Floyd Mayweather Senior: ďIn my honest belief Peterson did it because he felt like thatís what Amir Khan was going to doĒ

by Geoffrey Ciani (Exclusive Interview by Jenna J & Geoffrey Ciani) - The most recent edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with boxing trainer Floyd Mayweather Senior who discussed his sonís recent victory against Miguel Cotto. Mayweather also shared his views on a wide variety of topics including Manny Pacquiao versus Timothy Bradley, Lamont Peterson testing positive for a banned substance, a potential fight between his son and Saul Alvarez, Shane Mosley, Chad Dawsonís victory against Bernard Hopkins, the upcoming fight between Dawson and Andre Ward, a potential fight between his son and Amir Khan, and more! Here is what Mayweather Senior had to say:

Regarding comments he made before his son faced Miguel Cotto when he stated he believed it would be a difficult fight for his son:

ďAlright then. Thatís what I said, and thatís what I meant, and thatís what it was. I never said my son was going to lose. I said he was going to have a tough fight, and I figured that out from my own personal reasons. I figured it all out! I knew he would always have a tough fight with Cotto. If you notice Pacquiao put a hurting on Cotto and made Cotto quit. So I just took all that little stuff right there and added it all up, and I figured out how it was going to come out, and I figured out how Pacquiao is doing all the things that heís doing. So I just figured that out, and figured out how Cottoís thing is going to go with little Floyd. Like I said if he donít get Pacquiao to take the test, little Floyd is going to go down the same pill. So Iím just telling you how it is. Little Floyd could whop them all! He could whop all of them, but sometimes if you donít get on top of things then you wonít be whopping anybody. Thatís for sure!Ē

On whether he watched the fight live in attendance or on TV:

ďI watched it on TV.Ē

On why he decided to watch on television rather than from the audience:

ďOh yeah! I had my reasons. I had my reasons why I didnít go. You know those are my personal reasons why I decided I didnít want to go.Ē

Regarding whether anything surprised him in the fight between his son and Cotto:

ďDidnít nothing surprise me about the fight. I told you what the fight was going to be. It was going to be a tough fight, which it was. But I thought little Floyd beat him clearly, but it was a tough fight though. It wasnít a fight a person would normally give Floyd. But like I said I just tallied everything up in my head with how I felt it would go, and it went just like I said it would go. But Cotto didnít beat him! He beat Cotto, but Cotto gave him a fight. Cotto landed quite a few good punches. But Cotto also missed a whole lot of punches too, though. He scored with some punches but he missed a whole lot of punches, too. I think at the end of the day little Floyd pulled it out. He hit him with some real good uppercuts and he hit him with some straight right hands. I think that at times Cotto he was backing up and letting little Floyd take charge. Like I said I think little Floyd won the fight. Hopefully I think after he won the fight, gratefully it was a tough fight. Thatís what I said in the beginning and thatís what it was. I never said Floyd was going to knock him out either, which he didnít. Everything went just like I said it was going to go. It was a tough fight and my son won.Ē

His views on a potential fight between his son and Canel Alvarez:

ďTheyíre the promoters, not me. Theyíre doing the promotions. So Iíll say this right here. Iíll be honest with you right now. They canít put Canelo in with Floyd right now. Little Floyd would pick him apart. Iím telling you the truth on that. Itís not there. Heís not there yet. Little Floydís got way too much wisdom, and knowledge, and savageness. Heís a lot more savage than him right now and he knows the tricks of the trade. Little Floyd counterpunches very well. Right now I donít see nothing he can do to beat little Floyd. Not right now, maybe two or three years down the line, but not right now!Ē

His views on the announcement Lamont Peterson tested positive for a banned substance which ultimately led to the cancelation of his rematch with Amir Khan:

ďWell you know what? What Peterson did, Peterson did what he thought Amir Khan was going to do. Thatís what he did. He did what he thought that Amir Khan was going to do. He was going to make sure that he was going to be in this fight or win this fight some kind of way. In my honest belief Peterson did it because he felt like thatís what Amir Khan was going to do.Ē

On whether he was surprised Amir Khan tested negative:

ďYeah whatís his name? Peterson! Peterson is the one who tested positive. Like I said all this does is pull the covers off of him, too. Whether heís scared or whatever the case may be, I donít know. My thing is that I believe that Peterson figured that Amir Khan was going to be that way, and hey! What can I say! It wasnít Amir Khan. It just shows. Hey! All of them are doing it. Thatís all I can tell you. All of them are doing it.Ē

His views on a potential fight between his son and Khan now that Khan has tested clean:

ďLook here! Look here! I would like to see Amir Khan get his whopped by my son, and let his ass test negative, and then let it be a negative fight on his end trying to whop my son. You know because my son ainít now Peterson! Amir Khan is definitely a target. Heís definitely a target to get his ass whopped, Amir Khan, because my son should be able to tag him all day long! I think that Amir Khan is going to come, but Amir Khan is going to get up pretty bad and pretty good!Ē

His views on the success his son had with his left uppercut against Cotto:

ďI didnít really know what my son was going to come with beforehand, but I was just telling her that little Floyd was really hitting him with a whole lot of uppercuts. They were meaningful punches and they were landing and Iím pretty sure that Cotto felt the effect of them. I think that Cotto got hit with some decent right hands, too. But it was the uppercuts more than anything. I think one thing he didnít do is he didnít use his jab like he should have. I would have had him using his jab a lot more. His jab would have set up a lot of things for him. His jab would have set up the right hand, the hooks, everything, uppercuts, everything. I think overall the thing is my son did a good job, though. One thing he said he was going to take it to court, Cottoís lawyer, because he thought that Cotto won the fight. But only a blind, stupid, crazy man could see that.Ē

On how he felt about his sonís punch output against Cotto given criticisms he had about his sonís activity rate going into this fight:

ďIím going to tell you this right here! He did pick up his pace a little bit. That he did. You know why he picked up his pace a little bit? He had to pick his pace up a little bit, because had he not picked his pace up Cotto would have beat him! He had to pick the pace up! Iím pretty sure he ainít going to just sit there, heís looking to win the fight, and lose the fight. But I still think that he could pick his punches up a little more. If you look back at some of the fights when me and him fought, I mean heís not that old yet where he canít throw a variety of punches. Iím talking about if you look in there still, I told you before he used to counterpunch which is one or two shots. This time he put three together! 1-2-3! Thatís what he did now! He picked it up one punch. I saw that. I saw one time he hit him with a hook, a right hand, and a left hook to the bodyóthree punches! But like I said he did pick it up though, even though it could have been maybe three punches. But still the whole thing was it was like three punches at a different time. He picked his shots, and threw his punches, and he was successful.Ē

His views on claims from some fans that think Floyd carried Cotto to help change perceptions following Pacquiaoís controversial victory against Juan Manuel Marquez:

ďNo man! I said he would beat him anyway! I never said that! Iím just letting you know man! You know how I feel about that stuff, man! I know about Pacquiao, anyway! Heís not even an issue on this situation because he canít whip no damn body for real!Ē

Regarding whether he believes Floyd could have stopped Cotto had he stepped it up:

ďYeah he could have stopped Cotto! You know thatís the thing I was telling you about with throwing punches there! He should have seen that Cotto was hurt and he should have been able to jump on Cotto! But he didnít! He let Cotto stay in there and fight and mug his way through. But I saw the same thing you saw too, like everybody else saw. There was a point right there where Cotto was out of the fight if my son just threw a few more punches. Cotto would have been gone!Ē

On whether he thinks his son may not have gone for the kill out of respect to the good effort Cotto had given him:

ďAw hell no! Ainít nobody playing no games like that! People can say crazy stuff about Floyd letting him go. Floyd ainít let him go! If little Floyd would have seen that little Floyd would have attacked that! Okay. I mean itís the truth. Ainít nobody fighting no big major fights and then theyíre going to let somebody slide. Ainít nobody going to let nobody slide.Ē

His views on Shane Mosleyís performance against Canelo Alvarez:

ďI think thatís it! Shane go home and go to bed! Itís over! No more! Sayonara! You know donít get me wrong. You know Shaneís a strong guy, but his skills is no more. There is no more real fast Shane. There is no more hard hitting Shane. Heís done! Itís over!Ē

His views on Timothy Bradley as a fighter:

ďThereís a lot of things I donít see with him. Some things I do see with him. But Iím telling you this right here! The way you saw Pacquiao before, I donít think youíre going to see the same Pacquiao again like that. The way he fought Marquez, I donít think youíre going to catch him like that again. No. Itís not going down like that again. I donít think so. He ainít going to want to look bad like that again. So I donít know what heís going to do. I guess heís going to come to his head and do something. I guess. I donít know what heís going to do, but Iím just telling you this right here. I donít think Pacquiao is going to take another licking like that before the world so I guess heís going to do whatever heís got to do.Ē

His views on Chad Dawsonís winning the light heavyweight championship against Bernard Hopkins:

ďIím going to be honest with you. If youíre like me, or youíre like anybody else, I know you didnít see no great performance! Okay! Well he did what he had to do. But I mean come on now! Ainít no guy 20 years older than me going to whop me. You hear? Ainít nobody 20 years older in the same sport that I am in going to whop me, not at all. So right there you seen an old guy against a young, vibrant, strong, supposed to be faster and everything else. He won the fight! Thereís no question about that. I felt like he won the fight. Do I think the fight was good? No! I donít think it was a good fight at all. I think the last time Chad Dawson got a hold of what I said in the paper about his girl and this and that. But you know what? It is what it is. There canít be no other way and I call what I say, and I call what I feel, and I call what I believe. Whoever else donít believe it? Oh well! Like I said before even with this thing right here, hereís a man 20 years older than you! You young, vibrant, stronger, and everything! Like I said I think he can do better.Ē

His views on Dawsonís chances against Andre Ward:

ďWell youíre going to see now! I ainít got to tell you nothing about this! This is not no Hopkins! So you can hop on the bandwagon with me if you want a ride. This is going to be the wagon thatís riding with wheels. The other one ainít going to be riding at all, because Ward is a very good fighter! Ward is a very good fighter, heís a smart fighter, heís slick, heís cagey. Iím not even going to speak about his power, because I donít even know about what kind of power Andre Wardís got. But Andre Ward is a slick fighter. I do not that. Heís slick, heís fast, heís clever, and heís going to create problems. Weíll see! Weíll see what happens. Iím just telling you what I believe.Ē

On what he feels is the number one obstacle that might ultimately prevent his son from ever facing Manny Pacquiao:

ďRight there, there is a lot of things. I donít think money is going to be a part of it. I donít think money is going to hold it up. As a matter of fact I think they can figure that out anyway. If my son feels that he can beat Pacquiao I can see him fighting for the amount of money heís going to get. Then like Bob Arum wins, then the winner takes the 10%. I feel the same way about Pacquiao. If he wanted to fight little Floyd, then whatever he was going to get he was going to get it, and then the winner takes the other big bulk, the 10%. But I donít think itís going to be about that. I think itís going to be more about Pacquiao taking that test. Itís something that he wonít take right now, and Iím pretty sure little Floyd will fight the fight if Pacquiao takes the test and then the winner takes the 10% of it, the rest of it. But the whole thing is still anyway, I donít think Floyd really owes that to them. Because really Floyd is the one thatís undefeated, he ainít got no losses on his record! Period! Pacquiao got a couple of losses and draws! So Iím just saying little Floyd shouldnít have to have no negotiations about whoís going to get what. It should be already settled because there shouldnít be no thing about him getting something bigger than little Floyd because he ainít bigger than little Floyd right now! He lost a couple of fights and heís got a couple of draws. So he ainít the man! Little Floyd is the man! Thatís the man to beat. Hey if you want the treat, Floydís the man to beat!

Let me say this right here. I donít think, I know! Just like I told you last time when you asked me about that fight. This fight right here, it ainít no different. I know just whatís going to happen. Pacquiao ainít just going to get his ass beat. Heís going to get stopped! Trust me! He ainít going to get beat up. Heís going to get stopped. You know why? Because theyíre going to do the game right, theyíre going to take a test and then theyíre going to do it right. Youíll see. Everybody is going to see! The whole world is going to see! Itís not even going to be a contest! Iím telling you. Freddie the joke coach Roach donít teach defense! Defense wins fights. In boxing, basketball, football, soccer, or any other kind of game you want to play! I donít care if youíre playing dice or whatever it is! Any time youíre playing a game defense is the winner. If you donít get hit, hey! You stay alive. See? In this particular thing thatís going on right now, Pacquiao has no defense. So he canít stay alive. So Iím just telling you right now. My honest belief is not the little Floyd is going to beat him, but heís going to stop him.Ē


For those interested in listening to the Floyd Mayweather Senior interview in its entirety, it begins approximately fifty-two minutes into the program.



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Article posted on 20.05.2012

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