The Truth about Klitschko & Williamson

10.07.05 - By Scoop Malinowski: This is an important week in heavyweight boxing. This is the week the N.J. Judge will determine if Klitschko or Williamson deserves the next shot vs. IBF belt wearer Chris Byrd. Klitschko says it should be him as he was ranked higher than Williamson thanks to a win over the American last October. Williamson and all of his backers claim the sudden vault in the rankings earlier this year over the man who dominated him last year was fair and equitable and had nothing to do with foul play.

Whatever. But one thing is true...Williamson has not been telling you all the truth when it comes to Wladimir Klitschko.

Case in point, here's what DaVarryl Williamson told recently about his recollections of the fight with Wladimir Klitschko...

"He's so lucky that his eyes got cut by (an unintentional) head butt," Williamson stated to SecondsOut. "Everything was going exactly how we wanted it to. You've never seen a gameplan work out so exactly in the ring. Everyone who's ever heard of the guy knows Klitschko throws too many shots early on and blows up and can be taken out late. I put a little on him early on to make sure he was aggressive and used up his energy, hung in there, and after a few rounds started to come on strong.

"No one can tell me I wasn't going to win that fight by knockout. At the point the fight was stopped I'd already knocked him down, he'd been gasping for air from the second round. I was taking over the fight. The plan was to make it competitive early on, make him throw all those punches like he did (when he exhausted himself) against Laomon Brewster, tire him out and knock him out late on.

"You've never seen a plan work out so well but he was given a get out of jail free card and he took it and ran. He made a huge mistake fighting me and he knows it. He never even came back to me with even an offer to fight a rematch, instead he goes to Germany to fight that guy (Castillo)."

Now here's what Williamson's lead trainer was caught on the Showtime cameras and microphones yelling at Williamson after round two:

"Snap out of it! You hear me?! Get low, man. This guy's breathing out of his mouth already. Get low and (inaudible), DO WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO!! Do you hear me?! No more stupid mistakes! You gotta (inaudible) when he's coming at you. Move side to side. You UNDERSTAND?! Let's get it together."

Now one lie could lead to whole lot more lies right? All this shenanigan about who earned what ranking spot by beating Oliver McCall and Derrick Jefferson should be taken as seriously as DaVarryl Williamson's memories of his fight with Wladimir Klitschko.

It's all BS. This guy was not going to beat Wladimir Klitschko and his sly covering up of the truth are the smoking gun proof.

When lies are being spouted as such, you have to become suspicious. Are all the people who have an interest to see Wladimir Klitschko avoided by any means necessary, who all say Williamson earned his new and improved ranking spot by simply following the IBF rules and nothing else, could it be that they are being just as lackingly forthright and honest as Williamson is about his memories of losing to Klitschko?

Are these people doing all they can - and have they all done all that they possibly can - to protect Chris Byrd from his most dangerous threat? With the self-serving intent to keep the IBF belt under their control? And away from a man they fear who still has the potential to absolutely dominate the heavyweight scene?

I believe everyone with half an open mind knows just what the hell is going on here, just who is being protected and who is being shunned.

Hopefully, Judge Martini in N.J. will put an end to this nonsense. And let the two best available IBF heavyweights battle it out.

You know Williamson, with his powerful backers, will get his chance soon. Very soon. For sure, he'll be next for the possible Klitschko-Byrd winner.

More Questions: The WBC is now under pressure to strip Vitali Klitschko of his WBC belt because he wants to defend against Calvin Brock in September before meeting the winner of the August showdown between Rahman-Barrett in December. Why are Rahman's people so eager to strip Vitali? They know Rock will automatically get the next WBC shot if he beats Barrett. Why can't they wait just a few months? Would they prefer to steal the WBC belt from Klitschko rather than actually have to get in a ring with him to try and take it the real way? And why would the WBC, if they strip Klitschko as they very likely will try to do, why would they forfeit the sanction fee of Klitschko-Brock? Is the reason because they feel obligated to cater to a promoter who fears the Klitschkos?

Why can't Rahman wait just a few months till December to fight Klitschko? It's not like he really deserves the shot anyway, look at his recent victories over subpar opposition.

The whole thing is beginning to smell like an all-out Don King assualt to freeze out the Klitschko from his heavyweight world.

Will Don King ever put himself in a position to match his fighters with either Klitschko with no options, no nothing? Would he ever put himself in the position to stand at a press conference after the Klitschkos have destroyed Brewster or Rahman or Byrd and stand there in the background like a secondary figure? What would he say then, Viva The Ukraine!??

Article posted on 09.07.2005

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