Exclusive: Tor Hamer Talks About His March Comeback Fight Against Dieuly Aristilde, Tyson Fury, His Controversial Loss And other Things

By James Slater - 29-year-old heavyweight talent Tor Hamer, 13-1(9), out of action since Dec. 2010 with an injury, makes his return in New York on March 7th, when he will face Haitian danger man Dieuly Aristilde. Hamer, promoted by Lou DiBella, faces a wild slugger who ruined the unbeaten career of one Elijah McCall; son of former champ Oliver..

Hamer was kind enough to speak to me about his return bout and other things earlier today:

James Slater: Thanks so much for your time, Tor. Youíre definitely back then, March 7th in New York against Dieuly Aristilde?

Tor Hamer: Yeah, heís signed; Iím ready to go so letís fight!

J.S: I know Aristilde made a name for himself by KOíing Elijah McCall back in 2010?

T.H: Yes, and added to that, my backers, theyíve seen him quite a lot; theyíve sized him up. Heís a good comeback fight for me. Obviously, this is no walk in the park of a fight. Heís unpredictable, heís wild and he throws punches from odd angles. He comes to win and he has a winning record. The thing about him is, he seems to have a questionable chin; all his losses are by KO.

J.S: Youíve been out for over a year, will rust be a problem?

T.H: Of course rust will be a possible issue. I was out for over a year, mostly due to injury, the rest of the time due to internal politics and not being able to get a fight. Some mistakes could be made in this fight because of the time Iíve spent out, and he is not a guy to make mistakes against. As I said, heís unpredictable and unorthodox. Iíll be very attentive to my game-plan in the fight. But heís been out himself. He last fought in June of last year, so he wonít be the sharpest guy himself.

J.S: I was going to ask you what type of fight you expect, but obviously you canít really say, as youíve said how unpredictable he is!

T.H: Watch that McCall fight. The 3rd-round, they were swapping punches and swinging at each other (laughs). They were both tired. Weíre not talking about world class here! I think the lack of amateur experience is the reason for that. I think heíll [Aristilde] come out and try to intimidate me; I think heíll try power shots early.

J.S: So you expect an exciting fight?

T.H: Actually no. I donít think it will be an exciting fight at all. If it is, Iím not doing my job. I expect the critics to say afterwards that they want me to take the next step; thatís what I expect. But no, I donít want any rock-Ďem-sock-Ďem type fight like the one Elijah had. Iíll be doing the wrong thing if that happens. People want to see how I look in this fight; how I look in my first comeback fight. Did I look strong? Did I spend the time out [of the ring] drinking on weight? Itís not just that I win, but how I win.

J.S: I read you were out mostly due to a busted finger?

T.H: Yes. I know it doesnít sound impressive, to be out for just that in boxing, but it was a surgical procedure. I broke my right middle finger. It was broken in three places. I didnít actually know it was broken, but it felt numb and I couldnít use it in the Demetrice King fight (Torís last fight before the layoff, taking place in Dec. 2010). I couldnít close my hand. The procedure was that the bone and the nerve have to heal at the same time, and that took four months - from February to June. Then all summer I was in rehab, going back to the gym as much as I could. That took me to September, and then there were no fights available. One guy pulled out.

J.S: A frustrating time for you?

T.H: Not actually. I have a strong family and they supported me. I also recently got my helicopterís licence (laughs) - Iím okay! I have things going on but Iím not done with boxing yet. Iím having fun. As soon as I stop having fun, Iíll stop.

J.S: Can I ask you about your sole loss, to Kelvin Price back in 2010; I know it was a controversial split decision that could have gone either way ÖÖÖ.

T.H (jumping in) Watch the fight first, then weíll talk about it! Iím not going to go on about it. Itís on You Tube. Watch it and then call me back and tell me if you think I lost.

J.S: Okay, I will.

T.H: I think itís important for how you write the article. I mean, I lost but thatís boxing. But you watch and see how I lost. Iíve talked about the fight too much already.

J.S: Moving on. Youíre still a young fighter at age 29. After this guy, who else would you like? The last time we talked, you said youíd like a fight with Tyson Fury. Still?

T.H: I donít like to look past guys. Sure, there are things Iíd like to do, but Iím just focused on this guy now. As for Tyson Fury: I do have problems with tall guys; I mean guys at 6í7Ē or so - the reach, the distance. Itís not just giving away the height and weight, but getting adequate sparring so as to make the adjustments is very hard. I can make the adjustments, but sparring partners above 6í5Ē are very few and far between. And Iím an eight-round fighter, so there is no money to fly guys in from overseas to work with me for two weeks. So I have to overcome the weight of around 50-pounds and the reach of around five inches. Itís a problem. The other weight divisions, there are around two or three pounds difference between them. But to answer your questions, is Tyson Fury on my radar? Yes.

J.S: Have you ever considered moving down to cruiserweight?

T.H: Iím too big! If I ever did, it would be only for a belt challenge; not to compete there. I mean, most fighters move UP, not down. Cruiserweights come up, not go down. If youíre a heavyweight, youíre a heavyweight. Thereís no money down there either, not in this country.

J.S: Itís been great speaking with you, Tor. Do you want a KO on March 7th?

T.H: Well, heís a credible opponent and heís had a ton of time to train; he should be in great shape. People are talking like, if I donít KO him then somethingís wrong. But I never look for KOís. Iíve had guys in the past that I was supposed to knock out. I wonít be upset if I donít get a KO.

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Article posted on 17.02.2012

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