Exclusive: Hector Camacho Junior Speaks About His Oct. 29th Fight With David Lemieux - ďDonít Be Surprised If I Stop This KidĒ

By James Slater: 32-year-old Hector Camacho Junior is a boxer well known to fight fans. A pro since 1996, the slick southpaw has met a number of big names. Currently 52-3-1(28), the Puerto Rican has also picked up a number of important wins. However, Camacho Junior has never, in the opinion of some fans and experts, achieved what he could have in boxing.

A win at the end of the month, when Hector faces red-hot unbeaten puncher/prospect David Lemieux, could change that though. The veteran of almost 60 pro fights feels a win will lead him towards a big fight with a Miguel Cotto or maybe even a Sergio Martinez.

Going into the lionís den on October 29th, against a man with a perfect 23-0(22) record, Camacho Junior will have to be at his best to get the victory he hopes will give his career the big boost it needs.

Very kindly taking time out to speak with me today, Hector had the following things to say:

James Slater: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. Your upcoming fight with David Lemiuex has a lot of people talking - first of all, howís camp gone for the October 29th fight?

Hector Camacho Junior: Campís going very well. Iíve been training here in Panama for two months now, I was supposed to fight a previous fight but it got cancelled. Iím on weight now and Iím ready to go.

J.S: Have you trained in Panama for a fight before?

H.C.J: First time here. You know, there are a lot of great fighters from Panama - Roberto Duran, who I watched growing up - and they know their boxing here.

J.S: What do you know about Lemieux?

H.C.J: A lot of Canadian fighters, and Iím not taking it away from them - they seem to get a lot of hype. They get matched out there against limited opposition, guys theyíre supposed to beat. This guyís got very limited experience, and heís been beating guys heís supposed to beat. This fight is a step up for him. They think Iím a stepping stone, but theyíve made a big mistake. Iím a fighter with classy moves along with some extra pop. Iíll be knocking him around the ring like a Hacky Sack and if the knockout comes it comes!

J.S: Is it fair to say this is a very dangerous fight for you? Some fans, when the fight was first rumoured, said youíd not take it as it was so dangerous. Youíve proved those people wrong.

H.C.J: All fights are dangerous. Yes, heís got power, I canít take that away from him. But heís been stopping guys heís supposed to stop. Iíd be 23-0 with 22 KOís if Iíd fought the guys heís been in with. The guys heís been in with, they were handmade for him, they all stood right in front of him. Iíll be fighting a smart fight, and heíll be up against things heís never seen before. Iíll be on my toes all the time, Iíll jab him in the face, pivot and be behind him - all kinds of things heís not seen before. Iíll frustrate him. Heís going in with a crafty, experienced southpaw. Iíll beat him at the mind-games too. I know he has power, and I am aware that one shot can end it at any time. I know I canít make one mistake in there - Iíve got to be alert and sharp.

J.S: Have you seen many of his fights on tape?

H.C.J: Iíve seen a few on YouTube, but they ended so quickly, you canít see too much. That could be his downfall in this fight, him looking for the knockout. Guys that hit hard, often they have no regards for the other guyís power. He might run into a hard body shot. I donít know about his chin, but body shots can really hurt. This fight is not at an ideal weight for me at 160-pounds. At best Iím a 154-pounder, at best. Really Iím a welterweight. But I should be faster than him, with me being a blown up middleweight.

J.S: You would have preferred the fight at 154?

H.C.J: I wouldíve preferred it at 154, but a fighter who can eat is a happy fighter. I can eat AND train fighting at this weight. I donít think heís an absolute solid middleweight though. Iíve seen some flab on his belly.

J.S: Thatís interesting. Do you maybe think he will get tired if the fight goes to the later rounds? Heís only been ten-rounds once, might you look to come on strong in the late rounds, with your experience at having gone the distance so many times?

H.C.J: My corner-men have put my game-plan together. I might come out fast at the start and look to win the early rounds - Iím fighting in his hometown so I donít want to get robbed! Or I could take over in the later part of the fight. Weíll see when the bell rings. Youíll see a lot of movement, and heíll miss a lot of punches. He throws homeruns, and when you miss that much you get tired. He has to get set to throw his punches, he has to plant his feet, and I think heíll get winded from missing so much. Youíre from England, you know about boxing. You go in there and you BOX! You be the smarter fighter.

J.S: Youíve won your last nine fights, but only had one fight this year. Any concerns about ring-rust?

H.C.J: I feel good. I have had just one fight this year, youíre right. But Iím not worried. I stay in the gym, Iíve had 57 fights - I know what to do. When the bell rings you have to be ready to fight!

J.S: What will a win over Lemieux mean for you? It will be looked at as a big upset in some quarters, and you will upset a lot of Canadians if you win!

H.C.J: A win will mean so much. It will definitely put me on new heights. But I canít stay at 160, Iíll come back down to 154. I want a big fight, with Cotto, Chavez Junior, [Sergio] Martinez. A big fight. I deserve one.

J.S: I know youíve wanted to fight Chavez Junior for a long time now!

H.C.J: I want it, but Top Rank and Golden Boy, theyíre monopolising the game. Theyíre playing in-house poker and theyíre dealing themselves the cards! Itís hard to get a piece of the pie when youíre a fighter on the outside like me. Itís good promotional work, donít get me wrong, but itís tough business for boxers like me. The game has changed so much. When Don King canít get T.V dates, you know somethingís wrong with boxing.

J.S: I think if you beat Lemieux, especially if you stop him, they will have to give you a big fight.

H.C.J: They will have to! A good showing against this kid, and they wonít be able to ignore me. And when I got the call for this fight, I didnít second-guess it, I said letís go! Iím a fighter, and thatís what we do, we fight. I know what Iím up against, and I know I canít make any mistake. Iím ready.

J.S: Itís been great speaking with you, Hector. Do you have a final prediction for October 29th? Will it be Macho-Time!

H.C.J: It will be Junior time. Iíll do what I do, be myself in there, and donít be surprised if I stop this kid.

Article posted on 16.10.2010

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