ESB Exclusive: DaVarryl Williamson Has Something to Prove

23.12.05 - By Troy Ondrizek: I have my own opinions on a fighterís ability in the ring. I, like the rest of you determine in my own mind if I really want to see a particular fighter fight again. After his less than thrilling performance against Chris Byrd, DaVarryl Williamson has garnered his share of critics. Terms of washed up, mentally fragile, and gun shy; have graced the paragraphs of several articles. Maybe some of these statements have some validity. Then again the argument for DaVarrylís capabilities is just as strong. DaVarryl has had impressive victories over Corey Sanders and Derrick Jefferson. Heís put away Oliver McCall and Kevin McBride. All these are quality wins for him.

In contrast, he was dropped cold by Joe Mesi in one round, and had a controversial Technical Decision loss to Wladimir Klitschko. However, you can judge DaVarrylís accomplishments according to your own litmus test. However, o one can claim that DaVarryl isnít a class act outside of the ring. A devout family man, and community leader, DaVarryl took a brief break from his home life to gloat to me about his family, and to change the minds of his detractors about his fighting ability.

Troy: DaVarryl, besides elbow surgery, what have you been up to since the Byrd fight?

DaVarryl: ďI donít know if you know this Troy, but Iím a big family man. Family always comes first. I have two kids. My eldest is eight, and my youngest is six. They are involved in gymnastics and drama, so I am too. My wife keeps me busy too. Itís amazing how she always finds something to keep me occupied. I try to keep involved with local law enforcement and politics. My family definitely takes up most of my time. So to stay in shape I run with my conditioning coach, and play basketball. Doctors said I could resume training, so you know Iím doing back-flips. I am so excited. Iím waning myself back into the routine of things.Ē

Troy: Family is so important in a fighterís career. How has your family helped you?

DaVarryl: ďMy family plays a huge role. Weíre a close group you know. My wife and I have trimmed the fat, sort to say. We know who our true friends are, and we keep them close. It has created a very healthy atmosphere for my career to grow in. This environment to say has helped keep me young. I can run for days, and go twelve rounds with ease. I know Iím heading towards forty, but I feel like Iím twenty-five.Ē

Troy: How did the elbow injury affect you during the Byrd fight?

DaVarryl: ďI really canít put my finger on it. You know I believe I hurt it during the Derrick Jefferson fight. We were banging, and you know after a fight you get some bumps and bruises, and some aches and pains. I thought it would go away with time. It never really went away. I was hiding it well from my trainers and the other gym people. I kept telling myself it was nothing. The one person I couldnít fool was my wife. You know I tried to hide it and lie about it, but you know she knows me. I give her kudos for that. I ignored the pain because I was facing a world title shot. You know I didnít want to waste that chance. I thought the adrenaline of fighting would mask the pain. I couldnít throw my money punch. I have a big right hand, and everyone knows its coming. It was bad timing for me. I donít want to take anything away from Chris Byrd; heís a good fighter. You know heís a world champion for a reason. I had great confidence coming into the fight. I brought in three guys from out of town to spar. All three could pop. I was proud of myself for being able to walk away with no black eyes, and all my teeth. I was able to do well with only one hand. I told myself I needed to give myself a little more credit. It was my confidence you know and wanting the title that made me neglect my elbow. Once again; Iím not making excuses, because Chris is a good fighter. I want another opportunity. I know I can get another shot. Nicolay Valuev would be a good fight for me. His style and my style make for a favorable fight for me.Ē

Troy: If you canít get an immediate title shot; what fight are you seeking to propel you into contention?

DaVarryl: ďI donít know, I mean if it falls back on the rankings, like the WBO. I would like to get that Lamon Brewster fight. With his mandatory up in the air, he can fight an optional opponent. You know we fought four times in the amateurs. I won three of four meetings. Lamon, myself, and a guy named Nate Jones kept swip-swopping one, two, and three in the rankings. I think a fight with Lamon would be a real good fight. Maybe Don King can set something up for me.Ē

Troy: At 37, in regards to a title shot or retirement; what is the timetable for your career?

DaVarryl: ďI am ranked around seven or eight across the board. One good fight and I can be a mandatory. All heavyweights out there know who DaVarryl Williamson is. Troy, they all know who I am. One: they know me through the amateurs. Two: they know me as a professional. I have fought, sparred, taught, and raised a lot of these guys. They all know me you know. Iíve had guys say Iím the best amateur heavyweight champion ever, especially one who came up short on the Olympic team. People say that I put it all together. Iím no washed up thirty-seven year old fighter. I ran with the best for years. Iíve been on top of the game for years and years. I still feel that there is an opportunity for me to make something for myself.Ē

Troy: Do you feel that you have anything left to prove?

DaVarryl: ďI certainly have something to prove to myself. I know the Joe Mesi fight wasnít me. The last fight with Byrd was me; I just didnít have all my weapons. Unfortunately itís just one of those things. My next fight, everyone will see me.Ē

Troy: Now that Mesi might fight again; do you want to avenge that loss?

DaVarryl: (Emphatically) ďAre you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I would want to be his first one. Itís an easy fight to set up for you Joe. Thatís a kid I raised. Heís one of the kids I raised in the heavyweights. I would show them who DaVarryl Williamson was.Ē

Troy: I just talked to him the other day, and heís determined to come back in a big way.

DaVarryl: ďYeah, I mean Iíll fight him again. That fight would be huge. You know Troy, what Iím getting is; I know Iím on their minds, but what Iím not getting is anyone saying ďI want to fight DaVarryl Williamson.Ē You never hear that. You never hear champions wanting to face me. Their afraid to call me out. You see I donít trash talk in boxing. I respect boxing. I trash talk in ping pong and basketball, but not at something Iím very good at. I donít need my mouth to prove anything. My fist talks loud enough to give my mouth a break. Thatís just who I am.Ē

Troy: Out of any of those fighters who ducked you; is there anyone you would like to call out?

DaVarryl: ďNo, Iíll fight anyone. Iíll be happy to fight the winner of Rahman-Toney. Maybe I should get Wladimir Klitschko again. That would be a good fight to have after the Rahman-James Toney fight. That would be in a little while.Ē

Troy: What champion are you looking to relieve of their belt?

DaVarryl: ďLike I said, Nicolay Valuev has a very complimentary style for me. Lamon Brewster has a great style. I want to fight Chris Byrd again. The winner of Rahman and James Toney. I absolutely believe in my heart that I can beat all of them. At the end of the day all my opponents know they have a serious chance of losing.Ē

Troy: Iíll let you get back to your family, so in closing; is there anything you want to say to your fans?

DaVarryl: ďFor my wife, this is one of her favorite sites. She goes on and talks to the readers. One reader said (laughing) if you can believe this; ďThat DaVarryl Williamson isnít a household name, heís not even a name in his own house.Ē I mean these people are funny. Imagine what some of these people look like. Imagine what some of these guys look like with their shirts off. Some of these guys have some harsh things to say about fighters, and they have never fought in their life. They hide behind a computer and articulate their derogatory statements from there. They wouldnít say these things to the fighterís face. Even if they donít like the fighter, its pure entertainment, you know, enjoy it. People always have something bad to say about boxing. Troy, you know, I love this sport, and I respect it. Everybody does something for a living, and their not always the best at it. No one tries to publicly tell them that they are bad at it. They can say what they want about me as a fighter. Troy, you know, boxing doesnít define me. Being a good husband, and a good father; that defines me. Most of these guys would give their arms to do what I do, you know. I want to thank all the readers who log on and love the sport. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and conversations. Happy Holidays to everyone. Iím going to have a prosperous 2006, and I wish the same to you Troy and everyone reading this. Good luck to all.Ē

I would like to thank DaVarryl for taking his time out to talk to me. I would like to thank his kids for keeping the interruptions down to a minimum. A Special Thanks to Kevin T. Mullowney for setting this meeting up.

Article posted on 23.12.2005

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