Floyd Mayweather Senior: ďPacquiaoís one of the biggest fagg*ts on the planetĒ

by Geoffrey Ciani - This weekís 82nd edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with boxing trainer Floyd Mayweather Senior whose son, Floyd Junior, is widely viewed as one of the most talented fighters in boxing today. The fight that every boxing fan wants to see is a showdown between Floyd Junior and Filipino sensation Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiaoís promoter Bob Arum recently imposed a deadline for exclusive negations on Team Mayweather. The deadline came and passed and garnered a lot of media attention. Floyd Senior spoke to us about Arumís deadline and the prospects of this fight coming to fruition. He also talked about other aspects of the current boxing landscape. Here is a complete transcript of what Floyd Mayweather Senior had to say to me and the showís Hostess, Jenna J:

JENNA J: Alright everyone, it's time for our second guest of this weekís episode and he is now making his fifth appearance on our show. He is none other than Floyd Mayweather Senior. Hey there, Floyd.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER SR: How are you doing?

JENNA: Iím doing fine. Weíre happy to be talking to you. Floyd, Iím sure you know, Bob Arum has come out in the press and he put a deadline on Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather Junior. He said the deadline passed. What are your thoughts on the whole contract situation trying to make that fight happen?

MAYWEATHER: My problem is, Bob Arum donít call no f*cking shots. Bob Arum donít call the shots. The fight can be made anytime they want the fight to be made. Little Floyd definitely ainít scared of no Pacquiao. Thatís the last thing in the world that little Floyd is scared of, a little Filipino midget. Definitely thatís not the case.

JENNA: Now he said in the transcript after the deadline passed that he never directly spoke to the Mayweather camp, that he only spoke through Ross Greenberg of HBO and he spoke to Al Haymon. Do you think there was ever any real agreement in place?

MAYWEATHER: I definitely donít think so. I donít think so, not at all. My thing is, I think what this thing comes down to be is that my son donít want to be paid like Pacquiao. Heís the big draw, not Pacquiao. He drew more numbers than Pacquiao and he wants to get paid like heís supposed to be, not no 50-50. He wants to get paid like heís supposed to get paid and I donít blame him. I would be the same way. If you draw way more people how in the world can they be paid the same? Iím pretty sure thatís what the whole deal is right there. Pacquiao claims he wants half but it donít go that way. Heís not the best fighter, anyway. He knows he ainít the best fighter and Bob Arum knows he ainít the best fighter, too. So why should you belittle yourself and take less money than youíre supposed to?

JENNA: When Bob Arum was asked about the drug testing, he said, ďI think the drug issue was resolved, I donít want to go into further detailsĒ. Do you think that it was all the way solved? It wasnít just a fourteen day deadline? Or do you think it was basically what the terms were last time?

MAYWEATHER: If it was me, Iím going to say about the whole situation. If it was me about the fourteen day thing, there shouldnít even be a fourteen day thing. It should be a random thing. Thatís what it should be. It should be random. Iím saying that I donít know what Bob Arumís got to say about this and how heís calling on the shots. I donít know how all thatís going down but Iím just telling you it should be a random thing because that way, there is all kind of ways people could do things. So I would do a random test that way you can get tested anytime, even the day of the fight. Thatís what it should be and that little pint of blood ainít going to hurt nobody.

JENNA: Do you think that Bob Arum is coming out in the press this way with the deadlines and everything else to try and make Floyd look bad?

MAYWEATHER: Of course. Yes heís trying to make little Floyd like bad but people already know what time of day it is. Of course heís trying to make little Floyd look bad because heís with Pacquiao. When he was with my son he was trying to make him look good and everybody else look bad. He was with my son then but he ainít with my son any more. My son left him and De La Hoya left him. Thatís just the way it is.

JENNA: Alright now, do you think your son will be fighting in 2010 or do you think heíll wait until 2011 to return?

MAYWEATHER: I ainít going to say that he wonít fight in 2010. He could fight in 2010 but then again he might not. Iím pretty sure he could fight somebody like, well I canít even say. I just have to say that I believe he can have a fight but it wonít be a big, big fight like Manny Pacquiao. I just think that whenever theyíre ready little Floydís ready, believe me.

JENNA: Well Floyd, weíre also joined by my co-host Geoff Ciani. Geoff?

GEOFFREY CIANI: Hi Floyd. Itís a pleasure to speak with you again.

MAYWEATHER: Why thank you.

CIANI: Thank you for coming back on. The question that I wanted to ask you Floyd is theyíre talking about a couple of other opponents for Pacquiao if he does not fight your son.

MAYWEATHER: Youíre talking about Cotto again and talking about Margarito.

CIANI: Yeah, yeah. I was wondering, starting off with Cotto.

MAYWEATHER: Thatís just a bunch of BS, man. Let me tell you this right here, all this right here is to try to get little Floyd upset or whatever it is, but itís stupid anyway. First of all, being real man, what little manóyou see how big Margarito is, donít you?


MAYWEATHER: Alright, then. Even though he ainít got skills how do you think, to be honest, that Pacquiao would beat him on the up and up? He canít. He couldnít. He couldnít beat him on the up and up.

CIANI: Now what do you think, going back to Cotto for a minute Pacquiao already beat Cotto.

MAYWEATHER: Why is he going to fight Cotto again? Why? All this is, is just a game. If you see what the whole thing is, Bob Arum is giving Cotto a title and then turning around and letting Pacman beat Cotto up again and take it again. Thatís all it is. Thatís all it is. Itís so plain to see a blind man can see that.

CIANI: So you donít give Cotto any chance in a rematch with Pacquiao?

MAYWEATHER: No. No, itís all going to be in Cottoís head how he took a savage beating. Thatís the kind of beating that he took. In my honest belief, on the up and up when everybodyís straight Cotto beats him, and beats him easy. Margarito beats him, too, easy. Itís so easy that both of them would probably knock him out. But with the situation like it is, hey what can you say?

CIANI: Now Iím curious Floyd, what do you think about Cotto pairing up with Emanuel Steward?

MAYWEATHER: I donít care if heís with Emanuel Steward or whatever Steward heís with. Iím just saying, thereís nothing wrong with Emanuel trying to make his money. Thereís nothing wrong with Cotto if thatís the guy he believes in. Hey, thatís okay but that ainít going to make him win though. Unless Emanuel Steward gets smart and gets down to some business and find out whatís really going on.

JENNA: Now Floyd, with all of the negotiations that have happened in the past with Mayweather and Pacquiao and the problems that they seem to be running into now, do you think a deal for them to fight will ever happen?

MAYWEATHER: Well you know, you canít say that it wonít ever happen, but Iím really telling you right now I donít believe itís going to be this year. I donít believe itís going to be this year. I will tell you that. Itís just a thing where nobodyís going to go on nobodyís terms. Little Floyd is the biggest fighter out there right now. He ainít got to go under nobodyís terms. He ainít got to go under Bob Arumís terms. He ainít got to go by nobodyís terms. Heís his own man. Iím pretty sure if Pacquiao fights these guys and beats them like heís supposed to, Iím pretty sure that fight will go on if Pacquiaoís still around. If Pacquiaoís still around because Iím just saying all that stuff about the Congressman and all of that stuff. Itís a bunch of BS man. Who cares about that, man? To be a Congressman over millions and millions of dollars?óPlease! Thatís all Iím trying to say. It ainít nothing but a mess, man.

JENNA: Well letís talk about your son for a minute and what could be next for him. If itís not Pacquiao and if Junior still fights this year who would you like to see him against? Would you like to see him in there with somebody like Bradley or Cotto?

MAYWEATHER: First of all, let me tell you something. Iím going to be honest with you. I was looking at Bradley last night and believe me Iím telling you what I see and what I know. Bradley is a good fighter and I give him the utmost respect for the weight class that heís in and I donít believe he would whop little Floyd even if little Floyd was in that class. Iím just telling you that what I had seen last night, itís ridiculous. As a matter of fact Iíll really be honest with you. I went to sleep during the fight. Thatís how boring the fight was to me. But Iím just telling you I liked Bradley as a fighter from the fights that Iíd seen before. Last night when he fought, that guy was in a picking fight for him where he could do what he wanted to do but I went to sleep during the fight. Iím going to be honest with you about that. He didnít look good to me at all. He was awful wild and looping punches and telegraphing punches. You could see the punches coming when he was getting ready to start. He was loading the punches up, you know what I mean. Iím just saying that thatís a fight right there that would be a merciful fight I believe for Bradley. I sort of gave Bradley, out of all the fighters that I have seen I thought maybe at one time that Bradley might at least put up a good fight or something man. I donít think so, not at all. Heís not going to hit my son with none of that stuff, that big wide looping stuff. No. Heíd get beat to death. That donít mean that I donít have no respect for him but Iím not going to respect him in the weight class heís going into now.

JENNA: Youíre obviously Floydís father. Who out there do you see as a fight that youíd like to see your son with? Who do you think is a good match-up for him that would draw some interest?

MAYWEATHER: Well you know what? Iím going to be honest whether the fight goes on or not. Iím going to tell you who I really want to see him whop because heís been running his damn mouth so much to just shut his ass up once and for all. Maybe he might not. I want to see Floyd whop Margaritoís ass because all you hear is him talk, talk, talk, talk to everybody, blah, blah, wah, wah. Floydís scared of Margarito. Yeah, Floydís scared of Margarito. Guess what? Shane beat the dog sh*t out of Margarito and knocked his ass out and Floyd beat the sh*t out of Shane. He ainít even got to fight Margarito to tell you the truth. That lets you know right there where Margaritoís out from what he did with Shane, and it wasnít too long ago when he beat the hell out of Margarito.

JENNA: So youíd actually like to see your son face Margarito to shut his mouth up for all his comments?

MAYWEATHER: Well he really ainít got to beat Margarito. Shane already beat Margarito and he beat Shane like a baby and Shane beat Margarito like a baby so there ainít nothing to prove no more to be honest. I think thatís already solved. Thatís already solved, but heís just a big slow Mexican with no finesse.

JENNA: Do you think Margarito even deserves a big fight after getting caught?

MAYWEATHER: He donít need no fight, no he donít need another fight like that. Thatís what Iím trying to tell you right now about all of this stuff. Guys that do stuff like that, they should be banned from boxing, period. Guys that take supplements, enhancement drugs, steroids, whatever that stuff is, look at hereóthey should be banned, period. All these people want to say oh, how good he is and how good he is. Once again, this is what happened with Shane. Let me tell you what happened with Shane. Shane probably whopped Margaritoís ass with the sh*t in him, with the stuff inside. But I ainít going to say that he did, it could have been. Iím just saying whatever it is, if he did do it he did no more than Margarito did when he beat up Cotto. So both of them are underhanded kind of fighters so whatever happens to either one of them itís all good. Itís all good. But I know one thing, little Floyd had Shane take the test and guess what? You seen what happened, nobody got to tell you.

CIANI: Now Floyd, changing things up a tiny bit to a different topic in boxing. Iím curious, one of the fighters you used to work with is now considered by many to be right on the threshold of the top ten pound for pound and thatís Chad Dawson. Iím wondering what you think of Dawson as a fighter right now?

MAYWEATHER: Well of course you know when he was with me, hey youíve seen what he did. Heís still fighting and heís still winning. You saw when he was with me. You saw how he looked. I really have no comments on it. You all see what you see. All you got to do is go back, get the two CDís that he had when he fought with me both times and then get the CDís when he fights now and tell me what you see.

CIANI: How do you think Chad will do in his upcoming fight against Jean Pascal next month?

MAYWEATHER: I really donít know that guy. I really donít know that much about that guy. I donít know nothing about him. If I knew something about him I could call it or something. I donít know nothing about that guy at all. So what is it to that guy? Is that guy a puncher? Or what is he? Do you know?

CIANI: Heís a bit of a boxer/puncher I would say.

MAYWEATHER: Okay. Heís a bit of a boxer/puncher, okay. Well my thing is that if he does like heís been doing he may cause problems. Iím thinking about when he fought Glen Johnson the first time. That was a life and death fight. I just thought that that guyís old enough to be his Daddy. I just donít see why Chad had problems with him at all.

CIANI: Chad beat Tomasz Adamek who has since gone on to heavyweight and had some success there. Iím wondering because heís a smaller guy, heís coming up from light heavyweight and cruiserweight.

MAYWEATHER: What did you say was the guyís name? Whatís the guyís name?

CIANI: Tomasz Adamek.

MAYWEATHER: Look here, man. Look here. Iím the one that trained Chad Dawson when he beat Adamek. I made Chad Dawson champion that night. I trained him. You didnít know that?

CIANI: No, I knew that. I knew that. I wanted to ask you what you thought of the heavyweight division and what you thought about the fact that Adamek has had so much success at heavyweight so far?

MAYWEATHER: I think the heavyweight division is a bunch of garbage now. Anytime a guy like that can go up and beat anybody. Hey. The heavyweight division is weak, real weak. But Adamek ainít no hell of a fighter to me. He might be a good fighter but he ainít no hell of a fighter. I think he went up to cruiserweight. They fought at light heavyweight but he went up to cruiserweight and then heavyweight and heís beating these guys, man. Hey, heavyweight is bad. Thatís all I can tell you. Itís not good. Itís bad.

CIANI: Whatís your opinion of the two guys that are widely considered the best right now, the two Klitschko brothers?

MAYWEATHER: Them guys, I donít really want to get in too deep on them either, because Iím not going to say whatís what and what ainít what. But my understanding is theyíre doing their little thing too when it comes to things likeóyou know. You know what I mean. Those guys right there to me, I donít think even as small as Ali was back then, Iím going to be honest. I think somebody like Ali, I mean weíre in a different era right now donít get me wrong. We ainít got nobody in the era to beat them guys right now and those guys, they donít want to be tested for nothing. I mean thatís what I hear. I donít know, but I heard them guys donít want to be tested for nothing. But even back then, even a guy as small as Ali who was 215, 212, or whatever. He would have killed a guy like that, man. He would run circles around him and beat him half to death. It would have been no different than when he fought Ernie Terrell. When Ali beat Ernie Terrell, it wouldnít be no different. It would be a great big old building come tumbling down. Itís the same thing.

JENNA: Now Floyd, taking things back to your son and his potential fight with Pacquiao. If you could speak to Pacquiao right now face to face what would you say to him?

MAYWEATHER: Iíd tell him heís a fagg*t. You know what Iíd tell him. Go stick your head up under your dress. Thatís what I would tell him. Iím being real with you. Iíd tell him he ainít nothing but a sissy and a little girl. They got, as a matter of fact Iíve seen a thing in one of these books. Hold on just a second. Hey Lloyd! Whereís that book at about all of those athletes? That book about all of the athletes? You know the one, it had Pacquiao in there and Kobe in there? Well you know what, Iíll tell you just like the book says it. Hold on one second here. Here it is right here, hereís the book. It has nothing to do with no sissy. Just hold on just a second. I got something right here. Iím trying to find something right here. This is exactly what I would tell him. Itís in this book here. Itís ďThe Twenty Biggest Bitches in the SportĒ. Thatís what it says, ďThe Twenty Biggest Bitches in the SportĒ. Guess whoís right here? Manny Pacquiao. It says ďBiggest Bitches in the SportĒ and thatís what he is, a bitch.

JENNA: So basically youíre questioning his manhood a little bit for not immediately taking a match with Floyd Mayweather Junior?

MAYWEATHER: Let me tell you something. What Iím saying here is not so much about that. Yeah, it would be that because of all these other guys. He ainít got no problem with fighting all the big guysóDe La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, the other African guy, the other guy who he fought with the title. Iím just saying he beat these guys, Cotto, he beat all these guys like theyíre nothing. Pacquiaoís one of the biggest fagg*ts on the planet.

JENNA: So you think heís afraid to fight your son?

MAYWEATHER: Yeah, heís scared. The only thing theyíre trying to do is to switch this around and make it look like itís my son thatís scared. He ainít the one thatís scared. I know whoís scared for real. They want to try and make it look like Floyd is scared, and he wants to do this, and make him take the test. No. You take the test. There ainít nothing wrong with you taking the test. You take the test but one thing about it, donít ask for the same amount of money because you donít deserve it. You donít deserve it.

JENNA: Floyd, now your son has to fight somebody next and if itís not Pacquiao, who do you think it will be?

MAYWEATHER: I will be honest with you. A lot of times what these people do, it donít make a difference. There are a lot of guys Floyd can fight. Well not a lot, but you got the African guy Pacquiao fought. Little Floyd could fight him. Like I said, little Floyd can fight Cotto, little Floyd can fight Margarito. Floyd can fight other fights.

JENNA: Martinez or Williams, maybe?


JENNA: Martinez. Sergio Martinez, the middleweight champ.

MAYWEATHER: Is he a middleweight or a junior middleweight?

JENNA: Heís currently the middleweight champion.

MAYWEATHER: Oh yeah, yeah. He fought Kelly Pavlik. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think little Floyd will beat him, too. But then again heís left handed. I have to really see Sergio again. I have to see him again. Itís been awhile since I saw him. I have to see him again, but heís another prospect, too, yes.

JENNA: Floyd, if Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather does not happen do you think it really hurts the sport?

MAYWEATHER: Well the sport is hurting, anyway. The sport is hurting anyway because right now they need to clean all of this act up that these people are doing today. All these people are doing is praising these raggedy ass fighters that ainít sh*t for real. Theyíre running around with their enhancement drugs and stuff in them and people are praising their asses and they ainít sh*t. Iím just saying the game is bad because of that and theyíre trying to make these fighters look unbeatable and they canít even fight! You see Shane Mosley. Iím not saying he was a bad fighter, but when he fought clean he wasnít sh*t. He got gassed in two rounds. So Iím just telling you thatís the whole deal on him. If Shane hadnít have taken the test, we know what he would have done and we know how much energy and power and stuff he would have had. And you know what? If he had that stuff in him, when he hurt my son in the second round guess what? My son probably wouldnít have seen the third round. He probably wouldnít have seen the third round if Shane still had that stuff in him. Thatís what Iím trying to say. The game is going bad, anyway. There inít nobody trying to clean this sh*t up and everyoneís trying to sit around here and wants my son to fight somebody with some damn drugs in him. Oh, whoa, itís okay, heís scared, heís scared. Youíre God damn right! You better be scared fighting somebody with some damn drugs in you. You better be scared because if you ainít scared youíre putting your f*cking life on the line. And Iím sorry to be talking to you like that. Iím not talking to you that way. Iím just letting you know how I feel.

JENNA: Oh yeah, definitely. Thatís why we like interviewing you Floyd. Youíre honest and open and you say whatís on your mind. You donít hold anything back.

MAYWEATHER: Yeah, thatís true. Thatís true. Iím talking this way because all of this stuff happens and theyíre talking about going to court and all that stuff. See the whole thing is that if nobody is looking at these people putting these drugs and stuff in them, thatís why they should basically take the tests and any test it is, it should be random. Thatís what it should be, random.

JENNA: Floyd, I have one final question for you. With all the media outlets trying to blame your son for this fight not happening, is there anything you want to say to all those people.

MAYWEATHER: Iíd say to all those people, kiss my son where the sun donít shine and you know where that is. Itís where the sun donít shine, and we know where it donít shine.

JENNA: Alright. Well Floyd, it was an absolute pleasure yet again interviewing you. We thank you again for your time and we wish you the best of luck with your son in the future.

MAYWEATHER: Alright then, thank you very much.

JENNA: Thank you, Floyd.

CIANI: Thanks Floyd, good luck.

MAYWEATHER: Alright then, take care.


To listen to the Floyd Mayweather Senior interview in its entirety, it begins approximately one hour into the show.


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Article posted on 21.07.2010

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