Klitschko vs. Peter: Will Samuel Put An End To Wladimir's Career?

21.09.05 - By Justin Lloyd: The heir apparent, the heavyweight savior, the next Tyson. All of these phrases have been used to define the rising "star" which is Samuel Peter. He is marketable and respectful (at least outside of the ring), and one of the biggest punchers in the division. I agree with most writers that he is an exciting anomaly and a breath of fresh air. However, I disagree with what most writers are saying, being that he will destroy Wladimir and end his career by a brutal KO.. Peter has shown tremendous power and should be respected on that aspect alone. Tyson was the same way coming up. He fought less than stellar opponents and when he faced adversity he caved. When he met Buster Douglas he was out boxed and exposed as the fighter that he truly was...being that he couldn't handle a big boxer/puncher with a reach advantage. When he decisioned James “Quick” Tillis, this was evident.

Although he won on the cards, he showed that he lacked the skill level to beat a real boxer...ala Lennox Lewis who pulled a page from the textbook performance of Buster Douglas many years before.

Manny Steward was smart enough to teach Lennox the same tactics. Albeit it was the best fight Douglas ever had because he boxed and used his jab. Peter will lose for the very same reason Tyson crumbled to his knees before Douglas. He doesn't have the reach or the jab to dictate the fight. I honestly believe Wladimir can beat Peter with his jab and left hook. If he hooks off the jab like he is capable then it is game over for Peter. The only variable will be a punchers chance against Wladimir. I think Wladimir will surprise many of his critics come fight night by showing his true heart, skill and...gasp...CHIN!

There are, however, a few intangibles that may play to Peter's favor. The first being ring size. Wladimir needs to be able to move around the ring in order to avoid heavy bombs that Peter will let fly. A prime example of Wlad having trouble with a heavy hitter in a small ring was in March of 2003 when then little known Corrie Sanders was brought in to be Dr. Steelhammer's pupil, so to speak. That night it was Sanders who was to be the good doctor which brought a whole new meaning to the phrase. Wladimir was floored four times in two rounds with viscous left hands, the same left hand that sent Hasim Rahman to the canvas a few years before, the same left hand that Lennox Lewis avoided confronting and rightfully so. The boxing world would then write off Wladimir as damaged goods after that night.

In a small ring, many things can happen that you would think otherwise impossible. Wladimir is no light puncher in his own right while knocking out forty of his opponents. Jameel McCline was one that could not go the distance and would later say that Wladimir generates so much torque with his left hook that it is unreal. That fight was in a large ring as well unlike the Cracker Jack box that Wladimir would face Sanders in that following spring in Germany. So come fight night if they are in a small ring Peter will have an advantage there.

Wladimir has gained the reputation as being a little chinny. Even if this claim is false Peter will have that mental edge. Remember Peter is undefeated and to be fair untested. So the verdict is out on his chin, although with a neck (or lack thereof) like that one would think that his chin should not be a problem area for the Nigerian. Peter has seen Wladimir fail three times and this will be Peter's motivation to dispose of the Ukrainian as early as possible. Expect to see a very confident Peter on September 24th.

Although there are some intangibles that are in favor of Peter, I believe that Wladimir has some of his own advantages, which are weaknesses for Peter. The first being Peter's technique. I have yet to see Peter throw a left hook properly or turn over his right hand. His shots are loopy and inaccurate. Sure, he was able to tackle Sykes and Jeremy Williams, but neither one of those fighters are known for... well anything. They are both light punchers and prone to losing the "big" fights they have been in. Another positive for Wladimir will be his experience. He won the gold at the 1996 Olympics at the tender age of 20 and was WBO kingpin at 24. Wladimir's exceptional amateur career alone gives him the edge in that particular category. You don't get to be a gold medalist without being able to fight and without being able to take a punch even if it is with headgear. Wladimir's 47 fights have lasted 179 rounds and averaged 3.8 rounds, yet he also has 11 first round knock outs. So experience is on his side.

Wladimir has also faced adversity and he may have lost 3 of those times but remember he was floored early in his career by Steve Pannell in the first round as was Pannell but Wladimir showed heart and came back to destroy his opponent the very next round. He was down against DaVarryl Williamson but popped right back up and charged in like a bull and did well enough to only lose that round 10-9. So, Wladimir has been there before and this is a positive thing because he knows what it is like. Peter knows nothing of the sort and has never been down as a pro. Rumor has it that before the fight with McCline Peter was brought in as a sparring partner for Klitschko and was beaten from pillar to post. We will see if the history repeats itself Saturday night.

Emmanuel Steward is very confident and even protective of Wladimir in regards to the onslaught from the media. He defends his pupil and foresees an easy victory against Peter. Emmanuel says that Wladimir has completed over 120 rounds of sparring and is in excellent condition. Klitschko has never sparred that much before a fight. I'm thinking that is going to be beneficial for him because it gets you used to contact, which there will be plenty of on Saturday night.

In closing I think that a Klitschko victory is good for boxing to the contrary of what most experts will say. The reason I say this is because America loves a fallen hero. We as people like to see men come back and beat the odds. American's had to beat the odds several times through our relatively short existence i.e.; Revolutionary War, 911, WWI & II and the Great Depression. So Saturday night lets sit down in front of our TV sets (or the ring if you are present on fight night) and watch the story of Wladimir Klitschko unfold. My prediction...Wladimir in 8 must be fate!
The Truth shall set you free.

Article posted on 21.09.2005

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