Gamboa, Rios, Green, Ward, Dirrell, and the Mayweathers

boxingBy Paul Strauss: Yuriorkis Gamboa once again exhibited his superior abilitiy in scoring a decisive UD over Orlando Salido at the Palm Casino, Las Vegas, NV. That's already old news, but it's important to point out that as usual he did it with excitement and style, which continues to propel him forward on the road to a big matchup with Juan Manuel "JuanMa" Lopez. It wasn't an easy task though, and for the fifth time in his career, his gloves touched the canvas. This time it was in the eighth round. Not to worry though, the occurrence was due in a big way to his attempt to land a big counter left hook which missed. A blink of an eye before that, he had been tagged by a big looping overhand right. However, it was his own momentum from the attempted counter that really put him down. He exhibited little sign of being hurt, but there was no doubt Salido was proving to be a tough veteran opponent, one who fought hard, but in the end was outclassed. Gamboa created another particularly tense moment in the twelfth and final round when he twice sent Salido to the canvas. The danger came when he foolishly let his emotions get the better of him. While Salido was down, Gamboa unleashed a right hand to the back of Salido's head. Fighters have been disqualifid for such offenses (Just ask King Arthur and Sakio Bika). But, in this case, Referee Joe Cortez chose to penalize him two points and let the fight continue. Gamboa fans let out a collective sigh of relief, and wiped up their spilt beer and resumed cheering for Gamboa..

Soon fans will hopefully be treated to a matchup between him and Juan Manuel "JuanMa" Lopez, and what a day that will be. It's inevitable, and there won't be any Mayweather type shenanigans. There won't be any game playing, trading of insults or any such nonsense. No, these two will just confidently go about their business and make themselves ready. Already fans are excited about the possibility and they are forging their arguments as to which one will be victorious. Lopez fans say their man is bigger, more experienced, a better technical fighter, a southpaw, and a big puncher. Gamboa fans point out their hero is too fast, and hits hard too. They feel he will turn JuanMa's aggression against him, and then will counter with so much speed and precision punching that JuanMa will be overwhelmed . Both sides also correctly point out the other fighter has weaknesses. In their hearts they know it's those weaknesses that also contribute to the popularity of these two fighters. Both fighters tend to go for broke, and are willing to take chances in order to take out the opposition. Fans love it. No matter how long the fight goes, it's a sure thing that it will be loaded with excitement. Of course, there is one little matter that has to take place first. It's the Lopez vs. Marquez fight secheduled for November 6, at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV. JuanMa has to beat a great little Mexican fighter. The same guy who was involved in one of boxing's most exciting trilogies. Rafael might prove the so called handwriting on the wall concerning the matchup between JuanMa and Yuriorkis might be a forgery. Celestinio Cabellero is also waiting in the wingsl.

On the undercard of the Gamboa vs Salido fight, Brandon Rios proved to be too much for undefeated Anthony Peterson. Initially the fight looked like most expected. Peterson appeared too fast and too skilled for Rios. However, soon Rios started landing right uppercuts, and Peterson didn't seem to have an answer. The uppercuts came as part of a combination, and although Peterson blocked the first couple, the uppercut was finding its way up the middle. The punch did a couple of things. It was hard enough to surprise and sting Peterson. It also broke up his plans. At first, he seemed determined to find an answer, but when he proved unable to, he started to exhibit some frustration and then he stopped fighting smart. Instead, he became flat-footed and started trading more with Rios. Peterson's frustration envigorated Rios. He likes nothing better than to brawl, and was pumped up by the prospect of Peterson deciding to fight his fight.

Peterson's decision proved to be a big mistake. More and more he was getting tagged, not just with the uppercut, but with lefts and rights as well. He tried to will his way back into the fight, and wanted to demonstrate his toughness by opening up, but all that did was provide more openings. Rios capitalized by catching him with some good shots. One counter left hook in the fifth put Peterson on the set of his pants for the first time in his pro or amatuer career. It wasn't just a flash knockdown either. He was definitely shook. His corner was yelling at him to concentrate, and to get back to jabbing and boxing, but he just couldn't get it done. Out of desperation he started looking for a way out, and that seemed to be a DQ. He began ripping uppercuts below the belt. They weren't just on the beltline, they were throw below the cup in at an upward angle. The Referee Russell Mora gave him every chance to refrain from doing so, but this was Peterson's version of "biting an ear". Consequently, he was disqualified in the seventh round. Rios was ahead on all three cards.

Moving on, are you one of those who are concerned about what's happening with the Super Six? Is it still a super six, super four, or maybe even zero. Fans of the tournament have already been frustrated by the lengthy periods between the fights, and now one of the original favorites to win the tournament has dropped out. Mikkel Kessler, as you know, had to drop out because of an eye injury. Where does that leave Allen Green, and for that matter the rest of the contestants? If Showtime cannot come up with a suitable substitiute, what happens to Green?. Do they just pay him off and say, "Sorry, but it couldn't be helped"? Once there were six and now there are four, or are there? Here's another puzzler .........the Ward vs. Dirrell matchup?. Even though the September 25th date for the fight is a soon to be upon us, a site hasn't been selected? Rumors are floating around that neither fighter is in serious hard training? If four becomes two, then what's the sense of the remaining two to stay involved? Oh oh, just in......Carl Froch has sustained a back injury, so his fight with Arthur "King" Abraham will be postponed a month or two. There's going to have to be some pretty fancy footwork done by multiple parties to salvage this thing.

Now we come to the Mayweathers. Little Foulweather claims he was just having fun with his most recent personal attack on Manny Pacquiao. He now says he didn't mean it and is sorry, but saying your sorry isn't being it! It's a pity boxing commissions and the ABC belt organizations of boxing don't have the gumption and integrity to suspend this boil on the backside of the sport. The trio of Roger, Floyd, Sr. and Little Floyd are too stupid to understand that profanity, hate filled insults and personal attacks are the sign of a weak mind. Why any media organization gives them the time of day is a mystery? They should be avoided like the plague! Too much space and time has already been given to them, so let's suffice it to say that long ago Marcus Cicero said, "Ability without honor is usless", and that's what these there cretins are......useless!

Article posted on 14.09.2010

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