Floyd Mayweather Senior: ďPacquiao knows heís about to take the test and maybe heís just coming down off of things. And hey! It just shows you heís going to get his ass whopped!Ē

by Geoffrey Ciani (Exclusive Interview by Jenna J & Geoffrey Ciani) - This weekís 150th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio (brought to you by CWH Promotions) featured an exclusive interview with one of the top trainers in the game of boxing, Floyd Mayweather Senior. Mayweather shared his views on Manny Pacquiaoís controversial victory against Juan Manuel Marquez. He also discussed his views on his sonís May 5, 2012 date which some speculate may be the long awaited showdown with Manny Pacquiao, and he also discussed the possibility of a fourth fight between Pacquiao and Marquez. Here is a complete transcript from that interview:

JENNA J: Hey all you boxing fans! This is Jenna J welcoming you to our 150th episode, and we have a very special guest to open things up this week. He is a man that is definitely no stranger to ďOn the RopesĒ. He appeared just last week and he is here today to give his opinion on a fight that took place this past weekend. We are joined by the one and only Floyd ďJoyĒ Mayweather Senior. Floyd, you saw that fight this past weekend. What did you think about it?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER SENIOR: It was a lot crooked stuff that went down. Some people are being paid off. I donít know who, but some people are being paid off as far as Iím concerned because that was so clear to see a blind man could see it. Marquez beat the hell out of Pacquiao! It was hands down! Nobody can even dispute it in no kind of way, form, or fashion! All theyíre doing is wrecking boxing. Iím telling your right now, if he fights little Floyd like that, you can forget it. Itís over. He donít even have a prayer.

JENNA: Alright now Floyd, so you think that the reason Pacquiao got the decision that something corrupt must be going on for that to have happened the way the fight was fought?

MAYWEATHER: It seems like to me like maybe theyíre getting ready for little Floyd. So when youíre getting ready for little Floyd maybe heís getting down, and Pacquiao knows heís about to take the test and maybe heís just coming down off of things. And hey! It just shows you heís going to get his ass whopped! Thatís all it shows you. It seems like to me, that to me right there, that right there was the Pacquiao that I used to see! This is the Pacquiao I used to see! This ainít the Pacquiao that knocked out De La Hoya, that knocked out Cotto, that knocked out all these other big people! That ainít the Pacquiao we seen in this fight! This Pacquiao was another Pacquiao. This was a Pacquiao thatís beatable and anybody could whop his ass thatís at this weight! It just ainít even the same man, period!

JENNA: Floyd, so weíre clear with fans out there, youíve been on our show many times in the past and youíve mentioned your belief that you thought Pacquiao was taking something. So what youíre saying now is maybe you believe heís coming off of whatever you thought he was using to prepare to fight Floyd?

MAYWEATHER: I guess theyíre talking about the May fight. It looks like heís trying to come down to fight my son, and if he comes down any kind of way to fight my son looking like thatólittle Floyd will beat him with blindfolds on! I know he ainít, but Iím just telling you right there. Hey! Look! Something donít look right! Itís simple. Thatís all Iím telling you. Something donít look right at all to me. That ainít the Pacquiao we all been seeing. That ainít the same fighter! The fighter we had seen before, he would have at least dropped what you call him a couple of times. He did nothing!

JENNA: Alright now Floyd, watching that fight, what surprised you the most?

MAYWEATHER: What surprised me like everybody was talking about, there ainít nothing to say! The real Pac-Man was shown today! Iím talking about the Pacquiao, the real Pacquiao. You just seen the real Pacquiao! Thatís all Iím going to tell you. If he fights Floyd like that, hey look! My thing before, all I ever told you is what I believe. Itís what I believe, and what I believe is if he ainít doing what I believe, then guess what? Hey! Heís going to have to get it like it happened then! If you donít do what I believe that he do, then hey! Heís going to really get his ass whopped by little Floyd.

JENNA: Okay Floyd, watching that fight, was there anything you saw in the ring that you believe that Pacquiao could have done better technically in there to have had more success?

MAYWEATHER: Heís not technical! I keep telling you over and over and over every time you ask me on the station! I tell you all! Heís not a technical fighter! Heís not no fighter with no craft! Heís no crafty fighter! Heís a wild fighter who throws wild punches. What you call him was a crafty fighter. I mean Iím being honest with you. Even though little Floyd whopped him, heís a crafty fighter. Marquez! Marquez is a crafty fighter! Heís the kind of guy. You seen how bad little Floyd beat Marquez. What in the hell is Pacquiao going to do to little Floyd?

JENNA: Alright now Floyd, there were rumors going into this fight about Marquez because of the person that he was working with. Watching the fight did you see any validity to those rumors that were going around?

MAYWEATHER: Let me tell you this right here. Whatever stuff you got in your body, okay? Whatever stuff is in your body, it donít make you move when a guy throws a punch. It donít make you move! I mean you can take the stuff and it will make you just superbly strong or whatever. You might not be able to move from the punch, but you take the punch. But itís not going to change your mind around. You know what Iím saying? You can be strong and stuff like that, and it could help your probably that when you get hit, you can take a hell of a shot and stuff like that. But as far as boxing, it donít teach you how to move your head, and slip, and pull punches. It donít teach you how to be defensive and it donít teach you when to throw punches. You throw punches when your mind tells you to throw punches. So he connected on. There was nothing wrong with him. The only thing that was wrong with the fight, if it was anything, it was Pacquiao not doing whatever he was supposed to do. Then the whole thing is he was trying to get ready for little Floyd, and guess what? He let the whole world see his ass! He let the world see what really happened to him.

JENNA: Okay. Hey Floyd, Iím also on the line with my Co-Host Geoff. Geoff.

GEOFFREY CIANI: Hey Floyd, great to talk to you again.

MAYWEATHER: How are you doing, man? Are you alright?

CIANI: Yeah, Iím doing good! Floyd, I was wondering, do you think this whole thing with Pacquiao now struggling with Marquez in three different fightsódo you think itís just a matter of styles make fights?

MAYWEATHER: No! It ainít no styles make fights. Itís what you saw! Itís what you saw, thatís what it is.

CIANI: Now that this happened and Pacquiao was largely exposed by Marquez this weekend, a lot of fans used to be 50-50 Iíd say between who the thought would win between your son and Pacquiao. But now everybody is saying that your son would win handily.

MAYWEATHER: Thank you!

CIANI: Do you think that fight has lost some of its interest amongst the fans because of how Pacquiao looked against Marquez?

MAYWEATHER: Well look here. Marquez pulled the cover off of him. Thatís all. Little Floyd whopped Marquez worse than Marquez beat Pacquiao! If you remember the Floyd Mayweather Junior and Marquez, if you remember that fight Floyd whopped Marquez worse than Marquez actually whopped Pacquiao!

CIANI: Do you think that Pacquiao will want to fight your son after the performance he had this past weekend?

MAYWEATHER: No, no, no! He donít want to fight Floyd anyway. He already knows he canít do that. He donít want to fight Floyd anyway. Thatís nothing but those big guys thatís behind him. Thatís all it is.

CIANI: So you donít think the fight will happen between your son and Pacquiao this May?

MAYWEATHER: It ainít going to happen anyway if Pacquiao donít take the test. It ainít going to happen anyway, because if he refuses to take the test you ainít going to get that anyway. If heís taking the test, and he takes the test before it happens, little Floyd is going to put his ass to rest. Itís as simple as that.

CIANI: Well if he doesnít take the test and the fight doesnít happenó

MAYWEATHER: It ainít gonna happen. It ainít going to happen!

CIANI: What options do you think will be out there for little Floyd in May?

MAYWEATHER: It donít make no difference. Whoever. If he donít fight in May, heíll already be in shape for whatís up next. It donít make no difference. He could fight the guy. Whatís the guy fighting pretty close to that time? I think Andre Berto. You know, look here. Let me tell you something. Theyíre calling Pacquiao the best thing. If Pacquiao donít want to take the fight, then hey thatís it! That lets us know everything. That lets us know Floyd is the baddest man on the planet, simple.

CIANI: So you think your son would fight somebody like Berto or maybe Amir Khan if Pacquiao doesnít step up to the plate?

MAYWEATHER: Yep! But guess what? Something about Floyd and Amir Khan, guess what? Amir Khan is going to take that test, too! And itís going to be a random test for him, just like it would be for Pacquiao. It will be a random test!

CIANI: In a perfect world Floyd, who would you like to see your son fight in May? Would you like to see Pacquiao take the test and fight him?

MAYWEATHER: I mean everybody is talking! They even got shirts talking about Mayweather is running from Pacquiao! Hell yeah Iíd like to see that fight! I mean thatís one of the fights that I want to see like everybody else wants to see! I want to see what he can do. Hey! I just want to see if he can do what people say that he can do after he takes the test! Then I want to see what he can really do! I want to see what can he really do. Thatís the fight I want to see!

JENNA: Floyd after the third Pacquiao-Marquez fight, Amir Khanóa man that spars with many Pacquiaoósaid he believed that Pacquiao lost. What does that say if anything?

MAYWEATHER: Okay! Amir Khan has got the right idea! Thatís what happened. Pacquiao did lose! Hey look! Now right now, by him saying that, it lets you know that something is wrong in that family right now. There is something going on in the house thatís not right between Pacquiao and Amir Khan for him to even say that. Thereís something wrong in the house right now.

JENNA: Alright now Floyd, if the fight between Pacquiao and your son doesnít happen in May, a lot of people say the most marketable fight for your son would be a fight with Amir Khan. If Amir Khan takes that test, what kind of fight can the fans expect?

MAYWEATHER: Let me tell you right now, Amir Khan would get his ass tore up! Heíll get the same thing Pacquiao would get if Pacquiao would take the fight. But it wouldnít matter if thatís the one little Floyd would fight. Floyd would tear Amir Khanís ass up! Like I said, he canít fight. Floyd would tear Amir Khan up, because like I told you before, and Iím not just saying things. The same things that I said that I believed about Pacquiao, I believe the same thing about Amir Khan! Thereís no difference! I believe the same thing about him as I believe about the other one. There ainít no difference! Theyíre all coming out of the same house! Itís Roachís house, so I believe the same thing coming out of Roachís house. They need to be sprayed with Raid, and thatís what they need to be done. Sprayed with Raid, and then everybody can see what the hellís going on!

JENNA: Floyd with Pacquiao looking the way that he did this past weekend, people now say the biggest threat to your son would actually be a fight with Sergio Martinez. Do you see that same threat?

MAYWEATHER: Let me tell you something. I donít want to see my son fight no Sergio Martinez, because Martinez is really just too damned big for little Floyd. Iím not saying little Floyd wonít whop him! But you know. Iím just saying little Floyd could still fight, if little Floyd was training real hard and went on a diet, little Floyd could fight at 130! I mean not 130. Little Floyd can fight at 140! Little Floyd walks around at 152/153 pounds. Thatís only 13 pounds he got to lose to make weight, and thatís nothing for a fighter to make. You got some fighters who lose 30 pounds to make weight, or 20 pounds to make weight, and all that stuff. So thatís nothing. You know.

JENNA: Alright Floyd, well I just have a couple of more questions before I let you off the line here. With the fight with Marquez and Pacquiao, looking at it as a traineróand youíve been very critical of Freddie Roach in the pastóas a trainer, what could you have told Pacquiao to have more success against Marquez in that fight?

MAYWEATHER: One thing I seen that they talk about how Freddie Roach changed Pacquiao in this fight, and how much different. He didnít change nothing! Heís fighting the same way! Freddie Roach, when you see him on TV, heís doing the same thing! He ainít making no difference. Heís doing the same thing! Thatís all. You see him getting ready and put his hands up to his face, hold his gloves up, and bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam! Iím just telling you, he ainít made no changes. My thing is I canít even relate back to the fight how the fight went, but I wouldnít know how to tell him how to fight if I was in his corner at the time the fight was going on. I canít relate back because I canít tell what happened round for round. So you know. I do believe that I could have done better than that, though! I mean what he did, I seen Pacquiao throwing punches going in a circle! I ainít never seen nobody do that in my life! If you look at the fight long enough, youíll see one time Pacquiaoís going to be going in a circle throwing punches. Who in the hell have you ever seen do that? Nobody! I never seen that in my life! Thereís nothing to tell Pacquiao now! Marquez went and beat his ass three times! There ainít nothing to talk about! Theyíre talking about another fight. Another fight for what?! The same thing is going to happen.

JENNA: Now Floyd, as you alluded to, after the fight Bob Arum suggested that Pacquiao should fight Marquez for a fourth timeÖ

MAYWEATHER: (jumps in) Oh no! Why not little Floyd? Why not my son? Why Marquez for a fourth time? For what?! I mean, Marquez whopped his ass all three times! There ainít nothing to talk about! Bob Arumís saying a fourth time! Youíll get a fourth time! Yeah!

JENNA: Now do you think Bob Arum is in any way happy that this happened with Pacquiao because he could sell a big fight with Marquez?

MAYWEATHER: Look here! Look here! Let me tell you something! What happened is a big failure and a big letdown to, not only to Bob Arum and his staff, but to the whole world who wanted to see Floyd Junior fight Pacquiao. It was a letdown everybody. Trust me. All those people talking about Pacquiao whopping little Floyd, you see what theyíre saying now. Little Floyd handled Marquez handily! It was easy. Pacquiao not only struggled, but got his butt whopped! How in the history of boxing? Bob Arum wants them to fight four times! How in the history of boxing have you ever seen somebody fight four times?! Not two! Not three! But four times! How many people do you know that fought four times that you know of?

JENNA: I know of a few.


JENNA: I know Rafael Marquez and Israel Vazquez fought four times.


JENNA: Marquezís brother fought a guy four times. Rafael Marquez fought Israel Vazquez.

MAYWEATHER: And they fought four times? They fought four times?

JENNA: Yep! 100%. Four times.

MAYWEATHER: So what was the record? Who won?

JENNA: 2-2.

MAYWEATHER: 2-2? Alright, well it looks like there needs to be a fifth fight then!

JENNA: Marquezís brother won pretty dominantly last time out, so I donít think there will be a fifth fight.

MAYWEATHER: Well thatís what I feel now, too! I feel like Marquez won dominantly in three fights. Thereís no need to fight now more. For what? He ainít got nothing to prove. He canít win anyway! If he wins he cannot win! They ainít going to let him win! So itís simple.

JENNA: Alright well Floyd, I have one final question for you. On May 5, 2012, your son has already announced that it is his intention to fight. What are the chances we see him staring across the ring from Manny Pacquiao on that date?

MAYWEATHER: I see there ainít no chance if Pacquiao donít take the test! I donít see no chances of getting it across. I donít see him standing across the ring from Pacquiao if Pacquiao donít take the testóthe Olympic test! Not any test, not these tests where you can just piss in a bottle. No! Weíre talking about a test where youíre dealing with the blood. He wants to talk about being scared of all these needles and stuff. Hereís a man whoís got tattoos all over his ass! Everywhere! On his chest, on his arms, everywhere! Heís probably got them on his ass. Who knows? Iím just telling you heís got them everywhere! Pacquiao is full of it! And guess what? The whole thing is he will finally be put to rest when he fights Floyd. Believe me. And then you all talk about Freddie Roach being the greatest trainer! (laughs) For six years in a row thatís the biggest bullsh*t I ever heard! I mean little Floyd is undefeated! Manny Pacquiaoís been beat twice! Manny Pacquiaoís been beat twice! Itís simple. I donít know what to tell you. I just think that the covers are going to be pulled off of Pacquiao, because when they make him take the test I already know my sonís going to put him to rest! Itís going to be over. Trust me!

JENNA: Iím looking forward to seeing that fight and seeing it happen.

MAYWEATHER: Believe me when I tell you! You ainít going to see much of a fight! You see how Freddie the great coach Roach talking about moving his head. Pacquiao donít even move his head! Guess what? You see what little Floyd did to Victor Ortiz? You see how little Floyd hit Victor Ortiz?

JENNA: Yeah, I saw it.

MAYWEATHER: You saw how Floyd hit Victor Ortiz! We ainít talking about the protect yourself at all times. We ainít talking about that. We talking about even before that! We talking about how every time Floyd struck the right hand he hit Victor Ortiz with it. And guess what? It wonít be no different with Pacquiao, because guess what? Pacquiao donít move his head, and guess what? Freddie Roach who supposedly is the best trainer in the last six or seven years, guess what? He donít know how to teach him to move his head. And guess what? Pacquiaoís going to get stopped by little Floyd. Trust me when I tell you! I know what Iím talking about! Little Floyd stops Pacquiao. Iím talking about something thatís a fact! Because you know why? You want me to tell you why little Floyd is going to stop him? Because heís going to be under the guideline of taking that test, and when you take that test, we know the rest. We know the rest!

JENNA: Itís been talked about long enough. Hopefully it happens and we see what happens when those two both get in the ring.

MAYWEATHER: Well I already told you so. Donít see I didnít tell you. You talking about styles make fights. Styles do make fights, but guess what? Pacquiao is tailor made for little Floyd! Pretty much all of them were tailor made for little Floyd, but Pacquiao is tailor made. You know why? He throws wild punches, and when he throws wild punches heís going to run into something every time. Itís going to be like a grown man fighting a kid when Floyd fights Pacquiao. Trust me. Itís going to be like little Floyd got his belt off and pulled his belt from around his waist. Hey! Now itís a chase! Little Floyd is chasing Pacquiao all around the ring. Believe me. Thatís just the way itís going to be. Itís going to be like a father and child thing. Thatís what itís going to be like.

JENNA: Alright well Floyd, it has been fantastic getting your views on this fight so close after it. I thank you for the time, and as always when we have you on the show I do wish you the best of luck with all the fighters that you work with going forward.

MAYWEATHER: Alright, I appreciate that.

CIANI: Weíre definitely looking forward to hopefully seeing that in May, Floyd, and once again weíd like to thank you for coming on the show and wish you the best of luck.

MAYWEATHER: Alright. I appreciate it. Take care of yourselves now. Bye bye!


For those interested in listening to the Floyd Mayweather Senior interview in its entirety, it begins right at the start of the program.


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