Roger Mayweather: ďThe difference between Floyd and Pacquiao is Floyd donít got no sh*t in him to whop Cottoís ass!Ē

by Geoffrey Ciani (Exclusive Interview by Jenna J & Geoffrey Ciani) - The 158th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with boxing trainer Roger Mayweather, who is a former two division world champion and current trainer of his nephew, pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Junior. Roger spoke about his nephewís upcoming May 5 bout against Miguel Cotto. He also shared his opinions on various other topics pertaining to the current boxing landscape, including Manny Pacquiaoís upcoming fight with Timothy Bradley, Victor Ortizís license hearing, the announced fight between Shane Mosley and Saul Alvarez, Julio Cesar Chavez Junior, whether or not he believes a fight between his nephew and Pacquiao will finally happen in 2012, and more! Here is a complete transcript from that interview:

JENNA J: Itís time for our first guest of this weekís show. He is a former world champion fighter and he is also the trainer and uncle of Floyd Mayweather Junior. Weíre joined on the line once again by Roger Mayweather. Howís everything going today Roger?

ROGER MAYWEATHER: Oh everything is well.

JENNA: Okay. Well Roger, there has been big news going around boxing. It revolves around your nephew. His next fight has been announced. Heíll be facing off against Miguel Cotto on May 5. What are your thoughts on this fight?

MAYWEATHER: Oh yeah, yeah! Heís fighting Miguel Cotto. Well we got to do the same thing for Cotto we did for Ortiz. I donít think that my nephew fighting Cotto will be any much more trouble than other guys that he fought before.

JENNA: Well I mean the decision surprised some people out there. How long did you know about this choice of opponent for your nephew?

MAYWEATHER: Oh I donít think that my nephew pretty much cared. My nephew believes he can beat anybody. Boxing is what you believe and how you feel about yourself. So I donít think that the way they change opponents that it will be any different than the last opponent that he was going to have before.

JENNA: You mentioned that itís kind of the same thing that youíd have to do with Victor Ortiz, but Cottoís a more skilled boxer with a different style. How do you go about fighting that?

MAYWEATHER: He ainít that skilled! He got his ass whopped by Pacqiao so he ainít that skilled! If Pacquiao fought my nephew and he took that test, Pacquiao wouldnít last four with him, period! Heís been knocked out twice anyway at 105 pounds. What the hell is he going to do at 147-150 pounds? The only reason why Pacquiao even does half of the sh*t he does is because heís got that sh*t in him. Everybody knows that. Everybody ainít no fool, but I donít worry about that because if him and my nephew fightówhat I told you today youíre going to remember when him and my nephew fight. Youíre going to remember what I told you today, that fight wouldnít go five rounds with Pacquiao and my nephew, period. Ortiz would give my nephew a little more trouble than Cotto will. You know why he will? You know what weight Ortiz weighed, donít you?

JENNA: Yeah. He weighed 165 on the night.

MAYWEATHER: Alright! Thatís 165! Thatís damn near the light heavyweight weight class, super middleweight. So when Cotto fights my nephew he ainít going to weigh no 165 pounds. Heís made for my nephew, actually. Heís made for my nephew. The reason why I know is because I understand boxing, and I look at the film of who he fights and how he fights.

JENNA: Roger let me ask you this. That loss that Cotto had to Pacquiao, he blames it on having to make the 145 pound catch weight. Do you think heís a better fighter at 154 pounds and a more comfortable fighter?

MAYWEATHER: De La Hoya can say the same thing! De La Hoya weighed 144 pounds. They all can say that! They call can say that. Ricky Hatton can say that. Cotto can say it. De La Hoya could say it. They all had to make a lot of weight, but he ainít going to be able to blame this on nothing. Heís going to weigh 147 pounds ainít he? Alright then!

JENNA: Roger now do you see anything that Miguel Cotto can do with your nephew, anything at all in the ring that can possibly give your nephew any trouble?

MAYWEATHER: The only thing I see Cotto can do is punch. Other than that he ainít got sh*t for my nephew. The only thing he can do is punch. Thatís all he can do, but they all can punch! That donít make no difference. Shane Mosley can punch! So I mean a whole bunch of guys can punch, but remember one thingóyou have to be able to hit something. Talking about if youíre going to be punching on my nephew, you have to be able to hit something. If you donít hit sh*t than when does that mean? That donít mean anything. I donít care how hard you punch if you donít hit nothing.

JENNA: Alright now Roger this same week it was announced that Manny Pacquiao will be facing off against Timothy Bradley. What are your thoughts on that fight?

MAYWEATHER: Well I think thatís going to be a competitive fight, but I mean I go back to everything at its original form. I have never seen a guy thatís been knocked out twice at 105 pounds ever beat a mother f*cker 125 pounds, 130 pounds, 135, 140, 147, or 150. I have never seen it! The last great fighter at 105 pounds was Michael Carbajal. The last three great fighters ever to come from 125 pounds and 130 poundsónumber one is Henry Armstrong, number two is Roberto Duran, and number three is Floyd Mayweather Junior. So there ainít never been a guy that comes from 105 pounds ever to beat a guy at 125 pounds, 135 pounds, 140 pounds, 147 pounds, or 150. In the history of boxing it ainít never been! There ainít never been a guy who came from that light a weight division who has been knocked out twice ever to beat somebody at 125 pounds, period! The last great fighter to come up from 105 pounds, do you know who that was?

JENNA: Yeah but Roger, what Iím asking you is what do you think about Timothy Braldeyís chances against Pacquiao seeing as Pacquiao struggled last time out?

MAYWEATHER: Well Pacquiao did struggle last time out, because Pacquiao was trying to not take that sh*t that he had in his system. Thatís why. Thatís why he was trying to fight Marquez. I was there! He was trying to see if he could fight off thatóeverybody knows what heís got in him, I ainít even got to say it, but he was trying to fight the fight without being on that stuff. So thatís why.

JENNA: So thatís your view Roger? That maybe what you guys have been accusing Pacquiao of doing, that he was not doing for the rematch with Marquez?

MAYWEATHER: I believe he didnít take nothing for that particular fight. He probably took it! But he didnít take as much for that fight. It donít mean he didnít take nothing. It doesnít mean he didnít take nothing. Maybe he didnít take nothing for that fight, but it donít mean he didnít take nothing. Nobody said he didnít take nothing. He just didnít take as much for that fight. I was there!

JENNA: Okay Roger, well changing things up a little bit here, I just wanted to get your views on a fighter thatís making some noise in boxing right now and his name is Julio Cesar Chavez Junior. He fought just this past weekend. What are your thoughts on him?

MAYWEATHER: Well Chavez Junior, he ainít an elite fighter like his dad is. So I mean thatís that. Itís a whole different ball game. I mean he ainít an elite fighter like his dad is as opposed to him. I mean he has minimum skills. His father had a great chin and they were built different anyway. His dad was more compact as opposed to where he is. Heís much taller and much rangier.

JENNA: Roger seeing as you fought Julio Senior twice, do you see any stylistic similarities between him and his son?

MAYWEATHER: Nope. Nope, because his father had a great chin and his father was a more in fighter. He fights more inside. He could apply pressure on you, but he fought more inside. His son is much taller and much rangier. Itís like two different guys. I donít know if his son has aówell Chavez Senior, he is not a devastating puncher, but what he is, is heís busy! Heís a busy fighter! Thatís what Chavez Senior is! Chavez Senior is more durable, heís got a good chin, and he keeps the pressure on you. But Chavez Juniorís not that type of fighter. What weight does Chavez Junior fight at anyway? 147?

JENNA: He actually fights at 160.

MAYWEATYHER: He fights at 160?!

JENNA: Yeah. He weighed actually on the fight night, he weighed 181. He packed on 22 pounds.

MAYWEATHER: Thatís a high weight division for a guy like him! Heís tall and rangy, but he ainít no puncher! So I find that to be hard with his weight division. I find that to be hard, but he increased his punching power. But from what Iíve seen, him and his daddy are two different fighters.

JENNA: Alright! Well Roger, Iím also on the line with my Co-Host Geoff.

GEOFFREY CIANI: Hi Roger. Itís a pleasure to have you back on the show. How are you doing?

MAYWEATHER: Oh Iím fine. How are you?

CIANI: Good thanks. Roger I wanted to ask you, before Floyd announced Cotto as his opponent, there was a lot of speculation going on amongst boxing fans because of some Twitter comments and things that Floyd and Pacquiao may have actually had a chance to get it on for May 5. Did you ever think that fight was going to be close to happening for or around that date?

MAYWEATHER: Nope. I knew it wasnít going to happen. I met with the guy who was going to put the fight on. I met with four guys who were going to put the money up for the fight. That fight wasnít going to happen on May 5. Ainít no way the fight was going to happen on May 5. They didnít compromise with the money that Floyd was going to get, and they never compromised with the money that Pacquiao was going to get. I heard about what it was going to be, but nobody ever gave them no money. So how was there going to be a fight if nobody if he ainít never gave nobody the money?

CIANI: So you knew we werenít close at all? That this was all just media talk?

MAYWEATHER: Well thatís why I knew the fight wasnít going to happen, but they wanted the fight to be in Dubai. Thatís fine. They wanted the fight to be in Dubai, and I met with the guy. I met with the Prince of Dubai. I met with him. I met with some other guys that wanted to put the fight on. They were from Chicago. I met with another guy that was going to put the fight on, and he was from somewhere. Anyway they had the money. They told me they had the money, boom, boom, boom, like that. But I said, ďWell if you got the money, then obviously you can make the fight if you got the moneyĒ. So boom! But I knew that fight wasnít going to happen May 5.

CIANI: Well the fact that there was so much hype and buzz about it, and it really intensified on the boxing message boards and things like that. Do you think that if Floyd takes care of business with Cotto and Pacquiao can get by Bradley, do you think there is a chance it might finally happen this year?

MAYWEATHER: Yeah I can see it happening. Why wouldnít it happen? The fight is worth too much money not to happen. The fight is too big not to happen in the history of boxing. This will the biggest fight in the history of boxing. Iím talking about moneywise and exposure-wise. That will be the biggest fight in the history of boxingóPacquiao and Floyd.

CIANI: Well I agree with you that itís a fight where thereís too much money for it not to happen, but the reason I asked you if you thought it would happen this year is because boxing fans have been wanting to see that fight for two or three years now. Do you think this will be the year?

MAYWEATHER: Well I think that this is the year that the fight is going to happen because thereís been too much talk about it, and too much people interested, and too many people that want to put money on the fight, too many people want to make the fight. I know because I met with about seven or eight people who had the money to do the fight. So if they want to do the fight then the fight is going to basically have to happen. I mean I canít see why it would be another year why the fight wouldnít happen.

CIANI: So are you at all worried that a guy like Timothy Bradley might be able to play the spoiler and derail the whole thing with one upset victory?

MAYWEATHER: Well I mean I donít know if heís going to spoil it, but I mean what you call it almost spoiled it anyway! Marquez! Sh*t! Marquez almost spoiled it when they fought, and they fought three times! So Iíve seen the fight. So I know what happened. I mean it could be possible that he could give him enough trouble to show why the fight wouldnít be made for whatever reason. The only reason why he can show that is if he brings enough skills to the table. Then hey! They will see Pacquiao and what Pacquiao brings to the table, and weíll take it from there.

CIANI: Well you mentioned Marquez, and a lot of people were expecting Pacquiao and Marquez to have a fourth fight.

MAYWEATHER: Yeah I know.

CIANI: But since he chose Bradley, do you think Pacquiao views Bradley as a better as a better style matchup for him than Marquez?

MAYWEATHER: No I donít think that thatís why. I think the fight just didnít get off the ground because nobody really wanted to see it! The fight was very close. All of the fights that they had were very close. All of the fights that Marquez and Pacquiao had were close anyway. It doesnít matter. I mean one time he dropped him two times in the first round, and he still fought a draw. I mean itís just one of those things. Those two guys are made for one another.

CIANI: Now Roger, when Floyd fights Cotto thatís going to be at 154 right? I thought you mentioned 147 before.

MAYWEATHER: It donít make no difference whether itís 147 or 154. Skills pay the bills. It ainít got nothing to do with weight. Weight donít win a fight. Skills do.

CIANI: So you think that Floydís first return to 154 since his Oscar De La Hoya fight, you donít think that will play an issue at all?

MAYWEATHER: Nope. Nope. That donít have nothing to do with anything. 154, 147, it doesnít matter. Skills pay the bills. Thatís what boxingís about.

CIANI: So on that note Roger, the one fight if Floyd canít get Pacquiao, the one fight that fans have been clamoring for that they view as a threat to Floyd is Sergio Martinez. If the weightís not an issue and the Pacquiao fight canít happen for whatever reason, do you think Floyd and Sergio could possibly get it on at some point, maybe even later this year?

MAYWEATHER: I donít know. I donít know because I donít know how much money theyíre going to offer Floyd. So money plays a weight in everything when youíre talking about boxing. When youíre an elite fighter on top, money plays a part to everything that you do in boxing. I donít fight somebody because of bragging rights. We ainít fighting for bragging rights. Weíre fighting for the dollar bills and thatís what itís about. It ainít about nothing else. I donít think the weight ainít so much going to make a difference.

CIANI: Going back to Cotto and his fight with Floyd. Two things: one, Cotto was competitive with Pacquiao for four rounds. Iím wondering if you think he can be competitive with Floyd early. But also I wanted to get your opinion on the perception from fans that Floyd is now fighting one of Pacquiaoís leftovers?

MAYWEATHER: No. Floyd ainít fighting no Pacquiao leftover. Floydís fighting one of the fighters that HBOís paying him to fight. The difference between Floyd and Pacquiao is Floyd donít got no sh*t in him to whop Cottoís ass! Pacquiao has been knocked out twice at 105 pounds! How in the f*ck are you going to beat somebody at 147 pounds? In the history of boxing there ainít never been a guy who came from 105 pounds to beat no mother f*cker at 125 pounds, 130 pounds, 35, 40, or 47, or 50! In the history of boxing there has never been! So donít mention about what Pacquiao does. What Pacquiao does, he does because heís got something in him. Thatís why. Thatís the difference between Pacquiao and Floyd. Floyd donít got to take sh*t to whop mother f*cking Marquez or to whop Miguel Cottoóhe can do that with his skills!

JENNA: Roger Iíd like to ask you about something that happened last month. News came out that you actually tried to appear at Victor Ortizís license hearing with the Nevada Commission, and Iím just curious why you wanted to appear that day?

MAYWEATHER: Well the reason why I came to the thing was because people said oh it was a hearing with Victor Ortiz on why he would his get his license back or why he wouldnít get his license back. Well I got there a little late. I got there a little late, but I would have explained to them that this mother f*cker should be banned from boxing. Talk about getting his license? He should be banned from boxing any mother f*cking way! Because number one, any time somebody intentionally headbutts somebody, it ainít so much that he headbutted him. But that means he was intentionally trying to hurt somebody. Itís not about boxing. It ainít about boxing! When you start throwing headbutts and sh*t like that, it ainít about boxing! Itís about you trying to injure somebody for no reason. The point is why I came there is because I wanted to express what I knew about boxing, and this mother f*cker should be banned from boxing because of what he had done! I donít care if he did it to my nephew. If he did it to any fighter! Iím a fighter myself, and if he did it to any fighter I would think the same way that I think with my nephew as I thought with any other fighter if a mother f*cker did something illegally. If he was trying to hurt me, hell yeah I think his ass should be banned! And thatís what the f*ck they should have done to him! His ass should have been banned from boxing.

JENNA: Now Roger this isnít the first time that you stood up to an intentional foul that was actually done to your nephew before. There was the fight with Zab Judah where he intentionally low-blowed your nephew and you stood up at that point, too. Can you tell me what goes through your head when you see that happening, when somebody is intentionally fouling your nephew and youíre sitting ringside?

MAYWEATHER: Well itís not so much intentionally fouling my nephew. Iím in the sport of boxing. Thatís what Iím in. Iím not in the sport of boxing because of my nephew. Iím not in the sport because anybody else is in the sport. The whole point of it is when I see something negative happening to someone I donít care if I know him or if I donít know him. If he gets hit with intentional headbutts, or hits low, or hits behind the back, or whatever the case might be, I think the same way in every case. Itís not just because itís my nephew. But the point is what he said. When they asked him if he was in that situation whether he would do it again, he said, ďOh yeah, yeah, yeah. Iíd do it againĒ. Well your mother f*cking ass should be banned from boxing, period! If somebody told you that if it had to happen again what would you do? Your ass should be banned from boxing. Thatís all there is to it. Anytime somebody tells you that, and remember! My nephew paid him! He donít pay my nephew! So there ainít no way in the world youíre going to talk about how youíd do that again. Your ass should be banned from boxing, period! And thatís what the f*ck he needs to be! His ass needs to be banned!

JENNA: Alright well Roger speaking of former opponents of your nephew, one recently came out in the news and that would be Shane Mosley. He actually has an upcoming fight with Saul Alvarez at 154 pounds and heís also been in rumors in regards to a possible fight with Amir Khan somewhere down the line. Iím just curious do you think Shane has anything left at all to be a risk to either of those guys?

MAYWEATHER: Shane Mosley would beat Alvarez and heíll beat Amir Khan. Heíll beat both of them. Heíll beat them on experience. Them dudes ainít never been in no big fights. Amir Khan just got his ass whopped. Didnít he?

JENNA: Yeah, well he lost to Lamont Peterson in a close fight.

MAYWEATHER: I used to train them! When they were little kids, the Peterson brothers, I used to train with them. And heíll beat that other guy. What did you say his name was? Alvarez? Thatís the one, that red-headed Mexican. Oh! Shane Mosley will beat his ass too! Hey! The last guy he fought couldnít fight. The last guy he fought, the guy couldnít fight, and he sure ainít been in with anyone as good as Shane Mosley. When is that fight supposed to take place?

JENNA: Well I mean itís actually on the under card of your nephewís fight with Cotto.

MAYWEATHER: Well like I said, I donít think either one of them dudes would beat Shane Mosley. Shane Mosley had a hell of an amateur career and heís a good fighter. What makes people think that those guys can beat Shane Mosley? Why do you think they think them guys can beat Shane Mosley?

JENNA: Well they think Shaneís towards the end because in his last three fights he doesnít have a win.

MAYWEATHER: His last three fights. Who did he fight in his last three fights?

JENNA: He fought obviously your nephew, and then he fought Sergio Mora at 154 and fought a draw, and then he fought Pacquiao.

MAYWEATHER: Yeah well, everybody, well I wouldnít count that Pacquiao fight because everybody knows what that is. But anyway, beside the point, the bottom line is Shane Mosley is going to beat anyone of those guys youíre talking about right now. Alvarez and them dudes canít whop Shane Mosley. You know what? I want you to call me after Alvarez or one of those guys fights Shane Mosley and you can repeat what I just told you.

JENNA: Well we definitely will have to do that Roger, but I just have two more questions before I let you off the line here. Going into 2012 there has been a lot of news surrounding your nephew, and part of it was involving him having to go to jail eventually for what he plead to. Iím just curious do you think thatís going to affect him at all? You know after the fight with Cotto, depending on how that plays out, do you think going to jail for 90 days is going to affect Floyd in any way and might affect him when he comes out?

MAYWEATHER: Well I donít even see how somebody can be put in jail about something. I mean it doesnít make sense to me, but it is what it is. My nephewís going to be fine. Whatever happens, obviously they made a decision on it whether it be good or whether it be bad. But the decision is made so that hopefully things will be cleared up. The main thing right now is that heís able to fight. Heís able to fight, and then we get the fight, and then like you said heís serving 90 days. I mean obviously heís going to do time. If they say he has to do it, then he has to do it.

JENNA: Now back to your nephewís fight with Cotto, Cottoís two losses have been by knockout, late knockoutsóone in the twelfth round and one in the eleventh round. Do you see your nephew stopping Miguel Cotto when they meet in the ring on May 5?

MAYWEATHER: Do I think heíll stop him? Yep. Yep, I see him stopping him. I see him stopping him. He may not stop him early, but I see him stopping him. I donít see him making twelve rounds, too much skill for him.

JENNA: So what do you think will bring Cotto down? Do you think it will be skills, an accumulation of punches, or with one shot like with Victor Ortiz?

MAYWEATHER: An accumulation of punches, a combination of punches, if heís going to be stopped thatís what itís going to beópunches in bunches.

JENNA: Okay. Well Roger I have one final question for you and this revolves around the 2012 boxing year. What fights do you think the fans could most look forward to seeing this coming year?

MAYWEATHER: Well in 2012 yeah, I think that one of the biggest fights will come off. The fight that everybody anticipates will come off, and thatís with Floyd and Manny Pacquiao. I think thatís going to come off, and I think there are going to be some more fighters that have to prove themselves. But there are going to be some more fighters that come along that weíre going to look at in a different way. The fight with obviously Manny Pacquiao and the guy heís going to fight, people are going to anticipate that, and then weíre going to move closer to him and Floyd Mayweather. Thatís what itís about anyway. Thatís the biggest fight on the market, so Iím sure theyíll have that be ready by the time 2012 comes to an end. Why not?

JENNA: Okay! Well Roger, itís been a pleasure once again talking to you and getting your views on everything thatís going around boxing. So thank you again for taking the time out with us and I look forward to speaking to you again.

MAYWEATHER: No problem. Thank you.

CIANI: Thanks Roger, best of luck.

MAYWEATHER: Have a good day!


For those interested in listening to the Roger Mayweather interview in its entirety, it begins approximately thirteen minutes into the program.



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