Kevin Mitchell vs. Felix Lora on Friday; Andrade-Hernandez weigh-in; Scott-Releford on 2/18

Kevin Mitchell tops a sold-out York Hall tonight in his first fight in London in nearly two years.

He takes on Dominican Republican Felix Lora over ten rounds at lightweight and the fight will be televised live and exclusive on BoxNation (Sky Ch. 456/Virgin Ch. 546).

The Dagenham Destroyer talks to Glynn Evans about his sensational win over John Murray, a future showdown with Ricky Burns and lots more.

Despite conceding home advantage and coming off 14 months inactivity (and a harrowing stoppage loss), you delivered the performance of your career to stop Manchesterís previously unbeaten John Murray in eight up in Liverpool last July. What was the key to your victory?

Unlike for my loss to Katsidis, everything was perfect in the build-up. When Iím on edge, when the odds are against me, when Iíve prepared right and Iím in a good frame of mind, I feel no one can beat me. Beforehand I predicted Iíd win by stoppage between rounds six and twelve.

Iíd been out a long time with hand injuries before I beat Breidis Prescott and that was another of my best performances. For me, ring rust is just a frame of mind, something that shows a lack of confidence. You should be able to shed any lack of sharpness in sparring or on the pads.

I won basically because Jimmy, Mark (Tibbs, his trainers) and myself came up with a better game plan than the Murray camp, and we had several plans. The same will happen when I face Ricky Burns. Mark and particularly Jimmy have worked at the best levels.

It got difficult for a couple of rounds because I made the mistake of working with Murray rather than letting him do his work then countering him. Once I went for a dance, started slipping and sliding, he wore himself out then I knocked him out!

Who helped you to overcome your recent difficulties?

Frank and I have had our rows but heís been loyal to me, helped me out with money when Iíve needed it and Iím grateful that heís stuck by me and given me another chance. My family helped me through it, chauffeuring me back and forth to the gym when needed and Jimmy and Mark have been good listeners. Just talking to them has really helped. Mick Collier of the Board has also been good to me; heís a good bloke who understands boxers and boxing.

But Iíd be nowhere without Bill Ives who owns Rainham Steel. He boxed as a kid and sparred loads of pros as a young man and really knows his boxing. He provided the funds for me to buy a flat in Hornchurch, on the condition I pay it back later and heís provided me with employment at Rainham Steel, doing up properties. Weíve become really good pals.

What training have you been doing since the win over Murray last July?

I took a couple of months out but, working for Bill, Iím lifting heavy metal and knocking conservatories through with big hammers which keeps me fit. Goldís Gym in Dagenham give me free membership and I lifted some weights plus did some cardio and swimming there.

I began back at the TKO in Canning Town with Mark and Jimmy five weeks before Christmas and Iíve been solid at it since. Iíve always really enjoyed the training as Boxingís my life. I desperately want to be a world champion and, right now, Iím not too far away. Nothing is going to stop me achieving it. Frankís always told me that the only thing that will stop me being a world champion is me and heís right.

On Friday you return to duty at the York Hall against Felix Lora, a 27 year old Spanish based Dominican who has boxed in 11 different countries. He once went the distance with (former WBC light-welter king) Devon Alexander and, despite operating in good class, he has only been stopped once in 27 fights. What do you hope to get out of the fight?

Well itís probably the last time Iíll feature at The York Hall so I want to put on a classy performance for all my fans. Obviously, Iíll be looking to smash him on the chin if I can but I genuinely donít expect to knock him out early. The losses on his record have been to good fighters so I expect it to go 10 rounds. Iíve heard heís a tough guy, a very fit lad who likes to bomb the right hand over so Iíll not be looking to take any silly shots, get marked up or bust my hands. Make him miss, make him pay.

Scotlandís Ricky Burns has capitalized on your missed opportunities to capture WBO titles in both the super feather and lightweight divisions. Thereís talk of you facing him in late spring if you come through on Friday. Do you resent Ricky for taking what couldíve been yours?

Not at all. Ricky has achieved what he has on merit not because of my absence. Weíre very friendly, just as me and John Murray was good friends before and after our fight. I take nothing away from him heís really come on over the last couple of years. People seem to forget he beat the British Champion (Graham Earl) in just his ( ) fight and I doubt he was brought down to London to win so fair play heís achieved his titles in tough fights both times! Heís done brilliant to achieve what he has and, like me, heís never ducked anyone. Heís an inspiration to all boxers in how he learned from his losses and came back even stronger. Of course I want to fight him and beat him but outside the ring I take my hat of too him and respect him immensely for whatís heís done.

Would you be prepared to travel to Scotland to fight him?

Iíd go to Scotland but I'd like it at Upton Park and Iíll sell a lot more than I sold for my (WBO interim) world title challenge there with Michael Katsidis. It will be England V Scotland. I doubt the fight would draw a quarter of that up in Scotland. Financially, it makes most sense for both of us to get the fight in London but heís the champion and I wonít pass the fight by if I have to venture over the border!

Youíve sparred with Burns quite recently, how would you go about beating him?

But with the right preparation Iím very, very confident that Iíll outmatch Ricky in every area. No doubt heíll try and push me back but Iíll just keep changing things. Since a very young age, Iíve been conscious at becoming very good in every aspect of boxing; going forwards or backwards, stepping on the gas, taking Ďem for a dance...Whatever direction the fight takes, with the help of Mark and Jimmyís various game-plans, Iíll find a way to beat him. I refuse to be denied. I could possibly floor and stop him but I fancy really doing a number on him over 12 hard rounds.

In addition to Burns and Murray, British champ Anthony Crolla and European king Gavin Rees are on the cusp of world class. Might they feature in your future plans? What are your remaining ambitions? Avenging Katsidis?

Both would be a hard night for anyone but, no disrespect, Iím looking beyond British and European level now. Iíve still got five or six years left and I want them to be at world level for the big money.

Iím not too hung up on getting Katsidis back. What happened, happened. Heís a proper warrior who done his job on the night. I think the standard of my performance against Murray proved emphatically that I wasnít right, mentally or physically, for Katsidis yet I was still winning the fight.

But Michael used his tools and I kept getting caught when I shouldíve been dancing. Big respect to him but, if I beat Burns, who beat Katsidis pretty comfortably, Iíll feel Iíve redeemed myself indirectly. Look what I done to Prescott, people forget that and Paul McCloskey got more paradise for having life and death with him! John Murray had the same style yet, by ducking and diving, throwing at the right time, I took care of him, didnít I? In time, I believe Iíll go on to prove myself by beating far bigger names than Michael Katsidis.

Basically, I want to chase the fights thatíll earn me the most money and bring me the glory I want to revel in. I want to buy up loads of flats and a nice house for myself. I want bundles of money so that I know my kids (seven year old Connor and two year old Vinnie) are safe (financially). Before Iím finished I intend winning multiple world titles at lightweight plus a couple more at light-welter.

2011 proved an eye opener but 2012 will be The Year of The Dagenham Destroyer. Just you watch me!

***Kevin Mitchellís return against Felix Lora headlines the show which can be seen live and exclusive on the New Undisputed Home of Boxing BoxNation (Sky Ch. 456/Virgin Ch. 546) on Friday 10th February from 8pm.***

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Official Weighs From Mohegan Sun: Andrade vs. Hernandez

BRONX (February 9, 2012) -- The official weigh-in was held today for tomorrow evening's ESPN Friday Night Fights show, presented by Joe DeGuardia's Star Boxing, at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

10 Rounds - NABO Junior Middleweight Championship

Demetrius "Boo Boo" Andrade (15-0, 10 KOs), Providence, RI 153 Ĺ LBS. Angel "Toro" Hernandez (30-10, 17 KOs), Chicago, IL 152 ĺ LBS.

10 Rounds - Junior Welterweights

Raymond "Tito" Serrano (17-0, 8 KOs), Philadelphia, PA 142 Ĺ LBS.

Kenny Abril (11-1-4, 6 KOs), Rochester, NY LBS. 146 Ĺ LBS*

(* Abril to be re-weighed in 2 hours)

6 Rounds - Junior Welterweights

"Mighty" Mike Arnaoutis (22-7-2, 10 KOs), Astoria, NY 142 LBS.

Shaka Moore (11-16-3, 2 KOs), Norwalk, CT . 144 LBS.

6 Rounds - Super Featherweights

Emanuel Gonzalez (9-0, 7 KOs), Bronx, NY 129 ĺ LBS.

Jesus Tyson (2-4-1, 1 KO), Rochester, NY 134 LBS.

6 Rounds - Super Featherweights

Joseph "Chip" Perez (6-1, 2 KOs), East Hartford, CT 133 ĺ LBS.

Jamell Tyson (2-4-1, 1 KO), Rochester, NY 134 LBS.

4 Rounds - Junior Welterweights

Jair Ramos (1-0), Waterbury, CT 142 LBS.

Miguel Rodriguez (0-1), Philadelphia, PA 139 Ĺ LBS.

4 Rounds - Super Middleweights

Charles Foster (1-0, 1 KO), New Haven, CT 168 LBS.

Borngood Washington (3-9, 1 KO), Queens, NY 168 LBS.

WHAT: ESPN Friday Night Fights

WHEN: Friday, February 10, 2012

WHERE: Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT

PROMOTER: Star Boxing


DOORS: 7:00 PM/ET FIRST BOUT: 8 PM/ET ESPN: 9:00-11:00 PM/ET

TICKETS: $75.00, $40.00 and $30.00 (plus $5.00 facility fee for all tickets) are on sale now at the Mohegan Sun Box Office, subject to availability.

Malik Scott Returns To Action Feb. 18 against Kendrick Releford

Los Angeles (Feb. 9, 2011) The very talented, big and gifted undefeated heavyweight, Malik Scott (32-0, 11 KOs) is back in business after over three years out of the ring, but still a young 31-year-old. Scott will be fighting Kendrick Releford (22-15-2, 10 KOs) on February 18, from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas underneath the "Triple Threat" event featuring Paul Williams, Tavoris Cloud and Chris Arreola.

Although Scott owns a unanimous decision over the tough veteran in Releford, this bout is more about what Malik will bring into the ring next Saturday than who he's fighting.

The experts and media all agree, Scott has all the tools to win every time he steps into the ring. But thats where the rub is, when winning is just not good enough. It's the way he wins that has not endeared him to the fans and media looking for that next great American to hold the heavyweight championship. Fans want aggressive actions from their fighters today, along with everyone else, and Scott believes he got the message loud and clear and is prepared to add the last remaining ingredient to his natural born skills; "just fight!"

"I've come back strong from a lot of adversity and climbed a lot of obstacles to get to this point, physically and mentally," said Scott. "I'm totally reincarnated, and a completely different fighter than I was before, and I'm ready to show the people that a powerful American in the heavyweight division is right here, and I'm prepared to reintroduce them to that person next Saturday."

The pictures above illustrate the mindset of Scott in shedding many excess pounds toward his return to the ring with an estimated weight loss close to 30 pounds from when he last entered the ring.

"I'm excited to be fighting on SHOWTIME EXTREME, and I plan on taking full advantage of the opportunity. Kendrick Releford is a tough fighter, which is what I wanted in order to make a statement in my comeback fight. May God be with him when he gets in the ring with me. It is imperative for me to be aggressive and make people notice and I believe its all going to pay off come February 18 in Corpus Christi."

Promoter Dan Goossen said about Scott, "It's ironic, an undefeated big heavyweight, good-looking, great personality, well-spoken and still winning hasn't been good enough, which I understand as boxing fan. We (fans) want our fighters to be badasses in the ring, especially in the heavyweight division. I'm hoping the Malik we all see next week is the one that can add a dynamic to his already gifted abilities and add an aggression that will catch everyone's attention."

The SHOWTIME EXTREME card will also feature #1 WBC Heavyweight contender Chris Arreola (33-2, 29 KOs) who takes on Texas' own Eric Molina (18-1, 14 KOs) and will lead into a SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING event featuring Tavoris Cloud (23-0, 19 KOs) who is risking his IBF light heavyweight world championship against Gabriel Campillo (21-3-1, 7 KOs) and headlined by the return of two-time world champion Paul "The Punisher" Williams (40-2, 27 KOs) who will be taking on the challenge of former world champion and James Kirkland conqueror, Nobuhiro Ishida (24-6, 9 KOs).

Article posted on 10.02.2012

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