Allan Green: ďThe moment Mikkel Kessler feels my power, the first time he gets hit by a big strong guy like me, weíll see how he reacts!Ē

by Geoffrey Ciani (Exclusive Interview by Jenna J & Geoffrey Ciani) - The most recent edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with light heavyweight contender Allan Green (31-3, 21 KOs) who is taking on former super middleweight champion Mikkel Kessler (44-2, 33 KOs) tonight in Copenhagen, Denmark. Green shared his views on the Kessler bout and also spoke about his career. Additionally he provided opinions on various aspects of the current boxing landscape including Chad Dawsonís recent victory over Bernard Hopkins, and Dawsonís upcoming fight against Andre Ward. Here is what Green had to say:

His views on his upcoming fight against Mikkel Kessler:

ďIím feeling pretty good. You know I have been training and stuff over here. Iíve been feeling pretty good. I feel strong. My weight is where I need to be so Iím ready.Ē

Regarding the fact that he was originally supposed to meet Kessler in Group Stage 3 of the Super Six before Kessler pulled out with vision concerns:

ďYou know I have no malice towards him or anything like that. I wasnít hard up to fight him because of that. Iím just happy Iím fighting, Iím happy Iím back in the ring, Iím happy itís against an opponent like Mikkel Kessler, and Iím looking forward to winning.Ē

On what he believes a victory against Kessler will do for him at this stage of his career:

ďIt will do a lot. It will put me either back where I was or above that. It should wash away most of my ignominious performance in the Super Six Tournament. You know I donít have to lose all the weight to make weight. I donít have to go in the ring weak. So I can go in and pretty much be myself.Ē

Regarding the fact he has prior experience fighting at 175 while Kessler does not:

ďLetís clarify that! The fight is taking place at 172 because Kessler didnít want to do 175! Heís parading around like this fight is at a full-fledged 175, but no itís not! Itís at 172.Ē

On his most recent fight which was a close victory against Sebastian Demers:

ďIt wasnít a close fight. I won a unanimous decision, but I took that fight on fairly short notice. I wasnít really prepared for that fight. I didnít really expect the fight to happen. I didnít feel good, I didnít feel strong, but I still came away with a win.Ē

His views on Kesslerís style as a boxer:

ďHis styleís not that tough. I mean heís pretty straight up and down European, no special effects. He has a good 1-2, not a lot of head movement. Iím not saying heís an easy fighter, but he really doesnít have a tough style to deal with. I mean I know heís in shape. Heís an in shape guy and he stays busy. That will probably be the hardest thing to deal with. But basically I just have to work on being myself, working on doing what I can do when Iím physically near my peak, when Iím physically feeling good, when Iím not weight drained or walking into the ring weak at 40%. You know Iím just working on being myself.Ē

On what he feels will be his biggest advantage against Kessler:

ďSpeed and power. I mean people can say size, but speed and power definitely. Like I said I was raised more so in the American scene of boxing. So we have a lot of options and we a lot of tricks up our sleeves. He really doesnít have many, but we have a lot of different avenues we can take as far going on to win this fight.Ē

On what things he may have learned from Kesslerís two losses to Andre Ward and Joe Calzaghe:

ďOf course Iíll take a little bit. I mean even though Joe Calzaghe is from the UK he fights with more of an American style of fighting, just as Andre Ward is from America and fights with more of an American style of fighting. Like I said Iíll just have to be basic but not very basic. Iíll have to give Mikkel Kessler different looks. I mean Iím the better athlete so Iíll have to take advantage of my athleticism and using speed and a lot of feinting. Iíll just do different things to him to offset him, and then on top of that he still has to deal with my power.Ē

His views on why Kessler decided to move up now to face him when Kessler previously stated he had no intentions of fighting north of 168:

ďI think he still can make 168. I think this was just available to him right now. I donít think there was very many meaningful fights that he wanted right now. Maybe all of the fights are booked up that he wanted at 68 right now. I donít know. Iím not Mikkel Kessler, but thatís just my own assumption. Iím pretty sure he can still make 168. Heís not a very big guy.Ē

His views on Chad Dawsonís recent victory against Bernard Hopkins:

ďIt was pretty much what I expected. You know Bernard was a great champion. Heís a great fighter. His best days are behind him. Hopefully thatís it for him. I expected Chad to win. I expected Bernard to be past it, and it seemed like he was trying to mount an attack but I think he was doing more posturing than actually fighting. So I think Chad is the man at 175 right now.Ē

His views on Chad Dawson versus Andre Ward and whether he believes fighting at 168 will make a big difference:

ďYes thereís a big difference. I think Dawson is pretty much my size. He shouldnít be trying to fight at 168. I donít think thatís a good idea for him to do. If it happened at 175, a weight theyíre both comfortable at, itís a very interesting fight. Wardís a very smart fighter. Itís hard to say. Itís very hard to say who would win that fight.Ē

On who he is potentially targeting if he can secure a victory against Kessler:

ďIf I had my own path to choose, if a guy like Dawson, or Cloud, or Shumenov were available I would take one of them, but if not Iíd fight Gabriel Campillo. Iíd fight him. I want a meaningful fight. I donít want to go back to just fighting whoever. I would love a Dawson, or a Cloud, or a Shumenov. If those guys arenít available then Iíll take Gabriel Campillo.Ē

On what he believes will most surprise fans when he steps in against Kessler:

ďJust everything! My slickness, my athleticism, my defense! Theyíll see an Allan Green they havenít seen probably since, I mean if they watched a lot of my earlier fights at 175 theyíll see a lot of flashes of that and some of my earlier fights at 168. Theyíll be surprised by how easily I handle a lot of things that Kessler brings.Ē

Regarding his reflections on the Super Six now that the tournament is complete:

ďFor me, for myself from my personal view, it was quite an experience being a part of history. But obviously if you look back with hindsight you say hey when you fought Ward man you couldnít make the weight. Why did you continue on? I wanted to be a man and honor my contract, and yadda, yadda, yadda. But I think it was good for boxing. I think Andre Ward did an excellent job, I think Carl Froch did an excellent job, and I wish them both the best.Ē

On whether he believes Ward is better off staying at 168 at present time:

ďI think he should stay at 168. I think he still has Bute. He still has a little bit of business that can be taken care of there. I donít think his decision to go up should be pressured by a challenge. When he says he wants to go up to 175 then he should go up, but I donít think he should necessarily be pressured by a challenge if that wasnít his decision in the beginning.Ē

His official prediction for his fight against Kessler:

ďMy prediction is that Iíll win. I canít really expand and get into details. I know what I feel like is going to happen. I mean it will be victory, but my prediction is that Iíll win the fight. Iíll win it handily.Ē

On what fans can expect from this fight:

ďThey can expect a very good fight. They can expect me to win the fight in dominating fashion. They can expect me to dominate Mikkel Kessler. They can expect me at my best and they can expect him at his best. Like I said I have a lot of options. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve. A lot of people want to put me in a box and say well can Allan deal with what Kessler has. Kesslerís never fought anyone like me. The question is can he deal with what I have. Iím fast, and I hit hard, and Iím going to give him a lot of different looks. So the moment he deals with my speed, the moment Mikkel Kessler feels my power, the first time he gets hit by a big strong guy like me, weíll see how he reacts! I have never known it to be in his character to do a lot of trash talking, but for whatever reason heís been doing it. I donít know if heís fearful or something, or trying to convince himself. I donít understand whatís going on, but listening to him and talk and the things heís saying. Iíve been watching Mikkel Kessler for years. Heís not really been one to talk trash but heís doing it now. I donít know who he thinks I am. Iím not Mehdi Bouadla the last guy who gave him hell for about six or seven rounds. Iím not him. Youíre fighting a live guy. Youíre fighting a real fighter. So heíll have to put up or shut up on May 19.Ē


For those interested in listening to the Allan Green interview in its entirety, it begins approximately twenty-four minutes into the program.



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Article posted on 19.05.2012

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