David Tua V Monte Barrett round by round – Atlantic City

By Eugene Carnachan: Monte Barrett ring walk looks serious. Mirrored by Tua who too looks serious. Tuas son leads the Tua entourage.

Barrett weighs 225 pounds. Looks very trim.

Tua weigh up at 237 ½ pounds.

The stare-down. Tua looks serious…Barrett passive.

Colonel Bob makes the call “Tua looks Beefy around the middle”. This is David Tua though. Often does but he keeps banging guys out. It's not Tuas "middle" that knocks people out.

Round 1 -

Barrett is fighting from a distance. Sending out the jab. Tua just misses with a left hook. Barrett had better hope he misses the rest that are surely to come.

Tua ambling forward . Tua throws a helluva left hook but Barrett wears it.

Tua moving his head well.

Tua sends a big left hook down the tube. It’s an air shot.

Tua biding his time looking to counter with his power.

End of round 1. Tua round. Coming forward. Landing the harder shots.

Round 2 –

Tua bouncing.

Barrett lands a straight right.

A great exchange and Barrett better exit stage left.

Barrett takes the stage left exit. Wise!

Tua is coming forward. A big exchange between the two. Tua sending some big shots down the middle. Barrett is looking to exchange. Silly move on Barrett’s part. He better put his roller skates on and get out of town! He does!

If standing and exchanging is Barrett’s plan A he had better revert to plan Z.

Tua round. Coming forward and looking to exchange.

Round 3 –

Tua looking real business like now.

Barrett backing up.

Tua looking to touch Barrett hard. His game plan is very simple. BBO! a.k.a. Bang Barrett Out!

Both men dragging in the big ones…any they’re big ones!

Tuas timing is a little out. He’s not finding the sweet spot.

Barrett jabbing well.

Very close round. Give it to Barrett for been more proactive.

Tuas timing needs a tweak.

Round 4 –

Barrett monstered by a couple of Tua shots. Wears them well. Barrett backing up. If he doesn’t do more to keep Tua off he better back up…and out into the car park or Tua is going to launch him there with a left hook.

Tua looks worn. No steam on Barretts punches though.

Tua just walking in with no resistance from Barrett. You can’t do that with Tua.

Barrett has the roller skates on again. He had better find a motorized pair if the fight is to go much longer.

Tua round. Landed some big shots. Now very much the aggressor and looking to end this contest.

Round 5 –

Tua throws a good over hand right.

Barrett not jabbing . Just standing against the ropes. Wrong part of town for Barrett. He better find another neighborhood to fight in.

Looks like his time is nigh.

Tua is head hunting. Surprise! Tua throws a couple to the body.

Barrett looking to establish space again.

Barrett lands a good overhand right. Tua stays on the end and Barrett lands some good shoots from a distance.

Barrett acquitting himself well. He looks live! Second wind?

Tua took the last half off but probably did enough to win it.

End of round 5.

Barretts corner trying to motivate their man. Sounds like trying to motivate a guy who loves life to stand in front of a steam train.

Round 6.

If Monty was shining shoes they would be the shiniest shoes in the history of humanity. Just shoe shine punches. No hurt on them whatsoever. Not good enough to hold Tua off.

Tuas work rate has dropped considerably. Barrett doing enough to shoe-shine his way to winning this round. Tua simply isn’t throwing enough. Tua’s timing hasn’t found it’s groove.

A great one two combo by Barrett.

Barrett round.

Round 7 –

Tua going to the body. He might be looking to break Barret down with a new game plan.

Between rounds Bloodworth told Tua “this is not a sparring session”.

Barrett jabbing well.

Tua walking forward but not doing enough.

Barrett out-boxing Tua.

Barrett not letting Tua get set. Barrett moving Tua around like a couple of Rumba dances!

Barrett moving. Tua trudging.

Barrett is not letting Barret get set to unload. Plan Z is proving far more effective then plan A.

Tua tries to unload. They don’t connect flush. Barretts movement doesn’t them.

Barrett round.

Round 8.

Not many would have thought it would have got this far.

Tua has to find another gear. David going to the body. Lands a couple of both hand body shots.

Neither man doing much..

Round is there to be won.

Colonel Bob makes the call “there is so much at stake for David…if he loses is he back to square one”.

Tua coming forward. Barrett shoe shining his way to taking the round. He’s really shining the top of Tuas shaven head good!

Two good body shots for Barrett.

Great 1-2-3 combo from Barrett.

Great body shot from Tua.

Barrett shoe shining. Tua banging but simply not enough.

Very close round but a Barrett round on activity.

Never mind shoe shining! Barrett is bald head shining! Bounced a lot of shoe shine punches off of Tuas head.

Round 9 –

Barrett fighting from the outside.

Tua looking to walk him down but not doing enough to bridge the gap…and he has to.

Tua following Barrett but not doing enough.

Great 1-2 from Barrett.

Tua coming underneath with a couple of great body shots. He should be looking to go upstairs too.

Barrett goes south paw.

Tua being a lot more active. Tuas timing still off. Tua still has steam in his punches.

Big right hand from Tua. A tua round.

Tua round.

Round 10 –

Tua stalking. Championship rounds time.

Both men squared up mid-ring. Are the body shots taking their toll on Barrett.

It’s a leanathon at the moment.

Monte lands a good right hand.

Barrett back to fighting at a distance.

Barrett coming forward.

Pot shooting from the outside. Is Tua hurt or just tired?

Barrett very much the aggressor!

Barrett round because of the work in the last minute. Clipped Tua with some great shots.

Round 11 –

Tua coming forward.

Tua putting steam on his punches but not punching in bunches.

Tua needs to call on his power and put punches in bunches.

Barrett jabbing really well. Moving Tua all over the place and not letting him set on his punching haunches.

Barrett shoe shining. Tua isn’t giving himself the real estate to touch Barrett hard.

Tua catches him with a left hook. But it wasn’t flush. Looked good but didn’t fully connect.

Tua chasing. Barrett boxed well.

Tua round. More aggressive.

Round 12 –

Tua stalking.

Tua swinging wildly.

Left hook catches Barrett. Hurt Barrett.

Tua looking for the home run punch.

Barrett fighting fom the outside.

Barrett thrown down by Tua. Tua looses a point for the throw down.

Barrett exhausted.

No place for WWA throws in boxing.

Tua frustrated.

Tua mostering Barrett. Barrett throws back. Sits Tua down. Tua is down. First time he has heard a count in professional boxing.

Tua doing nothing. Fights all over.

Monty got his hands above his head.

Barrett round.

On my unofficial card Barrett wins.Brave effort from Barrett. Amazing that he knocked Tua down.

Announcer call this fight…it’s a draw.

Tua got very lucky with this call. Barrett did more then enough to win…and I mean more then enough.

Tua looked rusty and off-timing.

Will be questions time in the Tua camp. Barretts camp will be more then a little peeved. Some guy from the Barrett camp was parading around the ring admonishing the judges. Admonishment justified!

Article posted on 18.07.2010

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