Floyd Mayweather Sr: "I donít like that Little Floyd did that because it shows me a sign of weakness"

by Geoffrey Ciani - This weekís 90th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with Floyd Mayweather Senior. His son, Floyd Mayweather Junior, recently made headlines as a result of insulting Pacquiao in what many observers viewed as a mean-spirited and racially charged attack. Mayweather Senior provided his thoughts on his sonís comments, and also talked about a potential fight between his son and the Filipino sensation. He also shared his views on Chad Dawsonís first professional loss at the hands of Jean Pascal. Here is a complete transcript of that interview.

JENNA J: Anyway guys, it is time for the main guest of this weekís show. It is the father of Floyd Mayweather Junior. He is Floyd Joy Mayweather Senior. Hey Floyd.


JENNA: Floyd, your sonís been getting a lot of criticism in the press of late because of comments made about Manny Pacquiao. What do you think about that whole situation?

MAYWEATHER: I just got through talking to somebody about that. From what I understand, itís been all over the radio and stuff. I heard somebody talking about how he made racial statements. Those are not racial statements that he made. You know, talking about what somebody eats. Whatís racial about that? If thatís the case, then when you talk about black people you can talk about what they eat chicken, and they eat yams, and collie greens, and black eyes peas. You can go on and on and on, but Iím just telling you the whole thing is, to me, I donít like that he did that because it shows me a sign of weakness and I donít like it. He didnít say nothing wrong that Iíve seen, because all of this stuff is boxing talk. Itís boxing talk. What does he have to apologize for? He ainít done nothing wrong.

JENNA: So do you think when he made the comment that he was going to ďcook the little yellow chumpĒ that he was talking maybe ďyellowĒ as in coward?

MAYWEATHER: It depends on however he said it. I mean, depends on however he said it. Iím just saying that if you go back to one of my things on the internet, I think youíll hear me calling him yellow as well. However they want to take it, thatís on them. If they want to take it that heís a yellow man or they want to take it that heís yellow as in a coward, you can do that to. It donít make any difference which way the want to take it. However I said it is in my mind how I said it and how I wanted to say it, but itís on them on how they want to determine it. Thatís on them, but to me, I havenít seen any racial statements that he made. I just donít like when he apologized for something that he didnít say. You apologize when you really have done something wrong. He didnít do nothing wrong. This stuff is boxing talk. He talks, all of them talk.

JENNA: Floyd, last time I interviewed you it was a very candid interview and you mentioned that you thought Pacquiao was one of the twenty biggest bitches in the sport. You mentioned a lot of things about him. You made similar comments and you didnít get the same criticism. Do you think heís getting more criticism because heís a prominent athlete in this game today?

MAYWEATHER: It could be that way, but even if I was the athlete that he was today, if I speak my mind and I say something, I stay with that. Iím not going to back up. For what? What are you backing up for? That show ďEnemyĒ right now, heís out to get you and youíre out to get him. So why in the hell do you got to apologize for? You donít owe him no apology. For what? He did nothing wrong. He ainít said nothing wrong. The whole thing is, you look on the internet and you will catch me on there. I was talking about him. I ainít got no respect for him. I called him a bitch on there. Heís a little faggot whore. Thatís what he is. You think Iím going to take that back? I said way more than he said.

JENNA: Yeah, I know. I interviewed you that day there. You said your son doesnít have anything to apologize for. What do you think of all the people that are attacking him now for what he said?

MAYWEATHER: Well they all are attacking him, they want him to fight really. Thatís what they want him to do right now. They want him to fight Pacquiao. As soon as he beats Pacquiaoís ass, guess what? Heís the greatest fighter that ever lived and all that stuff. Thatís all that is right there, but the whole thing is if a guy or whateverís going on, the whole thing is heís got a right to take his time fighting Pacquiao because Pacquiao wouldnít take the test. When he offered Pacquiao to take the test and make the fight, he didnít take the test. Nobody said nothing about that. Now all of a sudden now, he said he wants to take a vacation. Pacquiao held his off, so he canít do the same thing? The only thing I can tell you is my thing is, Pacquiao was scared, simple. My thing is, I know my son and I do know one thing about himóI know heís not scared of Pacquiao. Especially if he takes that test, the Olympic test. If he takes that test right there I know whatís going to happen to him. I ainít even got to talk to you about that. The world will see. So all this stuff, there is no reason to blame Floyd. Theyíre going to blame people. Right now theyíre going to do what they want to do. You got the majority of people thinking Floyd is scared. Floyd ainít scared of no damn Pacquiao. Thatís the last thing little Floyd is scared of is Pacquiao. I said one thing and Iíll say it again, take the test! Take the test and weíll find out.

JENNA: Alright now Floyd, mentioning Pacquiao, he has a fight coming up on November 13. Heíll be fighting against Antonio Margarito, a guy that was caught cheating in the ring. Iím just curious with yourself here, what do you think of that match-up and the guy that heís choosing to fight?

MAYWEATHER: In my honest opinion, they can both fight each other because theyíre both, to me in my mind, crooks. So they can fight each other and beat each other up all they want to because one is no better than the other one. Everybodyís doing something dirty. Thatís what I feel and believe. To me, in my opinion, one is no dirtier than the other one. So itís a good fight. Whoever wins is going to win. On the real thing, a guy is big as Margarito, you never see this stuff happening ever in the life of boxing that a little man was beating all these big men. Youíve never seen that. It isnít because of a coincidence, because to me thereís a reason for it. Thereís a reason for why heís beating these guys like I said before. Whatever the reason is, it donít sell with me. It donít sell with me. Whateverís happening, Iím looking at it the way my mind tells me it is. Thatís the way Iím looking at it. Iím looking at it the real way. Pacquiao is probably going to end up beating Margarito.

JENNA: You said Pacquiao will probably end up beating Margarito, but how do you see the final result of it. Do you think it will be by knockout? Do you think it will go to the cards? How do you see it going?

MAYWEATHER: Let me explain something to you. Pacquiao has three losses and two draws and of course he got beat byóI donít recall the guyís name. The Mexican who used to fight. Whatís his name? Barrera? His nameís Barrera. I canít think of his name. Itís Barrera.


MAYWEATHER: Yes! There you go. Morales, he got beat by Morales. Morales beat him first, then he came back and beat Morales, but thatís neither here nor there. He got beat by a little guy like that and heís going to fight a great big old guy like Margarito? That stuff, itís crazy. I already know little Floyd is not as big as Margarito, but Iíll tell you one thingólittle Floyd would tear that ass apart. Shane tore Margarito apart, Floyd tore Shane apart. Right there, I mean, how in the hell is Pacquiao going to come and whop Floyd? Please, come on! I really want to know how thatís going to be done. It sure isnít going to be done. If he takes all of his tests, and everything pans out like itís supposed to, you will see and everybody else will see. My thing is all these high praises and stuff they got on Pacquiao is bullshit. Like I called him before, I call him ďFreddie the Joke Coach RoachĒ. I call him ďFreddie the Dope Coach RoachĒ now. I know whatís behind him.

JENNA: You mentioned that before, Floyd. You said that you thought Freddie Roach was a joke of a trainer. Iím just curious a little bit, why do you think that is with all heís accomplished training his fighters?

MAYWEATHER: Let me tell you something! Heís winning and thereís a reason why heís winning. Heís winning, thereís a reason why heís winning. Figure it out why heís winning. Itís simple to me.

JENNA: You think he does that with all of his fighters, including Khan and others?

MAYWEATHER: Let me tell you this right here. He can say what he wants to say. He can say what he wants to say but his gym has been known for that for years. It ainít nothing that Iím saying. Itís something that the whole nationís been talking about with his gym. Thereís a whole thing about his gym. Many people that have come out of his gym have been like that. Iím not going to name no people off. There are just names I know, but hey, look. It iainít for me to say. It makes no difference to me, but my thing is right now, Iím trying to straighten my business out with Pacquiao on this case here, and I ainít trying to get in no trouble with Freddie as far as this situation about his gym, but hey. It is what it is.

JENNA: Floyd, Iím going to toss it quickly over to my co-host Geoff here for a couple of questions. Geoff?


CIANI: Hey Floyd, good to talk to you again. I was just curious, the last time I had you on Floyd I asked you about Chad Dawsonís fight with Jean Pascal and thatís a fight that Jean Pascal wound up winning and pulling off the upset. Were you surprised by that fight, and do you think thatís a fight Chad should have won?

MAYWEATHER: Are you kidding me? He should have beat that guy easy. That was an easy fight. The guy couldnít even fight to tell you the truth, and not only that, Chad was in better shape than him. Chad didnít use his jab, he didnít do nothing. The guy after five rounds, he was dead tired. So Iím just telling you, the man beat Chad when the man wasnít even in shape. If the guy gets in shape, who knows, but he wasnít in shape I can tell you that. After five rounds, I thought it was over for him. He was gassing then. He held, he danced, and run off a flurry off every now and then, then run back, and grab him, then run another flurry off on him and tie up. That was the rest of the fight.

CIANI: So what do you think was the main problem that Chad in that fight?

MAYWEATHER: He wasnít using his jab. It was probably, well, Iím going to say it like this right here. I donít know whether you know what happened with me and Chad in our situation, why we left each other, but he won the title with me and then he had a title defense with me. It probably was the same reason why that happened. If you all donít know the incident that happened, we donít worry about it, but it was something that happened between us why we split. It probably was the same thing. Thatís why he was looking like he was looking.

CIANI: Now the guy that beat Chad, Jean Pascal, heís supposed to fight Bernard Hopkins later this year and Iím wondering, based on what you know of Hopkins and based on what you saw of Pascal in the fight when he beat Chad, who do you think would win between Hopkins and Pascal?

MAYWEATHER: Iím going to say it like this right here. The guy has an awkward style and heís strong. Hopkins is an older man as well, but if he fought like he did the other night, Hopkins got a chance but if the guy gets in better shape than he did when he was fighting Chad, maybe not.

CIANI: So you think that one could go either way?

MAYWEATHER: Well if the guy gets in better shape, I would have to favor the guy if the guy got in better shape. The guy wasnít in good shape when he fought Chad, not at all. To tell you the truth, he could have done much more damage to Chad had he been in shape. The guy wasnít doing nothing but throwing punches, then running for awhile, then heíd grab Chad here, then throw some more punches off and run again. But it didnít make no difference, because Chad was doing nothing anyways but just standing there in front of him. He wasnít doing anything anyway, so it didnít make no difference.

JENNA: Alright Floyd, well I just have a couple of more questions for you and I was wondering, do you think the comments your son said will either help or hurt a future fight coming together between him and Pacquiao?

MAYWEATHER: I donít see why it should hurt nothing, because if thatís the case, itís supposed to be the richest fight in the world. Why wouldnít he fight? Why wouldnít Pacquiao fight? I donít think it hurts nothing at all. If either one of them, my son or Pacquiao chooses not to fight, itís because there has to be a reason for them not to fight. Otherwise, I know full well little Floyd ainít turning it down. I donít know about Pacquiao. They may just find a reason. Maybe not, because sometimes you got enough people out there in the background, but more than likely I think the fight will happen, though. I donít think the fight would go astray because someone said something or the other one said something. I donít think that fight will go astray. I think that still happens.

JENNA: Now Floyd, do you think this fight will ever happen if Pacquiao does not agree to Floydís drug testing requirements?

MAYWEATHER: I wouldnít fight him, either. If he doesnít take the drug test, I wouldnít fight him either because why wouldnít he take the test. Iím simply saying I wouldnít fight him if he didnít take the test. I wouldnít fight him. If you donít take the test, thereís a reason why you donít take the test. I never heard about nobody getting weak because they took a pint of blood. Thatís bullshit. Thatís bullshit, so if the fight wonít go on if he donít take the test, and if he donít take the test thereís a reason why you donít take the test. You canít say you just ainít taking no test because of a pint of blood. Shit, that pint of blood, it donít mean nothing. So itís got to be more than a pint of blood why he donít take the test. All that stuff about a certain amount of days before you take the test because of blood, thatís bullshit. You take the same test the man takes and youíre both under the same obligation. You take the test, and fight. Thatís it.

JENNA: Do you think your son will be fighting somebody else other than Pacquiao next?

MAYWEATHER: Heíll probably fight somebody before Pacquiao. Heíll probably fight somebody else before Pacquiao, but I will assure you one thing, thoughóheís not scared of Pacquiao. Iím going to assure you that and Iím going to assure you heís going to whop Pacquiaoís ass. Thatís what Iím going to tell you, and if he donít whop him, you know just like I know because there ainít no way. Pacquiao has no defense. How are you going to whop somebody if you got no defense at all? You know with little Floyd right here, you better have some defense and thatís something he donít have and thatís something that Freddie ďThe Joke CoachĒ Roach canít teach and you canít teach nothing if you donít know nothing. The whole thing is, evidently Pacquiao to me is so dumb, he donít know what his trainer donít know. He donít know that his trainer donít know. So heís dumber than his trainer. He donít know that his trainer donít know, so heís dumber than trainer. Heís so dumb that he donít know his trainer canít even teach it. Defense! If you ainít got no defense, defense wins fights. Thatís what you win fights with, defense. Thatís what you win football with, defense. Thatís what you win basketball with, defense. Thatís what you win checkers with, defense. There are so many other games that you play, baseball, all of those games, any game that you play, defense wins. Itís not saying that youíre backing up every time you do defense, itís just defense is the game, and thatís the game for all the games. Defense wins.

JENNA: Alright now Floyd, if your son does return against somebody other than Pacquiao, do you think heíll face a top welterweight like an Andre Berto or someone like that in his next appearance in the ring?

MAYWEATHER: Do I think he is going to fight somebody like Berto? I canít even say who he would fight to tell you the truth. Right at this particular time right now, I donít think Berto is even a challenge. I donít believe that he is. Iím not saying that heís not a good fighter, but I donít think heís at little Floydís level yet.

JENNA: Alright, so you canít think of anyone else out there that your son could fight? Maybe Sergio Martinez?

MAYWEATHER: Iím going to tell you right now. Thatís the one thatís getting ready to fight Shane, ainít it? Is that the one thatís getting ready to fight Shane Mosley?

JENNA: No, no. Thatís Sergio Mora. I was talking about Sergio Martinez, thatís the middleweight champion.

MAYWEATHER: Okay. Which one is getting ready to fight Shane?

JENNA: Thatís Sergio Mora, the former 154 pound champion.

MAYWEATHER: Okay, okay. Shaneís going to beat him, too.

JENNA: I have one final question for you. Is there anything you want to say all the boxing fans out there and the fans of your son? Is there anything you want to say to them?

MAYWEATHER: The only thing I can tell you right now is the way it stands. Right now, today, in the game of boxing, Floyd Joy Mayweather Junior is the best. For all the rest, thereís no contest, I must confess. Thatís the end of the story.

JENNA: Alright, well Floyd itís been a pleasure talking to you again. We do thank you for your time and wish you all of the best in the future.

MAYWEATHER: Thank you. I appreciate it.

CIANI: Thanks Floyd. Have a good one.

MAYWEATHER: Alright, take care now.


For those interested in listening to the Floyd Mayweather Senior interview in its entirety, it begins approximately twenty-eight minutes into the program.


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Article posted on 11.09.2010

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