Chisora vs Klitschko – Why Del Boy will easily defeat Vitali

By Fantana: Wherever you live in the world you will know that Vitali Klitschko was publically humiliated by British hero Desrek Chisora when he slapped him in the face at yesterday’s weigh in. Having been slapped in the face numerous times myself, the last one being this past valentine’s day, I can vouch that it does hurt. However, I am not the reigning heavyweight champion of the world and if I were I would have reacted differently than Vitali, as any real man, such as myself, would have. Looking back at the slap incident I have been able to make some astounding discoveries in not only the physical but mental differences between the two fighters. Using these scientific methods (i.e looking at things and pondering what they could mean) I am going to present reasons why Chisora will not only win the title tonight, but also destroy the Klitschko he is fighting.

1) Vitali will not be able to withstand Chisora’s punching power

This one may come as a shock to some people, largely Klitschko fanatics who wrongly rate either, and sometimes both, brothers as all-time greats. The last time Vitali was in the ring with a real power puncher was Lennox Lewis. Several times during that fight Vitali was hanging on for dear life whilst bleeding everywhere, much like my neighbour’s cat when I accidentally squashed it with my Land Rover. Like Paul’s cat, Vitali survived, and has been feasting on that night for several years. One thing is for certain, and we can see it in the weigh-in slap video, Klitschko was stumbled by a Chisora slap, and will no doubt crumble when that right hand is turned into a ferocious, all conquering fist of glory, in a non-gay way. Make no mistake about it, if a slap can turn you into a quivering wreck ready to take a knee, a punch to the face will render you unconscious. The only question is – Will Vitali go out on his shield or, much more likely, will he quit like in his other two losses. I don’t blame him for quitting, I often quit Fight Night when being beaten online, but I won’t overlook the fact that he is a serial quitter just to hype up his chances against Chisora.

2) Vitali is too old to fight a young hungry, well fed man

Boxing is a young man’s game, much like any other sport which involves physical activity. At 40 years of age Vitali is ready for the taking and I predict we will see a slower, weaker, less mentally aware Vitali then we have previously seen. We cannot blame Chisora for whooping an old man, he happens to currently hold the belts and whilst I do not condone punching anyone over 30 years old, it simply doesn’t matter in boxing. Once Chisora knocks out Klitscko we are likely to get a swarm of excuses involving Vitali’s age or perhaps he was wearing too much Vaseline. The real reason will be however, Chisora was just the better man on the night.

3) Chisora is far too strong for Klitschko

Looking at both fighters at the weigh in it is quite clear that Chisora carries much more muscle than Vitali, over a small frame, and is therefore obviously much stronger. Using this strength he will be able to bull the old Klitschko onto the ropes, punching him in his now softening belly, and if he can reach his face. Vitali will not be able to tie up Derek as he is probably four times stronger than him, so Vitali’s main tactic of holding and hitting will not be an effective game plan against his opponent.

How the fight is likely to pan out

The bell rings, the two heavyweights march towards each other into the centre of the ring. Immediately under pressure by the younger, hungrier, stronger fighter, Vitali Klitschko is wobbled and looks uncomfortable. With such power and work rate the old man is likely to cave under such a tremendous amount of force applied by the Brit. Showing no remorse for his actions which are clearly hurting Vitali, Chisora goes about punching him, repeatedly. Leaning onto the ropes trying to avoid punches, Klitschko swings a punch, but signals to the referee his arm is hurting and he cannot continue. Chisora KO 1

Other things to consider

Whilst my thesis on this fight is technically sound and totally unbiased, there are certain variables which need to be taken into account. The height difference may give Klitschko enough time to lean away from certain punches, ones mainly aimed at his head, and the referee may be a bit of spoil sport and stop Chisora effectively working on the inside. The whole event may turn out to unnerve Chisora who has never been in such a big event, but this is probably unlikely as he will be buzzing from getting a free slap at the reigning champion. Vitali is no doubt embarrassed and will want to try and put on a beat down, which could be his undoing in the fact that he will be over eager to fight back. This may actually help him survive the first round, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Ultimately what we have to look forward to is a one sided beating and a new champion, a British Champion. Vitali has been all but too happy to beat Brits in the past with Herbie Hide, Danny Williams, being examples which live in the memory. Regardless of the inevitable beating he will take, Vitali has provided some entertaining fights (although I can only think of the Lewis one at this moment in time) and seems like a genuinely decent bloke. He has done well for himself, and I regard him as one of the best Klitschko’s I have ever seen and wish him all the best in his retirement after this fight. But enough on the past, we can look to the future. Great Britain has high hopes for Chisora, who can go on for many years providing a legacy which future generations can look up to. Derek Chisora will make us all proud to be British, of that I am sure.

Yours in manliness,

Article posted on 19.02.2012

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