Roger Mayweather: ďPacquiao really donít got no boxing skills period! What I see Pacquiao do is pretty much like a wild amateur fighter!"

by Geoffrey Ciani (Interviewed by Jenna J & Geoffrey Ciani) - This weekís 120th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio (brought to you by CWH Promotions) featured an exclusive interview with former two division world champion Roger Mayweather who is best known as being the head trainer for his nephew Floyd Mayweather Junior. Mayweather spoke about a variety of topics pertaining the current boxing landscape including Jesse Vargasí first round KO victory over Vivian Harris, Manny Pacquiaoís upcoming fight with Sugar Shane Mosley, the prospects of his nephew returning to the ring against Paul Spadafora, Marcos Maidana, Sergio Martinez, and more! Here are some excerpts from that interview:

His evaluation of the performance by Jesse Vargas in his first round knockout victory against Vivian Harris:

ďWell I mean to be honest, I already knew thatís what was going to happen to him anyway because I told him. I said heís a veteran. Most veterans donít want to be in exchanges with fighters. They donít want to be in exchanges. Thatís what they donít want to be in. What you have to do is go right to them and put them in a fight right away. Put him in a fight right away because heís going to be a slow starter and youíre young and you got youth. Boom! So I said it was going to come to an end quick and basically thatís what happened.Ē

On whether he believes Jesse Vargas can become a world champion:

ďNo, I know he can be a world champion. Iíve been training Jesse since he was 8 years old. I didnít just start training Jesse yesterday. I know his ability to box. Heís a good puncher and not only is he a good puncher, but heís a kid who can compete with pretty much most of the junior welterweights. He can compete with and he can punch with. So if we start talking about the guys who are the elite junior welterweights, you talk about Maidana, you talk about the Peterson brothers. Jesse can compete with all of those guys. Basically Jesse has good height for his weight class. Jesse is damn near 5í11Ē.Ē

Regarding Marcos Madianaís controversial victory against Erik Morales:

ďErik Morales is an old fighter. He started at a lighter weight division. So if he can compete and got a controversial decision with Erik Morales, he canít do nothing with Jesse Vargas period. He has youth, and not so much just because of youth. Iíve been training him since he was 8 years old and I understand how he fights and thatís what itís about. Thatís what skills are about. You said he just fought a controversial decision with Erik Morales. Come on! Erik Morales canít get in the ring with Jesse Vargas right now.Ē

Whether he was surprised that Morales looked so good given the fact most observers felt Maidana would overwhelm him early:

ďThatís what Iím saying! Hereís a guy, like you said. If you would have asked me what would have happened I would have said heís going to be knocked out. What did the guy walk away with? A controversial decision? Okay then. That tells you. A lot of guys get built up by their records when they ainít beaten nobody but theyíre built up by their records. To be honest with you, I donít even know who Maidana is anyway! I donít even watch them dudes. This guy here, his name is boom boom! I donít know! I donít know him so I donít search him. I donít know him. The only time I really search a fighter is when a kid that Iím training is going to fight him. Then I search the fighter and we work from there. But I donít know just basically who is Maidana. I donít know who Maidana is! I heard his name before.Ē

Regarding the fact that Marcos Maidana did well in a controversially loss against Amir Khan before facing Morales:

ďWait, wait, wait! Hold on! Thatís Amir Khan? Iíve seen him fight. I was there! He didnít almost beat no Amir Khan! Hell no! The guy from England? No! He didnít almost beat that guy. I donít know where they get that from. I was there! I donít even know who Maidana is but since you told me he almost beat Amir Khan, thatís the only time Iíve ever seen Amir Khan fight! He didnít almost beat no Amir Khan! No! Hell no! I was there! I ainít seen it that why then, but what Iím saying is this. If these guys are the best junior welterweights they can come up with, then I might as well put my man in there. He can fight the best of the best junior welterweights right now. He was sparring with Maidana. I donít even know who Maidana is, but when you just said about when he fought Amir Khan. I was there when he fought Amir Khan, but my man can fight him right now, period!Ē

Regarding rumors of a potential fight between Floyd Mayweather Junior and Paul Spadafora:

ďI ainít never heard it. I ainít never heard about him fighting Spadafora. To be honest I donít see what that would make, but thatís on him itís not on me. Like I said, I ainít never heard about.Ē

On whether he believes Paul Spadafora stands any chance at all against his nephew:

ďHim and my nephew have boxed before. They boxed at the gym. I remember them boxing. My nephew was laid off for a good while and I mean they boxed, though. It was some decent sparring. Basically that was it pretty much, but people talked about it like it was a fight, Maybe now theyíre trying to link that thing up according to the fact that they sparred. I mean thatís what I would think!Ē

Regarding the last time him and Floyd Junior were at the gym together:

ďHe comes to the gym. I ainít seen him come in and train, but heís coming to the gym though. He comes in the gym and he comes to the fighters that he was promoting.Ē

On whether he believes Floyd Junior would be able to realistically make a ring return in either June or July:

ďJune or July? He can come back in June or July. Basically it donít take four months to train. It ainít like my nephew drinks like that. He doesnít drink or use drugs or any of that. He would probably need a couple of months to shake off the rust. Boom! I mean he was laid off seventeen months when he fought Shane Mosley! He can come back. Heís going to need a couple of months to shake the rust off, though.Ē

What it would mean if Manny Pacquiao knocks out Shane Mosley when his nephew was unable to do so:

ďThat donít mean sh*t because the difference is my nephew takes tests and itís the real tests. He takes the real drug tests. He ainít even want to fight my nephew because he wonít take a test. ĎOh, I canít take no test five days before a fight!í How in the world as you as a fighter going to tell somebody you canít take a test five days before the fight when fighters take a test a day or two before the fight anyway! But he canít take a test five days out! Why? Thatís what he said! He canít take a test five days before the fight because thatís going to make him weak. Well what does it make the other fighter? Does it make him weak, too? The only reason why my nephew hasnít fought Pacquiao is because Pacquiao number one doesnít want to agree to the drug test. Thatís all there is to it. He says he does, but when it comes time he donít want to do it. He canít take no test a couple of days out before the fight. Why? First off, most fighters take a test damn near a day before the fight. They donít take no test a week before the fight. They take a test a day or two before the fight, but he says he canít take a test because itís oing to make him weak.Ē

On claims from Bob Arum that Floyd Junior demanded $100 million to fight Pacquiao:

ďLet me tell you something, heís just talking that wack! Floydís probably going to make $100 million anyway, because number one they start out at $50 million each. So theyíre probably going to make $100 million anyway, so what difference does that make? So if he gets $100 million, he gets $100 million! Theyíre going to make $300-400 million so what difference does it make? Theyíre the fighters. They deserve the money. Theyíre the ones who provide the excitement. So if you get $100 million, so what! $100 million ainít nothing when you start talking about guys making $400-500 million. The biggest fight to this day is my nephew and De La Hoya. It grossed over $300 million. So what is it talking about a guy getting $100 million? He deserves $100 million! Both of them deserve $100 million if theyíre providing the entertainment, ainít they? How much is Bob Arum supposed to get? Thatís why he must be worried about it then, because if Arumís worried about them making $100 million than he must got problems! He must want to walk away with $200 million because the fight is going to be bigger than De La Hoya and my nephew. Thatís all I got to say! If that fight grossed over $300 million this is going to gross more money than that, and since this is going to gross more money than that, how is he going to talk about somebody getting $100 million? How much money is he supposed to get? Thatís what the hell he needs to talk about. Arum needs to worry about how much money heís going to rob from Pacquiao. Thatís what heís going to do!Ē

His views on whether the interest in a fight between his nephew and Pacquiao has lost steam because negotiations have taken too long:

ďNope, people want to see the fight! Why do I know that? Because people ask me and I donít care where Iím at. A guy stopped me the other day and he was a Filipino guy. Iím walking.

He stopped to talk and he said, ĎExcuse me, sir. I want to ask you a question.í

I said, ĎWhat?í

He said, ĎAre you Mayweatherís Uncleí? Like that.

I said, ĎYeah, Iím Mayweatherís Uncle. Why?í

He said, ĎMan, I want to see a fight with Pacquiao and your nephewí.

I said, ĎWell yeah, hopefully it happens. Itís going to be one of the highest grossing fights in historyí.

He said, ĎMan, thatís going to make a lot of money!í

I said, ĎYeah, itís going to make a lot of money. Compared to how big they are, yeah itís going to make a lot of moneyí.

He said, ĎWell what do you think about the fight?í

I said, ĎWell what do you mean what do I think? What do I think about the fight? Who will win? Who will lose?í

He said, ĎWell what do you think about your nephew fighting Pacquiao?í

I said, ĎObviously they havenít fought for some reason. There is a reason why they havenít foughtí. I said, ĎBecause a fight worth that kind of money, and thatís the biggest fight on record. There isnít any fight that even grossed that kind of money. Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns didnít gross $300 million. Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard didnít gross $300 million. The only fight that grossed that kind of money was my nephew and De la Hoya.Ē

On whether he has ever researched Sergio Martinez as a potential opponent:

ďNope. I donít even know who Sergio Martinez is! I donít know! I mean really I truly donít know him. The fighters today, I know very little about them. Somebody said about Maidana. I donít really know nothing about Maidana. What was the guy you said he fought? Amir Khan! I was there! I was there and I didnít even know who the guy was! I was there, though. I was at the fight but I didnít know who he was. These days now I donít know much about the fighters in this era and time. I know about the earlier days, but not this.Ē

His views on whether Sergio Martinez has a chance to land a fight either with Pacquiao or his nephew:

ďI know he ainít going to fight Pacquiao because Pacquiao ainít going to fight you if youíre over 150 pounds. So that ainít going to even happen unless youíve been off for damn near two years. Pacquiao ainít going to fight you if youíre 150 pounds. Why do you think he made De La Hoya bring his ass down to 140-something and the same thing with all the rest of them. He ainít never fought no fighter at their regular weight. The only person he fought at his regular weight, and he fought him a draw, and that was Marquez. He fought a draw and a split decision with Marquez. Heís the only guy who he ever fought at his own weight, and Marquez was only a 130 pounder anyway.Ē

On whether he would be interested in seeing his nephew Floyd Junior challenge Sergio Martinez for the middleweight title:

ďWell I mean my nephew boxes middleweights so I donít think he has a problem fighting middleweights. Weight donít win fights anyway. Skills do. Ray Leonard when he was laid off five and a half years and had two detached retina surgeries he whopped Marvin Haglerís ass and weight made no difference. That just shows you.Ē

Whether him and his nephew are at all worried that Pacquiao might lose to Mosley and potentially risk them a huge pay day in the future:

ďNope. If Shane beats him thatís whatís supposed to happen. I thought De La Hoya would beat him but under the circumstances I see why he didnít beat him now, but thatís beside the point. The point is Shane Mosley can beat him. Theyíve already said. I heard them say it. ĎWeíll fight Shane, but Shane Mosley will have to take a testí. Thatís what they said! How do all of these people have to take tests and you donít take one yourself. That donít even make sense! All these people taking the test that heís fighting, but then he doesnít take the damn test himself! Then when he fought Ricky Hatton and De La Hoya, he made them fight him at a catch weight anyway. He never fought De La Hoya at 147 pounds. He had to weigh in at like 144 pounds. Ricky Hatton weighed 140-something. He ainít fought nobody at their regular weight. If youíre the welterweight champion you fight guys at welterweight, at 147. Thatís what I know about boxing, but he ainít never fought them guys at that weight. Thatís what he says. Thatís all I can tell you about what I know about Pacquiao. I donít know much about him anyway. I donít know much about him, but if he really wanted to fight for that kind of money that them guys are getting for that fight to happen then heís got to take a test. Everybody is taking a test but you. Something has got to be wrong. Youíre getting $100 million. Thatís easy money to get because that fight is that big and there is interest to make that kind of money. This fight is bigger than De La Hoya and my nephew and thatís the highest grossing fight in history right now with over $300 million. Those guys will walk away with over $100 million each, at least! Remember, theyíre already starting off the bid out at $50 million each anyway. So how in the world ainít you going to get $100 million?Ē

On what fighters he most enjoys watching in the sport today:

ďThere is no fighter out there period thatís interesting to me! Iím talking with the ability to box, great boxing skills. I wouldnít know who he was. If he is, I wouldnít know who he was anyway.Ē

Regarding some of the most recent fighters that he most enjoyed watching:

ďMost of them are fighters from where Iím from. Guys I admired were Ray Robinson, Henry Armstrong, Joe Louis, Tommy Hearns, Aaron Pryor, in my day. I mean thatís my era of boxing. The dudes today I donít even watch, period! The only reason Iím watching a fight amongst somebody else that I donít even know, itís because some kid that Iím training is fighting on the card with him. Other than that I wouldnít even watch him at all. I donít even watch fights on TV at all. I donít watch nothing on TV, not no boxing. The reason I donít watch boxing is because there ainít nothing out there. There ainít nothing out there with no skills and no boxing ability at all. Iím sure there is some coming up. I got a nephew. I got a cousin of mine. My cousin is a six time national amateur champion. You know how old he is? Heís 16 years old, but like I said I donít watch. I really donít watch boxing. To me, my eyes are blind to boxing because from what I see there ainít nothing out there.Ē

Regarding a comment he made on a previous episode where he stated Vernon Forrest would have been the toughest fight for his nephew at welterweight in recent years:

ďYeah, he would have been the toughest guy because heís tall, rangy, and heís a well schooled fighter.Ē

His views on how Floyd Junior would have done against someone like Tommy Hearns at welterweight:

ďWell he would have had trouble with a guy like Tommy Hearns because Tommy Hearns was a tall, rangy guy. I mean Iím not saying my nephew wasnít capable of beating Tommy Hearns, Iím just saying that guy would give him trouble and a guy like Vernon Forrest would give him trouble. You see? Those guys would give him trouble because just more of the height than boxing skill wise. Height plays a role most times when a guy is well schooled. Guys that are tall and rangy and have good boxing skills, thatís generally what happens.Ē

Regarding Pacquiaoís statement on the previous weekís show that he views himself as a natural 140 pound boxer:

ďWell if heís 140 pounds thatís why heís making De La Hoya make 143 or 144 pounds. What does Shane Mosley have to make? I heard Shane Mosley gets to make 147. Thatís the weight theyíre going to fight, but that ainít the weight theyíre going to be because itís going to be a catch weight. I mean sh*t. He donít fight nothing but with people at catch weights.Ē

His views if Pacquiao really did fight Mosley at the 147 pound limit:

ďHe ainít going to fight him at 147. I already know that. It may say 147. De La Hoya he fought at 147 but really De La Hoya fought at 144. The same thing with Ricky Hatton, there is not one of those guys that he beat that he legitimately beat at 147.Ē

Regarding the fact that Pacquiaoís victory over Ricky Hatton was in fact for the Ring Magazine 140 pound title:

ďLike I said, he ainít fought any one of those guys at welterweight, period! He fought nobody at welterweight! He fought them at a catch weight. Margarito had been laid off so long he fought Margarito.Ē

On whether he as a trainer sees any weaknesses in Manny Pacquiaoís game:

ďPacquiao really donít got no boxing skills, period! What I see Pacquiao do is pretty much like a wild amateur fighter! Basically he ainít got no real boxing skills. I mean not from what I know about boxing. What I see, I know what I see. Most people think because a guy whops somebody that heís got skills. That donít mean he got skills. Heís whopping guys basically because as far as I see heís wild. Heís just wild. Thatís all he is.Ē

His views on what his nephews biggest asset would be going into the ring against Pacquiao:

ďWell first thing is Iím going to say this. First off him and Floyd ainít never going to fight because he ainít never going to take a test. He donít want to get that ass whopping, because if he fought my nephew naturally and he took that test heís going to get his ass whopped! Heís going to get knocked out! Hereís a guy whoís been knocked out at 105 pounds. Are you going to tell me now heís beating guys at 150 pounds? Come on! Please! Everybody knows heís got the sh*t in him. Thatís why he donít never take the test!Ē

His views on his nephewís biggest advantage if Pacquiao did take the test and they did fight:

ďSkills! Floyd got too much skill for him, period! And heís too small. Iím not talking about the guys that he beat! Iím not talking about the guys that he beat, because he beat them illegally anyway. He ainít beat nobody without taking that sh*t. He ainít beat nobody, period! So fighters talk about De La Hoya and all them dudes he beat, heís on that sh*t! Thatís why! If he wants to fight my nephew listen! All heís got to do is take the test and we can get the fight together. Thatís why the fight never happened! Oh I canít get shot with a needle! If you canít get shot with a needle then how you going to fight then? How is somebody going to take your blood then if you donít get shot with a needle? Does that make sense to you? Youíre talking about a guy getting $50-60-70 million and you donít want to take a blood test? Something got to be wrong! Why wonít you take a test? If you donít take a test that means you never took a test!Ē

His views on the court case that Pacquiao has against his nephew due to steroid accusations:

ďI ainít going to say nothing about that court case sh*t! The bottom line is he ainít taken the test has he? He must have something in him! He donít want to take a test. Him and Floyd never fought and the only reason they never fought is because he didnít take a test. He said he canít get shot with needles! Now do you know any fighter in boxing that donít take no test? That doesnít want to take no blood test?Ē

On when he expects to see his nephew back inside the ring:

ďWell I figure he should be back in the ring this year. He should be back in the ring this year fighting. I donít know about him fighting Pacquiao but I know he should be back in that ring this year. I think if he doesnít go back in the ring this year then he probably isnít going to fight at all, but I believe heís going to fight.Ē

Whether he would be interested in seeing a fight between his nephew and Miguel Cotto:

ďCotto donít mean nothing. Cotto already got his ass whopped! He got whopped by Pacquiao! Ricky Hatton got whopped by Pacquiao! De La Hoya got whopped by Pacquiao! Itís because Pacquiaoís got all that sh*t in him! Thatís why! Thatís the only reason why he whopped them. Whopping Cottoís ass donít mean nothing for Floyd. Floyd would whop Cotto. He ainít going to have that sh*t. Heís going to take the test. He ainít going to cry about no needle.Ē

Regarding what he wants to say to all the fans and all of the listeners of ďOn the Ropes Boxing RadioĒ:

ďWell what I want to let the fans know is people are always asking about Floyd fighting Pacquiao. For those that donít know Iím going to clue you in on something and youíre going to be able to understand what Iím telling you to this day. Any time a guy is supposed to be a fighter, all fightersóall fighters, not Floyd, not Pacquiao, not De La Hoya, not Sugar Ray Leonard. All fighters take tests, blood tests, urine tests, and a physical. All fighters take that. The reason why they take that test is to make sure, number one, you are healthy. Number two, that you ainít got nothing illegally in your body so that when you fight somebody you ainít got nothing illegal in you. To most people they think why donít Floyd fight Pacquiao? Oh heís getting $100 million! It ainít about the $100 million. Itís about whatís fair. If Floyd whops Pacquiao it wonít be because Floyd got steroids in him or because Floydís got something illegally in him. He already whopped De La Hoya! He already whopped Shane Mosley! He already whopped Ricky Hatton! So it ainít going to be about what Floyd ainít got in him. The bottom line is it isnít Floyd who doesnít want to take the test. The only person who needs to take the test is Pacquiao because heís the one whoís got the sh*t in him! So if he takes that test and he comes up with nothing in him heís going to get his ass whopped too! Thatís all there is to it! Thatís the end of the story! It ainít about what Floydís going to do! He ainít had nothing illegal in his body yet, so why does he need to take something illegal now? The bottom line is if Pacquiao takes that test heís been knocked out twice at 105 pounds so you know what heís going to get at 147 pounds.Ē


For those interested in listening to the Roger Mayweather interview in its entirety, it begins approximately forty-one minutes into the program.



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