Floyd Mayweather Senior: ďItís been proven already that my son can sell more tickets than Pacquiao!Ē

by Geoffrey Ciani (Exclusive Interview by Jenna J & Geoffrey Ciani) - The latest edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with boxing trainer Floyd Mayweather Senior, who touched on a wide variety of topics including his sonís upcoming fight against Miguel Cotto, some of the fighters he currently works with, the upcoming fight between Shane Mosley and Saul Alvarez, the rematch between Chad Dawson and Bernard Hopkins, Oscar De La Hoyaís fight against Hopkins, Manny Pacquiao, Zab Judahís dominant effort against Vernon Paris, and more! Here is what Floyd Senior had to say:

His views on the upcoming May 5 fight between his son Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Cotto:

ďWell I think that Cotto will probably give little Floyd a better fight than any of the other guys in quite awhile. Iím not saying that Cottoís going to win, but Iím just saying that heíll probably get a better fight than he did from Shane and heíll probably get a better fight than he got from Margarito. To tell you the truth I donít even know too many people that Cotto fought but Shane and Margarito. They were his two biggest fights that I know of.Ē

On whether he believes weight can be a factor give his son will be moving up to 154 for the first time in years:

ďWeight can play a factor in anything, but you know little Floyd is probably going to be faster than Cotto anyway. Plus heís smaller so heíll probably get around quicker than Cotto. One thing I think is that Cotto ainít never fought nobody with that style of fighting. Thatís what Cottoís complication is going to be right there. He never fought nobody that has his shoulder like that. I think Cotto is going to get countered quite a bit, and even though Floyd is older I think little Floyd is faster. When you speak about size, Iíve seen little Floyd box light heavyweights, I mean bigger guys and stronger guys than Cotto. They have 16 ounce gloves on but it donít matter any time you got a guy that big fighting a guy Floydís size. But we all did! I did, Roger did, me, Roger, and Jeffówe all fought bigger guys like that, and Floyd does it, too.Ē

Regarding how long he believes it will be before age starts to catch up with his son:

ďAge might be catching up with him now! Iím pretty sure itís catching up with him. Heís not Superman. Heís not Superman or anything like that. Heís a normal person just like we are and Iím pretty sure that age is going to catch up with all of us anyway, some just faster than others. Even though he keeps his body and stuff in good shape, you know Iím pretty sure thatís going to have a big thing to do with it too, as well. I think that little Floyd will be faster and Floyd is probably slicker and more clever than him too, so I just look for little Floyd to just pretty much counterpunch throughout all of this fight right here. I just wish my son would throw more punches now. Itís not that heís old where he canít throw enough punches, because he can. Any time you get in shape you can do what you want to do. So I think that little Floyd can throw a lot more punches than he has. He has in the past, but he hasnít done that in quite awhile now. Heís just counterpunching now. It will be a clear win and he will win the fight, but the thing is his trouble is going to be with a guy thatís consistent throwing punches. When you counterpunch youíre only throwing maybe one punch or two punches. Thatís when youíre countering somebody. Thatís when his problem will come in, when heís got somebody whoís real, real busy, and that will more or less probably be with a younger guy.Ē

On whether agrees with his son when he had claimed he believes Miguel Cotto should be considered undefeated because he at an unfair disadvantage in his losses against Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito:

ďI call Cotto undefeated! Cotto is undefeated. I have to go along with that. I donít see it no other way. He lost to both of those guys and both of those guysóhey! Both of those guys like I said, I thought both of them were bad. I just wouldnít even consider either one of those fights a win, either one. You know Iím just saying. Iím looking at things. Iím looking at things and the reality matters. Hey! The best win didnít win them nights.Ē

His views on the upcoming fight between Shane Mosley and Saul Alvarez:

ďWell Iím going to tell you this right here. Thatís a good question youíre asking me there. Let me give you my honest opinion. Thatís made for a good fight but I see Alvarez coming out on top. I see Alvarez beating Shane Mosley. You know right now man itís near the end for Shane Mosley, but donít get me wrong! Iím picking Alvarez, but Shane Mosley is the kind of guy that can go get himself in super shape, and get his mind and stuff right, and come out and do a masterful job. I donít see it, though. I think this will be his last hurrah! I think after this fight, Shane fights no more.Ē

On whether he believes Mosley will Alvarezís toughest fight to date:

ďIf Shane comes out to fight, Shane will be the toughest fight for Alvarez. If Shane is in any kind of way in condition when he comes, itís going to be a problem for Alvarez even if he wins. I see it being a tough fight for Alvarez either way it goes.Ē

His views on the upcoming rematch between Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson:

ďIn my honest opinion, Iím going to say this right here. It all depends on what Chad Dawson comes in, because with Chad Dawson his lady is his controller. His lady is his controller. She calls the shots. So sheís the one that tells him when to come and go. So that means that sheís somewhere near. Hey! Thatís why when I was training him then this was one time that we knew she wasnít with him before. But then another time he came back with his lady. She was with him, and that Andre Dirrell boy was beating the sh*t out of Chad! Chad was getting ready for the second fight I had with him after he won the title. He had this lady speaking with him, maybe his girlfriend or whatever she is. Like I said, Andre Dirrell was beating the sh*t out of him! Heís out of Flint, Michigan. Andre Dirrell was beating the hell out of Chad Dawson. Like I said if this man gets caught up like that in some kind of way with that lady, that lady is going to be his downfall anyway! Thatís going to be his downfall anyway. There is no question about that either. But I will say this here. If Chad Dawson gets in great, great shape and his mind is set right then I look for Chad to win the fight. Hopkins has been around awhile man, and a guy like that is going to be tough. But he has lost fights, and he came very close to losing to a little man like Oscar De La Hoya. When I was training De La Hoya we fought Bernard Hopkins, and Oscar was beating him real easily. But I donít know what the deal was on that particular fight because all of a sudden he hits Oscar in the ribs, and Oscar goes down! I think it was in the ninth round. Oscar was far ahead on the cards beating him, and then the next thing I know Oscar was thriving. I asked Oscar De La Hoya, ĎWhat is this man? Explain this to me!í Whatís going on with him and Hopkins? I said, ĎI donít know! Did you play that role? What happened?í He said, ĎNo man! He hit me, he hit me!í Iíve been thinking about that for a long time man. I still got the same thoughts. But like I said before if Chadís mind is set right, and heís in shape and in condition, and his mind is on what heís supposed to do other than the lady, then it will be Chad for sure.Ē

His opinion on the key elements for training boxers good defensive technique:

ďWell you know as far as that defense that little Floydís got, I gave little Floyd that defense! I used to fight that way, the same exact way. I taught little Floyd how to fight that way, but my career got cut short when I got shot with a 20 gauge shotgun. So my career went down, but I will say this right here! One thing is man, the main thing is that the thing that you start off with always is your jab. Your jab is the most important weapon in boxing! Your jab is your offense as well as your defense. You can beat a guy up with your jab and you can keep a guy off of you with your jab. So thatís offense and defense! The jab is the most wickedest weapon in the game. You know like I said with all the other things you got, you got uppercuts, hooks, right hands, and left hooks, or whatever else. Hey! The jab is the most important thing you can use in the game. You can keep a guy off you with it. You can beat a guy up with it. Itís the most important punch in boxing. You see and the whole thing is thatís where sometimes a better fighter will lose a fight by not using his jab. See thatís what I was just trying to tell yaíll here just a little bit when I said little Floyd was getting away from a lot of things he used to do like he donít jab as much as he was doing. Of course thatís a sign of age. He donít jab as much as he was jabbing. Like I said, he donít have the same springs in his legs like he did. That comes from age. Thatís what it is. It goes with him. Ali! Remember Ali was the man who used to dance for fifteen rounds. Remember that? Then all of a sudden guess what? He started rope-a-doping! Now what was that? What is the rope-a-dope? From dancing and moving and throwing your punches off, and now youíre up on the ropes and getting beat waiting for a man to get tired. He did counter back, but the rope-a-dope was one of the weakest. I tried the rope-a-dope and thatís when I lost my first fight, because I was trying to do what Ali did. The guy told me I wouldnít do it and I told him I would do it. I went out there and I ended up beating the guy. We had a rematch two months after that fight. I came back and beat him. The thing was I got beat. I beat him on a decision. But he hit me and clocked me man! He just really unloaded on me and the referee stopped it, but I knew I could beat the guy anyway. But I was trying to play on the Ali stuff, and then I came back two months later and I fought like I know how to fight and it was a whole different thing then.Ē

His views on Zab Judahís recent impressive victory against Vernon Paris:

ďWell let me tell you this right here. I will say this right here. Iím going to be honest, because you know what? A lot of things have to do with the trainer as well. The trainerís got a big part. A lot of times people say the trainer got nothing to do with it. Sometimes the trainer is nothing! Iím just saying they donít have no real big version in the fight sometimes. But Iíll say this right here, if I would have fought with Paris, Paris would have beat Judah. I already saw it! But you see! They didnít pay me. They didnít pay me my money, right? So guess what? You got to understand. Hey! The man upstairs donít like ugly, so thatís what happened. It is what it is. Iím just telling you that. I thought Judah looked part excellent, truly second to none that evening. I think that what I gave Paris, they thought he could do that stuff without me. They thought he could do it without me. See that? He canít do it at all without me. And you know what? He canít come back to me until Iím paid, and if he canít come back to me guess what? Itís over!Ē

Regarding some of the younger fighters he is currently training:

ďIím helping out Taylor, Lydell, Mickey Bey. Mickey Beyís been around for a little while now. Iím just training them fighters right now. I got a real, real, real good fighter whoís destined to be a champion. The guy is 14 years old and this guy is beating men in the gym who are 32 years old and 24 years old. He fought one guy that was his size and weight but it donít make no difference, because this little guy here is destined to be champion. Heís going to turn 15 I think this month or next month. About May 6 I think it is. I donít know for sure. But anyway me and his father are going to get together and next year when heís 16, me and the father are going to sign the boy up. The boy is that good. Believe me. Heís 16 years old now, and hey! Believe me! He is good. His name is Damon. We call him ĎSugar Babyí. His name is Damon Vazquez. Heís a kid thatís 14 years old and heís destined to be champion. Mark my words. Weíre going to go ahead and push him in the pros, because the amateur stuff ainít nothing. He can beat anyone 16. He could be there and fight for two years and earn his way to a title in another two years or a year. So I mean the guy fights beautiful. By the time heís 18 I guarantee you heíll have a title.Ē

On which fight he believes fans are more interested in watching: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Miguel Cotto or Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley:

ďItís been proven already that my son can sell more tickets than Pacquiao! Itís been proven that on a couple of different occasions that my son can sell more tickets than Pacquiao. I just donít. I got my own personal reasons why I donít care for Pacquiao. For one thing you got Freddie the joke coach Roach over there. Heís over there. Man! Hereís a man whoís sick and he knows whatís going on, and I guess just to get money or to be upfront or whatever. Man, come on! Youíre going to come clean soon enough. Believe me. Youíre going to come clean soon enough. But like I said, it ainít that I donít like Pacquiao that way. You know because I could sit down and have a talk with Pacquiao and whatever else it is. Itís just whatís going on. I donít like whatís going on and whatís happening. The fighters and people and what I believe that could happen to my son. So thatís why people like that, as far as Iím concerned, hey! Iíd rather just stay away from them kind of people. I think thatís one thing, too. Any time they want to get the trainers, they want to call the best trainers out, and I think I was telling you that before. Whenever they want to do that please let me know, and let me know up front when the event ever starts because guess what? Iím going to be on top anyway before anybody else even comes. It donít make no difference. Iíll be on top at the end. So Iím standing and waiting and I hope the bus will show! Iím ready if they donít want to go!Ē


For those interested in listening to the Floyd Mayweather Senior interview in its entirety, it begins approximately forty-six minutes into the program.



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Article posted on 14.04.2012

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