Marco Huck: ďI would beat Steve Cunningham at everything no matter whether itís chess, or a beauty contest, or boxingĒ

by Geoffrey Ciani (Interviewed by Jenna J & Geoffrey Ciani) - This weekís 118th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio (brought to you by CWH Promotions) featured an exclusive interview with reigning WBO cruiserweight world champion Marco Huck (31-1, 23 KOs) , who is scheduled to defend his title against Ran Nakash (25-0, 18 KOs) this Saturday in Germany. Huck spoke about his upcoming title defense and also provided opinions on various aspects of the current boxing landscape. Here is a complete transcript of that interview:

JENNA J: I think itís time to hear from the other side of this argument because we are also joined by the WBO cruiserweight champion of the world making his second appearance with ďOn the RopesĒ. We have Marco Huck on the line. How are you doing today, Marco?

MARCO HUCK: Iím doing very well and Iím looking forward to my fight.

JENNA: Alright, sounds good. Well you have a new opponent scheduled for your April 2 date. His name is Ran Nakash. What do you know about him?

HUCK: Well it was a bit unfortunate, but the opponent changed on short notice because I was getting ready to face the Italian. But Iím a professional and I have to deal with this kind of situation.

JENNA: Are you at all worried thought that taking this on short notice could affect you in the ring?

HUCK: I consider myself a gladiator and Iím ready to fight and face everybody!

JENNA: Okay so what have you been working on in the training camp for this particular fight?

HUCK: Well itís become routine for me. I always train the same and weíre always successful.

JENNA: Speaking of your success, last time out you defended your WBO belt against Denis Lebedev and some people feel t here was some controversy in that fight. Can you tell us a little bit about that bout?

HUCK: Well I see it actually like a soccer match. Itís not about the team that has the most chances. Itís about the team that scores, and that was me.

JENNA: Now Marco, do you feel any extra pressure to prove yourself against after people doubted you after the Lebedev bout?

HUCK: Well there was always pressure, but for this bout Iím really looking forward to it and I want to make it an especially good performance.

JENNA: Alright weíre also joined by my Co-Host Geoff.

GEOFFREY CIANI: Hi Marco, itís a pleasure to have you back on the show.

HUCK: Hello.

CIANI: The last time we had you on there were rumors of a tournament in your division that was going to be similar to the one in the super middleweight division. Are you at all disappointed that for whatever reasons that never seemed to come together?

HUCK: Well no, it hasnít materializes as of now but it might still materialize in the future. So thatís no problem for me. Iím ready to fight against everybody and prove myself against everybody, but I must say that a Super Six tournament would be a nice thing.

CIANI: Right now in the division, the guy whoís still widely viewed as the best cruiserweight in the world is Steve ďUSSĒ Cunningham. Do you think there is any way you can receive universal recognition as being the best in the division without beating him in a rematch?

HUCK: Well I know that I am the best and I would beat Steve Cunningham at everything no matter whether itís chess, or a beauty contest, or boxing. I know that I lost the fight because I was so inexperienced when we met a few years ago. Even though I was so inexperienced I almost still managed to beat him, but right now I would kill him inside of the ring.

CIANI: Going back to your upcoming fight with Nakash, as you mentioned earlier you were mentally focused and physically preparing for a different opponent. Now that you have Ran Nakash coming in as a late substitute, does this fluster you at all in your preparations?

HUCK: Well no, the preparations continued just as normal after the change. We also prepare hard for every fight. I would have loved to fight that other guy, the Italian, but now itís Ran Nakash and now he will have to pay the price for fighting me.

JENNA: Marco, with peopleís criticisms of you of late, do you feel any need after this particular bout to rematch Denis Lebedev?

HUCK: Well if a Super Six tournament for example would come, then he would be part of it, but Iím not the world champion for no reason. I am the champion and I like to prove myself against everybody. So if everybody wants to fight me I will be happy to prove myself against.

JENNA: Now speaking of Lebedev, it was recently announced that heíll be fighting former light heavyweight champion Roy Jones Junior. What do you think about that matchup?

HUCK: Well Roy Jones I think is over the hill and heís got nothing more to bring to the table. Itís like a child fighting against a grandmother. I think Roy Jones is too old.

JENNA: Alright well Marco, I want to get your opinion on the division above you at heavyweight. It was recently announced that a big matchup is going to take place between Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye. What do you think about that matchup and do you think it is coming a little too late?

HUCK: Iím really looking forward to this fight. Iím still doubting a little bit that it might happen, but if it should materialize then I think thatís great for boxing.

CIANI: What is your opinion on the upcoming fight between Manny Pacquiao and Sugar Shane Mosley?

HUCK: Well what a great and fantastic match. I think Pacquiao is such an outstanding athlete. Heís an outstanding and a superb boxer and it will be a great fight.

CIANI: Now you mentioned last time we had you on the show when we were talking about Pacquiao and Mayweather how you want to be viewed in the same breath as their two names amongst the very elite in the sport. How do you think you can go about accomplishing that in the next year?

HUCK: Well look, Iím just 26 years old and Iím already world champion and Iíve made five successful title defenses. I will make my sixth title defense next week. Iím young and very strong but Iíve not reached my prime yet. I think a man is physically at his strongest maybe from age 28 on, so the best is yet to come and I can make a lot of noise in the future.

CIANI: Now you mentioned before how youíve improved a lot since your fight with Cunningham and you mentioned now that the best is yet to come and that you have yet to hit your prime. What areas of your game right now do you feel you can still improve the most to make yourself a better and more complete fighter?

HUCK: I know Iím a very good boxer, but I think I know I used to fight a lot in the ring because I want to please my fans. I know the crowd they love me and they want to see my fight and see me really banging it out with my opponent. My coach is always a little bit upset or angry with me if I am fighting instead of boxing, but thatís what the fans love to see and I really like to please my fans. But to answer your question I think I can still improve physically and become even stronger.

JENNA: Well we have just a couple of more questions before we let you off the line, Marco. I was wondering, last year you defended your belt four times. What does it mean to you to be an active that gets out there as often as possible?

HUCK: It means that actually the fans can see a lot of me and I think that is a great thing to be in the ring often and to show my fans my capabilities. I think that is something that is very good so being active is very good for me.

JENNA: Alright now back to your fight with Ran Nakash, what do you feel is the most important thing for you to do on that night to come away with your championship yet again?

HUCK: I will put on a good performance and thatís what I have to do. I know heís a bit smaller than me and he will be aggressive. Heís physically very strong so heíll be coming at me, but if I fire in my straight right hand I will destroy him.

JENNA: Now speaking of destroying him, Iíll have to get your official prediction. How do you see the result playing out?

HUCK: Itís actually going to be a surprise. I donít want to say anything so that people wonít bet on it. So fans should look forward to it and see it as a surprise.

JENNA: I have one final question speaking of your fans. Is there anything you want to say to them?

HUCK: I have the best fans in the world, not just in Germany but all over the world and I am very grateful for your support. It really means so much to me. It means everything to me. Iím not just fighting for myself but to please my fans. I know without fans I would be nothing so I would of course fight for them again.

JENNA: Well Marco itís been great having you on the show. We wish you all of the best of luck on April 2.

MARCO HUCK: Thank you very much!


On the Ropes would like to give special thanks to Johannes Berendt for translating this interview.


For those interested in listening to the Marco Huck interview in its entirety, it begins approximately fifty-seven minutes into the program.



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Article posted on 01.04.2011

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