- any investment in any boxer is you have to be patient if the investment over the long-term with lot of risk and you still can make it -- light weight to make it two year, three year the heavyweight take five and six those more of a risk, more of an investment and I think we will get people confidence and you not may able to make it in the heavyweight decision.

Michael Hirsley: When you agree to the -- to the super fighter tournament that you are pulling out of was that because you did not create any kind of side track from your request for a heavyweight title and something that I mean if you had won that would of course be a good (indiscernible) but if you had lost there it might have sidetracked you.

Calvin Brock: I donít know I know anything (indiscernible) think that I will lose I am undefeated, so why would I think I will lose, I think I am the best in the world you know, I think I will be (indiscernible) because I prepare my self to win so I would lost it if I entered but all I know is I am concentrating my win this heavyweight championship next Friday (indiscernible) next Saturday November 11th.

Michael Hirsley: Thank you very much Calvin, good luck.

Calvin Brock: Thanks Mike.

Male Speaker: And I am showing there are no more questions at this time.

Male Speaker: Okay Calvin you have any final remarks before we let you go.

Calvin Brock: No, thank you very much.

Male Speaker: Why donít you -- actually I didnít realize (indiscernible) was on the line, but Carl do you want to say a few words on behalf of the main as event Calvin promoter.

Carl: You know he always dream to have an heavyweight champion and November 11th just another opportunity to get one the fact that it you know, we are real fortunate to get this opportunity with Klitschko who is you know, the best of the heavyweight champions I think you know, makes it that much better you know, four champions out there it's not great for the business but when you fighting with the most recognize and you know, I guess may be the peoples champion rather than the three letter champion it mean that much more you know, we will take the advantage coming Saturday.

Male Speaker: Great. I mean John we have Wladimir schedule for --

Male Speaker: Well you know, what --

Male Speaker: I think the operator should call Wladimir right now I am sure he is waiting for the call to get joined.

Male Speaker: Yeah. Thatís great.

Male Speaker: We will dial at him right away.

Male Speaker: Thank you.

Male Speaker: Thanks guys.

Male Speaker: Thanks.

Male Speaker: Hi there, John or Tom.

Male Speaker: Operator, we are not getting an answer from that number you gave us for Wladimir. May be you can Wladimir (indiscernible) room.

Male Speaker: You know (indiscernible) I am going to connect you directly.

Male Speaker: Yes Bernd, is he connected to the call.

Male Speaker: Yes.

Male Speaker: Great.

Male Speaker: Hello Burns.

Male Speaker: Yes.

Male Speaker: Is Wladimir on the call.

Male Speaker: Yeah he is here.

Male Speaker: When do we start, we are ready to go then?

Male Speaker: (Indiscernible) yeah?

Male Speaker: Yes man he is great.

Male Speaker: All right Tom, do you want to do the introduction?

Tom: Yeah. I'd just like to introduce Bernd Boente who is Wladimir's personal manager, he works with (Sport 5), and has been very instrumental in -- in Wladimirís career and the publicity, and you know, he is guiding his career and also Emmanuel Steward is legendary he has had a number of heavy weight champions and he brought Wladimir to the pinnacle of his career, he is the number one heavy weight in the world right now, and obviously the heavy champion Wladimir Klitschko. If you want to start Bernd and then introduce the rest of the team.

Bernd Boente: Yes, yeah, hello everybody. Thanks for the introduction Tom. We are really looking forward to that -- to that fight next week. It's a great undecard undercard, a great main event, and other important information I think for you guys the -- the fight will be broadcasted in more than 100 countries worldwide, and I think that shows also the all over interest in this -- in this event, and, yeah, training him so far is -- is going very well and I think more of the details we will hear from -- from Manie and -- and Wladimir and again, I mentioned this last time as the first press conference you know that Wladimir donates at least a quarter of a million for charity, in this case for the (indiscernible) and his brother support for many, many years. The education for children in need, the UNESCO project and especially at this time for a school projects and hospital projects in -- in Namibia, Africa.

Okay. That as the background information as part of the ticket sale (indiscernible) so it would be great if all of you could -- could support us here, because it's really for a very good cause. And now, I handover at first to -- to Manie.

Emmanuel: Hello.

Male Speaker: Emmanuel.

Emmanuel: Yes.

Male Speaker: (Indiscernible).

Male Speaker: John I think we have a problem hearing him.

John Cirillo: Yeah.

Male Speaker: John.

John Cirillo: Yes.

Male Speaker: Can you hear Emmanuel?

John Cirillo: Operator. We are having a little trouble hearing Manie, may be we could have you redial him and -- yeah that's much better.

Emmanuel: Okay. The training camp is doing very good. Wladimir is training very hard, harder than any boxer I have ever been involved with and that's unusually fresh to be a super heavy weight guy. And the training sometimes is (indiscernible) two, two and a half with (indiscernible) sometimes so it's -- it's a very good training, convinced training program that he is under and that's why he has been in tested (indiscernible) his last fight, even the Sam Peter fight with -- a very tough fight, but he was stronger in the final round until (indiscernible) hits down Peter after moving so much in so and so many frontiers, but his temptation is great and we are looking very much forward to going to New York and actually to prepare for the final few days before the fight.

Male Speaker: Thatís a great Emmanuel. John what you can do then is -- well I introduce Wladimir and then I think we can open up the question for both Wladimir and Emmanuel whoever you know, is asked question for.

Male Speaker: Well, it's indeed my pleasure to welcome to the call of the World Heavyweight Champion and defending his title at the Mecca of boxing Madison Square Garden.

Male Speaker: Wladimir if (indiscernible) away, hello.

Male Speaker: Yes, yes. So lets introduce Wladimir Klitschko the heavyweight champion, Wladimir you want to give us a little bit of an overview of camp and then we'll open it up for question.

Wladimir Klitschko: Thank you. I told you that I hope all of you guys feel I do this well, I am in training camp in preparation and I think that I will come to the questions, and I can answer that.

John Cirillo: Great, okay. Operator open up the lines for questioning.

Male Speaker: At this time I would like to remind everyone that if you would like to ask a question please press 7 only once on your telephone key pad. And we have our first question comes from Eddie Goldman from SecondsOut.Radio.

Eddie Goldman: Hi Wladimir how are you doing today?

Wladimir Glitschko: Well Eddie, I'm very good, how are you?

Eddie Goldman: Good, and Emmanuel how are you doing also?

Male Speaker: Emmanuel, I'm (indiscernible) can't hear you because I was (indiscernible) and I can provide to Emmanuel if you are not --.

Male Speaker: Okay. Well Wladimir let me if you tell us why you choose to go up and do the training in the Poconos since you know there is nothing out to do up there other than training?

Wladimir Glitschko: That's exactly the point. It's nothing else to do here besides training, and I have been here for last five weeks, and actually it's a sort of the place with all the instructions to get focused on the fight, and especially in preparation. It's my second time in Poconos and I am very satisfied, and by the way, don't forget it's only an hour and a half from New York by car. So I am right to the place we are going to fight.

Eddie Goldman: Now tell us about how you want to play to Calvin Broke, because you are coming in as a favorite, you are coming in bigger, stronger even with a better amateur background. What do you think he is going to try to do to fight you, because he is also coming in very confident.

Wladimir Glitschko: Of course he is in a great confidence, he is coming to this fight as he is yanks, he wants to be a champion of the world, so this his chance of his entire sports life to become this title, and that's why I think he will -- he is going to be a very well motivated and I don't want to underestimate Kevin Broke at all. So I'll better get ready.

Eddie Goldman: Okay. What do you think he is going to bring against you, do you think he is going to try to press the action or do you think he is going to try and fight in the outside, I mean what do you think will be his strategy and approach to you?

Wladimir Glitschko: I do expect from him to going forward or going backwards offensive or defensive, his defense is actually not bad, it's not so easy to hit him and to hurt him because of his defense. Actually we are ready for either/or either if he is going backwards or he is going to move forward, and that's what is boxing about, you have to have a strategy and a plan and not only one even two or three or more, and you can each style when you want in the fight to which -- from one plane to the others.

Eddie Goldman: Okay. Now when you fought to Jameel McCline and when he fought Jameel McCline he was knocked down by McCline, do you think this is going to be a fight where you are going to be able to get him down earlier?

Wladimir Glitschko: Of course I will take any opportunity to finish the fight as sooner as possible, but then also ready to go for the old (indiscernible), I am not (indiscernible) down necessarily when itís going to happen and how its going to happen. So I am just ready for the fight, I am getting ready for the fight and of course it will take any single opportunity to -- to fit in -- to fight as early as possible. And of course, you know, in boxing there is always and itís officially held which you cannot judge a person who went down and he got up and if you want to fight. It actually shows that he is a good youth and he can come back after -- after getting knocked down. So, itís actually, itís fixed for him.

Male Speaker: All right, good luck. Looking forward to see you fighting in the Garden.

Wladimir Klitschko: Thank you very much. And all the best to you too.

Male Speaker: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from Michael Horsley from the Chicago Tribune.

Michael Horsley: Hello Wladimir, how are you?

Wladimir Klitschko Hi Michael, very good. How are you?

Michael Horsley: Fine, thank you. I would like to pick up on what you had just said about a person getting knocked down and getting back up. Do you feel that it was a -- a turning point in your career when you rebounded from the knock-down by Sam Peter that and like what happened against -- Brewster or Sanders you were able to overcome that?

Wladimir Klitschko: Yes. They just want to tell in first time I really got hurt from Corrie Sanders in the fight and it actually was an experience for me in whole my -- in my entire sports life. But anyway this is all about sports and you can as a -- football player, basketball player whatever team -- sports or even tennis you can win, you can loose next day you can win the game the day after. Boxing is a little bit different. Each loss really takes you back, but you have to be tough enough to analyze what were your mistakes and just get back and accomplish the goal which you want to do in sports. So my goal is to become a champion. I donít feel myself as a champion of the World, but right now I do hold this title. I had deal on IBF by (indiscernible) myself as a -- the real champion because there is other three guys holding belts. So, this is all about experience to be a complete person in sports, but also it helped me hold my prons in my sports career, it helped me to be a complete person in my private life.

Male Speaker: Do you -- do you feel then that it seems that one of the obstacles to unifying all those other belts which it sounds like from what you just said, you want to do. How do you sort of, overcome the obstacles of all the different promoters and -- and networks involved in -- in sort of, keeping the -- Championís temper.

Wladimir Klitschko: Itís actually -- its going to be a speculation right now because without Calvin Brock, any unifications and something like that will be impossible. So better to get focused on Calvin Brock and up through the fight with Calvin we can talk about prosaically or (indiscernible) as far as the unification and anything else. So, itís only we kind of, have left. Please be patient and at the press conference we can talk about.

Male Speaker: Thank you very much Wladimir and good luck.

Wladimir Klitschko: Thank you.

Male Speaker: And our next question comes from Dan Refael from ESPN.

Dan: Hey Wladimir how are you today?

Wladimir Klitschko: Hi Dan. I havenít heard from you for a while, how are you?

Dan: I am good. Wladimir you mentioned earlier that you didnít feel like you were the true Champion because of these other guys that also hold belts. I know that probably the -- the majority of boxing fans and the press and different people on the sport kind of, view you as -- may be not the true champion but certainly the best known of the heavyweight, the one that brings the most glamour and money for the sports. But what would it make -- you then feel like a true champion, is it -- a matter of having a unified true belt or do you have to get all four of them or do you have to beat a certain fighter, what would make Wladimir Klitschko feel like, he was in fact the real heavy weight champion in the World?

Wladimir Klitschko: I just honestly, itís nothing about the belt, itís about belt holders. And then the -- the personality behind the belts. And right now this is because of allies like Povich and (indiscernible). I do respect all of these guys and I treat like as my next fight not as a championship fight. To see itís a fight against Calvin Brock and that is for me very important and of course I have to -- itís pretty obvious that there no title to enroll, but anyway I am looking not for titles, I am looking for people behind these titles and if they keep winning they are going to be all the time on the headlines of old boxing news and hopefully not only boxing news. So I would like to fight them and thatís why you know, just makes me kind of feel bad how you clarified the person and not only about the title.

Dan: So be a matter beating besides beating Calvin beating you know, guys in your mind that you felt like we are (indiscernible) heavyweight. So, I mean you have to be two of them or one of them to feel like the real champion? I have just -- I have never really heard a heavyweight champion. They didn't even really feel like he was the champion.

Wladimir Klitschko: Yes, but I can -- it will be a little more time I donít feel myself as a Champion right now because -- there is others.

Wladimir Klitschko: So it doesnít matter I think we are talking all the time about letís face this a champion (indiscernible) versions and there is also, three are others. So each of person will be very interesting to me, but one more time Calvin Brock is my future right now.

Male Speaker: Okay, let me ask you on a different topic. You know, you working with Emmanuel now for a few fights. He seems to really be able to help you get through the top spot in the fight against Sam Peter when you were knocked down a couple of times. Can you just describe what it is about Emmanuel in either his philosophy or in actual in the ring of showing you things? What is it about him that makes him such a, you know, a good trainer especially his background with heavyweight, you are doing very well with him?

Wladimir Klitschko: I used to work with different trainers and I am -- appreciate for all of them and I got experience and I got the cross experience from them and you know, right now working with Emmanuel Steward and I think this is the peak of everything that I was looking for. The experience which Emmanuel has is just amazing and thinks that I donít know if you are going to list this, but I think he is a genius because he is not just pushing me to do this or that, this combinations or the others to respect also my experience consolidated ten years in professional boxing and we make combination which is his experience and my experience and this is about crazy work, it's about actually believe it or not, hard work and we are not processing for combinations, we processing for all strategy fatigue and all the spirit which both of us as a trainer and as a an (indiscernible) have gotten in all those years and I really -- really enjoyed and I think I am -- I have a doubt that I will be able to work with some one who will, trying to pushing me to do certain things which may be little bit not acceptable from my side. So I appreciate this for. He is flexible, Emmanuel Stewardís being flexible with and works together.

Dan: Was Emmanuel there Wladimir --

Wladimir Klitschko: Yeah.

(Over speaking)

Dan: -- talk for a few minutes? Should they provide the (responses) in?

Wladimir Klitschko: Oh, sure if you could I appreciate that.

Emmanuel Steward: Hello.

Dan: Hi Emmanuel, itís Dan Refael.

Emmanuel Steward: How you are doing Dan Rafael?

Male Speaker: I am doing well. I was asking Wladimir what it was a value that you brought to the carrier thatís you know, perhaps past trainers werenít to and what was it about that what youíve done that helps get him to seemingly a higher level that he had been previously. Do you have an idea of what it is that you do, that's different than what some of these other trainers do because you got such good experience with heavyweight, what's the secret?

Emmanuel Steward: I think, one of the things I respect the fighters and I know, even if they got we have lots of fighters. So I don't come in look like I am your savior, I can take you back and you know, do this -- do this. You guys have to have something going for him good to have all the accomplishments that is especially like in Wladimir case, he is been a star boxer since he was 14 and he was actually recruited and selected as a gifted athlete when he was a young kid.

Male Speaker: Uh-huh.

Emmanuel Steward: And winning all of these (amateur) championships, the super heavyweight gold medal here in Atlanta in 1996 and having a tremendous professional career up until they had two losses in a row but that happens in life sometimes. Even in California we have two rainy days, but it doesnít mean that California is a rainy state and we will go back to sun tan again if itís properly taken care of. So on Wladimirís case I respected him, I analyzed both clauses and I understood him and I have driven him once he started to -- showing me things that he liked to do -- I looked at him something that sort of I want him to do and we work it out and they had a impact on me in terms of a lot of things in saying, he is a very intelligent man, not just based on the fact that he has been an athlete, you know, all of his life and a top athlete not just a secondary athlete, he has been a celebrity since he was a kid and his experience in nutrition about life in general and there are lot of things that we spend a lot more time than just talking about (indiscernible) but some things that I wanted him to change, spend more time in the boxing ring because in Europe there is a lot of preparation did with gymnastic I think you know, lots of throwing balls and doing things, coordination and not enough time actually spend in the ring. So that was one of the things that I said I want to spend more time in the ring and he has taken it to another level now. Not only does he like to box may be 9, 10, 12 rounds, but he does it in a nice manner way he doesnít get hit, he just pushed on techniques and as a result he became extremely comfortable entering that space and he kept back on a lot of excess of exercises and running the things of that nature and spends a lot of time actually in the ring, by himself just moving around so he can develop better balance and coordination which is very unusual for a big man. In fact it may be the most effective big man in history that can move in an out in explosive power and move right back out again.

Dan: Hi, Emmanuel let me jump in for just a second. When you talked about wanting him to spend more time in the ring, do you mean hitting pads or you want him also to far more --

(Over speaking)

Emmanuel Steward: -- not much more time -- not so much in the in the pad, not having said so much. It's actually fire in the ring and Iíve told him that all great fighters have to have the ability to fight and perform when they are retired. Thatís one of the requirements out there because regardless of what condition you are going to be and you are going to let it go some situations like a guy whoís in great shape retired, but you win -- by one block you are going to be out of ring field, and itís the guy who can perform while he is retired and thatís what made Ali and a lot of the fighters who have their greatest moments they were to perform when they were exhausted and so he has learned to box along ground and feel very comfortable and controlled in the ring, may be comes the best control in the heavyweight they have in history, the way that he can control the tempo of the fight, the different and also make their opponents fight the way that he wants him to fight. So those are the things we do not so much get on the (indiscernible).

Dan: Okay Manie, thank you very much, see you next week

Emmanuel Steward: Sure.

Operator: We have our next question comes from Ed Deveikis from

Ed: Hello Wladimir.

Male Speaker: Hold on one moment.

Ed: Okay man.

Wladimir: Hello.

Ed: Hello Wladimir.

Wladimir: Yes.

Ed: Yes I have a question. In your last fight against Chris Byrd you basically destroyed him and Iíve never seen you look so good. In my opinion I think Calvin Brock is like a bigger version, very technical, defensive. Did you see the same type of fight?

Wladimir: Thatís correct. Calvin Brock is very technical he seems to have strategic style of fighting he has a amateur background experience and of course he is -- he is very difficult to fight because off his defense he wasnít -- he hasnít been hasten in the fights which I use to watch and then that's actually we also wanted him measure points, how difficult to get this fight against Calvin Brock. So I am going definitely not, to under estimate it.

Ed: Okay. And do you have any predictions?

Wladimir: It doesn't matter when and how. I am going to finish the fight as the winner.

Ed: Are you looking to make a statement to the other champions?

Wladimir: I am not looking to make any statements right now. Right now my statement is Calvin Brock and thatís it. Nothing else.

Ed: Okay, all right great thanks for your time.

Wladimir: Thank you.

Operator: And I am showing there are currently no more questions at this time.

Male Speaker: Okay Wladimir or Emmanuel have any final remarks before we wrap up the call?

Wladimir: So then -- I will throw out the phone to Emmanuel. From my point of view thank you very much for the attention and all questions and wish everybody have a good day, all the best, bye-bye.

Male Speaker: Hello.

Male Speaker: Okay, Manny, go ahead.

Male Speaker: Yeah, you know, when I had to leave the press conference in New York for certain reasons, I understand that the one of the comments was made which was very important that Calvin Brock and his promotional company and his father and his trainer said that I had said that he was our easy opponent as compared to Shannon Briggs, is not as good a fighter which is not true. Shannon Brigg is difficult to be pressed because he is a guy who is going to come out -- come with cosy type stuff (indiscernible) round and after that he was exhausted. So any types of guy like that is frustrating to prepare for, for two or three rounds of the way he fight, but, Calvin Brock as Wladimir said earlier we have much respect for him, we have looked at him to be a balance (indiscernible) very good technical fighter, not exceptional in one area like extremely fair, extremely big frontier anything that varies, but he has good balanced techniques in all of the punches, if that's a hook, right hand, but the two areas first we have the most respect was if they are going to see he doesnít get hit too easily. We watch very carefully out of (indiscernible) outside of a little flash knock-down with Jameel McCline, the defense is very good as Wladimir says he has very good amateur background and his stamina is very good, that team has never get tired, the last round of the title has been his best round. So we are preparing for a solid fight for possibly (twelve) rounds whereas the goal we would just happen to be careful for a few rounds and I think it's going to be very interesting fight just in terms of when these two guys come in a ring physically looking prepared like Irish hits and they are making big money, not like some of the fighters who weekly come to the ring, totally an embarrassment to me in terms of fighting for the championship of the world and you have to (indiscernible) we are both educated and are both coming with a lot of confidence, good amateur background and it's going to be interesting fight and I am very excited about it and we are looking for a very (indiscernible) opponent that's going to be dangerous all the way until the fight is over.

Ed: Thatís great Manie and then John just to -- to wrap up the call. You know, the ticket sales are going well in New York. Wladimir is very popular there in the Russian and the Ukrainian community. We got flight tickets fairly and very reasonable for a heavyweight championship fight in Madison Square Garden you know for daily new schools of champions on the card including Kevin Kelly, Derric Rossi, Franky Figueroa and (Joe Real). We have a very strong New York presence also one thing that Emmanuel hadnít addressed, that his fighters Andy Lee from Ireland who was on the Olympic team for Ireland is also coming on the show he is 5-0 right now and one of the best fighters in the middleweight division already and that advanced state pointing out of the (indiscernible) and just really excited to bring Wladimir to New York to the Garden he really pushed to have this fight in New York to the Mecca of Boxing and really on the world stage of the international media you can see how intelligent, how educated Wladimir is and very marketable and you know, his sponsors that he has behind him. We are really looking forward to the fight with Calvin Brock it should be a great evening of boxing.

Male Speaker: Okay well again to the media thank you so much for being on the call and again it's Saturday night November 11th at Madison Square Garden, itís Klitschko against Brock and Laila Ali against Shelly Burton. For the media still on the call next week we have a full schedule starting on Tuesday with open work outs, Wednesday press conference at Madison Square Garden. Thursday heavyweight weigh-in and Friday Undercard weigh-in and we will be getting that information to you. So thank you one and all.

Article posted on 03.11.2006

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