Cristobal Arreola - Manuel Quezada Interview Transcript

Dan Goossen: I want to welcome everybody on. I know itís early out here on the West Coast, where this fight is going to be emanating from. You know, HBOís loss is ESPNís gain, because 10, 15 years ago, this would have been right up HBOís and Showtimeís ally to have two hungry heavyweights trying to re-establish themselves into the Ė the world championship picture and Ė and to also make history. I believe this is a history-making fight. And weíve got the head of ESPN on, and Iím going to ask him to do a little research, if he already hasnít, which Iím sure he has, but Iím sure in a lot of ways this could be a history-making fight on its own, because I donít believe thereís ever been two heavyweights at this level or any level, quite frankly, of Mexican descent that have fought one another..

I know that weíve had a handful of Mexican heavyweights that have tried to establish themselves as world champions and been unsuccessful. But I donít believe weíve ever had two fighting each other at any level. So I think in that regard, a lot of history is going to be made on August 13th, but more importantly, and unfortunately in our sport, one or two losses can certainly damage a fighterís career, so a lot is at stake here.

Weíve got one fighter in Manny Quezada who believes that heís been in the shadows of Chris Arreola for the last few years and has deserved his right for the big fights. Up until just recently, he had a 17-fight winning streak.

And on the other hand, youíve got Cristobal Arreola, who a lot of people felt that was on his way to making heavyweight history as a world champion. Well, now itís a showdown between these two fighters to find out who goes on to try to capture that dream of becoming heavyweight world champion of Mexican descent, the first one in the history of our sport.

It will be a great fight at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California, beautiful facility. We hope to have the place packed. I believe that the fans are going to come out. Tickets are very reasonable for everyone. And weíre just looking for a great night of boxing.

On the phone, before I get the fighters to say something, Iíd like to bring in the head of programming with ESPN, Doug Loughery, who was the one that really pushed to get this fight made.


Doug Loughery: Thanks, Dan.

Weíre excited over here at ESPN2 and our long, traditional history on ďFriday Night FightsĒ of bringing fans Ė fight fans the best fights and excitement. And certainly in this heavyweight division, you know, as I was speaking to your Ė your press people earlier on in the week, I think as you stated earlier, this is a fight for two gentlemen, two gentlemen of the sport that have to overcome this hurdle in order to advance, you know, recent losses and to see who can move on and upwards in order to get to those bigger, bigger title fights.

So weíre excited here. The platforms of ESPN, ESPN Deportes, and will all be taking the fight live at 10 p.m. Eastern. So weíre excited. Citizens Business Bank Arena has been a good venue for our production staff to work at, and I know they do a good job at pushing tickets, as well.

So I leave it up to the two fighters, and hopefully have a great night of fight action, which fans at home and on the Internet and on our Spanish network can all see.

Dan Goossen: Thank you, Doug. And donít we do a good job of pushing tickets, too, besides CBBA? How do you leave us out of that? Only joking, Doug. Thank you very, very much.

Doug Loughery: Everybody on the staff and Dan does good.

Dan Goossen: Yes.

Manny, why donít you open up with a little comment and then weíll put Chris on, and then weíll open it up for Q&A?

Manuel Quezada: All right. Hey, everybody. Thank you for having me on. And Iím excited about the fight. I canít wait to, you know, to get it on, you know what I mean, get out there and do what we do.

Dan Goossen: And what does this fight mean to you, Manny, finally getting this Ė I know youíve been Ė youíve been talking about getting Arreola in that ring with you. What does it mean to you right now?

Manuel Quezada: Oh, it means everything. You know, this is the fight Ė you know, this is my biggest fight for sure, so it means everything, and Iíll be ready.

Dan Goossen: All right. Great.

Cristobal, itís been a few weeks since weíve talked. Iíd like to have you say a few words.

Cristobal Arreola: Hey, whatís going on, everybody? You know, Iím just happy to be fighting again. But, you know, I know this is Mannyís Super Bowl. This is his big fight. And Iím sure heís going to train his ass off, you know, to try to knock my block off, but, you know, Iím Ė I know what I have to do to win. And the only person (I can beat) is myself, and Iíve done that (two times already), and Iím tired of beating myself.

So now itís time, like Henry said, to get my head out of my ass and beat some ass.

Dan Goossen: All right, Cris, Operator, letís open it up for Q&A, please.

Operator: At this time, I would like to remind everyone, in order to ask a question, press star, then the number one on your telephone keypad. Weíll pause for just a moment to compile the Q&A roster.

The first question comes from the line of (David Avila).

Dan Goossen: Hey, David.

(David Avila): Hey, everybody. How are you all doing?

Dan Goossen: Good.

(David Avila): First up, this question is for Manuel Quezada. I know that you guys have probably sparred together. What was it like the first time you and Chris sparred?

Manuel Quezada: Yes, we sparred a couple times, but nothing serious. You know, he was always getting ready for his fight, and I would come up and give him a couple rounds of, you know, just some movement, just so he can head off to his fight, man. So it was nothing serious, and then for sure heís a tough fighter. You know, heís a tough guy, and heís a big puncher, and heís always bringing the pressure.

(David Avila): And, Chris, you mentioned that youíve beaten yourself. Do you Ė what was it that held you back in your fight against Adamek?

Cristobal Arreola: You know, like, the fight with Ė especially with Adamek, man, like, I really shot myself in the foot. You know, I cut some corners. Actually, I cut a lot of corners.

Like I said before, you know, my promoter and my trainer and my managers, theyíve always been there for me and with me, and, you know, I didnít reciprocate what they put in, in the gym and in the office and stuff.

So, you know, what I have to do now is just basically do what Iím supposed to be doing and actually listen to Henry and try to do whatever the hell he tells me to do.

But, you know, this fight, it is Ė it is a make-me-or-break-me kind of fight, you know? Itís for both of us, you know? This is Ė this is our opportunity to showcase ourselves.

And as far as that sparring with Manny, it really doesnít mean anything, because one thingís sparring and another thingís a fight. You know, some people rise to the sparring and some people rise to a fight, and now Ė and Iím a fighting kind of guy.

(Ryan Burton): My first question is for Manny. Manny, letís look at your last fight with Gavern. What exactly went wrong in that fight?

Manuel Quezada: Oh, man, that fight was just Ė it was an off night for me. You know, three months Ė plain and simple, it was just an off night. And then, you know, on the second round, I got a head butt, which caused a cut, and that really kind of affected me throughout the fight, you know, soÖ

(Ryan Burton): And, Chris, howís the hand feeling? I know you injured it in the fight with Adamek.

Cristobal Arreola: Well, I feel my hand Ė my handís a lot better. It was Ė it wasnít as bad as I thought it was going to be, so my handís good. You know, I was back to full contact about three weeks ago, so Iím good. Iím good with my hand, thank you.

(Ryan Burton): And do you think this will be the hungriest weíll have seen you in the ring in a while?

Cristobal Arreola: Oh, yes, definitely, man. Itís just Ė I just hate looking back at some fights and knowing that I should have, could have, would have, but I didnít. And now itís time for me to come in there and just put a statement.

Dan Goossen: Manny, while weíre waiting for that next question, let me ask you one question. On the Gavern fight, you mentioned that it was an off night. Mentally and physically, did you do what youíre going to do in preparation for the Arreola fight?

Manuel Quezada: Oh, no. You know what? Iím going to do way more for this fight. I mean, itís a bigger fight, of course, and itís a tougher opponent, definitely, but, you know, I took Gavern a little lightly, you know what I mean? We didnít train as hard. And mainly, you know, like I said, we went into the fight feeling good, and we just Ė it was just an off night, you know what I mean? That head butt just made it even worse.

(Ray Markarian): Hey, Manny and Chris. I had a question for you guys. Actually, first, for Manny, Manny, we talked a couple times in the past after some of your wins, especially after the Travis Walker win, and we talked about maybe when you were going to fight Chris Arreola. And now that itís here, after a loss, do you feel like itís kind of bad timing for you? Or do you feel like Ė how do you feel about that?

Manuel Quezada: Sorry. What was the question?

(Ray Markarian): How do you feel about the timing of the fight with Chris Arreola right now? I mean, youíre Ė you were pretty confident after the Travis Walker victory and your other victories, and you had always talked about fighting Arreola, but now that itís here, how do you feel about the timing of it?

Manuel Quezada: Oh, no, the timingís OK. You know Ė you know, a fighter should be ready to fight any time they tell them to fight, you know what I mean? You know, the Gavern fight, it is what it is. You know, we canít go back on it. You know, I know I can beat that guy. So, you know, like I said, Iím excited about this fight. You know, weíll be ready to fight.

Dan Goossen: As well as he should be, Ray. I mean, this is Ė obviously, the winner of this puts himself right back in the thick of the heavyweight world championship, you know, picture.

(Ray Markarian): Right. So this is basically a make-or-break fight for both guys.

Dan Goossen: Well, you know, I donít want to go that far of saying make-or-break, but both of them are exciting, aggressive fighters, which is whatís been missing in American heavyweight boxing, and they immediately establish themselves right back into the title picture, and at the levels that, you know, every fighter fights for, and thatís the premium channel networks, because of their fan base and because of their excitement.

(Ray Markarian): All right, Chris, I donít know if you answered this or not, but I wanted to know pretty much what your mindset is going into this fight. I know, you know, youíve fought in a lot bigger fights than this in the past. Like, whatís your mindset going into this fight?

Cristobal Arreola: You know, like I said before, you know, this fightís important because I have to prove myself. I have to put a statement on this fight. And Iíve got to make sure that I come in here and make a statement.

You know, Iím out here to win a fight, as he is. And, you know, regardless of who it is, what the venue is, or Ė or what channel itís on, I donít care, man. Iím there to fight, and Iím there to put on a show. And this time, itís my job to put on a good show and a great statement on this fight.

You know, every fightís important to me. It doesnít matter who it is. You know, I respect Manny, but, you know, come the 13th, you know, Iím going to hate the motherfucker. You know, and then after that, Iíll give him a hug and letís go have some beers.

But right now, I respect him. Come the day of the fight, Iím going to hate him. After that, then itís time for me to think about whatís going to happen after.

(Daniel Olea): Hey, I have a question for you. Do you feel after your loss for the championship Ė do you feel this is your last chance to be the first Ė you know, becoming the first champion of Mexican descent?

Cristobal Arreola: I definitely believe that this is a very important fight. And this kind of a Ė whether we want to say it or not, you know, itís kind of a make-or-break kind of fight. You know, it is going to be a tough road after this. Whoever loses, itís going to be a tough road to get back into it.

And my job in here is to win this fight and to take care of history, you know? This is the first time that Ė Iím almost positive that, you know, this is going to happen, you know, that two fighters of Mexican descent or any descent to basically kind of knock each other off just to make a history of their own.

(Eddie Goldman): Thank you very much. Hello, everybody. First question for Chris, Chris, you said that you beat yourself in the fights with Klitschko and Adamek. Do you think that you need to make a change not only just in your training, but in your lifestyle and all that? Youíre still a young guy, especially with the heavyweight division, only 29 years old. What changes in your lifestyle do you think you have to make, other than just getting more motivated?

Cristobal Arreola: Well, definitely you have to make a lot Ė change your lifestyle. You know, sometimes youíve just got to weed out the people that are bad influence on you and the people that, you know, tell you, OK, thatís all right, thatís all right, youíll be OK, youíve just got to tell them, you know what? Itís not OK. And, you know, my career is more important than just hanging out with you or whatever it is.

You know, of course, thatís one of the main things that youíve got to do. And luckily for me, you know, like you said, I am a young fighter. I am a young heavyweight. And Iíve been able to make those changes, and Iím now Ė itís time for me to showcase it inside this fight.

(Eddie Goldman): Are you starting to make changes in your nutrition and your diet? Because I know youíd joke about, you know, beer and burgers and things like that, which is fine if youíre not a fighter, butÖ

Cristobal Arreola: As far as a beer, you know, I always cut beer like six (seconds) before a fight. Thatís not the hard part. Honestly, the hard part for me is, when it comes late at night after I get home from a hard day at the gym, thereís no point in me working out if Iím going to go home and then have a big-ass burger. You know, thatís the main thing.

And now, you know, thank God for carryout. Iíll call P.F. Changís and give me some Ė give me some grilled salmon or whatever it is, you know? So thatís one of the main things that Iíve been changing a lot.

(Eddie Goldman): OK. And, Manny, a question for you, also. With Chrisí disappointing performances in those big fights, how motivated do you think heís going to be in this fight after those Ė after those two major losses?

Manuel Quezada: Yes, no, heíll be very motivated. Like he says, heís a fighter. And, you know, I know Chris. And everybody knows Chris. And the one thing about him, he comes to fight, you know, no matter what happens in training camp or what. When itís time to fight, he shows up. So heíll be very motivated.

(Eddie Goldman): Did you see anything in his fights with Klitschko or Adamek, that Ė any weaknesses that he had that you could take advantage of, other than, you know, the Ė him defeating himself and the lack of training?

Manuel Quezada: No. You know what? If heís ready to fight, itís going to be a tough fight for us, you know? If he does what he has to do in training camp, you know, itís going to be a tough fight, like I said.

You know, I donít really see much weaknesses, you know, except he wasnít ready to fight.

(Gabriel Montoya):Good afternoon, gentlemen, or good morning. My first question is for Manny. This is basically what Chris said, your Super Bowl. Youíre coming off a loss. Youíre familiar with Chris. Youíve sparred with him. Youíve seen him in fights. You know him. Are you going to do anything different to prepare for this fight? And can you just speak to just how important this fight is for you?

Manuel Quezada: No, this is a very important fight for me. This is my biggest fight. You know, like I said, you can say that, and you can say itís my Super Bowl. You know, I havenít fought in a bigger fight than this, but, you know, Iíll be ready to fight. You know, Iím always at the gym, you know, and, you know, we got a new camp, you know, I got a new trainer, and Iím feeling great, man, and Iíll be ready to fight.

(Gabriel Montoya):Can you take anything from the Adamek fight? I mean, you like to move and use some angles, and with your martial arts background, youíre an intelligent fighter. What can you take from the Adamek fight, if anything at all, into this fight?

Manuel Quezada: Not a whole lot. Like I said, you know Ė and everybody knows, you know, Chris wasnít ready that fight. You know, his training wasnít, you know, what it should have been. And I know for this fight, I know heíll be back, heíll be hungrier, and itís going to be a tough fight, you know? Weíve just got to be ready to fight.

(Gabriel Montoya): My next question is for Chris. How are you doing today, Chris?

Cristobal Arreola: Pretty good, (Gabriel). How you doing?

(Gabriel Montoya): Iím doing good, man. I know you know that I have a lot of respect for you, so Iím just going to be straight to the point. Youíve Ė like you said, you cut a lot of corners in the Adamek fight, and now youíre fighting on ESPN against, you know, a different level of opponent, you know, no disrespect to anybody here.

But if you couldnít get motivated for that fight and you cut corners in that fight, how are the fans supposed to believe that youíre not going to cut corners in this fight?

Cristobal Arreola: Because, honestly, Iím going to say, you know, for once, Iíve got content, man. I was content. And I was like thinking that Ė just do enough just to get by.

And that hunger just came back. Itís back, man. Iím hungry. Iím hungry, man. I want to win. I hate losing. And I think I have a lot to prove, not only to myself, but to the fans and to everybody that doesnít believe in me and stuff like that or anybody that doubts me. You know, I just have to prove everybody wrong and myself.

You know, Iíve got to prove it to myself that I am the fighter that I believe I am, that I Ė that I can become a world champion. You know, Iíve got to prove it to myself, and thatís the main thing, man. I have Ė I have a lot to prove, man.

And just like Ė you know, like that song by Eminem, you know, Iím not afraid, man. Iím not afraid. And itís time for me to, you know, to take care of my business and do what Iím supposed to do, man.

(Gabriel Montoya): Do you think on some level there is a little bit of like Ė like a fear of success, like if you gave your all and then it wasnít good enough, that that would be too much, and so Ė and thereís a little bit of self-sabotage there, at least (inaudible) is that too deep? Iím sorry.

Cristobal Arreola: Yes. No, no, no, no, itís not deep. (Itís absolutely the Ė itís absolutely true, man). And Ė and (thereís a reason that thing) where you, you know (inaudible) I did enough, you know? And then that way if you do, do give it your call and then you lose, and youíre like, man, I gave it all and I still lost, you know, now Iíve got an excuse why I lost.

And I guess youíre right (inaudible) sabotage, you know. Itís Ė I feel like Iím talking to my therapist now. But I (inaudible) man. When I was a kid Ė when I was a kid, I didnít even want to dress nice, because then Iíll feel like a dummy.

(Gabriel Montoya): No, I hear you, man. Well, thank you, gentlemen. Good luck to both of you. I look forward to the fight. I think itís going to be a great one.

Cristobal Arreola: Thank you, bro.

Manuel Quezada: Thanks.

Cristobal Arreola: By the way, that was the best question anybody asked.

Operator: Next question comes from the line of (Karl Freitag).

(Karl Freitag): Hey, everybody. Hey, Manny, you said this fight is everything for you. And Chris kind of implied that youíre going to be just another opponent for him. Does that give you any extra motivation or do you want to really show him something because of that?

Manuel Quezada: No, no, no extra motivation, man. Weíre motivated for this fight. You know, like he is, I am, weíre fighters, and weíll be ready to fight that day, you know what I mean? But, you know, itís true what he says, you know? To him, Iím another opponent. You know, it donít matter who I am or Ė you know, I mean, heís fought some of the best. You know, he fought the best, you know what I mean?

So, I mean, what can I say? You know, I canít blame him for thinking that way, you know what I mean?

(Karl Freitag): And what do you think?

Cristobal Arreola: To me Ė to me Ė sorry to cut anybody off Ė every fight is just another fight to me, so every fight Ė every fight is important, it doesnít matter what it is. Iím not (inaudible) at all, and Iím not saying that heís just a regular Joe Schmoe. Iím just Ė if you guys go back to every one of my interviews, you know, every fight is important to me, and every fight (inaudible) to me.

(Karl Freitag): Hey, Cris, you think you might be overconfident for this fight?

Cristobal Arreola: Do I sound confident?

(Karl Freitag): Overconfident.

Cristobal Arreola: No.

(Karl Freitag): I mean, are you underestimating him?

Cristobal Arreola: Do I sound like Iím overestimating him

Henry Ramirez: Excuse me. I need to jump in. Thereís no way Chris is going to overlook Manuel Quezada. You know, Manny is working with (Robert Garcia), a well-respected trainer. I expect the best Manuel Quezada thatís going to be possible. And in that regard, Iím going to prepare the best Chris I can Ė I can prepare for this fight.

Manny is not being overlooked. Heís not being disrespected by me, by Chris, anybody in our camp.

Dan Goossen: Thatís Henry Ramirez, Arreolaís trainer.

(Karl Freitag): Hey, Manny Ė so, Manny, do you think youíre going to win this fight? Are you going to predict a win for sure?

Manuel Quezada: Iím not going to predict nothing, man. Iím going to predict itís going to be a great fight. Thatís what Iím going to predict for sure.

Dan Goossen: Iíve been trying to get Manny to predict something for (inaudible) years.

(Karl Freitag): Well, I think we all agree itís going to be a great fight. Thanks a lot.

(Jake Donovan): Hey, my question is for Chris. Chris, I just want to know, what point in your career do you think was the high point of your career? And then, at what point do you feel like things started to Ė I donít want to say fall part, but what you said, where you just got to the point and you started beating yourself and, like, started cutting corners in your training and all that.

Cristobal Arreola: What part do I believe was the height of my career?

(Jake Donovan): Yes, sir.

Cristobal Arreola: I think Ė you know what? I canít call what part as much as that was the height, that was also my lowest part of my career, so (inaudible) that part right there, you know, that part is just Ė as much as my balloon was inflated, it deflated just as bad.

(Jake Donovan): OK. Maybe I was trying to rephrase it. At what point in your career did you feel like that you would be able to get away with cutting corners and still be one of the best heavyweights in the world, not when you realize that you could but just when you, you know, began doing it like on a regular basis?

Cristobal Arreola: No, I believe it was after that fight. You know, I Ė I got content Ė Iím not going to lie. And it definitely has to be after that fight.

And that after Ė right after the fight with Adamek, thatís when I Ė you know what, dude? Iím going about this the wrong way, and I need to make a change.

(Jake Donovan): OK. I know itís not by choice, but, I mean, with you, youíre still in line to become the first fighter of Mexican descent to win the heavyweight championship and youíre also one of the few American heavyweights out there that can actually, you know, get people interested, just because of your natural charisma. Do you feel a sense of responsibility that you Ė you know, this is the time that you absolutely need to step it up?

Cristobal Arreola: Yes, absolutely, man. You know, it kind of bugs me to know what Iíve done, and I kind of feel like I almost Ė I disrespected the sport by everything that Iíve done (inaudible) coming fully prepared as much as I should be.

I disrespected Dan. I disrespected Henry, Al, and especially, you know, HBO, whenever they gave me the opportunity. And itís Ė you know what? I have to prove a lot. And, you know, Iím not the only one thatís (inaudible) to make history. So is Manny. You know, heís a Mexican himself, in case you didnít know. And Ė and I know that heís going to come in here, you know, to prove himself also to be worthy of a title shot.

(Jake Donovan): All right, cool. Thanks for your honesty, Chris. Looking forward to seeing you next month.

(Dan Cesarez): Hello. Question for Manny. Well, first of all, hello there, gentlemen. Thank you for your time. Manny, I know weíve spoken in the past, and Iíve seen you around, and youíve been Ė Iíve actually seen you ask your management team for the bigger fights. You were upset in April over here in Lemoore.

Manuel Quezada: Oh, weíre prepared. And weíre going to get prepared, you know, even more, you know? I have a good camp, good trainers, and, you know, weíre just going to go out there to fight, you know what I mean, try to pull up an upset, you know? I know Iím the underdog in this fight, and weíre just going to do our best.

(Dan Cesarez): Well, how much are you thinking about this, you being the underdog? I mean, thatís not the way you normally go into a fight, thinking, hey, Iím the underdog here. I mean, if I loseÖ

Manuel Quezada: No, Iím a fighter, and Iím going to go out and fight, you know what I mean? But I know, you know Ė I know the word around is Ė is that Iím Ė you know, Iím not at his level and stuff, so Iíll be ready to fight.

(Dan Cesarez): When you faced Gavern in April, I think you had said something to the effect in Lemoore that you might have underestimated him. Do you recall anything like that? How about this fight here?

Manuel Quezada: Oh, yes, definitely. You know, that fight was Ė you know, was an off night for me. I took him a little lightly. And, you know, and then, like I said, the cut and the head butt didnít help.

But, no, this fight Ė you know, for sure, I know what this fight means, man, so Iíll definitely be ready for this fight.

(Dan Cesarez): Are you training in Oxnard still?

Manuel Quezada: Yes, Iím up in Oxnard right now, you know, so training.

(Dan Cesarez): So youíre spending any time in Bakersfield for this fight? Youíre just staying over there? Is thatÖ

Manuel Quezada: Yes, Iím up in Oxnard until the fight.

(Dan Cesarez): Got you. OK.

And a question for Chris. Chris, I know that youíre getting some flak today, and so Iíve got to ask you the same question. Is this fight going to take you back on the road to where you want to be?

Cristobal Arreola: Oh, yes.

(Dan Cesarez): And who do you want to see by the end of the year?

Cristobal Arreola: Excuse me. Who do I want to see what?

(Dan Cesarez): And who do you want to face by the end of the year?

(Dan Cesarez): With this fight here, should you come out with the victory, who do you want to face by the end of the year?

Cristobal Arreola: You know, first of all, Iíve got to take care of Ė make sure that I win this fight. Thatís a very important fight for me. This is a very important fight. This is something that I really needed. I really needed a kick in the ass like this, and I really need a kick Ė a fight to prove something.

You know, I respect Manny, but like I said before, come the 13th, Iím going to hate him. But first of all, you know, I want to make sure that I take care of business on the 13th, and thatís my job, and thatís the only thing Iím looking forward to.

(Dan Cesarez): Youíre not whispering any other names into your managerís ear?

Cristobal Arreola: No, at all, I canít.

Cristobal Arreola: You know, you donít overlook a fight like Manny. You know, you donít overlook someone thatís as hungry as Manny is. You donít overlook something like that. So this fight right here is an important fight for me, period.

Dan Goossen: Henry, Iím going to give you the Ė the podium for a minute, because I know most of the questions have been directed to Cris and to Manny, so why donít you give us a little sound bite?

Henry Ramirez: Like I was saying before, look, this is a fight of great consequence for both guys. We have both guys who are desperate for a win. Obviously, the fighter moves Ė the winner moves on, and, you know, kind of the loser, you know, really takes a step back.

Chris is prepared. Heís preparing properly. Weíre a month out, and I like where weíre at. I expect the best Manny Quezada to show up on August 13th. You know, heís training with Robert Garcia, well respected trainer. I know heís going to be in great shape. It should do something for his confidence.

But, ultimately, I just know the kind of guy that Chris is. And I donít doubt heís going to win on August 13th.

Dan Goossen: OK. And, Manny, why donít you have a closing comment?

Manuel Quezada: No, I just Ė you know, Iím excited about the fight, you know? I canít wait. And I know Ė you know, I know Chris and Henry, and I know theyíre going to do their job, and Iím going to see the best Chris that I can possibly see August 13th.

Dan Goossen: Is this the first time youíve gone to a training camp, Manny?

Manuel Quezada: Oh, yes, first time, and I feel good about it, you know. Like Henry says, you know, Iíve got Robert Garcia. Heís a good trainer. And, you know, Iím excited about this.

Dan Goossen: Hey, and, Chris, closing comment?

Cristobal Arreola: You know, just my main comment is Ė my statement is going to be made on August 13th. Thatís it.

Dan Goossen: All right. Thank you, Chris.

Tickets go on sale to the public on Friday. Theyíre priced at $29, $59, and $79, which includes parking, which is one of the reasons why youíve got an odd number like that. So very nice. We got a full slate of fights, including in the semi main event, which weíll send out a release shortly on, Josesito Lopez against Marvin Cordova, Jr. So thatíll be an interesting fight in itself, as we know Josesito Lopez is also from Riverside, a stablemate of Crisí, and also trained by Henry Ramirez.

Anybody that needs any other questions answered, credentials, (BZA) will be handling the credentialing. And, obviously, you can go to (Marilyn) and ask her any questions you need as far as interviews.

I appreciate everyone getting on, especially the fighters. Thank you again. And to ESPN and Doug Loughery, I really believe this is one of their biggest fights, although not a world title fight, certainly going to be one of the most highest profile fights theyíve had in years.

Article posted on 16.07.2010

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