Pacquiao conference call transcript

BOB ARUM: We are very, very excited as we wind down to the much anticipated Manny Pacquiao - Juan Manuel Márquez fight. The promotion has been a long journey – the promotion started in September in the Philippines and along the way went to México City and then both fighters continued on in their training. Manny in the Philippines and then the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, California, and Juan Manuel in México City. I think everybody involved with the promotion has done a terrific job and I want to thank HBO – I think the two segments of 24/7 were outstanding and I believe the best is yet to come with segments 3 and 4. Tomorrow night [Thursday, Nov. 3 at 12:05 a.m. ET/PT on ABC] Manny will be appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Live, which has become a normal routine for Manny’s fights. Jimmy is a great guy and it should be terrific and there will be an announcement soon of the date the CNN Piers Morgan Tonight interview will take place with Manny, Freddie and myself. It has really been thrilling for our company to be involved in this promotion and the man that brings a new image and a new excitement to boxing is the fighting Congressman from the Philippines, the pound-for-pound best fighter in boxing, the welterweight champion, Manny Pacquiao.

MANNY PACQUIAO: Thank you everybody and thank you for this conference call.

FREDDIE ROACH: Manny Pacquiao is on fire right now and he is training really well for this fight. He’s got a little spark – he was slapped in the face a little bit by Márquez in the Philippines, twice talking about the first two fights he thought he won and I think Manny is going to pay him back and payback’s a bitch.

What has Márquez been saying to irritate you?

MANNY PACQUIAO: Mainly because he was saying that he was robbed in the first two fights. This third fight will answer all of the doubts and all the questions.

Why do you pick the same sparring partners instead of ones that emulate your opponent?

FREDDIE ROACH: We started with a new guy and we have had the Roman brothers and another guy from Las Vegas and he lasted one day and the Roman brothers had to leave because they had a fight coming up and these guys have been here a long time and I just feel they are good and it is the right work at the right time.

The Cavanagh guy is new and he has a style very similar to Márquez. These guys do have very similar styles to Márquez and the other two guys can last and are very good. Beltran has done a very good job also.

Is it important to have sparring partners that you feel close with?

MANNY PACQUIAO: The sparring partners we had for this fight were great and they did fight like Márquez. I like to treat the sparring partners well because they are in camp and need to give me good work. We are a team.

Do you have a comment on Victor Conte’s declaration that Márquez’ trainer is a steroid dealer?

MANNY PACQUIAO: I do not have a comment on that.

How important is it for you to knock out Márquez?

MANNY PACQUIAO: I am not going to say I am going to knock Márquez out but I will say that I trained really hard for this fight and we did a lot of things and made a lot of sacrifices so if the knockout comes it will come. I just want to make sure I am in the best condition come November 12.

If the knockout comes it will be a reward for the hard work that I did. I worked hard for this fight making sure that I am ready for the fight and in 100% condition on that night mentally and physically.

Has Márquez’ style changed since the last time you fought?

FREDDIE ROACH: He is more offensive since we last fought him and has changed his style a little bit and I hope he stays offensive because that’s what we like and it will make for an entertaining fight.

Recent photos of Márquez show he has gained some muscle – does that trouble you?

FREDDIE ROACH: No, it looks like he’s been working hard. He definitely looks bigger and stronger. He will be easier to see which will help us. He’s probably been doing some heavy lifting to make him stronger. If Márquez wants to come attack us we are 100% ready for that.

Márquez countered with a right hand in first fights – how will you deal with that?

MANNY PACQUIAO: I know Márquez’ style very well from the first two fights so that’s where we will start again. We have started different moves for his counter-punches so I am ready for this fight.

How do you prepare for a fight and be a Congressman at the same time?

MANNY PACQUIAO: It takes a lot balance. As a boxer I represent a nation and a people when I train for a fight and when I fight. As a Congressman, I represent the interests of the people who elected me. I am their government representative and their voice. Even in training camp I am in daily contact with my congressional office. It can be challenging but I do enjoy it.

It seems as though there is animosity for the first time in one of your fights. How do you feed about Márquez overall?

MANNY PACQUIAO: I will never underestimate Márquez. I trained hard for this fight and feel strong. This is a lot different because over the past few years I have improved a lot. I think I am a lot better now mostly because of my right hand. There is also a big difference in my power and moving up in weight from our last fights is going to be a difference. I move better now too.

FREDDIE ROACH: Manny likes everyone in the world but because of what Márquez said when they were in the Philippines, well I feel that really got to Manny. It gave him an extra spark in training camp. It was a great training camp and I have never seen Manny as motivated to train.

MANNY PACQUIAO: I am excited to come back to the Jimmy Kimmel show – that’s a Fred Sternburg tradition.

Will anything special happen on Jimmy Kimmel Live?

MANNY PACQUIAO: I don’t know what will happen on the show but I know he is going to interview me about the fight – ask me some questions. It will be on at 12:05 a.m., on Thursday night.

BOB ARUM: And we are not giving anything away.

How do you stay focused with numerous distractions going on around you?

MANNY PACQUIAO: I trained very hard for this fight and I have to set aside all of the distractions. I am able to focus on the important tasks I have.

FREDDIE ROACH: Manny handles these things very well and keeps them outside the gym. Once he comes through the gym door it’s nothing but boxing and working hard. I like the separation so he doesn’t keep his mind on boxing all the time and distractions like going to Jimmy Kimmel – I have no problem with that. It’s not a distraction at all – it’s Manny Pacquiao.

Are you surprised by news coming out of Márquez training camp re: trainers history?

BOB ARUM: I think it would behoove all of the press to stop dealing in generalities. First of all, the way I run an operation, the fighter can hire anyone we wants as a trainer and a conditioner. For a period of time, people like Victor Conte and this guy Hernandez dealt in steroids with major athletes. But that’s old news in this sense. Most of the intelligent people can see that when he was handling Donaire and this guy who is now with Márquez know that you can achieve all of the benefits that you used to achieve with steroids with natural supplements without any risk of illegality or without any dangers that steroids caused, like steroid rage and other long-term problems. If Conte and this guy were dealing with steroids with anybody, to me, it makes no sense because they have been through the legal system in the U.S. – Conte was in jail and this guy apparently testified and got a suspended sentence and the last thing they would do is deal in illegal substances. You don’t have to do that anymore. Wake up and see what these conditioners are saying. They are using natural and totally legal supplements and using state of the art conditioning methods. Not because of anything other than the fact there have been advancements in the legal methods. The steroid problem is fading into the past.

Do you feel this fight will have more excitement than two previous ones?

MANNY PACQUIAO: I believe this fight will be more exciting because there will be a lot more boxing in the ring because of Marquez’ style. In the first two fights, there was a lot of boxing in the ring and this time there will be more.

Is there a Márquez weakness you will exploit in this fight?

MANNY PACQUIAO: Yes, we know the weakness but we won’t tell you that. You have to tune in on November 12th.

Can you talk about Freddie & Manny relationship?

BOB ARUM: I think the relationship with Freddie and many is very unique. I know there have been others like Ali and Angelo but I think Freddie’s and Manny’s relationship is more of equals. At a particular point in time Ali became so big that he overwhelmed even Angelo as a trainer and he told Angelo when he wanted to train and what training he would do towards the end of his career. With Freddie and Manny, Freddie is the traditional trainer and Manny is the boxer, which is very unique, particularly over the period of time they have been together.

I see you signed a deal with Hennessy and was curious to whether you drink it or not?

MANNY PACQUIAO: I have tasted it, but drink responsibly.

BOB ARUM: Thank you for being on the call. We are looking forward to Saturday night, November 12th. Thursday night, Manny will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Saturday at Santa Anita Park, home of Breeders’ Cup, will be Márquez, who is flying in from Mexico and Timothy Bradley, who is fighting Casamayor, public workouts. Márquez will be staying in LA on Sunday to do Spanish TV programs and then will come to Las Vegas where is Grand Arrival will be on Monday. Manny’s Grand Arrival will be on Tuesday and Wednesday is the press conference. On Thursday is the press conference for the undercard fighters; Friday (6 PM ET) is the weigh-in and Saturday is the night we have all been waiting for, the sensational 3rd fight in the great trilogy between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez.

MANNY PACQUIAO: Thank you to Bob and all the listeners for supporting us and I hope you don’t miss the fight next week because there is going to be a lot of boxing in the ring for all the fans.


Pacquiao (53-3-2, 38 KOs), the lone representative of the Sarangani province in the Philippines, is in his final 10 days of intense training for his defense of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title against professional nemesis and three-division world champion Juan Manuel Márquez (53-5-1, 39 KOs), of México City. Pacquiao and Márquez, with world titles in 11 weight divisions between them, will go toe-to-toe on Saturday, November 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nev. Pacquiao-Márquez III will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. PT.

Remaining closed circuit tickets, priced at $50, are on sale and available at all Las Vegas MGM Resorts properties.

Promoted by Top Rank, in association with MP Promotions, Márquez Boxing, Tecate and MGM Grand, The Pacquiao-Márquez III world championship telecast, which begins at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT, will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View® and will be available to more than 92 million pay-per-view homes. The telecast will be available in HD-TV for those viewers who can receive HD. HBO Pay-Per-View, a division of Home Box Office, Inc., is the leading supplier of event programming to the pay-per-view industry.

Episode No. 3 of the all-access reality series “24/7 Pacquiao/Márquez” premieres This Saturday! November 5, at 9:45 p.m. ET/PT on HBO. Episodes No. 1 and No. 2 are available at HBO ON DEMAND® and HBO GO® in addition to multiple replays on the network. The four-part series premieres on three consecutive Saturday nights before the finale airs the night before the welterweight championship showdown in Las Vegas.

For Pacquiao-Márquez III fight week updates, log on to and

Prospect Boxing Returns To Cleland!

Given it was over a week since its last show, Prospect Boxing shows no signs of slowing down as it aims to give Scottish fight fans a festive treat!

On the back of a successful 5 fight show in Wishaw, which was shown on Sky’s “Ringside” programme last Thursday, Prospect Boxing are pleased to announce there return to the Cleland Miners and Welfare Club on Friday December 9th.

Having had there first professional show at the venue. Locally, Cleland is the home to former British title challenger Joe Townsly and the miners club is used regularly as an amateur boxing venue.

Having confirmed the return, Prospect owner Paul Graham said “Its really good to be back were it all started for me as a professional promoter. I’m looking forward to giving the fans a good show . We had 500 hundred in Wishaw last week, so I'm hoping we can pack the Miners club out as well!“

“We currently have 3 fights scheduled. And are hoping to add more to the card. One of the good things about the venue is the layout,no matter where you sit your guaranteed a good view of the action!”

Looking to extend his unbeaten run to 4 , Edinburgh's John McCallum will be in action after coming off a injury caused in sparring, which caused him a slot on the Wishaw card. After a successful points win on his debut over the experienced Anwar Alfadli, Iain Butcher will be fighting his second fight in the flyweight division. Kris “Badger” Hughes will also be in action, and looking to demonstrate his title challenger credential.

Prospect Boxing are pleased to announce an evening of Professional Boxing at the Cleland Miners Club on Dec 9th.Tickets are available from 01698 338888 and further information is available from or


WBC President Jose Sulaiman
Frank Quill (Australia) Chairman
Claude Jackson (USA) Vice-Chairman
Luis Medina (Mexico) Secretary

Mauro Betti (Italy) Ed Pearson (Canada)
Victor Cota (Mexico) Carlos Rodriguez (Argentina)
Mikhail Denisov (Russia) Peter Stucki (Switzerland)
Alberto Guerra (Panama) Edward Thangarajah (Thailand)
Nicolas Hidalgo (Venezuela) Daniel Van De Wiele (Belgium)
Alfredo Jaime (Mexico) Robert Yalen (USA)

WON TITLE: October 11, 2008
LAST DEFENCE: September 10, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: September 10, 2011
WBA CHAMPION: Alexander Povetkin (Russia)
IBF CHAMPION: Wladimir Klitschko (Ukraine)
WBO CHAMPION: Wladimir Klitschko (Ukraine)
WBC SILVER CHAMPION: Bermane Stiverne (Canada)
1. Chris Arreola (US)
2. Alexander Dimitrenko (Germany) EBU
3. Bermane Stiverne (Canada) SILVER
4. Denis Boytsov (Russia)
5. Johnathon Banks (US) NABF
6. Chauncy Welliver (US) AMERICA/ABCO
7. Tomasz Adamek (Poland)
8. Robert Helenius (Finland)
9. Mariusz Wach (Poland) INTL
10. Eric Molina (US) USNBC
11. Tyson Fury (GB) BBB C / COMM
12. Luis Ortiz (Cuba) LATINO
13. Franklin Lawrence (US) CABOFE
14. Kubrat Pulev (Bulgaria)
15. David Rodriguez (US) FECOMBOX
16. Francesco Pianeta (Italy)
17. Darnell Wilson (US)
18. Ray Austin (US)
19. Andrew Wawrzyk (Poland) YOUTH
20. Kevin Johnson (US)
21. Johann Duhaupas (France/Panama) SOUTH AMERICA
22. Hasim Rahman (US)
23. Seth Mitchell (US)
24. Manuel Charr (Germany)
25. Alexander Ustinov (Belarussia)
26. Carlos Takam (Cameroon)
27. Jason Gavern (US)
28. Neven Pajkic (Canada)
29. Joe Hanks (US)
30. Kali Meehan (Australia)
31. Alex Leapai (Australia)
32. Monte Barrett (US)
33. Artur Szpilka (Poland)
34. Amir Mansour (US)
35. Gonzalo Basile (Argentina)
36. Vyacheslav Glazkov (Ukraine)
37. Mike Perez (Cuba/Ireland)
38. Edmund Gerber (Germany)
39. Erkan Teper (Germany) MEDITERRANEAN
40. Matias Vidondo (Argentina)
Eddie Chambers (US) * NA - IBF
Tony Thompson (US) * NA - IBF
Odlanier Solis (Cuba) * NA - Medical
Ruslan Chagaev (Uzbekistan) * NA - WBA
Jean Marc Mormeck (France) * NA - WBA/IBF
Cedric Boswell (US) * NA – WBA

CRUISERWEIGHT (200-90.719)
WON TITLE: May 15, 2010
LAST DEFENCE: April 2, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: April 2, 2011
WBA CHAMPION: Guillermo Jones (Panama)
IBF CHAMPION: Yoan Pablo Hernandez (Cuba)
WBO CHAMPION: Marco Huck (Germany)
1. Francisco Palacios (P. Rico)
2. Giacobbe Fragomeni (Italy)
3. Lateef Kayode (US) NABF
4. Silvio Branco (Italy)
5. Ola Afolabi (GB)
6. Denis Lebedev (Russia)
7. Pawel Kolodziej (Poland)
8. David Quinonero (Spain)
9. Alexander Kotlobay (Russia) BALTIC
10. Mateusz Masternak (Poland)
11. Thomasz Hutkowski (Poland)
12. Lukasz Janik (Poland) BALTIC S.
13. Ryan Coyne (US)
14. Antonio Tarver (US)
15. Danny Green (Australia)
16. BJ Flores (US) AMERICA
17. Vincenzo Rossitto (Italy)
18. Richard Hall (Jamaica) FECARBOX
19. Enad Licina (Serbia)
20. Valery Brudov (Russia)
21. Alexander Alexeev (Uzbekistan)
22. Firat Arslan (Germany)
23. Nenad Borovcanin (Serbia)
24. Shane Cameron (New Zealand) COMM
25. Iago Kiladze (Ukraine)
26. Rachid El Hadak (France)
27. Garret Wilson (US)
28. Ryan Henney (Canada)
29. Terry Dunstan (GB) BBB C
30. Eric Fields (US)
31. Krzystof Glowacki (Poland)
32. Juho Haapoja (Finland)
33. Aaron Williams (US)
34. Julien Perriaux (France) MEDITERRANEAN
35. Geoffrey Battelo (Belgium)
36. Andres Taylor (US)
37. Faycal Ibnel Arrami (Tunisia/France)
38. Daniel Bruwer (South Africa)
39. Yunier Dorticos (Cuba)
40. Rakhim Chakhkiev (Russia)
Ran Nakash (Israel) * NA - WBO
Rogelio Rossi (Argentina) * NA - WBO
Steve Cunningham (US) * NA - IBF

WON TITLE: May 21, 2011
LAST DEFENCE: October 15, 2011
WBA CHAMPION: Beibut Shumenov (Kazakhstan)
IBF CHAMPION: Tavoris Cloud (US)
WBO CHAMPION: Nathan Cleverly (GB)
1. Chad Dawson (US)
2. Ismayl Syllakh (US) NABF
3. Jean Pascal (Haiti/Canada)
4. Dawid Kostecki (Poland) BALTIC
5. Roberto Bolonti (Argentina) LATINO
6. Pawel Glazewski (Poland) BALTIC Silver
7. Eduard Gutknecht (Germany) EBU
8. Isaac Chilemba (Malawi) INTL
9. Roman Simakov (Russia) ABCO
10. Adrian Diaconu (Romania/Canada)
11. Vyacheslav Uzelkov (Ukraine)
12. Gabriel Campillo (Spain)
13. Sullivan Barrera (Cuba)
14. Yordanis Despaigne (Cuba)
15. Danny McIntosh (GB)
16. Andrezj Fonfara (Poland)
17. Dmitry Sukhotsky (Russia)
18. Doudou N'Gumbu (Congo) ABU
19. Tommy Karpency (US)
20. Denis Grachev (Russia) AMERICA
21. Oleksandr Cherviak (Ukraine)
22. Mahamed Aripgadzhiev (Belarussia)
23. Karo Murat (Germany)
24. Marcus Oliveira (US)
25. Cedric Agnew (US)
26. Elvir Muriqi (US)
27. Nicholson Poulard (Canada)
28. Nadjib Mohammedi (France)
29. Jackson Junior (Brazil)
30. Shawn Hawk (US)
31. Braimah Kamoko (Ghana)
32. Gregory Soszynski (Poland) MEDITERRANEAN
33. Will Rosinsky (US)
34. Ronson Frank (US)
35. Azea Augustama (Haiti)
36. Sergey Kovalev (Russia)
37. Denis Simcic (Germany)
38. Kirt Sinnette (Trinidad & Tobago) CABOFE
39. Blake Caparello (Australia)
40. Junior Moar (Canada)
Yusaf Mack (US) * NA - IBF
Mariano Plotinsky (Argentina) * NA - WBO
Aleksy Kuziemski (Poland) - NA - WBO
Jurgen Brahmer (Germany) - NA - WBO
Tony Bellew (GB) * NA - WBO
Zsolt Erdei (Hungary) * NA - IBF

WON TITLE: November 27, 2010
LAST DEFENCE: June 4, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: November 27, 2010
IBF CHAMPION: Lucien Bute (Canada)
WBO CHAMPION: Robert Stieglitz (Germany)
WBC SILVER CHAMPION: Noe Gonzalez (Uruguay)
WBC INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION: Nikola Sjekloca (Montenegro)
1. Anthony Dirrell (US)
2. Renan St. Juste (Canada)
3. Noe Gonzalez (Uruguay) SILVER
4. Pablo Farias (Argentina) LATINO
5. Edwin Rodriguez (Dom. R.) USNBC
6. Nikola Sjekloca (Montenegro) INTL
7. Tommy Oosthuizen (South Africa)
8. Rudy Markussen (Denmark)
9. Dyah Davis (US)
10. Kelly Pavlik (US)
11. Jesus Gonzalez (US) NABF
12. George Groves (GB) COMM/BBB C
13. James De Gale (GB) EBU
14. Librado Andrade (Mexico) AMERICA
15. Alexander Brand (Colombia)
16. Piotr Wilczewski (Poland)
17. Cristian Sanavia (Italy)
18. Marco Antonio Periban (Mexico)
19. Aaron Pryor Jr. (US)
20. Hugo Kasperski (France) YOUTH
21. Peter Quillin (US)
22. David Medina (US)
23. Andrea Di Luisa (Italy) SILVER INTL
24. Lennox Allen (Guyana) CABOFE
25. Mohamed Ali Ndiaye (Italy)
26. Paul Smith (GB)
27. Darryl Cunningham (US)
28. Farah Ennis (US)
29. Alfonso Lopez (US)
30. Khoren Gevor ()Germany)
31. Maxim Vlasov (Russia)
32. Enrique Ornelas (Mexico)
33. Marcus Johnson (US)
34. Adonis Stevenson (Haiti/Canada)
35. Shawn Estrada (US)
36. Alejandro Berrio (Colombia)
37. Jinner Guerrero (Ecuador) FECARBOX
38. Don George (US)
39. Rachid Jkitou (France)
40. Caleb Truax (US)
Dimitri Sartison (Kazakhstan) WBA Champion
Karoly Balzsay (Hungary) WBA Champion
Brian Magee (GB) WBA Interim Champion
Sakio Bika (Cameroon) * NA - WBA
Jean Paul Mendy (France) * NA - IBF
Arthur Abraham (Germany) * NA - WBA
Stanislav Kashtanov (Ukraine) * NA - WBA
Glen Johnson (US) * NA - IBF
Daniel Jacobs (US) * Medical
Mikkel Kessler (Denmark) * NA -WBO

MIDDLEWEIGHT (160-72.575)
WON TITLE: June 4, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: June 4, 2011 by Zbik
WBA CHAMPION: Felix Sturm (Germany)
IBF CHAMPION: Daniel Geale (Australia)
WBO CHAMPION: Dmitry Pirog (Russia)
1. Marco Antonio Rubio (Mexico)
2. Sebastian Zbik (Germany)
3. David Lemieux (Canada) INTL
4. Peter Manfredo Jr. (US)
5. Andy Lee (Ireland)
6. Billi Facundo Godoy (Argentina)
7. Darren Barker (GB)
8. Domenico Spada (Italy)
9. Grzegorz Proksa (Poland) EBU
10. Koji Sato (Japan) OPBF
11. Nobuhiro Ishida (Japan)
12. Fernando Guerrero (US)
13. Jorge Sebastian Heiland (Argentina)
14. Gilberto Ramirez (Mexico) YOUTH
15. Michael Oliveira (Brazil) SOUTH AMERICA
16. Samuel Miller (Colombia)
17. Ali Nestor Charles (Canada) LATINO
18. Avtandil Khurtsidze (Georgia)
19. Ronald Hearns (US)
20. Predrag Radosevic (Montenegro)
21. Dionisio Miranda (Colombia)
22. George Tahdooahnippah (US) AMERICA
23. Brian Vera (US)
24. Craig McEwan (Scotland)
25. Marcos Reyes (Mexico) FECOMBOX
26. Matt Korobov (Russia)
27. Marcos Nader (Austria)
28. Elvin Ayala (US) USNBC
29. Julien Marie Sainte (France)
30. Dominik Britsch (Germany)
31. Patrick Majewski (US)
32. Domonique Dolton (US)
33. Yves Studer (Switzerland)
34. Emmanuelle Blandamura (Italy) MEDITERRANEAN
35. Makoto Fuchigami (Japan)
36. Maksym Bursak (Ukraine)
37. Mauricio Reynoso (Peru)
38. Ossie Duran (Ghana)
39. Adam Trupish (Canada)
40. Brandon Gonzalez (US)
Gennady Golovkin (Kazakhstan) WBA CHAMPION:
Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam (Cameroon) WBA interim Champion
Matthew Macklin 8GB) * NA - WBA
Kassim Ouma (Uganda) * NA - WBA
Javier Maciel (Argentina) * NA - WBO
Osumanu Adama (Ghana) * NA - IBF
Martin Murray (GB) * NA - WBA
Gennady Martirosyan (Russia) * NA - WBO

WON TITLE: March 5, 2011
LAST DEFENCE: September 17, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: June 18, 2011
WBA CHAMPION: Miguel Cotto (P. Rico)
IBF CHAMPION: Cornelius Bundrage (US)
WBO CHAMPION: Zaurbek Baysangurov (Russia)
WBC SILVER CHAMPION: Vanes Martirosyan (Armenia)
1. Alfred Angulo (Mexico) AMERICA
2. Vanes Martirosyan (Armenia) SILVER
3. Damian Jonak (Poland) BALTIC
4. Pawel Wolak (Poland)
5. Paul Williams (US)
6. Yudel Jhonson (Cuba) FECARBOX
7. Erislandy Lara (Cuba)
8. Alfonso Mosquera (Panama)
9. Ryan Rhodes (GB) BBB C
10. Demetrius Andrade (US)
11. Jonathan Gonzalez (P. Rico)
12. Carlos Molina (US)
13. Cory Spinks (US)
14. Kermit Cintron (P. Rico)
15. James Kirkland (US)
16. Emanuele Della Rosa (Italy) INTL
17. Charlie Ota (Japan) OPBF
18. Alfonso Gomez (Mexico)
19. Luciano Cuello (Argentina) SOUTH AMERICA
20. Sergey Rabchenko (Belarussia)
21. Grady Brewer (US) NABF
22. Charles Whittaker (Cayman Islands)
23. Saul Roman (Mexico)
24. Marcos Hector Vergara (Argentina)
25. Gabriel Rosado (US)
26. Delvin Rodriguez (US)
27. Carlos Quintana (P. Rico)
28. Jamie Cox (GB) COMM
29. Prince Arron (GB) BBB C
30. Cedric Vitu (France)
31. Mouez Fhima (France) LATINO
32. Patomsuk Pathompothong (Thai) ABCO
33. Oleksandr Spyrko (Ukraine)
34. Michael Medina (Mexico)
35. Hussein Bayram (France)
36. Jackson Osei Bonsu (Belgium)
37. Juan Carlos Candelo (Colombia) USNBC
38. Sergio Mora (US)
39. Rafael Sosa Pintos (Uruguay)
40. Billy Lyell (US)
Austin Trout (US) WBA Champion
Anthony Mundine (Australia) WBA Interim Champion
Rigoberto Alvarez (Mexico) * NA - WBA
Michel Rosales (Mexico) * NA - WBA
Antonio Margarito (Mexico) * NA - WBA
Sechew Powell (US) *NA - IBF
Deandre Lattimore (US) * NA - IBF
Lukas Konecny (Czecz R.) * NA - WBO
David Lopez (Mexico) * NA - WBA
Sergei Dzindziruk (Ukraine) * NA - WBO

WELTERWEIGHT (147-66.678)
WON TITLE: September 17, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: January 17, 2009 by Berto
WBA CHAMPION: Vyacheslav Senchenko (Ukraine)
IBF CHAMPION: Andre Berto (US)
WBO CHAMPION: Manny Pacquiao (Phil)
WBC SILVER CHAMPION: Selcuk Aydin (Turkey)
1. Devon Alexander (US)
2. Selcuk Aydin (Turkey) SILVER
3. Mike Jones (US) AMERICA
4. Victor Ortiz (US)
5. Ionut Dan Ion (Romania/Canada) CABOFE
6. Sebastian Lujan (Argentina) LATINO
7. Paul Malignaggi (US)
8. Ed Paredes (US)
9. Dennis Laurente (Phil)
10. Matthew Hatton (GB)
11. Shawn Porter (US)
12. Anton Novikov (Russia) BALTIC
13. Thomas Dulorme (P. Rico)
14. Luis Carlos Abregu (Argentina)
15. Naoufel Ben Rabah (Tunisia)
16. Jesse Vargas (US)
17. Hector Saldivia (Argentina)
18. Omar Chavez (Mexico) YOUTH
19. Victor Puiu (Romania/Canada) SILVER INTL
20. Alejandro Barrera (Mexico)
21. Gianluca Branco (Italy)
22. Azael Cossio (Panama)
23. Phil Lo Greco (Italy)
24. Carson Jones (US)
25. Jesus Soto Karass (Mexico)
26. Antonin Decaire (Canada)
27. Artemio Reyes (US) FECARBOX
28. Joel Julio (Colombia)
29. Lee Purdy (GB) BBB C
30. Daniel Sandoval (Mexico)
31. Leonard Bundu (Sierra Leone)
32. Jorge Paez Jr. (Mexico)
33. Akinori Watanabe (Japan) OPBF
34. Frank Haroche Horta (France)
35. Michele Di Rocco (Italy)
36. Juan Carlos Prada (Venezuela)
37. Oyewale Omotoso (Australia)
38. Sasha Yengoyan (Belgium)
39. Mark Melligan (Phil)
40. Denton Vassell (GB) COMM
Ismael El Massoudi (Morocco) WBA Interim Champion
Souleymane M'baye (France) * NA - WBA
Marco Antonio Avendaño (Venezuela) * NA - WBA
Kell Brook (GB) * NA - WBA
Rafal Jackiewicz (Poland) * NA - WBA
Jan Zaveck (Germany) * NA - IBF
Brad Solomon (US) * NA - WBA
Randall Bailey (US) * NA - IBF

WON TITLE: September 17, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: August 1, 2009 by Alexander
WBO CHAMPION: Timothy Bradley (US)
WBC SILVER CHAMPION: Roberto Ortiz (Mexico)
WBC INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION: Prawet Singwangcha (Thailand)
1. Ajose Olusegun (Nigeria)
2. Danny Garcia (US)
3. Prawet Singwangcha (Thai) INTL
4. Lucas Matthysse (Argentina)
5. Pablo Cesar Cano (Mexico)
6. Roberto Ortiz (Mexico) SILVER
7. Yoshihiro Kamegai (Japan)
8. Cesar Cuenca (Argentina)
9. Kendall Holt (US)
10. Josesito Lopez (US)
11. Claudio Olmedo (Argentina)
12. Ashley Theophane (GB) BBB C
13. Denis Shafikov (Russia) EBU
14. Rosbel Montoya (Mexico)
15. Ali Chebah (France)
16. Antonio Pitalua (Colombia)
17. Antonio Lozada Jr. (Mexico)
18. Vernon Paris (US)
19. Aslanbek Kozaev (Russia) ABCO
20. Gabriel Bracero (US) NABF
21. Ray Narh (Ghana)
22. Karen Tevosyan (Russia) BALTIC
23. Jose Lopez (Mexico)
24. Pier Olivier Cote (Canada)
25. Juan Ruiz (Venezuela)
26. Manuel Perez (US) LATINO
27. Silverio Ortiz (Mexico)
28. Lee McAllister (GB) COMM
29. Vittorio Oi (Italy)
30. Raymond Serrano (US)
31. Oscar Maximiliano James (Argentina)
32. Tony Luis (canada) AMERICA
33. Dierry Jean (Canada)
34. Viktor Postol (Ukraine)
35. Mauricio Herrera (US
36. Jhonny Navarrete (Mexico)
37. Carlos Urias (Mexico) FECARBOX
38. Juan Pablo Lopez (Mexico)
39. Gumersindo Lucas Carrasco (Argentina)
40. Edgar Puerta (Mexico)
Marcos Maidana (Argentina) WBA Champion
Victor Manuel Cayo (P. Rico) * NA - IBF
Zab Judah (US) * NA - IBF
Breidis Prescott (Colombia) * NA - WBA
Paul McCloskey (GB) * NA - WBA
Mike Alvarado (US) * NA - IBF
Lamont Peterson (US) * NA - WBA / IBF
Alberto Mosquera (Panama) * NA - WBA Interim
Brunet Zamora (Italy/Cuba) * NA - WBA Interim
Michael Katsidis (Australia) * NA - WBO Interim
Humberto Soto (Mexico) * NA - WBA

LIGHTWEIGHT (135-61.235)
WON TITLE: October 15, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: February 6, 2010 by Valero
WBA CHAMPION: Juan Manuel Marquez (Mexico)
IBF CHAMPION: Miguel Vazquez (Mexico)
WBO CHAMPION: Juan Manuel Marquez (Mexico)
WBC INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION: Matias Daniel Ferreyra (Argentina)
1. Yuriorkis Gamboa (Cuba)
2. Jorge Linares (Venezuela)
3. Daniel Estrada (Mexico) FECARBOX
4. Reyes Sanchez (Mexico)
5. Nihito Arakawa (Japan) OPBF
6. Ryuji Migaki (Japan)
7. John Molina (US) USNBC
8. Henry Lundy (US) NABF
9. Dannie Williams (US) AMERICA
10. Saddam Kiatyongyuth (Thailand) ABCO
11. Gavin Rees (GB) EBU
12. Jose Emilio Perea (Mexico)
13. Darley Perez (Colombia)
14. Sharif Bogere (Uganda)
15. Luca Giacon (Italy)
16. Noe Bolaños (Mexico)
16. Motoki Sasaki (Japan)
17. Marcelino Lopez (Argentina) LATINO
18. Jean Pierre Bauwens (Belgium) YOUTH Intercontinental
19. Takashi Miura (Japan)
20. Jay Solmiano (Phil)
22. Anthony Crolla (GB) BBB C
23. Mercito Gesta (Phil)
24. Dejan Zlaticanin (Montenegro) MEDITERRANEAN
25. Ricardo Dominguez (Mexico)
26. Emiliano Marsili (Italy)
27. Aaron Herrera (Mexico) ABMH
28. Matias Daniel Ferreyra (Argentina) INTL
29. Manuel Perez (US)
30. Marvin Quintero (Mexico)
31. Evens Pierre (Haiti)
32. Ramon Ayala (Mexico)
33. Winston Campos (Nicaragua)
34. Edis Tatli (Finland)
35. Monty Meza-Clay (US)
36. Jonathan Maicelo (Peru)
37. Abner Cotto (P. Rico)
38. Mahonri Montes (Mexico)
39. Massimiliano Ballisai (Italy)
40. Samir Ziani (France) S. INTL
Brandon Rios (US) WBA Champion}
Ricardo Abril (Cuba) WBA Interim Champion
Robert Guerrero (US) * NA - WBO
Miguel Acosta (Venezuela) * NA - WBA
Urbano Antillon (Mexico) * NA - WBA
Kevin Mitchell (GB) * NA - WBO
Petr Petrov (Russia) * NA - WBA
John Murray (GB) * NA - WBA
Ricky Burns (GB) * NA - WBO

WON TITLE: November 26, 2010
LAST DEFENCE: April 8, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: April 8, 2011
WBA CHAMPION: Takashi Uchiyama (Japan)
IBF CHAMPION: Juan Carlos Salgado (Mexico)
1. Dante Jardon (Mexico) YOUTH
2. Terdsak Jandaeng (Thailand)
3. Luis Cruz (P. Rico)
4. Vitaly Tajbert (Germany)
5. Diego Magdaleno (US) NABF
6. Alejandro Sanabria (Mexico)
7. Gamaliel Diaz (Mexico) CABOFE
8. Devis Boschiero (Italy)
9. Roman Martinez (P. Rico)
10. Jason Litzau (US)
11. Ermano Fegatilli (Belgium) EBU
12. Ronald Pontillas (Phil) OPBF
13. Sipho Taliwe (South Africa) INTL
14. Carlos Cardenas (Venezuela) AMERICA
15. Eloy Perez (US)
16. Miguel Roman (Mexico) FECOMBOX
17. Gary Russell (US)
18. Sergio Thompson (Mexico) FECARBOX
19. Napapol Kiatisakchokchai (Thai) ABCO
20. Juan Ramon Solis (Argentina)
21. Alfonso Perez (Venezuela)
22. Seiichi Okada (Japan)
23. Yaundale Evans (US)
24. Domingo Vilpan (Argentina)
25. Gary Buckland(GB) BBB C
26. Antonio De Vitis (Italy)
27. Humberto Martinez (Colombia)
28. Logan McGuinness (Canada)
29. Marcos Lopez (Mexico)
30. Liam Walsh (GB) COMM
31. Arash Usmanee (Canada)
32. Jose Pedraza (P. Rico)
33. Sergio Torres (Mexico)
34. Benoit Gaudet (Canada)
35. Jose Forero (Panama)
36. Cesar Vazquez (Mexico)
37. Fernando Trejo (Mexico)
38. Art Hovhannesyan (Armenia)
39. Karim Chakim (France)
40. Ronny Rios (US)
Jorge Solis (Mexico) * NA - WBA
Argenis Mendez (Dom. R) * NA IBF
Mzonke Fana (South Africa) * NA - IBF
Adrien Broner (US) * NA - WBO
Vicente Martin Rodriguez (Argentina) * NA - WBO
Santos Benavides (Nicaragua) * NA -WBA
Fernando Saucedo (Argentina) * NA -IBF

FEATHERWEIGHT (126-57.153)
WON TITLE: April 8, 2011
LAST DEFENCE: September 15, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: April 8, 2011
WBA CHAMPION: Chris John (Indonesia)
IBF CHAMPION: Billy Dib (Australia)
WBO CHAMPION: Orlando Salido (Mexico)
WBC SILVER CHAMPION: Robinson Castellanos (Mexico)
1. Chonlatarn O. Piriyapinyo (Thailand) ABCO
2. Miguel Garcia (US) NABF
3. Hozumi Hasegawa (Japan)
4. Robinson Castellanos (Mexico) SILVER/FECOMBOX
5. Juan Carlos Burgos (Mexico)
6. Fermin De los Santos (Mexico)
7. Justin Savi (Benin)
8. Retsuri Lee (Japan)
9. Roinet Caballero (Panama)
10. Juan Manuel Lopez (P. Rico)
11. Eduardo Escobedo (Mexico)
12. Hiroshige Osawa (Japan) OPBF
13. Viorel Simion (Romania) INTL
14. Alexander Miskirtchian (Belgium) EBU
15. Salvador Sanchez (Mexico) CABOFE
16. Satoshi Hosono (Japan)
17. Toru Suzuki (Japan)
18. Javier Fortuna (Dom. R.)
19. Edgar Riovalle (Mexico)
20. Eusebio Osejo (Nicaragua)
21. Nicholas Walters (Jamaica)
22. Naoki Matsuda (Japan)
23. Juan Antonio Rodriguez (Mexico)
24. Sofiane Takoucht (France)
25. Luis Orlando Del Valle (P. Rico)
26. Jenifel Vicente (Dom. R.)
27. Ayup Arsaev (Russia) BALTIC
28. Jesus Ruiz (Mexico)
29. Lee Selby (GB) BBB C/COMM
30. Miguel Gonzalez (Honduras)
31. Jonel Alibio (Phil)
32. Juan Carlos Payano (Dom. R.)
33. Orlando Cruz (P. Rico)
34. Oleg Yefimovich (Ukraine)
35. Jhonathan Arenas (Panama)
36. Andres Gutierrez (Mexico)
37. Juan Carlos Cano (Argentina)
38. Stephen Smith (GB)
39. Carlos M. Reyes (Dom. R.)
40. Hisashi Amagasa (Japan)
Celestino Caballero (Panama) WBA Champion
Jonathan Barros (Argetina) * NA - WBA
Daniel Ponce de Leon (Mexico) * NA - WBO
Daud Cino Yordan (Indonesia) * NA - WBA
Jorge Lacierva (Mexico) * NA - IBF
Alberto Garza (Mexico) * NA - Medical
Alberto Servidei (Italy) * NA - IBF

WON TITLE: September 15, 2008
LAST DEFENCE: October 1, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: October 24, 2010
IBF CHAMPION: Takalani Ndlovu (South Africa)
WBO CHAMPION: Jorge Arce (Mexico)
1. Simpiwe Vetyeka (South Africa)
2. Rafael Marquez (Mexico)
3. Fernando Montiel (Mexico)
4. Alexander Bakhtin (Russia)
5. Leon Moore (Guyana)
6. Akifumi Shimoda (Japan)
7. Kiko Martinez (Spain) EBU
8. Victor Terrazas (Mexico)
9. Masaaki Serie (Japan)
10. Oscar Gonzalez (Mexico)
11. Rendall Munroe (GB)
12. Mauricio Muñoz (Argentina)
13. Tshifhiwa Munyai (South Africa)
14. Lorenzo Villanueva (Phil)
15. Yoandris Salinas (Cuba) LATINO
16. Orlando Rizo (Nicaragua) FECARBOX
17. Roli Gasca (Phil) OPBF
18. Chris Avalos (US)
19. Jayson Velez (P. Rico)
20. Sergio Santillan (Argentina)
21. Onalvi Sierra (Colombia)
22. Jose Angel Beranza (Mexico)
23. Christopher Martin (US)
24. Scott Quigg (GB) BBB C
25. Thangthong Kittaweesuk (Thai)
26. Hiromasa Ohashi (Japan)
27. Alejandro Lopez (Mexico)
28. Sergio Perales (US)
29. Enrique Bernache (Mexico)
30. Jesus Rojas (P. Rico)
31. Horacio Garcia (Mexico) YOUTH
32. Jessie Albaracin (Phil)
33. Rodolfo Hernandez (Mexico)
34. Alexis Kabore (Burkina-Faso) ABU
35. Marvin Sonsona (Phil)
36. Caril Herrera (Uruguay)
37. Ramon Maas (Mexico)
38. Carl Frampton (GB) COMM
39. Tyson Cave (Canada) AMERICA
40. Jerome Thomas (France)
Guillermo Rigondeaux (Cuba) WBA Interim Champion
Ricardo Cordoba (Panama) * NA - WBA
Ivan Hernandez (Mexico) * NA - WBO
Jeffrey Mathebula (South Africa) * NA - IBF
Willy Casey (Ireland) * NA - WBA/Interim
Steve Molitor (Canada) ** NA - IBF
Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. (P. Rico) * NA - WBO
Sod Looknongyangtoy (Thailand) * NA - WBO
Jonathan Oquendo (P. Rico) * NA - WBO
Giovani Caro (Mexico) * NA - IBF
Simphiwe Nongqayi (South Africa) * NA - WBO
Jeremy Parodi (France) * NA - IBF

BANTAMWEIGHT (118-53.524)
WON TITLE: February 19, 2011
LAST DEFENCE: October 22, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: March 12, 2009 by Hasegawa
WBA CHAMPION: Anselmo Moreno (Panama)
IBF CHAMPION: Abner Mares (Mexico)
WBO CHAMPION: Nonito Donaire (Mexico)
WBC SILVER CHAMPION: Abner Mares (Mexico)
1. Abner Mares (Mexico) SILVER
2. Christian Esquivel (Mexico)
3. Shinsuke Yamanaka (Japan)
4. Joseph Agbeko (Ghana)
5. James McDonnell (GB) COMM/EBU/BBB C
6. Malcolm Tunacao (Phil)
7. Tomoki Kameda (Japan) YOUTH
8. AJ Banal (Phil)
9. Eric Morel (P. Rico)
10. Stephane Jamoye (Belgium)
11. Kohei Oba (Japan)
12. Rolly Matsushita (Japan/Phil) OPBF
13. Vusi Malinga (South Africa)
14. Oscar Escandon (Colombia) LATINO
15. Leo Santa Cruz (US)
16. Felipe Orucuta (Mexico)
17. Sebastian Rodriguez (Argentina)
18. Ryosuke Iwasa (Japan)
19. Jesus Galicia (Mexico)
20. Gerardo Marin Hernandez (Mexico) AMERICA
21. Yodcharnchai Nakonluang (Thailand)
22. Eduardo Garcia (Mexico)
23. Mikio Yasuda (Japan)
24. Roberto Vasquez (Panama)
25. Hiroki Shiino (Japan) INTL
26. Drain Francisco (Phil)
27. Sebastian Gauthier (Canada)
28. Zhanat Zhakiyanov (Kazakhstan)
29. Phumzile Mathyila (South Africa)
30. Michel Garcia (Mexico)
31. Stuart Hall (GB)
32. Saul Gutierrez (Mexico)
33. Diego Ricardo Santillan (Argentina)
34. Nestor Rocha (US)
35. Ryuichi Funai (Japan)
36. Rafael Concepcion (Panama)
37. Glenn Porras (Phil)
38. David Sanchez (Mexico)
39. Paulus Ambunda (Namibia)
40. Yuki Tsuge (Japan)
Koki Kameda (Japan) WBA Champion
Hugo Ruiz (Mexico) WBA Interim Champion
Neomar Cermeño (Venezuela) * NA - WBA
Yonny Perez (Colombia) * NA - IBF
Alvaro Perez (Nicaragua) * NA - WBA
Francisco Arce (Mexico) * NA - WBA
Daniel Diaz (Nicaragua) * NA - WBA
Lorenzo Parra (Venezulea) * NA - WBA
Daniel Rosas (Mexico) * NA - WBO
David De la Mora (Mexico) * NA - WBA
Vic Darchinyan (Armenia) * NA - WBA
Omar Narvaez (Argentina) * NA - WBO

SUPER FLYWEIGHT (115-52.163)
WON TITLE: August 19, 2011
LAST DEFENCE: November 4, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: May 21, 2011 by Rojas
WBA CHAMPION: Tomonubo Shimizu (Japan)
IBF CHAMPION: Rodrigo Guerrero (Mexico)
WBC SILVER CHAMPION: Sylvester Lopez (Phil)
WBC INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION: Oleydong Sithsanerchai (Thai)
1. Sylvester Lopez (Phil) SILVER
2. Carlos Cuadras (Mexico) AMERICA
3. Tomas Rojas (Mexico)
4. Yota Sato (Japan)
5. Oleydong Sithsanerchai (Thai) INTL
6. Lee Haskins (GB)
7. Oscar Ibarra (Mexico)
8. Juan Jose Montes (Mexico)
9. Ryo Akaho (Japan) OPBF
10. Cesar Seda (P. Rico)
11. Johnny Garcia (Mexico)
12. Nobuo Nashiro (Japan)
13. Victor Zaleta (Mexico) FECOMBOX
14. Julio Ceja (Mexico) FECARBOX
15. Go Onaga (Japan)
16. Jose Salgado (Mexico)
17. Evans Mbamba (South Africa)
18. Marlon Tapales (Phil)
19. Toyoto Shiraishi (Japan)
20. Julio Cesar Miranda (Mexico)
21. Everth Briceño (Nicaragua)
22. Yohei Tobe (Japan)
23. Alberto Rosas (Mexico)
24. Petchbarngborn S. Tanapinyo (Thailand)
25. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai (Thailand) ABCO
26. Daigo Nakahiro (Japan)
27. Roberto Sosa (Argentina)
28. Julio Escudero (Panama)
29. Juan Carlos Sanchez Jr. (Mexico)
30. Henry Maldonado (Nicaragua)
31. Unathi Gqokoma (South Africa)
32. Kohei Kono (Japan)
33. Kenji Oba (Japan)
34. Alejandro Hernandez (Mexico)
35. Jonathan Arias (Dom. R.)
36. Mohamed Bouleghcha (France)
37. Juan Francisco Estrada (Mexico)
38. Hiroki Sato (Japan)
39. Isack Junior (Inodensia)
40. Takuya Miyamori (Japan)
Tepparith Singwancha (Thai) WBA Interim Champion
Duangpetch Saengmorakot (Thailand) * NA - WBA
Volodymyr Sydorenko (Ukraine) * NA - WBA
Raul Martinez (US) * NA - IBF
Daiki Kameda (Japan) * NA - WBA
William Urina (Colombia) * NA - WBO
Arturo Badillo (Mexico) * NA - WBA
Jose Cabrera (Mexico) * NA - WBO
Hugo Cazares (Mexico) * NA - WBA
Hiroyuki Hisataka (Japan)

FLYWEIGHT (112-50.802)
WON TITLE: March 27, 2010
LAST DEFENCE: October 21, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: October 21, 2011
WBA CHAMPION: Hernan Marquez (México)
IBF CHAMPION: Moruti Mthalane (South Africa)
WBO CHAMPION: Brian V iloria (US)
WBC SILVER CHAMPION: Wilbert Uicab (Mexico)
1. Wilbert Uicab (Mexico) SILVER
2. Toshiyuki Igarashi (Japan)
3. Edgar Sosa (Mexico)
4. Rocky Fuentes (Phil) OPBF
5. Ricardo Nunez (Panama) LATINO
6. Milan Melindo (Phil) YOUTH Intercon.
7. Panomrunglek Kaiyarn-Hadaogym (Thailand) SILVER INTL
8. Luis May (Mexico) NABF
9. Nestor Narvaes (Argentina)
10. Froilan Saludar (Phil)
11. Richie Mepranum (Phil)
12. Sonny Boy Jaro (Phil)
13. Oscar Blanquet (Mexico)
14. Takuya Kogawa (Japan)
15. Hirofumi Mukai (Japan)
16. Ronald Barrera (Colombia)
17. Edgar Jimenez (Mexico)
18. Luis Concepcion (Panama)
19. Kenichi Horikawa (Japan)
20. Jose Alfredo Tirado (Mexico)
21. Chatchai Sor Tanayong (Thailand)
22. Karim Guerfi (France)
23. Anuar Salas (Colombia)
24. Jesus Jimenez (Mexico)
25. Takayasu Kobayashi (Japan)
26. Edrin Dapudong (Phil)
27. Jhonriel Casimero (Phil)
28. Shigetaka Ikehara (Japan)
29. Danny Flores (Mexico)
30. Wars Katusamata (Japan/Phil)
31. Ashley Sexton (GB)
32. Zolani Tete (South Africa)
33. Kennedy Kanyanta (Zambia)
34. Petch Sor Chitpattana (Thai) YOUTH
35. Fernando Lumacad (Phil) ABCO
36. Jung-Oh Son (Korea)
37. Chris Edwards (GB) BBB C
38. Daniel Lozano (Mexico) USNBC
39. Ryan Engalla Bito (Phil)
40. Myungho Lee (Japan)
Juan Carlos Reveco (Argentina) WBA Interim Champion
Jean Piero Perez (Venezuela) * NA - WBA
Omar Salado (Mexico) * NA - WBA
Andrea Sarritzu (Italy) * NA - IBF
Giovanni Segura (Mexico) * NA - WBO
Omar Soto (Mexico) * NA -WBA

LIGHT FLYWEIGHT (108-48.988)
WON TITLE: April 30, 2011
LAST DEFENCE: September 24, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: April 30, 2011 by Keb Baas
WBA CHAMPION: Roman Gonzalez (Nicaragua)
IBF CHAMPION: Ulises Solis (Mexico)
WBO CHAMPION: Donnie Nietes (Phil)
WBC SILVER CHAMPION: Samuel Gutierrez (Mexico)
WBC INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION: Jonathan Inguito Taconing (Phil)
1. Noknoi Sitthiprasert (Thai)
2. Samuel Gutierrez (Mexico) SILVER
3. Kompayak Porpramook (Thailand)
4. Ryo Miyazaki (Japan) OPBF
5. Gilberto Keb Baas (Mexico)
6. Luis Ceja (Mexico) FECARBOX
7. Rodel Mayol (Phil)
8. Omar Niño (Mexico)
9. Javier Mendoza (Mexico) AMERICA
10. Jonathan Inguito Taconing (Phil) INTL
11. Edwin Diaz (Panama)
12. Xiong Zhao Zhong (China)
13. Pedro Guevara (Mexico) NABF
14. Masayuki Kuroda (Japan)
15. Luis Rios (Panama)
16. Gideon Buthelezi (South Africa)
17. Yodmongkol Wor.Saengthep (Thailand) YOUTH
18. Carlos Melo (Panama)
19. Jose Guadalupe Martinez (Mexico)
20. Sizwe Sinyabi (South Africa)
21. Tommy Seran (Indonesia)
22. Luis Lazarte (Argentina)
23. Julian Rivera (Mexico)
24. Carlos Ruben Dario Ruiz (Argentina)
25. Munetsugu Kayo (Japan)
26. Carlos Tamara (Colombia)
27. Jerson Mancio (Phil)
28. Luis De la Rosa (Colombia)
29. Yuki Fukumoto (Japan)
30. Ryoichi Taguchi (Japan)
31. Felipe Salguero (Mexico)
32. Sooksan Chaichan Sanmuangloei (Thai) ABCO
33. Adrian Eduardo Mendoza (Argentina)
34. Odilon Zaleta (Mexico) FECOMBOX
35. Ivan Meneses (Mexico)
36. Manuel Vargas (Mexico)
37. Randy Petalcurin (Phil)
38. Mfundo Gwayana (South Africa)
39. Nethra Sasiprapa (Thai)
40. Ivan Diaz (Mexico) ABMH
Jesus Geles (Colombia) * NA -WBO
Ronald Ramos (Colombia) * NA - WBO
Jesus Iribe (Mexico) * NA - WBO
Manuel Vargas (Mexico) * NA - WBO
Lookdiew Torbuamas (Thai) *NA - Medical
Jose Rodriguez (Mexico) * NA - LEGAL
Jether Oliva (Phil) * NA - IBF
Ramon Garcia (Mexico) * NA - WBO

STRAWWEIGHT (105-47.627)
WON TITLE: February 11, 2011
LAST DEFENCE: August 10, 2011
LAST COMPULSORY: August 10, 2011
WBA CHAMPION: Akira Yaegashi (Japan)
IBF CHAMPION: Nkosinathi Joyi (South Africa)
WBO CHAMPION: Moises Fuentes (Mexico)
WBC SILVER CHAMPION: Cuello D. Singwangcha (Phil)
1. Cuello D. Singwangcha (Phil) SILVER
2. Ganigan Lopez (Mexico)
3. Wanheng Menayothin (Thailand) S. INTL
4. Juan Hernandez (Mexico)
5. Takashi Kunishige (Japan)
6. Hekkie Budler (South Africa)
7. Mario Rodriguez (Mexico) NABF
8. Jose Alfredo Zuniga (Mexico) AMERICA
9. Yedgoen Tor-Chalermchai (Thailand) YOUTH
10. Javier Martinez (Mexico)
11. Florante Condes (Phil)
12. Carlos Perez (Mexico)
13. Julio Cesar Felix (Mexico)
14. Manuel Jimenez (Mexico)
15. Michael Landero (Phil)
16. Osvaldo Razon (Mexico)
17. Merlito Sabillo (Phil) OPBF
18. Job Solano (Mexico)
19. Carlos Buitrago (Nicaragua)
20. Pigmy Kokietgym (Thailand)
21. Rommel Asenjo (Phil)
22. Saul Juarez (Mexico)
23. Norihito Tanaka (Japan)
24. Jose Aguilar (Nicaragua)
25. Raul Castañeda (Mexico)
26. Walter Tello (Panama)
27. Tshepo Lefele (South Africa)
28. Carlos Velarde (Mexico)
29. Zukisani Kwayiba (South Africa)
30. Leroy Estrada (Panama)
31. Omari Kimweri (Tanzania)
32. Heri Amol (Indonesia)
33. Erik Ramirez (Mexico)
34. Mauricio Fuentes (Colombia)
35. Cesar Gandara (Mexico)
36. Roilo Golez (Phil) ABCO
37. Thongthailek Sortanapinyo (Thai)
38. Samartlek Chaiyonggym (Thailand)
39. Maximo Flores (Mexico)
40. Roemart Sentillas Yamagata (Phil)
Juan Palacios (Nicaragua) WBA Interim Champion
Katsunari Takayama (Japan) * NA - IBF
Jesus Silvestre (/Mexico) * NA - WBA
Kwanthai Chor Nor Pattalung (Thai) * NA - WBA
Muhammad Rachman (Indonesia) * NA - WBA
Armando Hernandez Torres (Mexico) * NA - WBA
Raul Garcia (Mexico) * NA - WBO
Pornsawan Porpramook (Thai)* NA – WBA

Article posted on 03.11.2011

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