Exclusive Interview With 130-Pound Sensation Eloy ďThe PrinceĒ Perez

By James Slater: Red-hot 24-year-old 130-pound contender Eloy Perez is on the verge of some big, big fights right now. The Golden Boy-promoted star is coming off a smashing, 2nd-round KO over the experienced Daniel Jiminez, and fans eagerly await ďThe PrinceísĒ next bout.

Very kindly taking the time to speak with me earlier today, Eloy, 22-0-2(6) had the following answers to my questions:

James Slater: Itís great to be able to speak with you, Eloy. Iíve read big things about you and your exciting style! First of all, your PR, Rachel Charles informs me you were an all-round athlete at school, with talent at wrestling and football, etc?

Eloy Perez: I was, yes.

J.S: And how did you settle on boxing? I read that you were bullied as a youngster?

E.P: I was bullied when I was growing up, yes. I was also a bully myself. I just learnt to fight; boxing helped me a whole lot. I was a little chubby, dorky kid and boxing mellowed me out. I lost a lot of weight and I got my self-esteem.

J.S: What age were you when you first put the gloves on?

E.P: 12, I had just turned 12.

J.S: And back then, who were your heroes/influences as far as boxing goes?

E.P: A friend of mine, his dad used to train fighters, and he and my dad, they both got me into it. They said, Ďok, you wanna be a fighter?í Thatís how it started and the rest is history (laughs).

J.S: And who were/are you boxing heroes?

E.P: I like Ike Quartey, Roberto Duran, Shane Mosley, [Felix] Trinidad. All those guys are heroes to me.

J.S: And for those fans who have not yet seen you fight - in England where Iím from especially - how would you describe your style?

E.P: Iím explosive, I like to counter-punch. Thatís it really.

J.S: And do you have a favourite punch, a pet punch?

E.P: (smiling) I really like my hook, my left hook.

J.S: You certainly scored a sizzling KO last time out, back in September, when you KOíd Daniel Jiminez in the 2nd-round. Did you expect to KO him so fast?

E.P: Not really, but I had been working on my power in camp. I think itís time now to show what I have power-wise. I want to be more aggressive in my future fights.

J.S: Going back to your amateur career: can you remember your record?

E.P: I was something like 58-6.

J.S: And you won the California State Golden Gloves twice?

E.P: Yes, and the 2004 Ringside world championships.

J.S: Did you fight any amateur guys who went on to become big names as a pro like yourself?

E.P: I fought Victor Ortiz. He beat me, but it was close. He beat me by one point. I canít really remember any other names.

J.S: Do you prefer the pro game as opposed to the amateur sport?

E.P: Theyíre both different. Amateur was fast, and it was also fun - the travelling and winning trophies. But you get paid as a pro, and you only have to fight three or four times a year (laughs). Theyíre both good.

J.S: You have a fine pro record at 22-0-2(6). Which fight was your best win to date in your opinion?

E.P: Iíd say the win over Dannie Williams (WU10, Sept. 2009). Heís a great fighter and I canít take anything from him. It was a tough fight. We both went down, him once, myself twice. But he was really hurt when he went down. I was never hurt - in fact I came back harder in the rounds I was knocked down in. But that fight, that win, it made me stand out as a fighter.

J.S: And the toughest fight of your career so far?

E.P: The two draws I had (with Kevin Carmody in Sept. of 2006 and with Carlos Vinan in Aug. of 2008) were both learning experiences. Iíd say the toughest fight so far was my win over Gilberto Sanchez Leon, who I fought on the Mosley/Mayweather card (in May of last year). I had sparred for that fight and picked up a cauliflower ear. I needed surgery on my ear, but I didnít say anything before the fight. I had real complications with the ear.

J.S: Iíve read youíve sparred with guys like Brandon Rios - great learning experience?

E.P: Definitely, Iím always learning.

J.S: So who, and what, is next for you? Whatís the story with the Adrien Broner fight?

E.P: Iíd love to fight Broner! But I want to put myself in a better position first. If we both wait, that fight will be a mega-fight. Oscar [De La Hoya] has told me to wait and let the fight build. But Iíll fight him any time, anywhere, apart from in Cincinnati, his home town. He wonít come to my home town for the fight. I just want it to be on neutral ground.

J.S: At 5í6,Ē do you plan on staying at 130, or maybe moving up one day?

E.P: I want a title at 130, then Iíll maybe move up to 135 in time. But I want to establish myself at 130 first. I want to conquer this weight class first.

J.S: And you are fighting next on Oct. 28th in California?

E.P: Yes, but so far we have no definite opponent. We should know in a few days.

J.S: Broner aside, who are the other big names youíd love to fight down the road?

E.P: Iíd like to fight Juan Carlos Salgado, Takashi Uchiyama. Also all contenders; guys like Luis Cruz. All the top guys.

J.S: Itís been great speaking with you, Eloy. Youíre a young guy at 24: how soon do you feel you will be at your absolute peak?

E.P: Well, as I told my last interviewer; Iím still learning. Iím still being who I am; being myself. Things take time. Iím getting better and better all the time. Iím still becoming a full man. Iíd say Iím around 80-percent right now. I plan a busy 2012, a big 2012. Hopefully Iíll get that title and fight two or three times in the year!

J.S: Itís been a pleasure, Eloy. Best wishes for the rest of your promising career.

E.P: Thanks a lot.

(sincere thanks go out to Rachel Charles for assistance in obtaining this interview)

Article posted on 13.10.2011

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