Exclusive Interview with "The Haitian Sensation," Daniel Edouard

25.05.06 - By Geoffrey Ciani: Saturday night, the Haitian Sensation, Daniel Edouard, will make his return to the ring in his debut fight in the super welterweight division as he squares off against Elio Ortiz. I was very fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to have a chat with the Haitian Sensation, who seems very enthusiastic about his move to the 154 pound division. Hereís what he had to say:

Q: So howís everything going? Howís training coming along?

A: Training is coming super. Iím feeling great. My bodyís feeling good, my weightís down and Iím loving it! (Laughs)

Q: Have you had any trouble making weight?

A: No, actually, not at all, which isnít surprising. Iíve been walking around at around 160 for the past month and a half and now Iíve cut down those last few pounds and Iím feeling good..

Q: Do you think that 154 is a more ideal weight for you to be fighting at?

A: Itís always been a thought on my mind that, you know, that 154 might be the most ideal weight for me. When I started boxing, I weighed 210 pounds entering the gym at 15. So one, making 160 was easy for me when I started to train and two, I admit, I might have been a little lazy. I enjoyed eating, and making 160 was very simple for me, and I never tried to push myself to lose that extra four or five pounds. But now Iím running a couple of extra miles and enhancing my probability of being successful at 154.

Q: Do you feel sharper at 154?

A: Oh man! Way sharper, way sharper. My speed is phenomenal, my power is exceptional. I mean, Iím just feeling great! I feel like Iím flying with wings now that I weight less.

Q: How does it feel not having fought sinceÖwhen was it Ė I believe it was February of last year?

A: Yes, February 19, 2005.

Q: Do you think the break did you good?

A: Oh dude! I think the break did me wonders. It gave me some time to grow up and understand the actual sport. Sometimes a little layoff helps you understand more of what youíre doing and makes you appreciate what you do. And it wasnít even much of a layoff really, because I was still training, I was working, and I had a couple fights that I planned for that just didnít come through. So, to me, it wasnít even a layoff, except inside the ring itself. It was still me focusing and learning and planning to become champion.

Q: Who would you most like to fight in the 154 pound division?

A: Anybody. Anybody thatís out there that has championship potential. I mean, you got Corey Spinks, you got Dzindziruk, you got Kassim Ouma, you got De La Hoya, you got MayorgaÖ.the list just goes on and on. There are a lot of great names at 154. Thatís why Iím glad Iím moving down to 154 because the potential is just endless there. I just canít wait for next year. The goal for this year is to get four fights in and to be competing for a world championship in the junior middleweight division next year and to be one of the best.

Q: Whatís your prediction for Saturday against Elio Ortiz?

A: Iíve never really been one to make predictions. What I intend on doing for this fight and my next few fights is to focus on myself and working on what I need to work on for myself: to work on my jab, work on my feet, and work on my defense, and basically, to work on me and not worry about my opponent. If I do that, I believe Iíll either win my fights by knock out or unanimous decision.

Q: Tell me about the nickname ďHaitian SensationĒ?

A: I had it since Iíve turned pro, really. To me, it was a good way to represent the culture, to represent my heritage, and to represent the country. With Haiti being the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, itís important for me to succeed, because a lot of Haitians donít get respected much. And I know with me growing up, I didnít get much respect and people were always trying me and thatís how I ended up boxing. I was fighting so much that I thought it (boxing) was a good way to shed some light and shine some positivity upon the culture of Haiti.

Q: Any predictions for the Jermain Taylor-ďWinkyĒ Wright fight?

A: Personally, I think ďWinkyĒ Wright is going to pull it out. His defense is exceptional, and to me, itís going to be a bit of a boring fight. Itís going to be, I guess a fight of jabs. You know, Winkyís a southpaw with a long jab; Jermain Taylor likes using his jab, and this one might be a long, boring fight. But in the end, I think Winkyís going to land some more shots and I suspect heíll pull it off.

Q: Anything else youíd like to share, Daniel?

A: I just want to tell everyone to look out for me in the future. You can learn more about me at and you can view the fight at on May 30.

Q: Thank you very much for the interview. Best of luck this Saturday night

A: Thank you!

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Article posted on 26.05.2006

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