The Final Official Corrales v Castillo 2 Poll Results Are Released

LAS VEGAS, NV (September 28, 2005) – Their first meeting in May was not only a “Fight of the Year” candidate, but a “Fight of the Century” nominee as well. Can two-time WBC lightweight champion JOSÉ LUIS CASTILLO avenge the loss and claim the WBC, WBO and The Ring magazine lightweight titles held by his conqueror, three-time world champion DIEGO CORRALES, who stopped Castillo cold in the 10th round after Castillo sent him to the canvas twice and to the brink of defeat in the same round? One thing is for sure, the winner of this mega PPV fight will see his stock soar to the top of the mythical Pound-for-Pound list. Promoted by Gary Shaw Productions and Top Rank, in association with Caesars Palace and Wynn Las Vegas, this world lightweight title debate gets settled, Saturday, October 8 at the Thomas & Mack Center, in Las Vegas, NV. SHOWTIME Pay-Per-View will broadcast it live beginning at 9 P.M. ET / 6 P.M. PT. Remaining tickets for this exciting evening of boxing are priced at $800, $600, $400, $200, $100, $50 and $25, and are on sale at the box offices at Thomas & Mack Center, Caesars Palace and Wynn Las Vegas. To order tickets by phone, call (702) 739-3267. But until then, let the chads fall where they may. Here are the results of the media exit poll:

“Corrales holds the key to victory. As he proved in a return against
Joel Casamayor, Corrales can box when he has to. Who really knows
what lasting damage each man has suffered from the first encounter?
But I suspect trainer Joe Goossen will urge the champion to box behind the
jab instead of go to war again. Castillo will do all he can to stage another
battle, but a more sensible and disciplined Corrales wins on points.”
Claude Abrams, Boxing News

“Corrales TKO 8. I think Corrales will fight a little smarter this time
around, using his reach and boxing skills to keep Castillo away. Every time
Corrales fought at a distance he was able to dominate Castillo.
I still expect a great fight, since Castillo is a warrior,
but Corrales will make life easier for himself October 8th.”
Armando Alvarez,

"Before the first fight I remember thinking there is no way this fight will
be anything but an all out war. It was. The rematch with be the same thing.
Corrales and Castillo were made for each other. Nothing against Castillo,
he's a true warrior, but I'm picking Corrales in another thriller."
Carlos Arias, Orange County Register

“After picking Diego to win fight No. 1, I think that Castillo wins the
rematch. Corrales is a true warrior and I feel that his "die on the sword" attitude
will be his undoing in the rematch. Castillo's relentless come forward style
will force Corrales to once again fight at close quarters where the results
of many hard fought wars will catch up with him. I like Castillo,
in another great fight for the fans, setting up an inevitable third fight
in this career-defining trilogy for both champions.”
Kevin Barry, Professional Trainer

“I like Chico in this fight. He could win easily in this one if he just
boxes; using his jab often and moving. However, I think everyone wants
to see another war, especially the promoters. I've got Corrales by UD.”
Dan Birmingham, 2004 BWAA “Trainer of the Year”

“Corrales winner by TKO 7.”
Teddy Blackburn, Reuters

“There's a reason why Corrales has formed himself a cult following
in this game, while Castillo is still somewhat of an unknown.
Corrales, again, pulls one out of the fire, this time in 11 rounds."
Ted Bodenrader, New England Ringside Magazine

“I like Corrales in less dramatic fashion. He'll hopefully move his head
occasionally and stay outside a bit more. One of them is going to implode after
that first fight. I like Corrales by TKO 11 but Castillo will have his moments.”
Ron Borges, Boston Globe

“Corrales will repeat his performance of the previous fight, because now
he will enter the ring as a winner. He knows he can knockout Castillo.”
Oscar Borrás, 20 de Mayo

“Have a slightly queasy sinking feeling about Corrales this time around
so I'm jumping ship to Castillo. Think the older guy might just have learned
how to make it safely to harbour.”
Freddie Burcombe, News of the World (London)

“Even the word epic does not do justice to Corrales-Castillo I and I feel
we may see something breathtaking, too, in the return. Neither man is
likely to turn the rematch into a track meet and, at the end of nine rounds
of wrecking ball blows, I expect Diego Corrales to be the man
who will emerge triumphant from the carnage.”
Mark G. Butcher,

“Corrales simply punches too hard and has too much heart for the
iron-chinned Castillo in the re-match. Castillo pulls out all the stops in another
epic battle, but gets put down late and doesn't recover.
Corrales via TKO 11.”
Luke Callahan,

“Corrales is a tough competitor and you can never count him out. However,
Castillo will wear him down and –not- make the same mistake this time around
by leaving himself open while he’s going in for the kill. Castillo wins in 10
rounds by KO in a bout that’ll be as action-packed as the first.”
Paul Cicala, KTNV-TV (ABC-Las Vegas)

“This rivalry has trilogy written all over it. The iron will of Corrales
is unquestioned, but Castillo's revenge motive may be even stronger.
Castillo via TKO, and don't be surprised if there's some controversy.”
Dave “The Thermometer” Cokin, ESPN Radio-Las Vegas

“Castillo had all but finished Corrales last time,
and this time won't let him off the hook. Castillo by split decision.”
John Cotey, St. Petersburg Times

“Corrales by KO - 6th or 7th round. This time around, he KNOWS he can KO the
solid-chinned Castillo and will throw with more conviction,
not letting Castillo wear him down like he did in the first fight.”
Chris Cozzone,

“The big question the second fight will answer won't necessarily be
who the better fighter is, but what price the first fight took out of both
Corrales and Castillo. The winner will be the one best able to recover from
the physical and mental toll taken in a fight so brutal it's hard to want
to watch it again so soon. My guess is that would be Castillo, but a lot
depends on what kind of fight this turns into. Either way, the rematch
has no chance of living up to the drama and viciousness of the first fight.

And that's probably best for the health of both fighters.”
Tim Dahlberg, Associated Press & Author of Fight Town

“It's a hard call again, but Corrales' power should pull him through -
again. Corrales by late kayo.”
Bill Dettloff, The Ring

“Corrales TKO 8. Too much size, speed and power.”
George Diaz, Orlando Sentinel

“Corrales UD. Castillo fought about as perfect a fight the first time
around as he possibly could have, and nearly pulled it off. Chico was superb, but
left room for improvement - namely boxing more. That will be the difference
in this fight, which will feature plenty of action, but will not match
the unrealistic expectations and results of the first fight. "
Jake Donovan,

“Having tipped Corrales in the first fight without hesitation, I am more
cautious in doing so this time around. Castillo was winning the fight - big time -
until that paranormal fightback by ‘Chico’ and maybe the Mexican and his
team are correct when they bitterly rage that without the mouthpiece ‘incidents’
they would have won. Except…it must have broken Castillo’s heart to have
his fingertips on such an important win only for Corrales to have yanked it
away. That, and the belief that Corrales actually enjoys these types of fight,
make me plum for ‘Chico’ once more.”
Ant Evans, / Boxing Monthly

“Who left more in the ring in May? We'll know early in the rematch. If
Castillo has lost anything, Corrales has the game to capitalize. He's potentially
more versatile, and if Castillo allows him to punch at an arm's length,
the Mexican will be especially vulnerable. Corrales TKO 7.”
Steve Farhood, 2002 BWAA Boxing Broadcaster of the Year

“The first fight was so depleting to both men that it would behoove either
fighter to modify his style for the second fight. Castillo brought everything
he had to the first encounter. He's great, but isn't capable of change.
Joe Goossen will have schooled the more versatile Diego Corrales to box as
much as possible -- to try to make the fight less a pitched battle this time. A
hard jab will be a major factor. If Diego doesn't get brought into another
trench war -- a big if -- he can make it much easier on himself and win from a
distance. It'll be another very good fight, but less dramatic
than the first. Corrales by unanimous decision.”
Charles Farrell,

“Picking a winner in this fight is easy. All you need is a coin and someone
to flip it. But if there's an edge in the rematch, it might belong to
Corrales. He won the first fight and that's always a confidence booster. He also has
Joe Goossen in his corner. He just has to watch out for Castillo's left
hook. Of course, he probably already knows that.
Corrales by knockout in another barnburner.”
Rick Folstad,

“Corrales in a decision. There's no way these two can go to war the way
they did the last time. As in so many rematches, this one figures to be
more tactical. Either that, or they'll stay away from each other out of
mutual respect. Whatever the reason, Corrales will prevail with his jab.”
Norm Frauenheim, The Arizona Republic

“Corrales (Points) - Corrales knows all about Castillo's power, Castillo
knows about Diego's. Hard to see both wishing to test themselves by experiencing

too much of it. Corrales wins a cagey contest.”
Scott Fyfe, Sunday Post (Scotland)

“Castillo W12 - Chico finishes strong but runs out of rounds
the second time around. Rubber match anyone?”
Tom Gerbasi,

“Chico Corrales with another stoppage, this time TKO 11. Chico should fight
a more intelligent fight the second time around using the jab,
which he underused in the first fight. I look for him to go right at
Castillo early and then fight from the outside.”
Ron “G-man” Gerrard, American Urban Radio Network

"This is a pick 'em fight. But if you are going to put a gun in my head, I
would pick Corrales by stoppage within seven rounds. But I won't be surprised
if Castillo ends up winning the rematch also by KO. Tough call, really."
Nick Giongco, The Manila Bulletin

“Corrales hits a little harder, and has an even better chance if he'd get
some distance and use his jab. If he fights Castillo's fight again, it's a
toss-up. If he fights his own fight, it's still a toss-up. Castillo is no slouch.
Most people pick Corrales, so I'll go with Castillo. All we know is once
again we'll get about 700 percent more action than we got and will get again
from Hopkins vs Taylor.”
Ivan Goldman, The Ring / KO Magazines

“I believe that this time Jose Luis Castillo learned his lesson, and he will

train properly in order to face one of the most explosive and dangerous
fighters in the world in Diego "Chico'' Corrales.
Like the first time, I still think Castillo can win by decision.”
Ramiro González, La Opinión

“Corrales will retain his belts with another knockout.”
Butch Gottlieb,

“Corrales, TKO 10. This time he'll keep his distance and make it look easy
... well, easier by comparison anyway.”
Tim Graham, Buffalo News

“I think both men can make the adjustments to get the win,
but you can't train a chin. Corrales’ chin will fail him in the later
rounds, and this time he stays down. Castillo KO 8.”
Carlos Guzman,

“I'll take Castillo by 8th round knockout.”
Dave Hall, KVVU-TV (Las Vegas FOX)

“Castillo by late-round stoppage in one of the most
highly anticipated rematches in many years.”
Jeff Haney, Las Vegas Sun

“I'll go with Diego 'Chico' Corrales, based on his superior speed
and foot movement. Nevertheless, Castillo is a true warrior and I wouldn't
be too upset if he proves my prediction wrong.
Corrales stops Castillo... again!”
Elisa Harrison,

“Corrales by decision.”
Colin Hart, The Sun (London)

“Corrales is just a different fighter these days. I pick him by decision.”
Jay Heater, Contra Costa Times

“Can the rematch be as electrifying and action packed as the first meeting?
Oh yeah! Corrales and Castillo are true warriors who know how to put
on a show and I think it will be just that. But, the show has just begun,
this fight cannot end in two, I say it goes to three. Jose had Diego,
but as we all know was unable to finish him off. Well, this time he does
in dramatic fashion. The fight goes to the eighth round and Castillo wins
by TKO, to set up one massive rubber match.”
Benny Henderson, Jr.,

“Diego wins by stoppage. If anything the last fight made Corrales
believe that he can survive anything. This plus his size and his power
will be enough.”
JD Hernandez, World Wide Boxing

“Immediately after the first fight, I would have picked Castillo to win
a rematch, but after viewing a tape of the fight, changed my mind.
Corrales is the bigger puncher and naturally bigger man.
Castillo might be able to survive Corrales' attack this time around,
but at the end of 12 rounds will be on the short end of the decision.”
Jack Hirsch, Ring Sports Magazine

“Corrales, KO 8.
He must feel he's taken and overcome Castillo's best.”
Michael Hirsley, Chicago Tribune

“Corrales. It won't be close this time.”
Richard Hoffer, Sports Illustrated

“Is it possible that Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo can live up
to their Fight of the Year? Probably not, but it should still be dynamite.
It's usually easier for the better boxer, in this case Corrales, to make
adjustments. Chico will probably be wise enough to do more outside work
and pick off the one-dimensional Castillo. Corrales has also done better
in rematches (see Benito Rodriguez and Joel Casamayor for Chico and Stevie
Johnston and Floyd Mayweather for Castiillo). I don't think Castillo
will be able to be as effective offensively as he was last time and I think
Corrales will create more distance. Corrales by unanimous decision
in a very good fight in the sequel.”
Mike Houser, Nevada Appeal

“I think Corrales can pull it out in another very tough fight, if only
because he now knows he can dent Castillo's chin and, no matter tough
the exchanges, that thought alone can keep him going.
I lean towards Corrales getting another late-round TKO.”
Graham Houston, Boxing Monthly

“Corrales by 11th-round TKO. Corrales will fight safer and smarter,
like the Casamayor rematch, and catch Castillo late
in what should be another entertaining fight.”
Keith Idec, Herald News (New Jersey)

“Corrales by decision. It's a very tough fight to pick, given how close
the first fight was and the fact I think they're coming back too quickly
from that one. The winner will be the one who has recovered
the quickest from the beating he took that time.
Given Corrales' resiliency, I'll go with him.”
Kevin Iole, Las Vegas Review-Journal

"Corrales in eight."
Jim Jenkins, Sacramento Bee

“I picked Castillo last time,
so why should I change? One thing for sure,
it will be better than Gatti-Ward II.”
Mike Katz,

“I still can't believe that Castillo lost the first fight. Corrales gets
iced in the rematch precisely because he thinks he's a 'catcher' and despite
his heroics in the first encounter, I still don't think he is. In the test
of wills, the quality beyond applied strength upon which their rematch should turn,
I like Castillo down the stretch. Castillo KO 10.”
Patrick Kehoe, SecondsOut.Com

“Corrales KO 8.”
Max Kellerman

“I like Castillo is another thriller. I have a feeling he may have taken
just a little less abuse in the first fight than Diego,
and that will be the difference. Castillo by decision.”
Steve Kim, MaxBoxing.Com

“Corrales by KO in fifth or sixth round.”
Jeff Lacy, IBF/IBO Super Middleweight Champion

“Corrales by KO 9.
This time, Goossen loses Castillo's mouthpiece.”
Franz Lidz, Sports Illustrated

“Castillo TKO 10. This time, he's going to put Corrales’ mouthpiece
down his throat so he can’t spit it out.”
Thom Loverro, The Washington Times

“I like Diego Corrales in a decision. I see a war just like in the first
Chris Maathuis, KLAS-TV (Las Vegas CBS)

“The rematch will be the same explosive fight as the first one,
but it will be shorter. Corrales by KO 6 or KO 7.”
Rich Marotta, KFI & XTRA Sports Radio (LA)

“Castillo by decision.”
Efrain Martinez, KINC-TV (Las Vegas Univision)

“Corrales by unanimous decision.”
Wally Matthews, Newsday

“Castillio will not let this one get away like last time.
Once he builds a lead, he will be smart enough to stay away
from a desperate Corrales. Castillo on points.”
Joe Maxse, The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

“Corrales is too strong and can take too many punches.
He will beat down Castillo again. Castillo won’t quit so the fight
will have to end in a knockout.”
Dave McCann, KLAS-TV (Las Vegas CBS)

“Corrales fought Castillo's fight the first time. He came away victorious,
but the odds of him out-slugging Castillo twice are slim. To make it
two in a row, Corrales must utilize his superior boxing skills,
while mixing in a few power shots to keep Castillo honest.
Prediction: Corrales by decision.”
Franklin McNeil, Star-Ledger (Newark)

“The last fight was so competitive and it is conceivable that both fighters
left integral parts of themselves in the ring that night. But Corrales,
even though he's a world class veteran, still seems to have the hunger
of an upstart. I think the first fight will only make him stronger and
he'll stop Castillo earlier. Corrales TKO 8.”
Bob Mladinich,

“Corrales by another 10th-round stoppage. Corrales is the tougher man,
and Castillo still must have thoughts of being stopped the way he was.
Psychologically, Corrales has the advantage.”
Robert Morales, Los Angeles Daily News Group

“Chico will be more careful this time. He knows that he can hurt Castillo
at any time and also is aware of Castillo’s punch. Corrales TKO 8.”
Aurelio Moreno, El Nuevo Dia

“First time, I picked Corrales to win, which worked out OK,
but I figured he'd do it by boxing Castillo and showing him angles.
Shows what I know. I think Corrales wins the rematch, too, because he has
slightly more versatility than Castillo. But Castillo, despite being stopped
first time round, may feel he is the one who inflicted the greater damage,
and will look to pressure and hurt Chico early. Corrales may indeed try
to box, until he is hit, and then war will begin anew.
It will be a great fight--not quite as great as last time (what could be?)
but one of the better sequels. Corrales will prevail on points,
but we can only hope that neither man will be permanently damaged
by their efforts over two battles.”
Kieran Mulvaney, /

“Boxing history tells us that after full-scale wars where both fighters get
badly hurt, rematches tend to be much more of a boxing match –
the Carbajal-Gonzalez trilogy comes to mind as an example.
Under this scenario, I see Corrales as the better boxer and the victor
in a relatively close unanimous decision.”
Steve Nelson, Kuffler News Service

“Corrales by unanimous decision, out-boxing and busting up Castillo
from long range, but surviving one or two nasty scares along the way.”
Rich O’Brien, Sports Illustrated

“Castillo by decision.”
Tony Paige, WFAN Radio (New York)

“Castillo by KO.”
Giuseppe Parisi,

“I pick Castillo by decision. I think Corrales has the capacity to box more
than he did in the first fight and he will try to do that, just as he did
in the second fight with Joel Casamayor, trying to avoid another slugfest.
Castillo is just stronger and was on his way to winning the first fight
before Corrales benefited from the additional rest
caused by his mouthpiece regurgitations.”
Jorge Pérez, El Nuevo Día (Puerto Rico)

“Corrales by KO.”
Rick Pineda,

“Castillo has the momentum, in a way, the motivation, knows he
has it in him now, and nothing to lose. Also history suggests that when
it’s this tough the first-time loser prevails second time around.
Also, they both know that trilogies define careers...
as well as bankrolling future. Castillo by late stoppage.”
Jeff Powell, Daily Mail (London)

“This is like picking between Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones;
Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin; Charles Nelson Reilly vs. Nipsey Russell.
That said, I’ll go with Corrales by late TKO or decision. He’s a few
months stronger and grown into the lightweight division, and Castillo is a few
months further removed from jumping up, which he probably should have
done already. Who knows what will happen? The guess here is that
Chico’s confidence and power carry him through. He knows he can survive.
And he probably will have to. It should be another classic.”
Jason Probst,

“Castillo to win by KO.”
Pat Putnam, Sports Illustrated Emeritus /

“It can't be as good as the first fight but it can still be a great fight.
It will all depend on whether or not Corrales decides to box or brawl.
He's the one more capable of adapting his style. If he boxes,
he can outpoint Castillo. If Corrales brawls, it's anyone's fight. I think
ultimately Corrales will decide to go to war because that is his nature.
Without strong conviction, I'll take Castillo in a
late stoppage in a reversal of the first fight. Castillo TKO 10.”
Dan Rafael,

“Corrales W 12 Castillo. After insisting Castillo would win the first
fight (and coming a punch or two shy of being correct), I'm reversing field now.
Corrales fought Castillo's fight and still found a way to win, and I suspect
"Chico" will fight his own fight a little bit more this time and take a
Eric Raskin, The Ring /

“Corrales-Castillo I will be always be remembered as one of the greatest
comebacks in recent boxing history. Corrales showed incredible heart
and desire to record a TKO in the first fight, and as talented as Castillo
is, he was losing before that 10th round. The stoppage was necessary
because Castillo was no longer defending himself and if Diego actually
improves defensively, maybe mixing in some defense occasionally,
he should win easily. Corrales TKO 5."
Anwar Richardson, The Tampa Tribune

“Castillo? Corrales? Flip a coin. OK, I'll go with Corrales again because
he's the bigger puncher. As usual, Castillo will pressure Corrales
relentlessly but Corrales will be slick enough to avoid excess punishment and find
an opening to hurt, and then stop Castillo around the ninth round.”
Michael Rosenthal, San Diego Union-Tribune

“Both fighters bang and cut, but like their first meeting, this fight
figures to go the distance. I look for the younger Corrales to have a slight edge,

learning from his first encounter. Look for a 12-round war,
with Diego coming out on top by a very slim margin.”
Rusty Rubin,

“I'm going with Corrales by late-round stoppage or decision.
I don't believehe will stand and fight Castillo like the last time.
I believe he will work off the jab, throw crosses and uppercuts
and then clinch. He'll stand and fight on occasion,
but if he stands and fights, it's more
a 50-50 fight that actually favors Castillo.”
Lem Satterfield, The Baltimore Sun

"Both fighters have tremendous reserves of courage and stamina,
so those two facets neutralize each other in a rematch.
Corrales, however, appears to have a greater capacity
to alter his game plan, and I expect he will have something different
prepared for the second meeting and knock out Castillo
in a surprisingly one-sided fight. Corrales, KO 6."
John Scheinman, Ballroom Boxing / The Washington Post

“There is no chance the rematch will match the first fight.
Neither man might be the fighter he was that night. Both, however,
might have wised up. If so, Corrales will outbox Castillo for a decision.”
Ed Schuyler, Associated Press Emeritus /

“Corrales won't have to resort to spitting the bit this time.
But he won't be able to KO an extra motivated Castillo, either.
Corrales in a very tough split decision.”
Tim Smith, Daily News (New York)

“Corrales by decision. This time Diego won’t hit the deck.”
Steve Sneddon, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Corrales by KO 10.”
Steve Springer, Los Angeles Times

“Castillo will get his revenge.
TKO 10 victory for Castillo in another classic.”
Julius Stecker,

“Corrales by decision.”
Rick Strasser, KVBC-TV (NBC Las Vegas)

“I’ve always liked Corrales and picked him last fight,
but I’m changing camps. I don’t think Chico’s fortunes
will play out similarly – Castillo KO 8.”
Tim Struby, ESPN The Magazine

“Can Corrales-Castillo 2 be any better than the first fight?
Just as good? Most rematches don't live up to the hype but this one will.
The ebb and flow of the rematch will be not unlike the first encounter.
With the brutal beatings administered, who has the most left in the tank?
I say Corrales, by another late stoppage or close, but unanimous decision.
Corrales will be 2005 Fighter of the Year.”
Tom Thompson,

"Predicting a winner is nearly impossible. I believe this will be a repeat
of the first fight and a total slugfest, but I see Castillo fighting just a
little smarter and landing more shots to pull out a close decision.
Get ready for a rubbermatch."
Trae Thompson, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

“Without question, this was one of the most terrific and brutal wars
in recent boxing history and the rematch has all the makings

of another true classic. Not only am I predicting that Jose Luis Castillo
will come out victorious in this rematch, I am going to suggest that this
battle will lead to a third and decisive rubber match and the
Castillo vs. Corrales fights will go down
as one of the greatest trilogies of all times!”
William Trillo,

“I tipped Castillo the first time around, but was very impressed
with Corrales’ grit and determination in his exciting win.
Corrales' power simply overcame Castillo’s toughness. This time around
I’m not tipping with any confidence, but I am going to pick
Corrales on points over the distance. One thing I will happily predict
is a great fight for the fans. No one miss it"
Paul Upham,

“Castillo by KO.”
Gianfranco Ventre,

“The first fight was, of course, a war. From the ashes, Corrales seems
to have left a bit more in the ring. Castillo will be extra careful
not to get caught, once more, on his way to scoring two more knockdowns
against Corrales on his way to a late-round stoppage in another thriller.”
German Villasenor,

“Diego Corrales will win easier this time because
he will take advantage of reach and not fight as close to Castillo
as he did in the first bout. His pride took over
in the first bout and he wanted to prove that he was just as strong
as Castillo. He learned his lesson. And will stay outside more this time
jabbing and throwing combinations.”
Huel Washington, San Francisco Sun-Reporter

“I like Corrales by decision. The first fight was so good,
that it will be difficult for the second one to match.
But, Castillo won't dominate the early rounds
the way he did in the first fight.”
Calvin Watkins, Dallas Morning News

“I'm picking Castillo in a late TKO.
Gotta set up the trilogy, right?”
John Whisler, Express-News (San Antonio, TX)

“Castillo KO 10.”
Johnnie Whitehead, The Ring / KO Magazines

“Corrales, KO 7. Not the classic as No. 1, but Corrales will register
enough heavy blows to end it in the mid rounds.”
Bill Williamson, Denver Post

"I'm picking Corrales to win by TKO 10 again. But I expect a different
fight. In their first meeting, Corrales wanted to prove he had the heart
to weather a tough, brutal fight. That accomplished, I look for him to
box more in the rematch, taking advantage of his height and reach,
something he didn't do in the first fight. He knows he has the power
to hurt Castillo at any give moment. What he must do is avoid
taking the accumulative punishment he took in May
that caused him to be dropped twice in the 10th.”
George Willis, New York Post


Article posted on 28.09.2005

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