Roger Mayweather: ďI want Floyd to fight Manny Pacquiao! Pacquiao has been the one who beat the same guys that my nephew beat, too. So letís see!Ē

by Geoffrey Ciani (Exclusive Interview by Jenna J & Geoffrey Ciani) - This weekís 150th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio (brought to you by CWH Promotions) featured an exclusive interview with highly regarded trainer Roger Mayweather, who currently trains arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, his nephew Floyd Mayweather Junior. Mayweather shared his views on a variety of topics, including Manny Pacquiaoís controversial victory against Juan Manuel Marquez, his nephewís recent knockout victory over a Victor Ortiz, a potential fight between his nephew and Pacquiao, Olympic style drug testing, and other possible opponents for his nephew including Amir Khan, Sergio Martinez, and Marcos Maidana. Here is a complete transcript from that interview:

JENNA J: It is time for our final guest of this weekís show. He is a returning one now making his seventh appearance on our program. We are joined by the Uncle and trainer of Floyd Mayweather Junior. We are joined by Uncle Roger Mayweather. Howís everything going today Roger?

ROGER MAYWEATHER: Oh, everything is well.

JENNA: Alright well Roger, thereís been a lot of interesting things going around boxing now and one involved your nephew. Heís mentioned in the press that he may be coming back on May 5 or even as early as February, and people are starting to suggest that maybe heíll fight Pacquiao then. What have you heard?

MAYWEATHER: Heíll come back in February or May. Either way heíll be much sharper. The more often he fights heíll be much sharper, but thatís not to get sharp. Pacquiaoís going to get his ass whopped anyway. Marquez just did that.

JENNA: Now do you think that fight was as controversial as people are saying?

MAYWEATHER: The fight was very close. I mean I thought Marquez could have won. They could have gave him the decision, but the fight was very close anyway. The fight was very close but regardless of how close the fight was, he ainít going to be able to do sh*t with my nephew, period. Especially when they make him take that test, when they make him take that test heís going to get his whopped. Thatís it. Itís going to be a mismatch anyway.

JENNA: But Roger, do you think after what you saw this past weekend that Pacquiao doesnít even need to take a test for your nephew to whop him?

MAYWEATHER: No, heís going to take a test! It ainít about if he needs to take a test. Heís going to take the test. All fighters take the test. Who is he? Who is he not to take the test? He ainít no mother f*cking body! He already got his ass whopped by Erik Morales. He got his ass whopped byówhatís that other Spanish boyís name?

JENNA: Marquez?

MAYWEATHER: No, no, no, no. He got his ass whopped. He got knocked out twice at 105 pounds in the Philippines. He got his ass whopped by Erik Morales and he got his ass whopped by the other MexicanóBarrera! Now thatís six mother f*cking losses! He got six f*cking losses, so how in the f*ck is he going to beat my nephew? And those weight classes are at like 120-something pounds. Then all of a sudden heís beating guys 150. Huh? He got his ass knocked out twice at 105 pounds. How in the world does a guy all of a sudden become so amazing whopping guys at 147-150 pounds? Tell me! You know why? Everybody knows why. Everybody ainít no fool. Hereís a guy that just struggled. He just struggled with Marquez. Thatís the third time.

JENNA: But why did he struggle with Marquez? Thatís the question, though. Why did he struggle with Marquez?

MAYWEATHER: He struggled with Marquez three times, period. He fought him a draw one time, he fought him a split decision one time, and that fight right there was a draw. So what does that tell you? What can Marquez do with my nephew? Nothing! My nephew was laid off 18 months when he fought Marquez.

JENNA: Yep, but thatís what Iím asking you Roger. If Pacquiao looked so dominant the last few years, and youíve stated multiple times on our show that you thought Pacquiao was doing somethingó

MAYWEATHER: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. He fought De La Hoya at 145 pounds. My nephew whopped De La Hoya at 154 pounds.

JENNA: Yep, thereís no doubt there Roger. But what Iím asking you is, is with Pacquiao looking so good the last few years, why is it that he looked so poorly against Marquez?

MAYWEATHER: Listen! Iím going to tell you about boxing. Boxing is this. You can have one guy whop a guy ten times, but for whatever reason there is one guy that heís going to have problems with every time they fight regardless of what heís got in him. That guy got his number. The guy that he has to struggle with has his number. So whether he has sh*t in him or not, Marquez knows how to fight him and thatís why they have close fights all the time. Itís just that styles make fights. Ali had more trouble with Joe Frazier than he had with any other fighter. Him, and he had trouble with Kenny Norton.

JENNA: But Roger, with Pacquiao struggling the way he did this past weekend do you think it takes away a little of the luster of a Pacquiao versus Mayweather fight?

MAYWEATHER: Iíll tell you this. Everybody says what Pacquiaoís going to do, Pacquiao did this, Pacquiao did that. Pacquiao beat the same guys my nephew beat. Remember, he beat the same guys my nephew beat but he ainít never took a test to beat them. He ainít never took a test to beat them guys! He beat them, but he ainít never took a test to beat them. Now remember, heís going to have to take a test to fight my nephew. Then weíll find out how good he can really f*cking fight! Obviously he canít fight that good. He got his ass whopped twice at 105 pounds, he got his ass whopped by Erik Morales, he got whopped by the other guy. Whatís the guy? The Spanish guy? Barrera! Do you think Barrera could whop my nephew?

JENNA: Well Roger. I got to stop you there. Pacquiao twice dominantly beat Barrera.

MAYWEATHER: No, no! Heís been knocked out twice at 105 pounds. I know that.

JENNA: Yeah when he was younger, but he didnít get whopped by Barrera. Barrera he beat twice.

MAYWEATHER: He got whopped by Erik Morales!

JENNA: Yes, by Erik Morales.

MAYWEATHER: Listen! When Morales fought on my nephewís show, they said he was one of the first guys from the States to beat Pacquiao. Morales. Erik Morales. He was knocked out twice in the Philippines. You mean to tell me heís beating guys at 150 pounds? 147 pounds? Please! He got his ass knocked out at 105 pounds. Whatís he going to do with a guy 150 pounds? And Iím sure they fought better than the guys at 105 pounds.

JENNA: Roger, but there is also an argument to be made that Pacquiao started his career without much amateur experience.

MAYWEATHER: But listen, listen! That has nothing to do with anything. No matter how he started his career, thatís his career. Nobody is worried about that. But theyíre trying to talk about whether he had amateur fights or whether he donít have amateur fights. The bottom line, he has been knocked out twice at 105 pounds. So what does that mean? Okay then! He got whopped by Erik Morales whether he had any experience or not. Here all of a sudden without any experience heís beating guys like Shane Mosley. Heís beating guys like De La Hoya. How in the hell could that be when heís been knocked out twice at 105 pounds. Twice! Tell me how good could he be to beat an elite fighter like De La Hoya. De La Hoya was an Olympic Gold Medalist!

JENNA: Roger, fighter do improve, like Marquez. Marquez actually lost his first professional fight.

MAYWEATHER: No, no! Let me tell you something! I know about boxing! Iíve been boxing since I was a little kid! Period! There ainít no guy who has been knocked out at 105 pounds twice at 105 beating guys at 150! There ainít no damn way unless heís got something in him! If he ainít got nothing in him, he ainít getting knocked out at 150 pounds and heís been knocked out twice at 105 pounds! You mean to tell me heís that good? Is that what youíre trying to tell me? I know! Iíve been a fighter for twenty-one years professionally. So tell me how a guy comes from 105 pounds beating a guy at 150 pounds? You ever seen anybody else do it?

JENNA: Well not exactly at that weight, but Iíve seen similar. Henry Armstrong got knocked out at 120 pounds and ended up fighting for the middleweight title.

MAYWEATHER: So Henry Armstrong did it. He came from 126 pounds. He didnít come from 105 pounds. Weíre talking about a guy coming from 105 pounds whoís been knocked out twice whoís beating guys that are 150 pounds! 26 pounds to 35 pounds to 47, I mean you have De La Hoya. De La Hoya did it! De La Hoya started at 30 pounds, 35 pounds, 40 pounds. My nephew did that! So it ainít no big thing, but my nephew didnít start at no 105. My nephew won titles at 30, 35, 40, 47, and 54.

JENNA: Yeah, but Pacquiaoís never weighed more than 145 pounds for any professional fight.

MAYWEATHER: Wait, wait, wait! We ainít talking about that. We talking about the weight that he started out and the weight that he got knocked out at. He got knocked out twice at 105 pounds. How in the hell does a guy beat an elite fighter at 150 pounds? The only heís whopping any mother f*cking body, everyone knows what that is and I ainít got to say it. Everybody knows exactly what heís got in him, period! But regardless of what the case is, I guarantee you this. If Pacquiao fights my nephew when he takes that test, he ainít even going to make five rounds, period! He wonít even make five rounds. He wonít make five rounds and then youíll see that heís got that sh*t in him, because if he ainít got that sh*t in him heís going to get his ass whopped, period! Ainít nobody got to tell me about boxing. You seen my nephew fight Victor Ortiz? You know how much Victor Ortiz weighed?

JENNA: Yeah, I do. He weighed 165 pounds on fight night.

MAYWEATHER: He weighed 165 pounds! My nephew didnít cry about the weight was. He still whopped his ass! So is a guy that small right there, talking about Pacquiao, even going to deal with my nephew, period? Once Pacquiao takes that test heís going to get his ass whopped and the fight ainít going to go five rounds. The fight may not even go four! Period.

JENNA: So you believe your nephew will knockout Pacquiao early?

MAYWEATHER: Yeah. Heís going to knock him out anyway, period! Heís going to knock him out anyway, and then the question you asked me is the same question everybody is going to ask: How did Pacquiao get his ass knocked out so quick? Because you know why? Because he took that test! And since he took that test, he knows what time it is. When he takes that test and they take all that blood and that sh*t that he got in him, heís going to get his ass whopped and the fight wonít last no more than four or five rounds at most.

JENNA: Alright well Roger, weíre also on the line with my Co-Host Geoff.

GEOFFREY CIANI: Hey Roger. Itís a pleasure to speak to you again.

MAYWEATHER: Hey whatís up, man?

CIANI: Not much Roger. You mentioned before how Marquez and Pacquiao have now had three really close fights, but Iím curious going into this third fight, were you expecting it to be another close fight?

MAYWEATHER: Styles make fights. A fighter always has a guy who will give him trouble. Thatís just the way of boxing. Some guys you could knockout. Boom! It can be easy. But thereís one guy that will give the guy trouble. The guy who gave Tommy Hearns trouble, do you know the guy who gave Tommy Hearns trouble was?

CIANI: Barkley.

JENNA: Iran Barkley.

MAYWEATHER: Alright then. The guy who gave him trouble was Barkley. The guy who gave Ray Robinson trouble was who?

JENNA: LaMotta.

MAYWEATHER: Alright then. He only gave him trouble because of the weight difference between LaMotta and Ray Robinson. Okay, but you got another guy and thatís Marquez and Morales. Those guys are made for one another. Regardless to what Pacquiao has in him, that guy knows how to fight him because he fought him too many times. Remember the first time they fought he was dropped twice in the first round.

CIANI: Now Roger, given the fact that they had another close fight do you think that Pacquiao is even going to want to fight your nephew in May?

MAYWEATHER: Well, heís going to want to fight because any time a guy is getting this kind of money, why wouldnít he want to fight somebody? Even if he gets his ass whopped it wouldnít make no difference, because heís probably going to get his ass whopped anyway regardless of the case. The case is that hereís a guy thatís going to get this kind of money. I mean hereís a guy that donít even take tests and heís getting this kind of money. It donít even make sense to me! But regardless of what the case is, I seen the fight the other day and there ainít no way in the world heíll whop my nephew. The only way he could ever whop my nephew is he would have to have all the drugs in the world, because right now there ainít no way. He wonít even make five rounds with my nephew, period! He wonít make five rounds with him. Thatís what Iím talking about. The minute they tell him to take that test, boom! Thatís going to be it right there.

CIANI: So did anything about the Pacquiao fight and his performance surprise you at all?

MAYWEATHER: No. Hell no. There ainít nothing that surprised me. That guy right there showed you how to beat him anyway. Morales showed you how to beat him. Remember, you got to understand. Pacquiao ainít beating these guys on his ability. He sure in the f*ck ainít beating De La Hoya and Shane Mosley on his boxing ability. Everybody knows what that is. Ainít nobody no fool. When was the last time you see a guy 105 pounds go up to 150 and whop somebody. Tell me! When was the last time you seen it?

CIANI: I havenít seen it.

MAYWEATHER: Alright then. So that means if you havenít seen and I know Iíve been in boxing, I havenít seen it. So how does a guy from 105 pounds whoís been knocked out twice beating guys 150, elite fighters? Tell me!

CIANI: Well let me ask you this Roger. Since a lot of fans think Pacquiao lost this fight to Marquezó

MAYWEATHER: Oh I thought he lost, too!

CIANI: So now a lot of fans that were interested in seeing your nephew fighting Pacquiao, theyíre not as interested because now a lot of people are starting to believe what you have been saying all alongóthat Pacquiao is not in Floydís league. Are you at all nervous that he might lose this super fight that could have been a career defining fight for your nephew?

MAYWEATHER: No, no, no, no, no. Itís not that heís going to lose it, because number one, he still get the decision. He still got the decision, and all the elite fighters that my nephew had beaten, Pacquiao stopped them. Remember? He stopped De La Hoya. He beat Shane Mosley. He beat all these other guys. He beat all these other elite fighters so ainít nobody mesmerized that Pacquiao canít compete with my nephew, because people donít believe what everybody knows about Pacquiao. People donít believe it anyway, because people donít think. People think Pacquiao can really fight and heís beating these guys on his ability. I have never ever seen a guy 105 pounds beat a guy 147 pounds, 150 pounds, 140 pounds. I have never seen it! Tell me in history where theyíve done that. In the history of boxing, tell me where a guy 105 pounds been knocked out twice beat a guy 147 pounds. Tell me! Where? The last great fighter ever to step from 135 pounds to win a middleweight title is who?

CIANI: Is it De La Hoya?

MAYWEATHER: No. Itís Roberto Duran. Let me ask you this question: When have you seen a guy 105 pounds beat a guy 150 pounds. Tell me!

CIANI: No, I havenít seen that. I told you that already.

MAYWEATHER: Alright then. You ainít never seen it in history, have you?


JENNA: Roger, can I step in here real quick? There have been fighters in history that have gained over 50 pounds and been effective. I can give you oneóGuillermo Jones. He was 154 pound fighter and he got knocked out at 154 pounds, and now heís the cruiserweight champion and has fought at heavyweight.

MAYWEATHER: Wait, wait, wait. You said a guy at what weight? What weight was it?

JENNA: Guillermo Jones, he was originally a 147 pound fighter. He got knocked out at 154, but now heís a cruiserweight champion.

MAYWEATHER: But wait, wait, wait! Listen! That ainít much difference in weight. 47 and 54, that ainít much difference in weight.

JENNA: Iím saying right now, heís knocking out people at cruiserweight.

MAYWEATHER: Listen! Weíre talking about a guy 105 pounds fighting a guy 150 pounds. You ainít never seen it in history. Now tell me! Thereís two guys that ever went up that high in weight to fight, anyway! One of them is Henry Armstrong, the other one is Roberto Duran, and the other one is Oscar De La Hoya. At that higher weight class, you never saw nobody at 105 pounds beating a guy 150 pounds. Sh*t!

JENNA: Roger, give me a second here. I just mentioned an example of a fighter who got knocked out at 154 whoís now a reigning cruiserweight champion of the world knocking out people at 200 pounds.

MAYWEATHER: Well thatís no big thing. Thatís like Roy Jones coming from middleweight and winning a heavyweight title. Listen! Weíre talking about a guy that started at 105 pounds. Heís been knocked out twice at 105. Okay? Now hereís a guy who goes from 105 to 150 pounds. Thatís a lot of weight difference in weight class.

CIANI: Well Roger, going back to what I was saying before. If Pacquiao decides not to fight your nephew and kind of takes that super fight away from Floyd, then thereís only really one fight out there that the fans would consider to be a real challenge for your nephew, and that would be against middleweight champion Sergio Martinez.

MAYWEATHER: My nephew ainít got to fight Sergio Martinez, remember the fight is with Pacquiao and if Pacquiao turns the fight down with my nephew do you know how much money he will have lost and do you know how the fans will respond to him? Hereís a guy who beat Shane Mosley, De La Hoya, this guy, that guy, this guy, that guy, and you mean to tell me he donít want to fight my nephew? Then whatís that tell you? If thatís the biggest fight, and right now thatís the biggest fight in history. Not the biggest fight now, thatís the biggest fight in the history of boxing right now. The other fight that was the biggest fight in the history of boxing was De La Hoya and my nephew. That fight grossed more money than any other fight in history. Now how in the world is a guy who beat all these guys at 47 and 50 pounds, beat all the guys my nephew beat, why wouldnít he fight my nephew? That proves that heís the best! If you donít fight Floyd then you may as well step away from boxing right now.

CIANI: Well what if he did that, though? What if for whatever reason he didnít fight Floyd if he fought Marquez again?

MAYWEATHER: Well if he donít fight Floyd people are going to know what heís got in his ass, because number oneóthere ainít no way in the world a guy getting close to $100 million ainít going to fight a guy from the biggest fight in the history of boxing, period. What do you box for? What do fighters fight for? You fight to get the opportunity to be one of the best in the history of boxing. Thatís what boxing is about. Thatís why people make those big fights. Thatís how you get paid for the big fights. So why wouldnít he want to fight Floyd? He just fought Marquez, didnít he?

CIANI: What if he fought Marquez again next May?

MAYWEATHER: Everybody donít want to see that. There ainít nobody who wants to see that. People want to see one thing. They want to see Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Thatís what the world was waiting for. There ainít nothing else theyíre waiting for. That is the biggest fight in the history of boxing to this do. So boom! If he takes that test, the fight is going to happen. The only reason the fight ainít going to happen is because he donít want to take that test. Now if you donít want to take that test, that already tells you about him anyway! It tells you he got that sh*t in him! Thatís what! How in the world are you not going to take a test if youíre getting damn near $100 million?

CIANI: But Roger, if he doesnít take the test and he doesnít want the fight with your nephewó

MAYWEATHER: Then that tells you heís a fag and he never wanted to fight my nephew, anyway!

CIANI: But who would you want your nephew to fight in the eventó

MAYWEATHER: I want Floyd to fight Manny Pacquiao! Pacquiao has been the one who beat the same guys that my nephew beat, too. So letís see! Letís see. I mean hey! Thatís what people want to see. It ainít what I want to see. Thatís what the world has been waiting for! Thatís what! Any other fight donít make sense. The only fight that makes sense is Floyd and Pacquiao. Thatís it. And if Pacquiao wonít take that fight then heís got to be a fool, anyway!

CIANI: But what other opponents are out there for Floyd would you look at if Pacquiao doesnít come to the table on this? Would you look at a guy like Amir Khan?

MAYWEATHER: Amir Khan ainít sh*t! I donít see no other one. Pacquiao is the one.

CIANI: So if Pacquiao doesnít fight, do you think thereís a possibility Floyd might not fight in May?

MAYWEATHER: If he donít fight, people are going to respond to his ass the way they should have responded to him a long time ago. He wasnít sh*t anyway! How in the world are you talking about you want to fight my nephew. You beat this guy, you beat that guy, and you wonít fight my nephew. Everybody is going to know what time it is. Everybody is going to know and respond to him like they should have responded to his ass before. He ainít going to fight my nephew because. Thatís why, and everybody knows what Iím talking about. So Amir Khan donít mean sh*t! He canít drill my nephew. Pacquiao is the fight. Thatís what makes money. Thatís what makes sense. Thatís the biggest fight in history. If he donít take that he has to be a fool.

CIANI: So do you think if he doesnít take it thereís a chance your nephew will retire?

MAYWEATHER: It could be. It could. He could retire, but my nephew donít worry about retirement. My nephew takes the test so he donít worry about that. This mother f*cker, he donít take no test. Pacquiao donít take no mother fucking test. He donít take sh*t! My nephew is the one who can make him take a test, though!

CIANI: Roger changing things up here, in your nephewís last victory against Victor Ortiz he was coming off of a fairly long layoff. Not as long as some of his layoffs, but you as his trainer, did you see any ring rust from Floyd in his victory against Victor Ortiz during those early rounds?

MAYWEATHER: Did I see any ring rust? Nope. Nope, because Victor Ortiz came out my nephew and he threw a bunch of punches. He wasnít really hitting him. He was hitting his arms, but you got to remember one thing. The fight didnít go that long for my nephew to be laid off that long. So my nephew needs to come back and fight right back, because the fight went about four or five rounds. Boom. Thatís it. Remember, my nephew donít fight no fighters at this catch weight sh*t like Pacquiao makes them do. Oh! You canít weigh no more than 144, you canít weigh no more than 145, and stuff like that. My nephew beat his ass at 162 pounds. Thatís the difference between Pacquiao and my nephew. So if my nephew whopped Victor Ortizís ass at 160-something pounds, what in the world do you think he would do with Pacquiao? Oh I canít fight you at 45! You got to weight 44. You got to weigh this. You got to weight that. You fight what you weigh.

JENNA: Alright well Roger, I have just a couple of more questions before I let you off the line. We were talking about Victor Ortiz a second ago. Some people give Floyd slack for the way that fight ended. Do you think he deserves any at all?

MAYWEATHER: He got knocked out. The referee said, ďgoĒ. Thatís all. It ainít Floydís fault, The refereeís the one who ruined the fight. He said, ďgoĒ. Boom. He got knocked out, period. He was going to get knocked out anyway. He was going to get knocked out one way or the other. Whether Floyd knocked him out then or whether Floyd knocked him out a round from then, he was going to get knocked out anyway. It didnít make no difference. He was going to get knocked out, anyway.

JENNA: Alright but that leaves the question, for the fans that were upset about it, do you think they buy pay-per-views to see Floyd Mayweather Junior lose? Or do you think they tune in to see his skills?

MAYWEATHER: They are going to buy pay-per-views because Floyd is the best fighter in the world right now in the history of boxing, period. Thatís why theyíre going to buy the pay-per-views. I donít know if they buy them to lose, or buy them to see him fight, but whatever the case is theyíre going to buy it anyway. Theyíre going to buy it because of the way my nephew performs, and there wasnít anything difficult about the fight that says Victor Ortiz got knocked out. He got knocked out anyway doing all this mother f*cking hugging, this hugging and kissing. This is boxing. This ainít going on no mother f*cking date. He head-butted my nephew twice, anyway.

JENNA: Roger, letís turn things to you for a second. What other fighters are you working with today that people might not know about and should be able to look out for?

MAYWEATHER: I work with so many, and I work with young kids as well. I mean I got a little kid Anthony Sims. Heís about an 8-time national amateur champion. The kid is about 16, but heís boxing like a pro. I work one other kid thatís named DJ, but heís still young, like 8 or 9 years old. Thereís another kid Iím working with now. Heís a youth champion and Iím working with the guy thatís boxing him like Tyron and a guy named Kevin. Both of them are pretty good fighters. Theyíre young but they work with pros. You know, so they work with this guy whoís a junior youth champion from Canada. Heís 140 pounds and I got guys working with him right now.

JENNA: Alright Roger, I have one final question. On May 5, 2012, who do you expect to be standing across the ring from Floyd Mayweather Junior? Do you think it will be Manny Pacquiao?

MAYWEATHER: Do I think Pacquiao will be his next fight? I think my nephew will probably have one more tune-up fight first. Heíll probably fight, I donít know. I donít know if itís Maidana. I donít know. I think heíll fight probably a guy of that nature, somewhere around there. The only way the fight wonít happen with Pacquiao, is because hey! Everybody knows. The only reason the fight wonít happen with Pacquiao is because Pacquiao is going to refuse to take the test, and if he refuses to take a test to get damn near $100 million then tells you how big a fool he is.

JENNA: So Roger, what youíre saying is itís going to Manny Pacquiao on May 5 unless Pacquiao decides not to take a test, and then in that case Floyd will be taking a tune-up fight? Thatís what youíre saying?

MAYWEATHER: Thatís right. Right. Floyd is going to get another tune-up fight is what Iím saying, but by that time Pacquiao should have enough balls for him to fight Floyd, and hey! We wonít be talking about Floyd and Pacquiao no more. Would you turn down a fight for damn near $100 million?

JENNA: No, Iíd fight your nephew for $100 million. (laughs)

MAYWEATHER: Okay then. That means hey! $100 million is $100 million. I donít care how you slice it. Everybody ainít going to boo Floyd. They going to boo him so they were thinking he was so good and heís beating these guys way over his weight class. Letís see! Letís see what he can do. A guy 147 pounds, Floyd could make 145. It donít make no difference. Letís see what he can do.

JENNA: Well Roger, itís been a pleasure having you back on our show and I think itís been like the seventh time weíve had you on, so I thank you for giving us all that time and I look forward to seeing you back in the ring regardless.

MAYWEATHER: No big thing. Hey! When you want me, call me again because this fight is going to happen. Itís going to be moving closer.

JENNA: Alright. Excellent! Thanks again, Roger.

MAYWEATHER: Remember, the only way the fight ainít going to happen is because this guy has to be a fool to not fight Floyd for all that money. So weíll see.

CIANI: Well weíre definitely looking forward to seeing it Roger. Itís been a long time in the making.

MAYWEATHER: Alright, have a good day!

CIANI: Thank you. Take care.

MAYWEATHER: Alright! Be good.

JENNA: Thanks. Bye.


For those interested in listening to the Roger Mayweather interview in its entirety, it begins right at the start of the program.



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Article posted on 21.11.2011

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