Floyd Mayweather Sr. ďIf my sonís fighting that little man, Iím concerned about my sonís lifeĒ

by Geoffrey Ciani - This weekís 100th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with Floyd Mayweather Senior. His son, Floyd Mayweather Junior, is widely regarded as the best all around boxer in the world today. Mayweather Senior provided his thoughts on his sonís future and the prospect of a fight between him and Manny Pacquiao. He also gave his thoughts on Pacquiaoís victory over Antonio Margarito last weekend. Here is a complete transcript of that interview.

JENNA J: I think itís actually time for our final guest of this weekís epic historic milestone show. He is an OTR favorite having appeared in episodes 30, 70, 71, 78, 82, and episode 90. We are once again joined by the one and only Floyd ĎJoyí Mayweather Senior. How is everything going today, Floyd?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER SENIOR: Everything is going great.

JENNA: Thatís good to hear, Floyd. Weíre happy to be talking to you on this, our 100th episode. What are your thoughts on this past weekendís bout between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito?

MAYWEATHER: I think well you know, both of them are with Bob Arum and I think that he didnít care about one as much as he cared about the other one. Thatís what I believe, and I believe that he didnít care about one as much as the other one. I believe that Pacquiao, to me there was no doubt anyway. I told everybody that Pacquiao is going to beat him up real bad or stop him, and thatís what he did. Pacquiao caught myself I believed, when the guy hit him to the body, I canít say who told Pacquiao to act like he did, like he was hurt. Man, he wasnít hurt. Believe me. He might have been hurt before when he got his ass whopped by one of them little bitty fighters when he was fighting in a smaller weight class when he got stopped when a guy hit him to the body. But now, when he got hit this time by a much, much, much bigger man, he got hit solid. If another smaller guy hit him like that and he put him on the ground and he couldnít even get up, how is a big old man this big, way, way bigger than him with way, way more weight and hit him to the body and then he just comes out of it. He was hit to the head a few times by some good straight right hands. It never moved him. So I donít know. If somebody donít see whatís going on, I donít know what. Whatís in my mind stays with me and there it is.

JENNA: Alright, so you donít believe he was at all hurt in the bout?

MAYWEATHER:No, I donít believe it. Hell no, there was nothing wrong with him. He was fighting too strong and stuff on the end. When a big guy hits you with a shot, a big guy that big, he will at least shake you up or pummel you or something or you know. A guy hits you to the body like that when heís that big, usually a man his size would go out or fold over or something. Pacquiao folded over, yeah he folded over but he came back with all kind of punches and hard punches. It didnít take nothing out of him, so it lets me know that something ainít right. Thatís all I can say to you. Something donít fit right with me. Thatís all I can tell you.

JENNA: Were you at all surprised that Pacquiao came in so light for the bout? He was outweighed by seventeen pounds.

MAYWEATHER: There is nothing that man can do that surprises me, because right now the world is behind him and whatever heís doing, the world is behind him. Whether itís right or wrong the world is behind him, and thatís the way it is and even the people of boxing now days, if there is anybody not doing something like they were checking Margarito for drinking the coffee. All that was, was a big scam for people to look at on TV. Oh, heís concerned that Margarito is taking some kind of enhancement, this or that. Theyíre looking at Margarito doing that. You know what? You do that to keep people on view. Thatís what you do, and then I honestly believe to make the fight look good, when he hit Pacquiao to the stomach and Pacquiao portrayed to be hurtóand I donít ever believe he was hurt, at all, in the fight period. I just think itís a bunch of sham thatís going around. It ainít what it looks to be. It looked like it was supposed to be against a secondary person and that was Margarito getting beat like he was, and that was no surprise to me, anyway. I have never seen a man that small beating all these big men. It has never happened in boxing and it probably never will and my suspicion with whatís going on, hey! Itís so plain to see a blind man could see it. Thatís all I can say.

JENNA: Now Floyd, so you donít think it had anything to do without Margarito maybe not having the snap on his punches without the loaded gloves that some people have accused?

MAYWEATHER: Margarito has got a better snap than him. Margarito really punches harder. Do you think a man that small can hit harder than a man that big? All of them do the same thing when theyíre working out, unless something is outweighing something over there. Thatís all I can tell you. Something just, something is going on. Thatís all I can tell you. I believe that.

JENNA:Well after the bout the fight that they all talked about, and you hear it a million times a day, is a fight between Pacquiao and your son. Do you believe that Floyd looked at that fight and saw how many times Pacquiao was landed on?

MAYWEATHER: Well he ainít going to hit him like that. Floyd ainít no stand up fighter like this guy. That guy was there to be hit. He was there to be hit. You canít miss it. You canít miss it. Not that many months ago, Shane stopped him. Every punch Shane had thrown hit him. Me myself personally, if they had the fight Iíd tell my son not to fight him! Not because my son canít beat him, because my son could beat him easy. Heís nothing big. Heís nothing hard to find. He can be found, and even Margarito showed you can hit him when you want to hit him. How in the hell is Margarito hitting somebody as big and slow as he is? He couldnít hit me in my sleep. So how in the world is he hitting this man now? I know my son is different. Heíd tear him apart, but the whole thing is Iím like this right here. If I was my son, I have my reasons why I would not fight that man. I would have my reasons for not fighting that little bitty man. I got my reasons why, and I ainít got to tell nobody nothing. Everybody knows what time it is.

JENNA: Now Floyd, when you looked at Pacquiao do you think he looked more vulnerable than he has in previous fights due to the fact that somebody as slow as Margarito was able to hit him?

MAYWEATHER: Well thatís what I just told you. I said how could my son not him all day. If Margarito can hit him once my son can hit him four or five times and thatís just obvious. I mean if, I donít see no reason why. Iím just saying this right here, my concern is for my sonís protection. My concern is for my sonís life, thatís why. If my sonís fighting that little man, Iím concerned about my sonís life. Thatís what Iím telling you.

JENNA: Letís say that Pacquiao does finally agree to everything that your son wants testing-wise. Do you think youíd be more apt to want to see that fight happen if Pacquiao does that?

MAYWEATHER: I would agree to that fight if they had people from Little Floydís Camp in Pacquiaoís Camp for random, any time they desired, to check him out. Check him out. Give him a thorough check every time you go. Pacquiao has the same choice to do that with my son and there ainít no doubts, no questions in my mind that the fight would take place tomorrow.

JENNA: Floyd, weíre also joined by my co-host Geoff.

GEOFFREY CIANI: Hey Floyd! Itís a pleasure to have you back on the show.

MAYWEATHER: How are you doing?

CIANI: Iím doing very well, thank you. Now I wanted to ask you, you mentioned Mosley before. Now Mosley knocked Margarito out. He had your son hurt at one point in the second round. Now Pacquiao was unable to knock Margarito out or knock him downó

MAYWEATHER: See that stuff donít mean nothing. That kind of stuff donít mean nothing. This little man that weíre talking aboutóthe littlest man in boxing todayóthat little man right there had enough ammunition in his hands to take Ricky Hatton out in two rounds. Floyd took Ricky Hatton out in the tenth round, and heís doing it with everybody. Heís doing it with all the big names and stuff. Come on, man! People got to realize man, people got families man. Thatís all that itís going to take to divide up a lot of peopleís lives and cause a lot of people to be going to funeral homes. Thatís what itís going to cause. Something ainít right, thatís all I can tell you. Something ainít right, thatís all I could say.

CIANI: Well going into this fight did you think there was a good chance that Pacquiao would stop Margarito?

MAYWEATHER:Oh yeah, easily! I knew he was going to beat him, anyway! That was nothing big to me. Heís going to beat the next man he fights, and the next man he fights. Whatever it takes to get him and my sonís fight going, hey! All he has to do is get it going. Everybody needs to do the right thing, get it going, and let it happen.

CIANI: Okay, now Shane Mosley, he faced your son and aside from a couple of moments early in the fight, he got dominated by little Floyd. A lot of people think that Pacquiao was reluctant to fight Shane. Do you think Shane would have any chance of beating Pacquiao, or do you think thatís another fight that Pacquiao wins?

MAYWEATHER: Let me tell you this. Shane Mosley, let me tell you this right here. Whatever Shane Mosley has been doing over the years, it finally caught up to him and right now, even though Shane beat Margarito, whatever happens Shane Mosley really has no chance of whopping Pacquiao. Right now to tell you the truth, there is a lot things he donít have. Even after the whopping he took from my son, but he ainít going to take no whopping like heís going to take from Pacquiao because Pacquiao is going to have bombs in his hands, man. Heís going to have missiles in his hands man, and when he hits you with them, my goodness! Letís go. Thatís all I can tell you. When Pacquiao hits him, oh my God the smallest man in boxing, when he hits when of these big guys theyíre going downóIím telling you, theyíre going down. Heís the hardest hitting man, the most fastest man, he throws more punches, thousands and thousands of punches a round. This guy man, heís incredible. Heís got the greatest footwork, and heís greater than Muhammad Ali, and of man this guy is a bunch of bullshit. Itís the real deal, thatís what it is.

CIANI: Now Floyd, when we had Freddie Roach on our show last weekó

MAYWEATHER: Who? Freddie ĎThe Joke Coachí Roach!

CIANI: Yeah, we had him on our showó

MAYWEATHER: Or is it Freddie ĎThe Dope Coachí Roach? Which one are you going to talk about?

CIANI: Well Freddie said that if your son doesnít come around, he said they might look for the winner of the Williams-Martinez rematch and have Pacquiao move up to fight for the middleweight title against the winner of that. Do you think that Pacquiao, as small as he is, would you think that he could move up to middleweight and win a portion of the middleweight title?

MAYWEATHER:Look here man, youíre asking me questions that you canít even put an answer to it because you know how it is. You know how it is. You know exactly what Iím talking about. You know what it is. You know whatís going on just like everyone else knows. Thatís all I got to tell you.

CIANI: So you do think he could win a portion of the middleweight championship, though? Thatís what youíre saying?

MAYWEATHER: Hey! Pacquiao? Oh hell yeah. He can win the heavyweight title! Shit! You better put him in there with somebody where he might win but it would be tight. Letís put him in there with the Klitschkos. Thatís going to be the only person that can kind of halfway slow him down a little bit. These other big guys youíre talking about, bigger than him, you got to go higher. You got to go to the heavyweights. Thatís what it is right now. This guy right here is impeccable, exceptional, excellent, truly second to none. Thatís what he is right now. Somebody has got to stop him. You know what, to tell you the truth they say what they want to say but if I was my son, I wouldnít do anything until Floydís people in his camp go with whatever Pacquiao wants to get whatever done, and Floydís people should be there. And it should be likewise with Pacquiao. All their people can come and watch little Floyd when heís randomly checked. Thatís just the way it should be at all times. If it donít be that way there shouldnít be no fight anyway. Everybody needs to know whatís going on. Thatís all I got to say.

CIANI: Okay, going back to your son for a minute and going back to Margarito for a minute. For a long time, rightly or wrongly, a lot of fans thought that your son was afraid of Margaritoó

MAYWEATHER: You, you think that, everybody thought tható

CIANI: I didnít say I thought that. I said a lot of fans did think tható

MAYWEATHER: Yeah, they did but you know what? People can think what they want to think, but see, after Shane beat his ass and he beat Shane that just showed them right there what time it is. Donít get me wrong, styles make fights, and definitely for sure Floydís got the right fight to beat Margarito. Really thatís not a problem whatsoever. Margarito takes about three minutes to throw a punch. So who in the hell is he going to hit?

CIANI: So what do you think would have happened if your son was in there against Margarito instead of Pacquiao?

MAYWEATHER: My son would have beat Margarito, man. Heíll beat Pacquiao! Look man, itís the craziest thing in the world that Iím even on the phone talking to you about a dwarf, a midgetóabout a midget knocking out giants. Itís ridiculous, man! Is this whatís news today? A midget knocking out a giant? It was Goliath and Sampson or something like that, whatever it is.Ē

JENNA: Alright now Floyd, also when we had Roach on he mentioned that he thought his other fighter, Amir Khan, would have a very good shot to beat your son. What are your thoughts on Amir Khan as a fighter?

MAYWEATHER: Amir Khan would get the shit beat out of him. Thatís another thing. Theyíre from the same camp now. So whatever theyíre doing, all of them could be doing it or whatever. Theyíre from the same camp. Itís the same thing. There ainít nobody going to beat nobody. There ainít no more daylight. You know? Amir Khan got a glass jaw. Heís got a glass jaw so I know damn well if somebody hit his ass and heís still standing up, okay. If youíre still standing up, okay. Something must be behind it to make him still standing up. Why would he be standing? Heís got a glass jaw!

JENNA: Now Floyd, you mentioned many times before that you thought Roach was a ďjoke of a coachĒ. You thought he should be called ďThe Dope CoachĒ, but what do you think of his training abilities? Do you think heís a good trainer?

MAYWEATHER: Iím going to be honest with you, and with the Lord as my witnessóI donít play with the big man above, itís the truthóno. Donít get me wrong now. We got a different type of sickness. I got a sickness, too. I got sarcoidosis. Itís a bad disease, too, what I got. Itís a lung disease, but it has me, the last couple of weeks Iíve been in the hospital because of this right here. But like I said, the things they were doing about Freddie Roach the other day with those guys doing all this stuff. I didnít get a chance to see it. A lot of people were telling me about it. They were doing the shaking things and whatever. Thatís bad. I donít like that at all. It has nothing to do with it, but do I think heís a good coach? To be honest with you, no I donít and a lot of other people donít either. I got to give him some props because heís doing what heís doing. Heís making good money. You canít take that from him. Heís brought himself to the point to where some people believe it. A lot of people that donít box and donít know boxing, they believe things that are really not there. Soon enough, when things keep happening and things come down the whole world will get a chance to see, how good was he really? How good was he really? Was he false or was he the truth? Thatís what theyíre going to come down and see. Is he the real Freddie Roach? Or is he the joke? Thatís what itís going to be, and like said as a trainer heís no good. If they followed up all that stuff and t hey do what he said they were going to do, I mean have little Floyd go to their camp while theyíre doing his thing? Well we ainít got to go to the camp. Each guy goes to the other guyís camp when the other oneís doing what theyíre doing, and then you will find out. You will find out. Pacquiao was nothing that the people thought he was, and you will see that his coach was nothing, either.

JENNA: Now Floyd you mentioned before that you were in the hospital the last couple of weeks. Can you tell the fans out there, because people were concerned, can you give them a health update and tell them how youíre feeling?

MAYWEATHER: Iím feeling good today. Iím ready to take care of my business. Iím ready to get back in the gym and do it like no other. Hey! I bet you one thing. People who come to my gym will sit down and learn something. You got all these fans. You know what? Listen if theyíre on an equal ground, Floyd and Manny Pacquiao, then you will see what happens there. If me and Freddie were on equal ground, you will see what happens there. Guess what? The Mayweathers rise to the occasion again.

JENNA: Since youíre planning to get back in the gym now and fans have been eager to see you training fighters again, who are you working with?

MAYWEATHER: Iíve got a few guys thatís coming. Right now Iím working with another guy in the bay area and Iím working with this middleweight guy named Huey. Iím working with about three guys now. I get calls daily. I got another guy whoís supposed to come in this week. One of them was named Juan and the other one was named, I think his name is Carlos. I trained one for a few months and the other one I trained him for a week. Iím getting ready to train those guys over here as well.

JENNA: Well weíre definitely looking forward to seeing you back out there Floyd, but I have just a couple of more questions before we let you off the line. There have been a lot of questions about your sonís future and who heís going to fight next. You said you donít want to see him fight Pacquiao if Pacquiao doesnít take the testó

MAYWEATHER: No! No, no, no. What Iím saying is, my thing is know where he couldóeven though my son is not a big, my son is a good puncher but heís not a big puncher. Heís not a, I mean heís got a good knockout record himself. He ainít no great, great puncher but heís a good puncher and heís got speed, and heís got smarts, and heís slick, and heís clever, and heís smoothósomething that Pacquiao does not have. All those things I just named, Pacquiao ainít got. He got the power, but hey! When do they say where did he get it from? Now all of a sudden heís got all this power? Something is just not right. I know the world knows whatís happening. The ones who want to be true to the game and face up to the facts, then they know. Whatever it is, I donít know what it is. Is it some kind of spiritual kind of power that heís got? I donít know where he got it from but hey, more power to him. Thatís all I could tell you.

JENNA: Now Floyd, I was mentioning though about your son. If he doesnít fight Pacquiao for whatever reason it is, do you think the winner of Martinez-Williams is an attractive match-up for Floyd in May?

MAYWEATHER: I donít see either match-up. Whatís that guyís name? Paul Williams or what was his name?

JENNA: Sergio Martinez.

MAYWEATHER: Or Sergio Martinez. I donít think little Floydís a candidate for none of them, because I feel like little Floyd should stay in his division and not being like a Pac-Man thatís tracking all over the place, and eating everything, and getting strong and big and stuff. I just donít think little Floyd can do that. Going weight after weight class, you go ten, fifteen, twenty pounds above your weight class and are knocking guys out and beating them up and making them quit and all that. Hey look! I donít think so. I wouldnít advise my son to do that. Heís a grown man. Understand me, he has a choice to do what he chooses to do, but I donít think he will do it, either. There is no gain there for him in doing that. I wouldnít do it if I was him because fighting at your weight class, you donít need to try and be the Pac-Man and doing all that pecking and stuff and get yourself like that. So just be natural, just stay natural and be Floyd. Thatís what he should do. Stay and be Floyd.

JENNA: But I have to ask you from what youíre saying here, if itís not Pacquiao and itís not the winner of Martinez-Williams, do you think your son might call it quits and he might retire because of a lack of opponents out there?

MAYWEATHER: There is no reason for him to fight, especially when stuff ainít right. Thatís all Iím going to say. Especially when things are not right, no he shouldnít fight. Thatís why I donít want him to fight, because I know things are not right. And you know just what Iím saying. Itís so plain to see, anybody could see it.

JENNA: Alright, well Floyd I have one final question for you. Pacquiao is turning 32. Your son is 33 now. Where do you think the sport of boxing will be when both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Junior retire?

MAYWEATHER: Well you know Iíll be honest with you. The game is not looking up at all and I would advise my son, if he chooses not to fight anymore heís got enough money to live the rest of his life. Leave the game alone. It ainít worth it. You already proved yourself. Heís a Hall of Famer. There ainít nothing left boxing can do for you, anyway. So itís about money. If you take a chance with your life for money, hey! Look, itís only you at the end of the day. You donít have to take chances like that. Itís just like if he was standing out on, what are those things? When you walk across? When a guy Is working construction? When guys are working construction and they walk across those things that keep it up? The things that are coming down there and holding it up? Iím just telling you that these are the types of chances that youíre taking. So you ainít got to walk the small line and be on a pole vault and all this. He ainít got to do all that. Quit! Leave the game alone! You already made your mark in the game. You showed people who you are. Everybody knows Mayweather. There ainít nothing to tell. Everybody knows Pacquiao. Everybody knows Mayweather. Theyíre going to continue to know Mayweather. Theyíre going to remember Mayweather from the one who was scared of Pacquiao. Thatís just alright. You know what? You ainít going to be no further than him at the end of the day. The only thing is heís going to break down real fast at the end of the day for being that man. Pacquiaoís done things he shouldnít be pecking on. So thatís why the Pac-Man when he quits, guess what? That kind of stuff happens when youíre pecking on things you have no business pecking on. So you got that right.

JENNA: Alright well Floyd, itís been a pleasure talking to you and I actually just have one final question. Is there any message you want to give out to the fans there about what they can expect from you in 2011?

MAYWEATHER: Well Iím writing a book this year. Iím writing a book and Iím planning on doing a sitcom. There will be about ten of them. There will be about 30 or 40 thousand an episode. Then the book will be on the shelf and Iíll be traveling around the cities and writing books and giving some books away. So thatís going to be pretty much my thing next year. So everything is doing pretty good right now.

JENNA: Great! Well we love to hear that. Weíll definitely have to keep our fans posted about that book youíre having Floyd, but again Iíd like to thank you for your time. It was a pleasure having you on, especially on our 100th episode, and we thank you for your time and wish you the best of luck in the future, Floyd.

MAYWEATHER: Thank you, I appreciate it.

CIANI: Thanks Floyd.

MAYWEATHER: Thank you. Bye, bye!


For those interested in listening to the Floyd Mayweather interview in its entirety, it begins approximately one hour and twenty-two minutes into the program.


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Article posted on 20.11.2010

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