David Rodriguez: ďI think after this fight, maybe two or three more fights and I think Iíll get a title shotĒ

by Geoffrey Ciani (Exclusive Interview by Jenna J & Geoffrey Ciani) - This weekís 130th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio (brought to you by CWH Promotions) featured an exclusive interview with undefeated heavyweight prospect David Rodriguez (34-0, 32 KOs) who is slated to face Owen Beck (29-7, 20 KOs) tonight at the Don Haskins Convention Center in El Paso, Texas. Rodriguez spoke about his upcoming fight with Beck and also revealed plans about his future. Additionally he provided opinions on various aspects pertaining to the current boxing landscape including Manny Pacquiao, Klitschko-Haye, and more! Here is what he had to say:

Regarding training and preparations for his upcoming fight against Owen Beck:

ďI feel great actually. Weíve been working really hard in Vegas and things have been going really well. The training was horrendous. I mean weíve been working longer rounds with shorter breaks to the point that I have nothing left after every practice. So weíve really picked up the pace for this opponent, because I know Owen goes the distance with a lot of guys and it takes a lot to get him out of there, so I want to be prepared for whatever happens.Ē

On whether he feels facing Beck is a step up in the direction towards landing fights against bigger name contenders:

ďYeah, I definitely think this is a step up. Iíve had incremental steps up, but I think this one is a good jump. Itís either now or never. Iíve switched boxing teams. There was a lot of controversy around that. I feel better with the team Iím with. Training is great. Even though I miss my old trainer and a lot of the old stuff, it was time to bring in some new things and I think this is the guy they wanted to put me in with. I accepted, gladly. I said this is what we need to do. Iím not getting any younger.Ē

His views on his fighting style and regarding his slow progression as a professional boxer:

ďWell I mean I was raised in a border city. I border Mexico so I kind of grew up having a Mexican style, but Iíve always had really fast hands so I was always able to take guys out of there. I only had about ten amateur fights, but at that time growing up I was playing baseball, football, basketball, everything, and I never though t boxing would be the sport that I would choose to be honest with you. It just kind of worked out that way. Even when I turned pro, the reason itís been such a slow process is I didnít really know if this was the road I was going to go down. I just started knocking everybody out. After about 10, 15, 20 fights I was like man, I got a knack for this. I just decided to start taking it more seriously, and thatís really the reason it took so long. I was kind of figuring things out in my 20s. I didnít know if boxing was the right route to go. I was having fun fighting, but I wanted to go back to school, I wanted to do some other things, and then all of a sudden it just took on a life of its own, and I decided that boxing was for me. It wasnít until I was probably I would say 30 that I decided that I needed to take this seriously and just finish what I started, and that is to go for the heavyweight championship. Iíve obviously got the talent, Iíve got the tools, Iíve got the speed, Iíve got the ability, Iíve got the strength in my punches. You know, why not? I just decided thatís the road Iíd take.Ē

On how far away he thinks he is before he will get a shot at a major title:

ďYou know I take it fight by fight, but I would say three fights away or four fights away. I think once I beat Owen Beck and have another fight after that, Iíll probably have to prove myself a few more times and then Iím sure Iíll get the call. I mean Iím starting to make waves now, and if I win impressively and I can keep winning impressively then I donít see how they can deny me. I believe this fightís going to launch me into the top 15 or top 10. Iím not sure which one, but Iím not worried about that. The only thing Iím worried about right now is just winning, and itís a lot of pressure because I want to win impressively. I donít want to just get the win. So thatís the pressure I have on me. Iím 34-0 with 32 knockouts. People want to see, is David the real deal or not? Thatís the pressure thatís on my shoulders right now. Iím trying to just relax and just get the win, but I do want to get the win impressively. I think after this fight, maybe two or three more fights and I think Iíll get a title shot.Ē

His views on the upcoming heavyweight unification fight between Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye and whether he thinks this fight can help rejuvenate the division:

ďYeah, definitely! I mean already Iím excited about it. I think David Haye did exactly what he had to do to get the fight. Itís annoying to me to see somebody talk so much, but it was what was called for. I think he kind of had to pull that card in order for people to listen and take this fight seriously. I donít think David Haye would have ever gotten his shot if he wouldnít have done what heís doing. So this was his only way. He had to use his mouth to get in there and the guy is talented. Heís extremely fast. Heís a finisher. To be honest, I respect the Klitschkos, and I do respect the Klitschkos. I mean theyíre heavyweight champions for a reason, but theyíre both holding belts and itís really going nowhere. Itís kind of stagnant with them holding the belts. I think David Haye is kind of shaking it up, and I predict David Haye to win. I really do. I think David Haye is going to win sensationally.Ē

His views on Manny Pacquiao as a boxer:

ďManny Pacquiao I think is a phenom in boxing. Every time he fights, heís crushing these guys. It almost looks effortless. Heís going through world champions and heís moved up how many weight classes, six? Yeah. I mean come on. Thatís incredible! He throws unorthodox punches that land and knock guys out. If you just looked at his last fight with Sugar Shane Mosley, he kind of went into a shell and thatís not Mosleyís style. Mosley likes to mix it up and let his speed go. But he was in such a shell because he didnít know what to do with Pacquiao, because Pacquiao is coming at him from all different angles. He moves laterally, throws wide right hooks, then he comes up with a stiff jab, and throws a combination of punches and all of them are solid and hard. I think Pacquiaoís a sensation and I think heís going to be on top for awhile. I think heís one of the greatest fighters that ever lived if you want my honest opinion.Ē

On whether there is added pressure for him to score a knockout against Owen Beck given the fact six of Beckís seven career losses have come by knockout:

ďNo, because that can be deceiving. Iíve seen some of his losses and they were very controversial. They shouldnít have been stopped a couple of them. He gets wobbly a little bit with I think it was Charr. I donít think he should have been stopped in that fight. There are a few other ones where he shouldnít have been stopped. So I think he has a lot left in the tank. If he came in for my fight, I think heís weighing like 238. He looks very trim and ready to go. Iím expecting a completely different Owen Beck then what has fought all these other guys. I can either have a very long night with this guy, because he is crafty and he stays busy, or I could get him out quickly. I know heís going to give it his all, and Iím going to give it my all. The outcome Friday night, I should be the one raising my hands if everything goes well.Ē

On whether fans can expect him to continue stepping up his level of competition if he beats Owen Beck:

ďYeah, I plan to. Yes. We have a plan, a schedule for August or September and then again in November. So if everything goes well with Beck, and we plan it to, then yes. Iíll be fighting once again in late August or early September, then after thing goes well in that fight then Iíll be fighting again in November.Ē

His official prediction for his upcoming fight against Owen Beck:

ďI think Iím going to knock him out. I canít tell you the round, but I think itís going to be within six and I think Iím going to overwhelm him I think once he starts tasting my power. Iím going to be a little patient with him and pick my shots. I think once he starts feeling my power, just like everybody else has, their eyes kind of get wide and then they know theyíre in for a long night and thatís when I start turning it up. As the rounds go on, I start turning it up more and more and then usually by the second, third, or fourth round, they either fold or itís just over. I mean either they donít want to get off their stool or itís over. So I would say I predict the same thing with him. I know heís going to come in game and ready, but I just got to take that out of him.Ē


For those interested in listening to the David Rodriguez interview in its entirety, it begins approximately eighteen minutes into the program.



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Article posted on 24.06.2011

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