Exclusive Interview: James Toney Talks About His Upcoming Fight With Ken Shamrock - ďIím A Gladiator. Iíll Fight Anyone!Ē

James ToneyBy James Slater - As fans may or may not have read, James ďLights OutĒ Toney is soon to head back into the MMA cage. Due, he says, to being unable to land the meaningful boxing bouts he wants, the 42-year-old all-time great has just signed to face MMA legend Ken Shamrock.

Reports indicate that the fight will have a rule that stipulates how no fighter will be able to take-down the other and keep him in the floor for more than 30-seconds. The referee will intervene at the 30-sec mark, and both guys will resume a stand up fight. This figures to give 42-year-old Toney a much better chance than he had against Randy Couture back in August of last year, in what was Toneyís MMA debut (Couture needed nearly three-minutes to get his choke win over Toney).

Now in training for the Shamrock fight, Toney very kindly took time out to speak with ESB earlier today. Here is what the former middleweight, super-middleweight and cruiserweight king had to say.:

James Slater: Thanks so much for your time, Champ. Itís great to speak with a living legend! Weíve read about you facing MMA trailblazer Ken Shamrock in an MMA fight - is it signed or are you still in talks?

James Toney: As far as I know, itís a done deal. The only way the fight wonít happen is if he donít show. But I love Ken Shamrock, heís beautiful and Iím pretty sure heíll come to fight. Because I am ready, baby! All these boxers, theyíre scared to fight me; so Iím going back to MMA to get a fight.

the main reason you are going back into the cage, because none of the guys you want in boxing will fight you?

J.T: Yes, these guys are clowns! Youíve got David ďGayeĒ and Wladimir ďBitschko,Ē who are gonna earn millions all because Gaye can talk trash. They call him a great trash-talker, but Iím THE BEST trash-talker on the planet! He [Haye] did some shit with a T-shirt and he talked his way into a million dollar fight! Thatís nothing- I called Klitschkoís mom a b**ch and his sister too, and they donít wanna fight me. How come? I did everything I could to get those two sisters into the ring.

J.S: This fight with Shamrock, I read there is a rule that stipulates there can be no takedowns that last more than 30-seconds. In other words, after 30-secs the ref will call break and you both get back to stand up action. Does that mean youíll both have a real, stand up fight?

J.T: Exactly. And they put that [rule] in there, not me. Iím a gladiator, Iíll fight anywhere, anyhow. Everyone knows I had problems going into the Randy Couture fight, but the mother f****r never came to fight anyhow. He scored that bullshit takedown. That will never happen again. We offered Randy more money for a rematch and he said no. But Shamrock; heíll come to fight - I hope, anyway!

J.S: And the fight will be in Texas?

J.T: El Paso, Texas - yes. October 1st.

J.S: I must admit, I donít know too much about Ken Shamrock, other than heís an MMA legend. What do you know about him, James?

J.T: All I know is heís down as a legend in MMA as you say, but that stuff donít mean anything to me. Boxing is a real sport! You have to be retired for five years before you can go in to The Hall of Fame in boxing. In this sport and in wrestling, they put you in straight away and thatís bullshit! There will be no wrestling in this fight; this will be real combat!

J.S: Will the rounds be five-minute rounds and will you be wearing four-ounce gloves?

J.T: 5-minute rounds and four-ounce gloves, yes. This is a challenge for him and he will be put to sleep. I donít need no big name trainer to get me ready for this fight; I am ready! Canít no name trainer teach me anything new anyway.

J.S: Your last fight in boxing, you beat Damon Reed via shut-out in Feb. But you said yourself you were not in great shape for that. Will you be in better shape for the Shamrock fight?

J.T: What people donít know is, I had a thyroid problem going into that fight. I trained hard, running 4 to 5 miles a day and I felt good. But I make no excuses; Iíll be in better physical condition next time.

J.S: What are you expecting Shamrock to weigh for this fight?

J.T: I have no idea because Iíve never even see himÖ

J.S: Youíre fighting a guy youíve never seen fight! Thatís a warrior attitudeÖ.

J.T: Thatís right, Iím old-school. Iíll fight anyone. All these guys, they never fight James Toney the way they say they will. They canít walk the walk, they run!

J.S: Are you expecting to score a KO over Shamrock?

J.T: I know Iíll knock him out. Trust me.

J.S: And will there be T.V coverage of this fight?

J.T: It will be Pay-Per-View.

J.S: And after this fight, even if you win in style, will you be back in the boxing ring?

J.T: Oh yeah. Iím gonna be heavyweight champ! Iím the only champ that matters anyway: James Lights Out Toney, the IBA heavyweight champ. When these Bitschkos retire next year, Iíll get the division back up again. See, thereís me, Tommy Hearns, Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson and Ezzard Charles - we are the only champions from here that ever matter!

J.S: Thanks so much for your time, J.T. And best wishes for the October fight.

J.T: Thank you and God bless.

Article posted on 25.06.2011

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