Floyd Mayweather Senior: ďFloyd could whop Pacquaio and Amir Khan in the same night, but they got a little something where they got the edgeĒ

by Geoffrey Ciani (Exclusive Interview by Jenna J & Geoffrey Ciani) - This weekís 143rd edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio (brought to you by CWH Promotions) featured an exclusive interview with well know boxing trainer Floyd Mayweather Senior, whose son, Floyd Mayweather Junior (42-0, 26 KOs) just scored a controversial fourth round knockout victory against Victor Ortiz (29-3-2, 22 KOs). Mayweather spoke about the fight and the controversy, and also shared his views on various other topics, including Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan, Larry Merchant, and more! Here is a complete transcript from that interview:

JENNA J: Letís move to our final guest of this weekís show. He is no stranger to On the Ropes because heís making his fourteenth appearance. He is a top trainer in boxing today. He is the father of Floyd Mayweather Junior. We have the one and only Floyd ďJoyĒ Mayweather Senior! Howís everything going today Floyd?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER SR: Iím doing great.

JENNA: Alright Floyd, well the boxing world is certainly talking about your sonís last performance in the ring against Victor Ortiz. There is a little bit of controversy involved how the fight actually ended with a fourth round stoppage. I wanted to get your views on it. How did you see the fight?

MAYWEATHER: Itís pretty much what you had seen. The fight was a legitimate fight. Everybody is trying to say that the fight was fixed or whatever theyíre trying to say about it. There is no question when the referee says, the last the referee tells you is, ďProtect yourself at all times!Ē Thatís what he tells you, and he didnít protect himself because itís time to fight. Itís not time to bump gloves no more. You already bumped gloves. Thereís no need to bump gloves. Itís time to fight! Everybodyís got this thing all twisted like little Floyd stole on him. First of all, he was the first one that started the mess by head-butting little Floyd. Heís the one that started it, anyway! Little Floyd just ended it. Thatís all that was.

JENNA: I definitely agree Floyd with what youíre saying, but why do you think boxing fans are so upset with the way the fight ended?

MAYWEATHER: Theyíre upset because a lot of them hate little Floyd. They hate him! Iím just telling you. Thatís just the way it is. Itís just like Muhammad Ali. Nobody liked him. They hated him, too! Heís one of them kind of characters. You love him or you donít.

JENNA: Alright now Floyd, from your view, how do you think the fight was playing out to that point? How do you think your son was performing?

MAYWEATHER: I think my son was beating him and beating him easy. He still was beating him easy. It was no real exciting fight to me in terms of the way either one of them was letting punches go. I would have it was probably more or less to me not looking at my son looking as good as he should have looked. Ortiz, I didnít expect that much out of him anyway. Heís really a novice, green fighter compared to my son.

JENNA: Now Floyd, yourself as a former fighter, if you saw that same opportunity your son had coming after the break when Joe Cortez called the fight back onówould you have taken that same shot?

MAYWEATHER: Yes I would have. I would have. Youíd be a fool if you donít take it. First of all, when the referee tells you itís fight time, itís time to fight! It ainít time to bump gloves, and hug, and make up, and kiss, and get married! It ainít time for all that. You know. When he tells you ďfightĒ, fight means fight. Thatís what it means when thatís what he says. Heís the commander in the ring. So when he tells you to fight, itís time for you to fight. He got tricked into it. My thing is for myself personally, they asked about a rematch and I donít even want to see it again because I already know whatís going to happenóthe same thing.

JENNA: Now Floyd, what did you make of the whole post-fight interview that Larry Merchant gave your son?

MAYWEATHER: I think my son did right by him! I think my son did right. Iím so damn glad somebody got a chance to tell his ass off. Heís just been doing this sh*t over the years for decades, and decades. Itís time for somebody to get his ass off of somebodyís back. Any fighter he donít like. Heís going to talk about Pacquiao, and he wants to talk about why you stole. He was looking down on little Floyd like little Floyd stole on the guy and then he wants to turn around like he wants to talk about Pacquiao. What about f*cking Pacquiao?! Pacquiao canít f*cking fight, anyway! What about the guy? Floyd did the right thing. When the ref tells you to fight, thatís what you do. You fight! Thatís what the name of the game is. They give you the full instructions before the fight. They tell you the full instructions. Protecting yourself at all times means, use whatever means it is to protect yourself. Thatís what protecting yourself means!

JENNA: Larry Merchant said to your son if he was fifty years younger he would have kicked your sonís ass.

MAYWEATHER: If he was fifty years younger heíd get his ass. Heíd get the same damn thing, but heíd probably just get it worse. Like my son said, first of all he donít know sh*t about boxing! So what is he going to do if heís fifty years younger? It donít make no difference! I donít care if he ever boxed before. He canít box. He canít do anything. I mean what can he do? I mean really? Larry Merchant? Oh my God. He donít know nothing about boxing. Iíll tell you the truth, him and that other guy. Whatís the other slim guy? Whatís his name? Whatís the guy that commentates the fights?

JENNA: Emanuel Steward or Max Kellerman?

MAYWEATHER: Not Emanuel Steward. Max Kellerman! He needs to go sit his ass down, too. He donít know sh*t about no boxing! Itís a bunch of bullsh*t, man. If you want to know boxing, get somebody that knows boxing and let them people talk about boxing and commentate boxing. Donít give nobody that just looked at Muhammad Ali movies, and all of his life, and heís going to tell you about boxing from that? And get a f*cking job? Please. Thatís a joke. Boxing is just going down, and itís going down because of people like Larry Merchant and that guy right there. And another reason itís going down is because all this sh*t about Pacquiao! Look here! There ainít but one simple thing to do! If you want to fight, take the test! Thatís all I got to say. F8ck! The mother f*cker must be scared! He wonít fight! He ainít taking no tests!

JENNA: What do you think is going to happen next, Floyd? Do you think that fight is next for your son? Do you think Pacquiao will take the test?

MAYWEATHER: Thatís what the whole thing is about anywayóhim taking the test and him going to the Philippines! Every time a fight happens he goes to the Philippines and then he comes back! Why in the hell would anyone go to the Philippines?! For what?! Every time there is a fight he goes to the Philippines! What are you going to the Philippines for?!

JENNA: Floyd are you suggesting Manny Pacquiao goes and trains over in the Philippines do some sort of performance enhancing drug?

MAYWEATHER: Hey! Iím not going to say that. Iím not going to say that because Iím still in negotiations with the courts and things. I wonít say that. Iím just going to say hey, why wonít he take the test? Because what else is going to stop somebody? Itís the biggest fight in the world. Why are you not going to take the test in the biggest fight in the world? Anybody would jump on that, fast, quick, and in a hurry! He donít seem too fast to jump on it, because he knows he canít whop little Floyd, anyway. He knows that. They can talk all they want. You never hear Pacquiao talking about fighting little Floyd, you hear other people talking about fighting little Floyd. You never hear Pacquiao say nothing about fighting little Floyd! Pacquiao knows what will happen to his ass, because he knows if he takes that test he knows whatís really going to happen! There ainít going to be no ifs, ands, or buts about it! He knows heís going to get his natural ass toked up! Believe me!

JENNA: Okay well Floyd, weíre also on the line with my Co-Host Geoff Ciani.

GEOFFREY CIANI: Hey Floyd. Howís it going?

MAYWEATHER: How are you doing? Are you alright?

CIANI: Iím doing good. Floyd, going back to your sonís fight this past weekend, Iím wondering: one of the things that seemed odd about the whole thing was that the referee Cortez, after he told the fighters to fight again he kind of looked away and missed the beginning of the combination that your son threw. Do you think that when Cortez was telling the guy to start the time again and wasnít paying attention added to the fact that fans seemed so upset by the conclusion of that fight?

MAYWEATHER: Whatever it was and whoeverís mistake it was, it wasnít Floydís mistake! Whoeverís mistake it was, it wasnít Floydís mistake. And there was no mistake, anyway! First of all, they told Floyd. Floydís thing is anyway, the last thing the referee tells you when youíre getting ready to fight is, ďProtect yourself at all timesĒ. So he didnít do that. When somebody tells you to fight, itís time to fight! Little Floyd didnít fight until somebody told him to fight! When they told him to fight, he did what he was supposed to do! There ainít no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Thatís the way it went.

CIANI: Now I agree with you that what Floyd did was perfectly legal and there was nothing wrong with it on that front, but if Ortiz didnít head-butt him and Floyd didnít get that opportunity when Ortiz wasnít protecting himself and did get foolish in the ring, how do you think it would have played out from that point?

MAYWEATHER: Little Floydís too smart for that man! Little Floyd would beat him. Every time they fight little Floyd would beat his ass! Believe me. Itís easy. Itís easy. As you see, even the round that little Floyd wasóhe canít beat little Floyd! Itís just as simple as that. He ainít got enough ring skills, he ainít got enough knowledge, he ainít got enough experience, he ainít got enough of nothing to whop little Floyd. Itís night and day with him and little Floyd.

CIANI: With Floydís performance to that point in the fight, he seemed to be walking Victor Ortiz down and this is something we also saw from him in the Mosley fight. Do you think your sonís style is starting to evolve a little bit where heís more comfortable being aggressive and pursuing his opponent in the ring?

MAYWEATHER: Well, no. That ainít little Floydís fight. If you noticed little Floyd fight, thatís not really how little Floyd fights but little Floyd said he wasnít going to run from Victor Ortiz because everyone was telling him how hard he punches. Little Floyd said he wasnít going to run from him and he didnít run from him. I just feel like he feels like heís the best force in the game today and he pretty much knows. You ainít got that many great trainers around here, anyway! So whatever theyíre going to teach him ainít nothing, anyway. Floydís been taught by the best, and thatís his Daddy. Thatís me! He was taught by the best. So thatís what heís working with still now today, is what I showed him, the shoulder roll.

CIANI: Do you think he was fighting a little bit more flat-footed than he normally does?

MAYWEATHER: Well Floyd hasnít fought moving around in quite some time, anyway. You know when you move, you move when you have to move. You move when somebody makes you move. You donít just move to be moving. You move for a reason. Some people can be graceful enough that they might want to move around and stuff like that, hit him with the jab quite a few times, and shut his eyes, and shut his mouth, and everything else. But you know what? That ainít dancing right here. Floyd just walked him down because you could see what Victor Ortiz was throwing anyway. Itís so plain to see that pretty much a blind man can. Iím just saying Victor Ortiz might be a tough, good fighter but he ainít on that kind of level.

CIANI: From your perspective, you know Floyd as well as anybody.


CIANI: I didnít see any real signs of ring rust, but given the fact heís getting older and he had a long layoff, did you see any signs of ring rust from Floyd early in the fight?

MAYWEATHER: No, I didnít see nothing. I just see what yaíll canít see! Iím going to just tell you that. Iím going to see a lot of stuff that yaíll canít see. If things look certain ways to people who havenít fought or donít fight, you got to look at things a certain kind of way. Basically little Floyd was walking him down, and hitting him with straight right hands and left hooks. You can see he has speed. Man, I still got super speed myself right now! Iím just saying, little Floyd is younger than me. All of us were fast: my brother Jeff was fast, Roger was fast, Iím fast, and so is little Floyd. That ainít really nothing to me about what I seen little Floyd hitting him because he was only hitting him with one punch when he did him. Little Floyd could stun him with one punch. He donít move his head, so thatís it right there. He donít move his head. So little Floyd was fast enough to get to the target and land his shots whenever he wanted to. And if they fought again it would be pretty much the same thing.

JENNA: Alright well Floyd the aftermath of the fight brought a lot of comments from people in boxing, and one in particular was Manny Pacquiao. He said that the fight itself was disgraceful the way it ended. What do you think of his views?

MAYWEATHER: No, heís disgraceful! Not boxing, heís disgraceful! Heís disgraceful for boxing, becauseóhe knows why heís disgraceful for boxing! He wants to run around here and act like heís a preacher. He wants to act like heís a holy guy, like a preacher type of guy? Man, come on man! He ainít nothing but the devil and somebody is going to take care of his ass! Believe me, because he runs off about disgraceful. Yeah, heís the one thatís disgraceful doing the sh*t! Everybody knows what heís doing.

JENNA: Now other people from his side were very outspoken like Bob Arum and Freddie Roach. Do you think them commenting in public is just their way of trying to build buzz for a potential fight between your son and Pacquiao?

MAYWEATHER: They ainít trying to build nothing! Theyíre trying to build Pacquiaoís hope up. Thatís all it could be is hope, because he ainít going to win nothing! He donít want to win nothing, because if he wanted to win something he would take the test!

JENNA: Okay well if Pacquiao isnít the next option for your son, the logical opponent would be somebody like Amir Khan. Do you want to see your son in with the UK star?

MAYWEATHER: Hey! All of them are from the same cloth! Okay! All of them are from the same cloth. You know heís going to have to do the same damn thing everybody else does. Take the test, and then little Floyd will put them to rest! Itís simple. Take the test and put him to rest. Amir Khan fight, either. Little Floyd would whop his ass, too. Believe me.

JENNA: Floyd, at this point do you see any point in your son continuing to fight if he canít get that big money fight with Pacquiao?

MAYWEATHER: There ainít no reason to fight! Quit! Leave it alone! Thatís what he should do! Iím just telling you what he should do in my opinion. There ainít no reason to try to fight somebody thatís got all the odds over you. They canít whop you but they got the odds over you! So itís best to leave all that sh*t alone because you canít get past it. Little Floyd could whop Pacquaio and Amir Khan in the same night, but they got a little something where they got the edge. Thatís what Iím going to say.

JENNA: Do you think that maybe boxing fans have seen the last of your son in the ring? Do you think maybe he will decide to call it quits after this fight?

MAYWEATHER: I donít think youíve seen the last of my son. You know heís pretty much like everybody else. Trust me on that. I think it would be a good idea if he does retire. I think itís a good thing for him to do. But itís his choice at the end. Heís already in the history books. Heís already in the Hall of Fame and everything that you want to name. The only thing you can do is when you keep going, keep going, keep going, somewhere you got to fall off. I donít care who you are. Itís best to get going while little Floyd can right now, because I donít care who you are, you canít fight forever. The longer you stay in there, the worse your chances get.

JENNA: Well I have just two more questions before I let you off the line, and this one revolves around you as a trainer. Youíve made a little bit of a resurgence of late coming back this year with a couple of good fights. You had Vernon Paris, you had Lanardo Tyner, you had some other guys that you were working with. Can you tell the fans about some fights that you might have coming up?

MAYWEATHER: Well I have Mickey Bey, too! All three of them won last month tremendously. All three of them had tremendous wins last month. You know I got fighters coming up pretty much every day calling me. What do you call it was supposed to call today. I donít know how good heís going to be or how far heís going to go, but heís supposed to be calling me today. Camacho Junior.

JENNA: Alright well Floyd, I have one final question. This revolves around the boxing fans that are upset with the result with your son and Victor Ortiz. Is there any message that you want to pass along to them about what they saw?

MAYWEATHER: I can pass on to them, come on! I can pass on to them that they need to get over it, because what you see is what you get. And it ainít going to get no better for Victor, because what you see is what you get. First of all, the referee gave him instructions. Nobody could go beyond the ref! What the ref laid down and displayed to the audience and everybody heard itófight! The word ďfightĒ means fight! It donít mean touching gloves! It donít mean bumping hands! Ainít nobody can question anything, because Floyd did nothing wrong! Little Floyd did what he was asked to do. The referee gave him the okay to do what he did, and he did what he had to do, and thatís what was done.

JENNA: Okay well Floyd, itís been an absolute pleasure to have you once again appear on the show. I thank you for your time, and as always Iím looking forward to seeing you back in the ring working with the fighters because you are an excellent trainer and you prove that with your quality of work.

MAYWEATHER: Thank you much. I appreciate it!

CIANI: Thanks Floyd. Best of luck!

MAYWEATHER: Alright then. Thank you. Take care, now.


For those interested in listening to the Floyd Mayweather Senior interview in its entirety, it begins approximately one hour and fifteen minutes into the program.



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Article posted on 23.09.2011

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