Mia St.John vs Mrdjenovich: Fight Predictions

22.06.06 - June 23 A Ring of Their Own presents "Women of Mass Destruction" Two career defining fights are on tap- the "rematch with a vengeance" between Lisa "Bad News" Brown and reigning WIBA super Bantam champ Jeannine Garside; and a "crossroads" fight between Mia St. John (photo by Carlos Kalinchuk / ESB) , the veteran striving to end her career triumphantly and her challenger, Jelena Mrdjenovich, seeking to capture another title by defeating one of womenís boxingís biggest names. Below are predictions, comments and opinions from those "in the know" from the world of womenís boxing on what they believe the outcome will be on June 23 in Edmonton..

Mia St. JohnMIA ST. JOHN- JELENA MRDJENOVICH, WIBF Lightweight Championship

Jackie Kallen, "First Lady of Boxing"
" I never bet against experience, so Mia St. John gets my vote in the fight with Jelena."

David Baggs, Editor, fightnews Canada
"This has the making for an incredible fight. St. John will be the most experienced fighter Jelena has faced to date. Having shared the ring with the likes of Holly Holm, Jessica Rakoczy, Christy Martin, and Jenifer Alcorn, St. John won't be intimidated by Mrdjenovich while fighting infront of a pro Jelena crowd. While experience and ring savvy favor the veteran St. John, youth, strength, and momentum will certainly favor the Canuck. This is a fight that Mrdjenovich has been waiting for quite a while. You know she'll be ready when the bell rings. The biggest question is how seriously Mia has taken this bout. At 38 and with 52 bouts already under her belt, how serious did she train for this bout. Did she spend enough time in the gym or has other interest taken over? Has Jelena motivated her enough to come in top shape and ready to go the full 10 rounds? Should Mia enter the ring less than perfect, the evening will prove to be a short one for her. Mrdjenovich can and will make her pay immediately. If she's (Mia) ready, I see this one being very competitive. My opinion is that when the final bell rings, the Canadian will have her hands raised. How quickly that happens depends on which Mia shows up."

Terry Washington, Manager/ Trainer of NABF champ Jeri Sitzes
"Iím going to go with Jelena Mrdjenovich to win the WIBF title. Mrdjenovich has been consistent in her training and her trainers. Mia has been changing trainers, and you canít keep changing trainers and hope to win. And- Mrdjenovich wants to be a champion. Mia St. John is fighting for all the wrong reasons."

Bonnie Canino, Womenís boxing veteran, Kickboxing World Champ, and trainer
"You canít take anything from Mia St. John, but her love of the sport is different than Jelena Mrdjenovichís. Iím going with Jelena- being the hungrier fighter and not giving up."

Jesse K. Cox, Michigan City (Ind.) News-Dispatch,
"Mia St. John (43-6-2) is an accomplished runner. She's run the Los Angeles Marathon and around the country peddling merchandise -- namely herself. Somewhere in the mix, she's found time to train. All right, that's purely an assumption. One would figure a boxer with 50 fights, mostly wins, would take a 16-1 opponent like Jelena Mrdjenovich seriously. Please allow an amendment: One would hope training for a fight in the hometown of her opponent would be reason for St. John to consider sparring or simply skipping rope before the next Matt Lauer clone asks about her weight loss cream. St. John will run again in this fight, much as she did in her previous outing. She had better run before Mrdjenovich plants and lines up on her head like Barry Bonds on a baseball. Sprinting or jogging won't matter much. Mrdjenovich will tag her, maybe not for a knockout, but enough for a win. Mrdjenovich by decision."

Pat Goossen, boxing, trainer, manager, promoter and guru:
"Mia St. John is a crafty pro, but she will have her hands full."

Chris Cozzone, Editor, Womenís Boxing
"Mia's movement might give Mrdjenovich trouble but I will bank on a decision by the Canadian."

Krysti Rosario, Team USA Boxing Rep And Team Manager:
"Both are popular, but I say that Jelena and Mia will be a draw."

Bernie McCoy, Womenís Boxing Journalist
"Jelena Mrdjenovich is going up to 135 for the first time and that may take a bit of getting used to. Mia St. John will employ plenty of movement as she has done in all her bouts against quality fighters and she does that well. It will be a question of whether Mrdjenovich can "cut the ring" and catch St. John in corners or on the ropes. If so, it's a mid round stoppage. If not, a ten round decision. Probably the latter, with Mrdjenovich winning 8 of 10."

Chevelle Hallback: WIBA, IBA Womenís Jr. Light Weight champ:
"I really feel they are at the same skill level- Mia has been improving from when she started. A lot of people underestimate her, and think it will be an easy win for Jelena. I know Mia has this pretty girl, Play Boy model image in the female boxing world, but at the same time she has improved and been continuing to improve as a fighter and has fought tougher opponents. Jelena hasnít really fought anyone that is at her own skill level, but usually below and Mia has stepped up to the place and faced opposition at or above her skill level. Even though Mia doesnít have that much respect when it comes to female boxing, she does have heart and sheís not gonna back down from Jelena. Jelena will really be in the fight, and it wonít be as easy as she and her camp think it will be. If Mia doesnít KO Jelena, sheíll have to beat her badly or be very impressive, and if Jelena does win, it wonít be by KO, but by decision. Not a walk in the park."

Butch Gottlieb:
"JELENA BY UNANIMOUS DECISION. Mia will move and will not get into a battle."

Franchesca "The Chosen One" Alcanter:
"Jelena is strong, forward fighter. Definitely if she can get a hold of Mia, I predict Jelena winning. Mia has done a good job of learning to run. Depending on Jelena actually being able to cut Mia off, Jelena will come out ahead. But Mia has learned to keep her distance and make it her fight, so itís hard to say- Iím interested to see how that fight goes- if it goes the distance or if Jelena stops Mia."


Jackie Kallen, First Lady of Boxing
"I see Jeannine Garside winning again against Lisa Brown."

Terry Washington, Manager/Trainer, NABF champ Jeri Sitzes :
"Iíve watched the tape of Jeannine Garside and Lisa Brownís first fight more than once, and I believe Garside will handle Brown again as easily as she did the first time. She totally controlled the fight, and I donít see anything changing. Garside is bigger and stronger, and Lisa Brown looks to be in decline."

Franchesca "The Chosen One" Alcanter
"Knowing both fighters, it will be an absolute war. A freaking war! And a good fight to watch."

Jesse K. Cox, Michigan City (Ind.) News-Dispatch,
"As for Jeanine Garside (5-0) and Lisa Brown (12-2-2), the former has already proven herself despite the assumed inexperience of her record. She earned a decision over Brown at the same venue in November. I sense a little history repeating."

Bonnie Canino, womenís boxing veteran, Kickboxing World Champ and trainer:
"This will be Jeannine Garsideís hardest fight and true test- to see if she really is one of the top fighters. Brown will come back with lots of heart, but this fight will either be the end or the beginning for Lisa Brown."

Chris Cozzone, Editor, Womenís Boxing
"While Brown has all the experience behind her, the first fight, a lopsided decision for Garside, says it all. Brown will, no doubt, be better prepared and make it a closer fight but the end result will be a decision for Garside."

Krysti Rosario, USA Team Boxing Rep/Team Manager
"I think Garside will win again but this time it will be a close decision."

Bernie McCoy, Womenís Boxing Journalist
"Clearly, this should be the best fight of the night, certainly the one with the most skills. The first bout was surprisingly one-sided and Brown is enough of a veteran to learn from that bout (see Kelli Cofer) However, Garside, however, is the "real deal" (those are Jimmy Mallo's words and, to my knowledge the only time in recorded history that he has spoken that glowingly about a fighter not named Mary Jo Sanders). Garside by decision, probably by a substantial margin, but not as wide as the first time."

Chevelle Hallback: WIBA, IBA Womenís Jr. Light Weight champ:
"The first fight I donít think Lisa really knew what to expect from Jeannine, I really think Jeannine took her by surprise. But second time, Lisa will be more aware of Jeannine and come ready. At the same time, Jeanine is a hungry fighter and a hungry fighter is always a dangerous fighter. My advice is Lisa needs to really use her experience in the ring to get past Jeannine and relax and box, and not try to fight toe to toe with her because Jeannine is much stronger than she is. For Jeannine to keep her title, she should continue like she did for those first 10 rounds- and that is to keep the pressure on and not allow Lisa to breathe."

Pat Goossen, boxing, trainer, manager promoter and guru:
"Garside goes all the way- she is a complete fighter".

David Baggs, Editor, fightnews Canada
"Jeannine Garside impressed many with her title winning performance against Brown last year. What looked like a mismatch on paper that evening (Garside a veteran of just 3 professional bouts) turned out to be a give and take war with Garside winning a decision and Brown's Super Bantamweight title. Was Garside that good? Did Brown underestimate her inexperienced opponent. The answer was probably a little bit of both. While Garside did have limited professional experience, she does have an extensive amateur background. Could Brown have taken her too lightly? Sure. Will she again? Definiately not. In an age where rematches often fall short of their initial encounters, this one will again prove to be another war of attrition. Look for Brown to be a better prepared fighter this time around and regain her title by the narrowest of margins. Can you say "Trilogy"?"

Butch Gottlieb,
"Garside by KO."

Article posted on 22.06.2006

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