Peter Quillin: ďIím just looking to beat Craig McEwan really badĒ

by Geoffrey Ciani (Exclusive Interview by Jenna J & Geoffrey Ciani, Photo by Erik Killin) - This weekís 148th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio (brought to you by CWH Promotions) featured an exclusive interview with undefeated middleweight contender Peter ďKid ChocolateĒ Quillin (25-0, 19 KOs) who is scheduled to face Craig McEwan (19-1, 10 KOs) this Saturday night in a bout that will be televised by HBO Boxing After Dark. Quillin spoke about his upcoming fight and also touched on various other topics including Freddie Roach, the Super Six Final, Sergio Martinezís 11th round knockout against Darren Barker, the prospect of Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Junior meeting Sergio Martinez at a catch weight, Andy Leeís revenge win against Brian Vera, his future plans, and more! Here is a complete transcript from that interview:

JENNA J: Letís move things over to our first guest of this weekís show, and heís a returning one making his fifth appearance to On the Ropes Boxing Radio. Weíre joined by rising middleweight contender Peter ďKid ChocolateĒ Quillin. Howís everything going today, Peter?

PETER QUILLIN: Iím doing just fine. I want to thank you guys for having me on.

JENNA: Itís a pleasure as always, and you have a pretty big fight coming up. You know itís a fight between you and Craig McEwan. People are saying itís going to be the toughest fight so far in your career. Do you think it will be?

QUILLIN: I think every fight is tough. Itís all about the mental aspect of your preparations leading up to the fight, and I think I had the best going into this fight. You know Iím working very hard like always, and I know Iím exactly where Iím headed at.

JENNA: Okay well Pete, I mentioned the fight you have upcoming this weekend but I havenít really talked about the opponent yet. What do you think about Craig McEwan?

QUILLIN: What do I think about him? You know, heís looking to shock the eyes of the spectators. Here I am, Iím undefeated, and he wants to give my first loss but thatís not something I didnít hear before. Iíve heard that many times where guys told me they were going to give me my first loss and it never happened. Iím questioning his work ethic. You know he said heís working hard, but if he didnít work hard leading up to the fight with Andy Lee then what did he do to prepare for me? He hired on Gary Young, whoís really young by all means. He doesnít have the experience at this level, and with the magnitude of this fight Craig has to be focused and his trainer is going on how he wants to get back in the ring and fight himself. I mean so who is he really looking to fight? Is he looking for you to fight? Or Craig? So by all means Iím ready.

JENNA: Alright now Iím sure you probably got a chance to view Craigís last fight against Andy Lee. What mistakes do you think he made in that bout that caused him to lose?

QUILLIN: Maybe he didnít prepare the right way or didnít have the right kind of game plan. I donít even know. Once youíre throwing 100 punches per round, he should be able to punch like that the whole fight. It seemed like he had no game plan for the fight at all. I know the guy that was in his corner who usually worked with some of the top fighters like Joel Cassamayor at the time. He worked with a lot of good fighters, and by all means I think he just went in there with the wrong game plan. There is no game plan to beat me! I havenít really given much for guys to have a blueprint to beat me. His trainer said that he watched over 200 rounds. I donít have 200 rounds floating around there, unless you keep watching the same rounds over and over again. You know what Iím saying? So by all means these guys are crazy thinking that they could come up with a game plan, but I guess it sells the fight. I know exactly what I want to do and Iím not telling you something I donít believe in.

JENNA: Okay Peter, Craig McEwan used to be trained by Freddie Roach and youíre obviously trained by Freddie now. What kind of insight is Freddie giving you into Craig McEwan that you believe is going to help you in this match?

QUILLIN: What weíre doing in this fight to get him out of there. Weíre working on the things that he would like to see me do to beat Craig. So he said Iím in good shape, Iím ready, Iím focused, and I feel the same way. You know Iím glad to have a trainer in Freddie Roach whoís worked hard with me for this camp to lead me to victory on November 5.

JENNA: Okay now what do you think is your biggest advantage going into your fight against Craig McEwan?

QUILLIN: I got power, I got athleticism, I worked very hard for this camp to lead me to victory, and I think all of those things are going to come into play. Heís looking for me to fight one way. I donít fight one way. I got many ways that I can fight. I can be a boxer, I can be a puncher, I can be a brawleróI can be whatever I need to be to win the fight, as long as Iím not hitting somebody below the belt.

JENNA: Okay well Peter, weíre also on the line with my Co-Host Geoff Ciani.

GEOFFREY CIANI: Hi Pete. Itís a pleasure to have you back on the show.

QUILLIN: Geoff, you know itís always a pleasure speaking to you guys over there, or you guys and girls.

CIANI: Pete I wanted to ask you, McEwan is coming off of the first loss of his career. Do you think that heís maybe rushing into a fight with you too soon and possibly underestimating you?

QUILLIN: I mean I talked to him on the phone when we did the conference call yesterday, and the way he was talking he didnít seem to confident. He was saying I think, and when somebody is saying ďI thinkĒ, thatís somebody whoís not sure. Iím sure! Iím going to beat you! Thatís what I think because Iím confident! If I die trying to do that, then I put my best effort forth but Iím not going to have ďthinkingĒ or ďdoubtingĒ or any of that. Those are not words in my vocabulary when Iím talking about the biggest fight in my career.

CIANI: Since the Zuniga fight back in February 2010 youíve been looking much better, and youíve been looking better against higher caliber competition. What do you attribute that to?

QUILLIN: Being in the gym and having my mind structured around boxing. Before my last trainer used to tell me this and tell me that, and itís just like I wasnít feeling confident in most parts. But I feel totally confident with what they got going at The Wild Card. The hard work became automatic for me, so itís like nobody needs to tell me to be in the gym. Iím in there without anybody telling me. Iím there on time and Iím working hard once Iím in there, and Iím trying to always improve every aspect of my game. You know and talking with you guys must be some kind of good luck, because I was playing a video game and I just completed and beat the board. So I want to thank you guys over there, but other than that I just believe in myself man for the most part. I know exactly where I come from, from the mean streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I moved to New York and had a tough life there. You know and Iím not using the ďtoughĒ thing as saying thatís my story. You should all read about a black guy having a tough story. I just wanted to say that I really wanted to get away from all that stuff and I wanted to have better in my life, and boxing has provided that for me.

CIANI: Now Pete I wanted to get your opinion on a couple of other middleweight fights that took place fairly recently. One of them is with a guy who beat Craig McEwan. In his last fight Andy Lee avenged his only career loss against Brian Vera. What did you think of Andy Leeís performance that night?

QUILLIN: I honestly think that Andy did a good job. He stuck to the game plan, and thatís what being at this level meansósticking to the game plan. You know he showed why he should have beat him the first time, and he made Brian look like a guy that didnít belong in there with him. So I applaud him for his performance as far avenging his loss. A lot of guys donít get to do that, so by all means I donít want to take anything away from Andy. Heís a good fighter. By all means, Iím a middleweight, heís a middleweight. Maybe we lace up and touch gloves. But at this level right now, itís all about me just getting to the world championship. So whoever it takes for me to get there I would be willing to fight.

CIANI: Now speaking about the middleweight world championship, Sergio Martinez also fought that night when he stopped Darren Barker in the later rounds. A lot of people were critical of his performance that night. What did you think of Sergioís performance?

QUILLIN: Well he gave the people a knockout! People always like to see a knockout, so by all means he gave the people what they wanted. But he showed a lot of things that could give another fighter a blueprint for beating him. I just think that they make Sergio out to be a Superman, and heís not really a Superman. He might be the best pound-for-pound in the world, but heís not Superman. Any time you can be dethroned. So you know itís all about who has the right game plan and the right strategy to take him out. Hopefully I get closer to get to that challenge, and Iím just going to pray on it and just keep my focus and be mentally prepared if that opportunity does come along.

JENNA: Now Pete speaking of Sergio Martinez, you get a lot of people out there that want to see smaller fighters come up in weight to fight him. They have interest in that fight. They want to see Manny Pacquiao versus him. They want to see Floyd Mayweather Junior versus him, and Iím wondering do you think the smaller fighters should really go up and take that risk against Sergio?

QUILLIN: Alright. Now tell me when Iím wrong, and I will honestly take your opinion and Iíll be happy with that. But I want to ask yaíll a question. Okay! Sergio Martinez calling out Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, which could barely make the 150 pound limit, right? Why wonít we want to see Sergio Martinez fight Lucian Bute?

JENNA: There is no reason why we wouldnít want to see it. Iíd actually love to see that fight.

QUILLIN: Whatís the difference, though? Like if heís calling out little guys, if he would accept a challenge from a little guy to move up, why would he not be a little guy to move up to another weight class? Even though he started off as a 147 pounder, why not just go back down to 147 pounds to get the fight then?

JENNA: Well Pete, Sergio contends that because he weighed 165 on fight night that heís actually too small to go up and face 168 pound fighters.

QUILLIN: Then why would they want me to fight Lucian Bute when I walk around as a super middleweight? You know what Iím saying? Itís just this stuff is all messed up. The night of the fight Iím 160 pounds, and by the end of the next day Iím 165/166. So itís just the same thing! Then maybe he should stick to 160 pounds and just get the guys there and stop looking to just call out the little guys. Unless the little guys want to take the fight, Iím going to go with the little guys just because I hate to see bullies picking on the smaller schoolyard kids.

JENNA: So Pete are you suggesting that it would be easier for you to make 154 than it would be to make 168?

QUILLIN: I make 160 pounds! My next fight is going to be at 160 pounds. My last fight was at 161 pounds. I donít have a problem making the middleweight limit.

JENNA: Okay well Pete, everything being the way that it is, if Sergio Martinez can even make 150 pounds do you think he would earn a fight with either Pacquiao or Mayweather?

QUILLIN: Well Pacquiao did say heís not taking the fight over 150 pounds, so maybe the fight can be made and the boxing fans can get what they want as far as seeing Manny Pacquiao versus Sergio Martinez.

JENNA: What about Mayweather? How do you think he would do? They have had rumors about that fight.

QUILLIN: I mean Mayweather writes the checks. He pays his people who he wants to fight, so if itís a fight he thinks he can generate money from, why not?

CIANI: Pete you mentioned 168. What are your early thoughts on the Super Six Final coming up. Andre Ward, Carl Froch, itís a fight that a lot of people are excited about. Who are you taking?

QUILLIN: You know Carl Froch, I sparred him. Heís very awkward. Andre Ward is a pretty good boxer, so by all means Iím going to have to go with the boxer. A lot of people are writing Carl off. I would never write a fighter off and say that he doesnít have a chance. I just think going in there against a boxer, one of the purest boxers out there in Andre Ward, I think heís going to be able to come out with the victory. Iím only just being honest. I sparred Carl Froch and they called me to spar him after leaving from Colorado Springs when I was helping the Olympic team. Thatís why I went straight back to New York is to help Carl with some sparring.

CIANI: Now Pete we mentioned some other middleweights before, Andy Lee, Sergio Martinez, and some other guys. If youíre successful in your fight against Craig McEwan and youíre able to make a statement, what do you want to do to kick off 2012 and what are you looking to accomplish in 2012 if you can springboard into that year with a big victory over McEwan?

QUILLIN: If it was Peter Quillinís Promotion, or Bang Out Entertainment, or Bang Out Promotion, I would have a lot more to say. But since Golden Boy handles all of that and my manager John Seip is hard working to get me the best opportunities out there, I would just say Iím willing to sign on any dotted line against anybody as long as they think itís a good opportunity to make me some money, get some exposure, and make sure that everything is going to be a good fight for the fans. Iím always willing to give back. Whoever it is I donít mind. Iím just going to think like a fighter, always be ready, and being tuned into boxing. Thatís what Iím here to do. I think Golden Boy is going to handle me as far as getting me the best opportunities out there that fight fans would love to see.

JENNA: Alright well Peter we just have a couple of more questions before we let you off the line. Back to the fight with Craig McEwan, what is your official prediction? How do you see that fight playing out from the opening bell to the finish?

QUILLIN: You know Iím just going to go in there and be ďKid ChocolateĒ, be the guy that youíve all been seeing. Iím going to show yaíll I got betteróa lot better. Setting up punches, Iím going to go up in there and put a lot of pressure on Craig and see if it folds him. If it folds him, then weíll get him out of there. If not, then Iím just going to beat him bad.

JENNA: Alright now do you think you will be personally disappointed if you do not knock him out being that top contender Andy Lee did it in his last fight?

QUILLIN: Well you know, let me tell you something Jenna. When you got a person who goes back and forth, at that point Andy Lee was very desperate and he had to take a little more risk of going in there and maybe getting beaten. By all means if you look at all my fights, a lot of my fights are unanimously won. I shutout guys, so a guy hardly gets into a rhythm to try and beat me. So Iím not going to have the pressure to go in there and knock him out. Iím not going to be disappointed. I would be disappointed if I lose. I would be disappointed if I lose with all of the hard work I put into this camp. You know what I mean? So if the knockout is going to come, itís going to come. Iím just looking to beat Craig McEwan really bad. If the knockout comes Iíll be happy with it. If not then Iím going to go into the next fight taking whatever I need from this fight to get even better.

JENNA: Okay Peter, well I have one final question. For all the ďKid ChocolateĒ fans out there, is there anything you want to say to them and how can they keep up with you?

QUILLIN: I want to thank yaíll for covering the latest and greatest on me and getting it out to all your people that listen to the show and asking great questions. By all means you donít ask me dumb questions. You know what Iím saying? I often get interviewed by people that donít know really much about boxing. They ask really dumb questions, but every time I come on with you guys, you always keep it fun. You keep it energetic. I love being on the line with you guys! I want to thank you guys! First and foremost I want to thank God for just giving me the body that he gave me, meaning I can go into training and I train very hard and he gave me the mind to be focused. I want to thank everybody who helped me for this camp: Freddie Roach, Eric Brown, my promotion team Golden Boy. I want to thank my manager John Seip and Jimmy McDevitt, whoís been trying to get me the best opportunities out there. I want to thank my Mom who actually came into boxing camp with me this time and did all the cooking, and just being a mother nourishing her kid. I thank my best friend who came. The list can go on and on. Iím just happy I can share what I have with other people.

JENNA: Alright well Peter, we thank you for the compliments about the show and itís an absolute pleasure having you back. We do wish you the best of luck this coming Saturday night.

QUILLIN: Iíll definitely come on and on top of that, how about thisóthey can log onto my website at and always catch me there and see exactly what Iím doing at all times, or follow me on Twitter @Kid Chocolate. But thanks again guys for having me on.

CIANI: Thanks Pete. Best of luck in your fight this weekend.

QUILLIN: Thank you!


For those interested in listening to the Peter Quillin interview in its entirety, it begins approximately twenty-seven minutes into the program.



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Article posted on 04.11.2011

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