Carl Froch: ďWardís going to get the very best of Carl Froch, the hard-punching venomous ĎCobraí. He needs to start worrying now because heís in serious trouble.Ē

by Geoffrey Ciani (Exclusive Interview by Jenna J & Geoffrey Ciani) - Last weekís 128th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio (brought to you by CWH Promotions) featured an exclusive interview with reigning WBC super middleweight champion Carl Froch (28-1, 20 KOs) who is coming off an impressive victory against Glen Johnson (51-15-2, 35 KOs) in the Super Six Semi-Finals. With the victory Froch now advances to the Finals against reigning WBA champion Andre Ward (24-0, 13 KOs) in a highly anticipated unification bout. Froch spoke about his victory and his upcoming fight against Ward. He also touched on various other topics, including a possible future matchup against Bernard Hopkins and a potential rematch against Mikkel Kessler. Here is what Carl had to say:

On how he evaluates his performance in his majority decision victory against Glen Johnson:

ďYeah, it was a very workmanlike performance by myself. By my standards, I basically just did what I had to do to win without taking any real chances. I always like to put on performance and a good showing for the broadcasters, especially because Sky Television showed this fight in Britain. It was important for me to look good and entertain as well, but against somebody like Glengoffe Johnson whoís very tough and strong, and can punch hard, and take the best punches off virtually anyone in the world, and usually he takes the punches off bigger stronger men than me at light heavyweight. So I knew I was going to be able to get him out of there with a one-punch knockout shot, not just because heís so tough but because heís got quite a good defense as well. He knows what heís doing in there. He moves his head well and he blocks shots. So I was in the frame of mind of just outboxing him, keeping him just comfortably out of range, donít run but I knew I was going to be on back foot for most of the fight and I think I was. I was taking steps back constantly. Watching it back, Iíve only seen it once because my Sky Plus in England it failed. So I had to look for the fight on the internet. So looking at it, it was very workmanlike, very professional, and a very experienced mature performance which Iím very happy and very pleased with. If I could go back in change anything I probably wouldnít change a great deal. I got hit with the odd right that I shouldnít have gotten hit with, but when you fight youíre going to get hit with shots. Itís part of boxing. Itís difficult to not got hit with at least the odd right hand. Luckily Iíve been gifted with a solid chin so I can take those shots.Ē

Regarding whether he was hurt at any point during his fight with Glen Johnson:

ďNo, not at all. The only time I was hurt was when he burst my eardrum which still hurts. Iíve been to the doctorís. I have an infection in my ear now because I got some water from the shower down in the ear that went too far into the ear than where it should have gone. Iím nursing a painful ear with a shooting pain down my ear and down into my neck, but that was the only pain I suffered in the fight. I wasnít hurt in terms of feeling dazed or knocked out. He did catch me with a couple of shots, but I had seen most of them coming and I half-blocked them or half rode the shots. So I was moving away from his shots when he hit me. So it was no real problem. If I was hurt you would have seen it. You would have seen a leg dip or you would have seen me on the canvas like against Jermain Taylor in round three, and that never happened. It was a pleasing night for the whole of Team Froch. Iíve progressed to the Super Six Finals and Iím still WBC champ, so Iím a very happy man.Ē

His views on his Super Six Finals matchup and unification bout against Andre Ward:

ďIím really looking forward to it. Itís a super fight as far as Iím concerned and it makes me smile when I talk about it, because I know itís a fight Iím going to win. I know exactly what I need to do to beat Andre Ward and I know full well Ward is worried about my boxing ability, my punching power, and the fact that he doesnít know what Iím going to bring. He doesnít know if Iím going to put it on him and try and tear him up and put him on his back. He doesnít know if Iím going to box and move and use my sharp rangy jab. And he doesnít fully know how take me on, but one thing he needs to realize is heís getting beat when we meet. My WBC title fight, itís a unification fight, and Wardís going to get the very best of Carl Froch, the hard-punching venomous ĎCobraí. He needs to start worrying now because heís in serious trouble. Thatís all Iím saying.Ē

On whether he needed to make an adjustment in the early rounds when Glen Johnson was having more success in their fight:

ďNo, no, not at all. I was just taking my time. I knew it was going to be a long time in the office so to speak. So I just came out and just took my time. Like I said earlier it was a very workmanlike performance. I was in no rush to get started fast and put my full arsenal on somebody that was going to sit there and serve up the punishment. One thing about Glengoffe Johnson is heís very, very tough. Heís tough. I could have gone out there and done to him what I did to Arthur Abraham and thrown six, seven, eight punch combinations from round one. It would have been a totally futile exercise because he wouldnít have gone anywhere. Now Iím not saying I won the earlier rounds, but I did enough in the earlier rounds to access exactly what I had in front of me and get my game plan sorted out for down the stretch, and down the stretch in the fight I did exactly what I needed to do to win comfortably on all of the scorecards except for a Japanese guy who forgot to put his bifocals on.Ē

On how it feels to be at this point of the journey which started back in October 2009 now that he is part of the Super Six Finals and his reaction to Andre Ward stating prior to his Semi-Finals that he preferred to face Froch in the Finals due to the fact each man was an original participant in the Super Six:

ďYes, itís fantastic but itís been a matter of progression for me and I fully expected to be in the finals, so Iím not surprised that Iím in the finals. And Wardís right. It is important that two fighters from the original Super Six lineup are in the Finals because it validates and quantifies the tournament for what it is. The fact that myself and Ward have progressed through to the Finals when we were in the original Six lineup is great! If it would have been a Johnson in the Finals or an Allan Green, it wouldnít have looked as special. Me and Ward went into this tournament both thinking we could win. Weíre both now in the Final and weíre both confident weíre going to do the business which is going to make an unbelievable Final. So yeah, for me to be in the Final like I said, Iím not surprised because Iím expecting to win the tournament.Ē

Regarding what most impresses him about Andre Wardís fighting style:

ďIím not easily impressed if Iím honest. Youíre asking me what impresses me about Ward. Iím not a man thatís easily impressed. You can look at a fighter and say, ĎOh he looks brilliant, heís got a good jabí, but heís only got a good jab against somebody thatís in front of his jab. You can see him in another fight and think oh he fights well on the inside, but one fighter might like good fighting on the inside fighting against somebody who canít fight well on the inside. What Iím getting at here, itís an old clichť, but styles make fights. My style looks good against certain fighters and it looks clumsy and a bit poor against other fighters, as does Wardís. So I look at Ward and I donít see things that impress me. I see flaws, but thatís what Iím looking for in opponents, especially opponents Iím going to fight. So I see holes and big problems in his style, problems that Iím going to exploit to get the win when I fight him.Ē

His views on the successful ring return of former opponent Mikkel Kessler:

ďNo, Iíve not had a chance to see that fight. Iíve only just watched mine actually, but I saw a couple of highlights of him throwing a couple of nice clinical left hooks to the body and turning the left hook to the head. He looked good, but he looked good against the level of opposition that was in front of him. But it was nice to see him looking fresh, and sharp, and putting his shots together quite well. So Iím glad heís back. Iím hoping heís back to his best and itís a fight I definitely want a rematch with. I want to fight Kessler again because there will only be one winner and youíre talking to him.Ē

Regarding who he would rather fight afterwards in the event he wins the Super SixóBernard Hopkins or Mikkel Kessler:

ďOut of Kessler and Hopkins, Iíd rather fight Kessler if Iím totally honest because heís got a win over me on paper. So thatís something Iíd like to put right, and I know Hopkinsí has got other ideas. Heís fighting Chad Dawson and who knows what heís looking to do after that, and Hopkins is quite a big light heavyweight and heís operated at light heavyweight for awhile. So thatís a fight we would probably have to do at a catch weight and that might take a bit of sorting out. But like I said, to answer the question Iíd rather fight Kessler than Hopkins just because I feel Iíve got unfinished business with Kessler.Ē

On how much he is looking forward to the opportunity to fight back in front of his home crowd:

ďYeah, Iím really looking forward to putting on a big show in England. Wherever I go in England now it will be a massive sellout. It will be a big, big occasion whoever I fight. So it will be fantastic to come back to the city ground in Nottingham because that holds 30,000, maybe more. It would just be phenomenal to finish my career off nice. That would be the pinnacle for me, but there are a couple of big fights in and around America first. I want to see my name up in the big lights in Las Vegas before I finish off my career. So when Iím coming home a big fight for me in England would mean a lot. Iím sure my promoter Eddie Hearn will get it sorted because heís fantastic. Heís done a wonderful job for me at the minute and Iím very confident in what heís doing. Heís doing me proud, he really is.Ē

His early prediction for his upcoming fight against Andre Ward in the Super Six Finals:

ďWell all I could say is thatís a fight I know I can win, but it certainly depends on what fight he brings into the ring. It depends on whether he comes to fight or whether he looks to be moving, and boxing, and keeping out of the way. It depends on what heís looking to do and either way Iíll win. If he comes to fight and he comes to me, heís going to walk into one of my big shots. Heís going to be in more trouble than what he thinks. You know I donít want to give the game away too much but I know exactly what I need to do to do beat Ward so my prediction is a Carl Froch win, and thatís all I can give you.Ē

Regarding what he would like to say to all of the Carl Froch fans and the listeners of On the Ropes Boxing Radio:

ďAll of my supporters know how much I appreciate them. I love the respect theyíve got for me. The fact that they spend their hard-earned money to come over and support me wherever in the world is fabulous. Itís a great feeling and it gives me a lift when Iím in there. So a big shout out and big respect to my fans. Iíve got fans in England and Iíve got fans in the USA which is brilliant and unusual for a British fighter. But I have such a big following in the USA, but mainly thatís because of the fights on the Showtime Network which is fantastic. But yeah, keep it up because youíre in for a big treat in the Final against Ward and then after that Iím talking about world domination. So keep watching. Youíre back in the ride now.Ē


For those interested in listening to the Carl Froch interview in its entirety, it begins approximately sixteen minutes into the program.



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Article posted on 14.06.2011

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