Amir Khan – He is ready to be crowned ‘KING’

khanBy Fantana: Amir Khan, one of the true talents in boxing, undoubtedly does not get the credit he deserves. If we take a quick glance at The Ring magazines top ten pound for pound list it doesn’t show the man from Bolton, the true champion of the 140lb division. Yet it shows the now ancient Shane Mosley at number five who, God bless him, would be defeated by Khan so easily it would be as one sided as the Hutton enquiry. The Ring is bound to update its list this month after Mosley’s ‘draw’ against Mora, and I think they will have Amir Khan in the top ten, it would be criminal not to. He may not be the finished article, but under the guidance of Freddie Roach he has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. No longer just raw talent relying on speed alone, he is developing into the complete professional with great abs and I fully expect him to go down in history not just as the greatest boxer these fine British isles has ever produced, but as one of the all-time greats, up there with Duran and Whitaker. I believe that the man whose nickname is King is ready to be crowned boxing’s premier prize-fighter, and here’s why..

1) He has lots of potential

To comprehend what potential is a real man, such as myself, must first understand that at any given moment in time we all have the potential to do something, whether it be good - or bad like writing horrendous comments on articulate and factual based objective articles on Audley Harrison. We are able to manifest our realities by using mental focus, in a non-gay way. Everything we have created for ourselves in this world first stemmed from our minds, our thoughts. On the surface of it, what Amir Khan has achieved seems easy for someone with his natural gifts. But underneath all the flamboyance Amir Khan has harnessed his potential energy to become a sweet scientist within the confines of the ropes, someone who is fast becoming the most exciting and feared bloke in boxing. It was there all along to see, from the time he captured silver at the Olympics, we Brits all knew he would go on to great things. Remember, they don’t give out silver medals for coming second.

Not so long ago people wrote Amir Khan off after his first professional loss at the hands of Prescott, saying he doesn’t have a champion’s heart and undeniably has a glass jaw because he kept getting floored in his boxing contests. But that was two years ago, since that premature stoppage against Prescott - a fight in which all three ringside judges had Khan ahead on the score cards - Amir Khan has not been knocked down a single time and has gone on to capture a world title and defend it successfully a whole two times. A large part of this transformation has to be credited to Freddie Roach, but I believe Amir Khan has done the impossible, and has actually been able to build muscle on his chin. There is no other way to scientifically explain how Amir Khan is now sporting such a well-defined, chiselled jawline, a ‘cast iron chin’.

2) Time is on his side

You may wonder how far will Khan’s potential get him, and one must not forget Amir Khan is still just 23 years old but has already achieved so much. Reports that Amir Khan is besting the Pacman in sparring sessions cannot be overlooked, it means already that Amir is the uncrowned pound for pound King, no question. If we look at the 140lb division, there is only one other man people may say could give Amir a fight, Timothy Bradley. Don’t get me wrong, the guy turns up in shape, but there is no way he could hurt Khan with his feather fists and he would not have the stamina to keep up with the younger, better looking man from Britain. Even if it went into the trenches, I would favour Khan over Tiny Tim any day of the week. You see, Amir Khan is not just a guy who will depend on speed, or ferocious power, when the going gets tough he can really bite down and be a hard bastard. When fighting former pound for pound numero uno Mexican legend, Marco Antonio Barrera a large portion of the Manchester crowd was against Khan but Amir was able to overcome this by using a headbutt – obviously learnt in Fight Night Round 4 by using R2 and O, making certain of victory in a hostile environment. With the rate Amir Khan is going, and with his large frame capable of carrying copious amounts of pure muscle like any real man, such as myself. I foresee over the next few years Amir dominating all divisions up to middleweight becoming the most dominant champion since Roy Jones wreaked havoc on his foe with the same skills Amir Khan has e.g talking.

3) He is not afraid to get involved in the odd scandal

Scandals sell papers, and put bottoms on seats. What goes on outside the ring is probably more talked about then what happens within the squared circle, and we need only look at examples such as Mike Tyson and recently Ricky Hatton to know this. Whilst many people may not know who Mike Tyson beat to capture the heavyweight title they do know he is a convicted rapist with tattoo on his face. People may not know Ricky Hatton almost flattened Floyd Mayweather before getting struck with a few lucky punches for ten rounds, but they do know he has abused drugs, and is a complete porker. So what about Amir Khan? Whilst he has his brilliant image, a charitable and humble man, he is also a bit of a jack the lad which allows the man on the street to relate to him. He got caught out sending a few nude photos of himself to some bird, and the response on forums around the worldwide web was generally ‘good on the lad, that bird had big hooters, he is young and should enjoy himself’ and who doesn’t enjoy pestering women with naughty text messages? The scandals he gets involved with are just harmless, good natured, that don’t hurt anyone. Yes, he ran a cyclist over in his Range Rover, but they didn’t get badly hurt, just a mere broken leg. His twitter account, currently with almost 45,000 followers, is littered with hilarious quips from the man himself. Not long ago it was reported that Khan was going to switch off his twitter account because he kept getting into heated debates with other users. I don’t use Twitter personally but I must admit because of the way Amir Khan portrays his life on there I often find myself perusing over his tweets, in a non-gay way. Who can forget the outlandish comments he shared with Paulie Malignaggi in the run up to their fight? Or the point blank shots in the face he delivered to Carl Froch after he got robbed against Kessler which produced uproar throughout Great Britain? Yes, Amir Khan has it where it really counts, outside the ring. Mums love him, and let’s not forget a large portion of boxing’s pay per view buyers are mothers, they like a bit of violence which is why they watch Eastenders and often smack children.

In Closing

If ever boxing needed a hero, it’s now. Boxing fans have had to endure too much recently, with the allegations against Mayweather and the recent upset loss Toney suffered in UFC, we all feel a little disheartened and need Christmas to come sooner to cheer us up. Boxing often comes under pressure not just against female activists, but against knucklehead drunkards who like to watch grown men rolling around hugging each other, often men with really hairy backs. You may ask ‘Who can we turn to now to save us?’ and I will point you in the direction of Amir Khan, a guy who doesn’t have disgusting amounts of bodily hair. He is a true family man who brings his Dad with him to all of his fights, and doesn’t seem embarrassed by him even with his loveable goofy gap tooted smile and the silly things he says. With his dashing good looks, Amir that is not his Dad, he is quickly becoming the face of boxing. You wouldn’t be frightened to run into him in a dark alleyway, he has this sense of kindness which undeniably transpires through the TV and into our hearts. It is this affability that boxing needs right now, and we can all be thankful that we have Amir Khan. Boxings current superstars, such as Mayweather and Pacquiao, are now at that age where they will only deteriorate or get put in prison, whilst Amir Khan will continue to develop and grow, like Mamas Cas sung, ‘it just keeps getting better.’ Long live the king, King Khan that is.

Yours in manliness,

About the author – Fantana is 5 foot 4 inches and 154 pounds of pure man who is not afraid of the odd knee scrape and explosion. Please note – Fantana is NOT Bruce Willis.

Article posted on 20.09.2010

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