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Yesterday's Official Weights
from the Titanic Belfast

Irish Heavyweight Championship
12 x 3 min rounds

Tyson Fury (Nutts Corner / Manchester) 245lbs 12 oz

Martin Rogan (Belfast) 228lbs 4oz

Middleweight Contest
6 x 3 min rounds
Chris Eubank Jr (Brighton) 163lbs
Paul Allison (Stranaer) 162lbs

Light Middleweight Contest
8 x 3 min rounds
John O’Donnell (Galway / Shepherd’s Bush) 154lbs 8oz
Martin Walsh (Swanley) 155lbs 4oz








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April 14th

The 2012 National Boy 1,2 & 3 Championships concluded at Dublin's National Stadium this afternoon.

Over 220 bouts were decided over the duration of the 2012 Championships.

Visit for reports, pictures, results, draws and live scoring.

2012 National Boy 1,2.3 Championships National Stadium Dublin

April 14th: Boy 3 Finals

31kg: Conor Jordan (St Aidans) beat Martin Delaney (Olympic) 11-9

33kg: Thomas McCarthy (Mayfield) beat Jordan Hutch (Corinthians) 4-1

36kg: John Stokes (Mulhuddart) beat Ben Robinson (Wexford CBS) 8-7

39kg: Francie Stokes (Oakleaf) beat Ryan O’Donoghue (Golden Gloves) 9-6

42kg: Oliver McCarthy (Brian Dillons) beat Ryan Lavery (St John Bosco) 5-1

44kg: Eugene McKeever (St Malachys) beat Michael McDonagh (Bracken) 8-2

46kg: James McGivern (St Georges) beat Andrew Connolly (Clonmel) 11-3

48kg: Aaron Harkin (Illies GG) beat John P Sweeney (Innisfree) 11-10

50kg: Michael Nevin (Portlaoise) beat Alan White (St Bridgets Ulster) 13-11

52kg: Kieran Molloy (Oughterard) beat Alex O’Sullivan (Dunboyne) 14-3

54kg: James Keenan (Glen) beat James McDonagh (Clann Naofa) 15-13

57kg: Brett McGinty (Oakleaf) beat Colm Quinn (Castlebar) 10-4

60kg: Christopher O’Reilly (Bracken) beat Kevin Kehoe (Marble City) 7-2

63kg: Conor Vint (Gilford) beat Cathal Griffin (Connamara) 8-4

66kg: Sean Devrill (St Michaels Athy) beat George Bodor (Bay City) 9-5

70kg: Nevan Fannon (Ballyhaunis) beat Patrick Cawley (Westside) 7-5

75kg: Marcus Browley (Olympic) beat Jodie Mitchell (St Pauls Nenagh) 11-5

80kg: James Clarke (Kilnamanagh) beat Stephen Bonner (Buncrana) 14-3

86kg: Eddie Joyce (Dealgan) W/O

91kg: Dylan Maughan (Ballyhaunis) W/O

April 14th: Boy 2 finals

27kg: Michael Maughan (Avona) W/O

29kg: Liam Glennon (St Josephs Derry) beat Joseph Nevin (Kilcullen) 11-8

31kg: Craig Kavanagh (Crumlin) beat Sean Corr (St Georges) 12-8

33kg: Dominic Bradley (Errigal) beat Michael Keating (Watergrasshill) 8-6

36kg: Nathan May (Crumlin) beat Darren McDonagh (Clones) 15-11

39kg: Eamon Sweeney (Illies GG) beat Sean Purcell (Callan) 5-4

42kg: Eric Nash (Knockmore) beat Aaron McKenna (Smithboro) 14-13

44kg: Lee Kelly Clonmel) beat Peter McCartan (Bishop Kelly) 8-7

46kg: Jason Harty (Rathkeale) beat Gabriel Dossen (Furbo) 8-4

48kg: Niall Carroll (Ryston) beat Tommy Hyde (Setanta) 11-4

50kg: Bryan McNamee (Convoy) beat M.J. Mongan (O.L.O.L.) 9-5

52kg: Jordan Myers (Innisfree) beat Darren Ward (St Ailbhes) 9-4

54kg: Conor Doyle (Ennis) beat Anthony McDonagh (Olympic) 6-5

57kg: Connie Mc Donagh (Dungarvan) beat Kenan Gibson (Convoy) 7-2

60kg: Anthony Johnston (Gleann) beat Hugh Doyle (Spartacus) 11-6

63kg: Kasper Bura (St Annes) beat Jimmy O’Reilly (Portlaoise) 15-12

66kg: Martin G McDonagh (Eagle) beat John Ward (Banridge) 7-5

70kg: Calvin Boland (Clonmel) beat Bartlomiez Zalewski (St Annes) RET2

75kg: Martin Collins (Ballina) beat Blaine O'Brien (Clonmel) 7-6

April 13th: Boy 1 Finals
25kg: Terry O’Donoghue (St Michaels Athy) beat Ronan Moore (Cootehill) 12-3 -

27kg: Sean Mari (Whitechurch) beat Jordan Muldoon (Knockmore) 11-9 -

29kg: Martin McDonagh (Ballina) beat James O’Grady (St Aidans) 8-7 -

31kg: Reece Parchment (Tramore) beat Cillian Tierney (Oughterard) 14-6 -

33kg: Barry Reynolds (St Pauls Antrim) beat Brendan O’Hagan (Bishop Kelly) 8-2

36kg: Eddie Donovan (O.L.O.L.) beat James Devlin (St Bridgets Clonmany) 11-6 -

39kg: Matthew Tierney (Oughterard) beat Luke Carroll (Westside) 10-6 -

42kg: Sean Dempsey (Gorey) beat Lee Harkin (Illies GG) 9-6 -

44kg: Patrick Dunne (Riverstown) beat Oran McNaughton (Dockers) 12-11 -

46kg: Patrick O. Maughan (St Michaels C) beat Francie Stokes (3 Bridges) 11-7 -

48kg: Lewis Dickey (Churchlands) beat Brian Stokes (St Seachnalls) 10-8 -

50kg: Paddy Donoghue (Ballinasloe) beat Jack Conroy (Ballinacargy) 8-5

52kg: Sean McDonagh (Omagh Boys) beat David Groden (St Annes) 11-10

54kg: Patrick Gallagher (Callan) beat Adam O’Donnell (O.L.O.L.) 11-5

57kg: Patrick G Ward (Olympic) beat Thomas McDonagh (St Francis) 9-8

60kg: Tiernan Quinn (Macroom) beat Dominic McDonagh (Cavan) 11-2

63kg: Andrew Stokes (O’Hanlon Park) W/O

66kg: Michael Walsh (Holy Family Drogheda) beat Brendan McParland (St John Bosco) 16-3

70kg: Malik Monerawela (Navan) W/O

April 13th: Boy 3 S/Finals

48kg: John P Sweeney (Innisfree) beat James Carolan (Geesala) 12-3
48kg: Aaron Harkin (Illies GG) beat Arthur McCarthy (Brian Dillons) 9-4
50kg: Alan White (St Bridgets Ulster) beat Michael Faulkner (Ballincollig) 13-6
50kg: Michael Nevin (Portlaoise) beat Martin A Collins (Ballina) 17-7
52kg: Kieran Molloy (Oughterard) beat Christopher Stokes (Raphoe) RSC3
52kg: Alex O’Sullivan (Dunboyne) beat Rhys Moran (Saviours Crystal) 5-3
54kg: James Keenan (Glen) beat Patrick McDonnell (St Lukes) 9-7
54kg: James McDonagh (Clann Naofa) beat Ryan McCarrigan (Clonard) 10-0
57kg: Colm Quinn (Castlebar) beat Michael McDonagh (Ennis) 10-6
57kg: Bret McGinty (Oakleaf) beat Darragh Murray (South Meath) 11-9
60kg: Christopher O’Reilly (Bracken) beat Brendan Devine (Hillview) RSC2
60kg: Kevin Kehoe (Marble City) beat Francis McDonagh (St Annes) 7-7 c/b 29-32
63kg: Ciaran Griffin (Connamara) beat Danny Morris (Navan) RSC2
63kg: Conor Vint (Gilford) beat Brian McDonagh (Ennis) 5-2
66kg: George Bodor (Bay City) beat James Foley (Immaculata Starbane) 11-5
66kg: Sean Devrill (St Michaels Athy) beat Tom O’Sullivan (Ballyduff) 12-8
70kg: Nevan Fannon (Ballyhaunis) beat Enda Callaghan (Carndonagh) 8-3

70kg: Patrick Cawley (Westside) Patrick Doyle (Collon/Ptowns) RSC3
75kg: Marcus Browley (Olympic) beat Leroy Haughney (Paulstown) 10-4
75kg: Jodie Mitchell (St Pauls Nenagh) beat Ryan Devine (Immaculata) 16-16 c/b 28-27
80kg: Stephen Bonner (Buncrana) beat Michael O’Dwyer (Rathkeale) 12-8
80kg: James Clarke (Kilnamanagh) beat Martin Mongan (Brosna) 14-3
31kg: Conor Jordan (St Aidans) beat Conor Dempsey (Immaculata) 4-4 c/b 12-11
31kg: Martin Delaney (Olympic) beat Darren Choi (Lucan) 17-2
33kg: Jordan Hutch (Corinthians) beat Terry McEntee (Smithboro) 10-9
33kg: Thomas McCarthy (Mayfield) beat Hugh Nevin (Kilcullen) 3-2
36kg: John Stokes (Mulhuddart) beat Daniel O’Donnell (St Ailbhes) 9-6
36kg: Ben Robinson (Wexford CBS) beat John Delaney (Holy Trinity) 10-5
39kg: Ryan O’Donoghue (Golden Gloves) beat Darren Barnwell (Avona) 12-12 c/b 36-32
39kg: Francie Stokes (Oakleaf) beat Calvin Turner (Ryston) 15-9
42kg: Ryan Lavery (St John Bosco) beat Shane Bolger (Sacred Heart Tolerton) 11-3
42kg: Oliver McCarthy (Brian Dillons) beat John Maughan (Westside) 22-4
44kg: Michael McDonagh (Bracken) beat Andrew McDonagh (St Pauls Waterford) 9-4
44kg: Eugene McKeever (St Malachys) beat Conor Ivers (Callan) 6-3
46kg: Andrew Connolly (Clonmel) beat Declan Rafferty (St Malachys) 11-4
46kg: James McGivern (St Georges) beat Craig O’Connor (Kilnamanagh) 13-3

April 12th: Boy 2 S/Finals

29kg: Joseph Nevin (Kilcullen) beat Stephen Johnston (Emerald Antrim) RSC1
29kg: Liam Glennon (St Josephs Derry) beat Dylan O’Driscoll (Sunnyside) 14-11
31kg: Craig Kavanagh (Crumlin) beat James McCarthy (St Colmans) 15-2
31kg: Sean Corr (St Georges) beat Tyrone McCann (Tyholland) 7-6
33kg: Michael Keating (Watergrasshill) beat William Cawley (Baldoyle) 6-5
36kg: Darren McDonagh (Clones) beat Tommy O’Neill (Churchtown) 14-4
36kg: Nathan May (Crumlin) beat Edward O’Neill (Paulstown) 11-4
39kg: Sean Purcell (Callan) beat Matthew McDonagh (Geesala) 12-5
39kg: Eamon Sweeney (Illies Golden Gloves) beat Patrick Donovan (OLOL) Disq1
42kg: Eric Nash (Knockmore) beat James McPharland (Emerald Antrim) RSC2
42kg: Aaron McKenna (Smithboro) beat Killian McDaid (Mulhuddart) RSC1
44kg: Lee Kelly (Clonmel) beat Michael Avestisian (Mulhuddart) 9-5
44kg: Peter McCartan (Bishop Kelly) beat Aaron Gethins (Ballinacarrow) 7-5
33kg: Dominic Bradley (Errigal) beat Odhran Fullerton (Sean D Keady)
46kg: Jason Harty (Rathkeale) beat Airijus Vitlipas (St Davids Naas) 8-3
46kg: Gabriel Dossen (Furbo) beat Ryan McDonagh (Cobra Ulster) 6-6 c/b 18-16
48kg: Tommy Hyde (Setanta) beat Chris Farrelly (St Saviours ) 9-7
48kg: Niall Carroll (Ryston) beat Conor Long (Oakleaf) RSC3
50kg: Bryan McNamee (Convoy) beat Martin O’Donnell (Glasnevin) 17-7
50kg: M.J Mongan (O.L.O.L.) beat Joseph McDonagh (Connamara) 7-4
52kg: Jordan Myers (Innisfree) beat James Gavin (West Finglas) RSC1
52kg: Darren Ward (St Ailbhes) beat Eoghan Dowdall (South Meath) 6-2
54kg: Conor Doyle (Ennis) beat Paul McCullaugh (Gleann) 9-1
54kg: Anthony Mc Donagh (Olympic) beat Kieran Nolan Kenny (Bunclody) 10-9
57kg: Connie McDonagh (Dungarvan) beat Colin Monerawela (Navan) 15-4
57kg: Kenana Gibson (Convoy) beat Padraig Horan (Ballinrobe) 9-7
60kg: Hugh Doyle (Spartacus) beat Niall Mahon (Swords) RSC1
60kg: Andrew Johnston (Gleann) beat David C Ward (St Ailbhes) RSC3
63kg: Jimmy O’Reilly (Portlaoise) beat Brian Elliott (Letterkenny) 15-9
63kg: Kasper Bura (St Annes) beat John McDonagh (St Francis) RET1
66kg: Martin G McDonagh (Eagle) beat Tommy Marsh (Ballymore) RSC1
70kg: Calvin Boland (Clonmel) beat Christy Flemming (St Lukes) 17-5
70kg: Bartlomiez Zalewski (St Annes) beat Hubert Doyle (Cloghan) 20-6
75kg: Blainey O’Brien (Clonmel) beat Martin McDonagh (St Davids Naas) 8-4
75kg: Martin C Collins (Ballina) W/O

April 11th: Boy 3 Prelims
33kg: Hugh Nevin (Kilcullen) beat Sean Fryers (Immaculata) 8-7
36kg: John Delaney (Holy Trinity) beat Shane O’Neill (St Colmans) 11-8
36kg: Ben Robinson (Wexford CBS) beat Ronan Grant (Mourne All Blacks) 9-4
39kg: Calvin Turner (Ryston) beat Roger O’Donohue (St Francis) 10-9
39kg: Francie Stokes (Oakleaf) beat Conor Quinn (Clonard) 7-6
42kg: John Maughan (Westside) beat Carl McKernon (Clonard) 13-10
42kg: Oliver McCarthy (Brian Dillons) beat Aaron Daly (Castlebar) 13-3
44kg: Conor Ivers (Callan) beat Calum McClaron (Ardoyne) 8-8 c/b 23/22
44kg: Eugene McKeever (St Malachys) beat Roy Collins (Ardnaree) 5-2
46kg: Craig O’Connor (Kilnamanagh) beat Dean Clarke (Holy Family Drogheda) 11-9
48kg: Arthur McCarthy (Brian Dillons ) beat Patrick McCormack (Toome) 8-6
48kg: Aaron Harkin (Illies GG) beat Liam Gaynor (Kilnamanagh) 11-7
50kg: Alan White (St Brigids Ulster) beat Vlad Komarschunk (Wexford) 13-11
50kg: Martin A Collins (Ballina) beat Sean Heely (Glin) 9-0
50kg: Michael Nevin (Portlaoise) beat Cory Bradshaw (Braid) 13-1
52kg: Rhys Moran (Saviours Crystal) beat Neil Hughes (Oliver Plunkett) 11-2
54kg: James Keenan (Glen) beat Matthew Davis (Ardagh Cross) 10-4
54kg: Ryan McCarrigan (Clonard) beat Joseph Cadden (Castleblaney) 7-3
54kg: James McDonagh (Clann Naofa) beat Patrick Maughan (St Lukes) 17-7
57kg: Darragh Murray (South Meath) beat Anthony McDonagh (Trinity Boys) 8-2
60kg: Francis McDonagh (St Annes) beat Jimmy Ward (Cobra Ulster) 9-3
60kg: Kevin Keogh (Marble City) beat Charlie McDonagh (Dungarvan) 8-3
63kg: Danny Morris (Navan) beat Michael Coyle (Scorpion) RSC1
63kg: Conor Vint (Gilford) beat Jason Enright (Kilmallock) RSC1
63kg: Brian McDonagh (Ennis) beat James Geoghan (St Catherines) 9-2
66kg: James Foley (Immaculata Strabane) beat Martin Maughan (Cavan) 5-5 c/b 25-16
66kg: Tom O’Sullivan (Ballyduff) beat Conor Jackson (Newington) 13-5
66kg: Sean Devrill (St Michaels Athy) beat Brian Kennedy (St Marys Daingean) 5-5, c/b 25-16
70kg: Patrick Cawley (Westside) beat Darragh Curtain (Sliabh Luchra) RSC2
80kg: Martin Mongan (Brosna) beat Francis Carr (St Annes) RSC1

April 11th; Boy 1 S/Finals
27kg: Jordan Muldoon (Knockmore) beat Donough McGivern (Gorey) 15-4
27kg: Sean Mari (White Church) beat Rory Baird (Ederney) 8-7
Boy (2) 33kg: Jack Kavanagh (Swinford) beat Dominic Bradley (Errigal) RSC2
29kg: James O’Grady (St Aidans) beat Sean McCormack (O.L.O.L.) 12-5
29kg: Martin McDonagh (Ballina) beat Colm McGuire (Castleblaney) 3-2
31kg: Cillian Tierney (Oughterard) beat Eoin Larkin (Monkstown Dublin) 9-6
31kg: Reece Parchment (Tramore) beat CJ Houlihan (Callan) 5-4
33kg: Brendan O’Hagan (Bishop Kelly) beat Fergal DeFaoite (Clonmel) 11-3
33kg: Barry Reynolds (St Pauls Antrim) beat John Nevin (St Brigids Kildare) 15-4
36kg: James Devlin (St Bridgets Clonmany) beat Dean Brophy (Sacred Heart Tolerton) 13-12
36kg: Eddie Donovan (O.L.O.L.) beat Tyler McMullan (Braid) 6-3
39kg: Matthew Tierney (Oughterard) beat Stephen McGirr Sacred Heart Omagh) 12-9
:39kg Luke Carroll (Westside) beat Lorcan Hurley (Tramore) 8-7

April 11th: Boy 1 S/Finals

42kg: Sean Dempsey (Gorey) beat Pierce O’Leary (Dublin Docklands) 7-6
42kg: Lee Harkin (Illies Golden Gloves) beat Martin Doherty (Ennis) 5-5 c/b 21/12
44kg: Oran McNaughton (Dockers) beat Paddy McKenzie (Aklow) 10-4
44kg: Patrick Dunne (Riverstown) beat Dylan Joyce (Avona) 11-10
46kg: Patrick Owen Maughan (St Michaels Galway) beat Eoin Byrne (Grangecon) 17-4
46kg: Francie Stokes (3 Bridges) beat Mick Nally (Thurles) 10-7
48kg: Lewis Dickey (Churchlands) beat Lee McVeigh (St Agnes) RSC1
48kg: Brian Stokes (St Seachnalls) beat Spencer O’Neill (Trojan) RSC1
50kg: Jack Conroy (Ballinacargy) beat Martin Nathan Mongan (Cavan) RSC3
50kg: Paddy Donoghue (Ballinasloe) beat James McDonagh (Crumlin) 11-9
52kg: David Groden (St Annes) beat Jack Collins (Cashen Vale) RSC1
52kg: Sean McDonagh (Omagh Boys) beat Peter Byrne (Arklow) RSC1
54kg: Pat O’Callaghan (Callan) beat Sean O’Reilly (Glin) RSC2
60kg: Tiernan Quinn (Macroom) beat Anthony Mongan (Olympic) 7-2

66kg: Michael Walsh (Holy Family Drogheda) beat Owen J McDonagh (St Annes) 13-3

April 10th: Boy 1 Prelims

27kg: Sean Mari (Whitechurch) beat Jordan Ryan (St Francis) 10-7

29kg: Martin McDonagh (Ballina) beat Jamie Dalton (Westside) 9-6

31kg: Reece Parchment (Tramore) beat Kieran Bittle (St Pauls) 13-6

31kg: CJ Houlihan (Callan) beat Emmett Diver (St Bridgets) RSC3

33kg: Barry Reynolds (St Pauls) beat Francie McDonagh (3 Bridges) 13-5

33kg: John Nevin (St Brigids, Kildare) beat Ciaran Brogan (Knockmore) 9-5

36kg: Eddie Donovan (OLOL) beat Davy McDonnagh (West Finglas) 14-5

36kg: Tylar McMullan (Braid) beat Derek Ward (St Michaels) 12-5

39kg: Lorcan Hurley (Tramore) beat James Crean (Wexford CBS) 10-9

39kg: Luke Carroll (Westside) beat Conal Ross (Dockers) 13-3

42kg: Lee Harkin (Illies GG) beat Anthony Barrett (Olympic) 11-8

44kg: Dylan Joyce (Avona) beat Owen J McDonagh (St Annes) 7-4

44kg: Patrick Dunne (Riverstown) beat Oisin O'Dowd (Gilford) RSC 2

46kg: John Sweeney (Buncrana) beat Francie Stokes (3 Bridges) 6-5

48kg: Brian Stokes St Seachnalls) beat Joshua McGough (Bracken) 9-4

50kg: Paddy Donoghue (Ballinasloe) beat Daniel Burke (Clonmel) 13-1

52kg: Peter Byrne (Arklow) beat John Collins (Darndale) 6-2

April 10th: Boy 2 Prelims

31kg: Sean Corr (St Georges) beat Edward Barrett (Olympic) 9-5

31kg: Tyrone McCann (Tyholland) beat Patrick Farrelly (Clann Naofa) RSC2

33kg: William Cawley (Baldoyle) beat Patrick Cullen (Ballagh) 12-6

33kg: Michael Keating (Watergrasshill) beat Conor McMullan (St Georges) 8-5

36kg: Nathan May (Crumlin) beat Peter Tierney (Oughterard) 12-6

36kg: Edward O'Neill (Paulstown) beat Tom Stokes (Oakleaf) 10-4

39kg: Eamon Sweeney (Illies GG) beat Adam Kavanagh (Westside) 5-4

39kg: Pat Donovan (OLOL) beat Padraig Loughlin (Emerald) 9-4

42kg: Aaron McKenna (Smithboro) beat Pierce Nash (Sacred Heart) 14-8

42kg: Killian McDaid (Mulhuddart) beat Timmy McDonagh (St Johns) 10-3

44kg: Peter McCartan (Bishop Kelly) W/O

48kg: Tommy Hyde (Setanta) beat Patrick Donovan (Tobar Pheadair) 14-3

48kg: Niall Carroll (Ryston) beat Paul Ryan (Bay City) 12-5

48kg: Conor Long (Oakleaf) beat Adam Majury (Newington) RSC3

50kg: Bryan McNamee (Convoy) beat Aaron Aspel (St Michaels) RSC2

50kg: Joseph McDonagh (Connamara) beat Adam Higginbottom (St Brigids) 11-8

50kg: MJ Mongan (OLOL) beat Tom Gallagher (Townland) 13-4

52kg: Darren Ward (St Ailbhes) beat Ryan Lennon (Saints) 4-3

52kg: Eoghan Dowdall (South Meath) beat Ronan O'Donnell (Convoy) 5-2

54kg: Kieran Nolan/Kenny (Bunclody) beat Leon Gallagher (Finn Valley) 7-4

54kg: Anthony McDonagh (Olympic) beat Byron Dunne (Crumlin) 15-7

60kg: Andrew Johnston (Gleann) beat Thomas Maughan (Cavan) 6-0

70kg: Bartlomiez Zalewski (St Annes) beat Conor Gleeson (Smithboro) 12-8

Article posted on 14.04.2012

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