Tua vs. Barrett round by round

From the Pacific Events Centre in Manukau, Auckland New Zealand.

The headline tag for the Tua V Barrett fight was “Redemption”; Tua looking for Redemption after being sat down by Barrett in their 2010 draw. A draw many observers thought Tua was lucky to get. He was looking to right the slate.

A very vibrant and colourful crowd were primed for the main event.

The buzz around the Events Centre was great. A mixed crowd of the working class. Good to see boxing crossing all social strata’s.

It was earlier in the week that Tua was tipping the scales at a ready 235 pounds. In fact at weigh he was 245 pounds.

Here comes Barrett. Barrett weighed up at 221 pounds. Barret look trim, relaxed and composed.

Announcer hails the ring walk of Tua. Crowd goes wild for the local boy. Tua looks to be carrying excess around the midriff.

Everyone is upstanding for the American National anthem, now for the Samoan National anthem which is sung beautifully. Tua, eyes closed, is emotionally singing along.

Now for the New Zealand National anthem, a very nice rendition. In David Tua a prouder Samoan New Zealander you will not find. Good stuff!

Crowd again go wild at the announcement of Tua’s name.

The stare down, Tua intense.


Here we go. Tua Barrett 2! Barrett working the jab. Tua offering lateral movement but not throwing.

Tua has not sweat on his body.

Barrett working off the jab well.

Tua not working as yet but makes a liar of me and throws a right hand to the body that connects.

1-2 from Barrett, the right hand landing crisply.

Barrett round. The busier fighter.


Barrett again working off the jab. Barrett looking to put a little more pepper on the jab.

If Tua has a game plan it is not yet apparent.

Barrett digs a right to the body. Straight right from Barrett that lands. Then pushes Tua. Gets a warning from the ref for the push.

Tua waiting, not sure for what. Barrett lands another straight right.

Barrett settling in to a rhythm.

Tua could be looking to set a trap but dropping points without unfurling whatever it is he has planned.

Barrett round. Far busier against Tua who is looking very flat to this point.


Barrett coming on strong. Landing crisp shots. Fighting off the front foot letting his hands go.

Barrett jabbing well. Clips Tua with a left hook. Barrett the aggressor, dominating to this point.

Tua is cut in the corner of his right eye. Unusual for Tua to cut.

Barrett’s game plan is apparent…work of the jab, drop the right hand.

Is Tua fighting punch-shy after having been sat down by Barrett in their first contest.


Tua trying to fight off the front foot. Tua throws the famous left hook. Doesn’t land.

Barrett fighting extremely well.

Is Tua waiting for the older man to tire? Perhaps but in doing so relinquishing rounds.

Tua with a good jab. Jab left hook from Tua.

Barrett feeling with the left hook trying to measure before marrying it up with the right hand.

Tua trying to be the aggressor.

Crisp right hand from Barrett lands on the chin.

Barrett bouncing. Tua trying to walk him down.

Barrett round. Again the busier fighter.


Tua comes on with a big left hook .

Barrett infighting with Tua, not the place for him. Tua the much stronger puncher and the wrong real estate for him to be fighting out of.

Barrett looking to leverage down on his right catching a coming forward Tua, just missed with that exact shot.

Barrett now fighting off the front foot. Tua jabbing but coming up 12 inches short. Tua not punching with conviction.

Tua catches Barrett with a left hook that gets his attention.

Barrett round. More proactive.


At the halfway point it’s all one way traffic. The mid-rounds KO many predicted hasn’t looked on the cards to this point.

Barrett back to what has got him to this point…jab then shoot the right.

Tua unleashes with the left hook but the most of that caught on the gloves.

Tua backs Barrett in to the ropes and lets the left hook go again. Tua looks to be fighting more aggressively.

Barrett round Tua not throwing punches in bunches.

Round 7.

Barrett working well on his feet moving Tua around. Tua can’t get set given Barrett is moving him corner to corner.

Barrett still looking sharp. Good right hand from Tua. Tua looking to let his hands go by the looks of things.

Crowd wants Tua to get more proactive.

Tua starting to gain some real estate. Tua forces Barrett to the ropes and tries to shoot on overhand right that comes up short. Barrett bites down and comes back. Barrett’s not backing down in the heavy artillery exchanges.

Tua shoot sthe left hook, it lands. Barrett felt that shot.

Barrett again moving Tua around.

Tuas best round.

Tua round.


Barrett switching to southpaw.

Tua going to the body. Perhaps an effort to slow the older man up.

Tua trying to get busy.

Barrett doubles up on the jab nicely.

Barrett bouncing around like a spring chicken.

Tua lands another left hook. Barrett getting a little sloppy in letting Tua bridge the gap to unload.

Barrett pushes the bigger man off with ease.

Tua looking to bull Barrett in to the ropes then unleash. Tua rushes Barrett with a lead left hook, Barrett comes back with a crisp 1-2.

Close round. Even.


Barrett back to jabbing, shoots a right hand over the top that doesn’t land clean.

Tua with a single body shot but needs to marry it up with bunches of punches and he simply isn’t.

Barrett moving Tua every which way. Tua lands with a single right hand to the body.

Barrett moving corner to corner, Tua can’t get the crosshairs set with the amount of movement Barrett is showing.

Tua still bleeding from the eye.

Barrett round.


Tua needs to land a big shot to win this fight at this point. That simple!

Tua bulls Barrett in to the corner, Barrett ties him up. Big left hook lands from Tua, Barrett wears it well. Really well!

Barrett back to jabbing…and crisply.

Tua hits Barrett on the back of the head. Gets a warning.

Tua lands with a left hook, hurts Barrett. Barrett wobbled, Tua looking to unload. Barrett ties him up. Barrett bouncing trying to get his feet back.

Tua puts his hands down and heckles Barrett.

Tua unleashes a hellacious right hand that just misses. Some head decapitating bad intention on that shot.

Barrett has recomposed fighting off the back foot to get himself out of trouble.

Tua round.


Tua coming forward. Tua throws the left hook, caught on Barrett’s glove.

Tua shoots a right hand, tied up immediately by Barrett.

Tua bullies Barrett in to the corner. Barrett lands twice on the inside.

Barrett fighting a great technical fight.

Barrett arming his punches in. The zip seems to have gone from his punches but the boxing wherewithal still to the fore.

Ref sends Tua to the corner to get his cut eye checked. Comes to nothing. Fight resumes.

Tua backs Barrett in to the corner with a big right hand and tries to end it with a big flurry, Barrett ducking and slipping the worst of them.

Tua round.


Barrett fighting off the back foot.

Tua putting heat on his punches. Barrett throws four consecutive jabs.

Barrett tying Tua up.

Barrett frustrating Tua with tying him up.

Tua coming forward aggressively throwing with conviction, he is looking to end this fight with a big shot.

Tua catches Barrett with a left hand, catches him again. He goes down. Will he get up? He does!

Tua bulls forward looking to end the fight. Barrett hanging on for dear life. Tua looking to end it with a big punch but can’t make anything definitive stick. Ten seconds left…it’s over! Barrett still on his feet…just!

Tua round. Best round of the fight.


Tua left his run to late. Tua and Barrett embrace mid-ring.

Decision coming…

…Barrett by unanimous decision! And he deserved it. Bagged to many rounds early and Tua was left head hunting late.

Barrett very emotional…in fact crying.

Boxing master class delivered by Barrett. Deserved winner.

Article posted on 13.08.2011

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