Mayweather-Mosley: Who R U Picking?? Just the Facts!

By Robert Jackson: For this latest installment of ‘Just the Facts’, facets regarding both fighters, including, news, physical aspects, intangibles and trainers, will be discussed in depth with a prediction provided at the end. As of this article there are 8 days remaining until the biggest fight of 2010 so far. HBO’s 24/7 series is chronicling the preparation and extra-curricular activities of both fighters. Undercard fights have been arranged and announced, the EVENT is taking shape.

Mayweather held an open workout during his media day with all of the ‘usual suspects’ in attendance, mitts work with Roger, and body work with Nate Jones. Floyd Sr. was also on hand to offer Lil Floyd his own brand of advice and guidance.. The Mayweather media day ended with loads of questions from the media. Mosley’s media held a day or two earlier than Mayweather’s exhibited Mosley’s quickness and warrior skills.

To begin, in the area of training the 5’8”, 150lb, 72” reach – Floyd Mayweather is trained by his Uncle, Roger ‘Black Mamba’ Mayweather himself a Boxing World Champion, and since 2002, has gone 21-0 with barely a lost round. Mayweather and Roger have a unique training routine which has Floyd working a choreographed mitts drill that closely resembles actual fighting in a non-stop fashion. Floyd then switches off to throw body punches against ‘body shielded’ assistant trainer Nate Jones. Afterwards Floyd works the ‘BAGS’, double end, speed and heavy. Floyd finishes off his workouts by jumping rope in a very hi-speed, dynamic way. Did I mention that Floyd Sr. pops his head into Lil Floyd’s training camp and offers his own brand of poetic boxing wisdom?

The 5’9”, 160lb, 74” reach – Shane Mosley is entering his 2nd fight with Naazim Richardson in the corner, and does impressive training himself. Richardson has Mosley hitting foam poles which he moves very quickly to increase Mosley’s reflexes and handspeed, Mosley also attacks Richardson’s shielded body, add to this the mitts work between the two men and you have the core training that will prepare Mosley for what Mayweather has to offer. To supplement this core work, Mosley works the bags, stretches and jumps rope for coordination, leg strength and balance. Both men run to build their stamina, Mayweather is known to run 8 – 10 miles daily and I’m sure Shane Mosley runs a similar distance if not further.

Trainers, Training and Conditioning: Advantage Mayweather

When it comes down to skills a few names from the past come up, Roy Jones – past it, Pernell ‘Sweet Pea’ Whitaker – retired, and presently Pretty Boy Floyd (PBF) Mayweather, Shane Mosley also in this group is perceived more for his ‘power boxing’ and his early career tendency to get KO’s!! Few fighters this side of ‘Sweet Pea’ offer the ghostlike defensive capability of the Pretty Boy, add to this his offensive tools and agility and you’ve got one skillful fighter. The only knock on Mayweather is his lack of KO’s and punching power, only 5 of his 25 KO’s have occurred since moving up from the 130lb division and his accumulative KO percentage is 62.5%. In comparison Shane Mosley has a 75% KO ratio, with 9 KO’s occurring since he moved up from the 135lb division. The ongoing speed debate won’t be settled until fight nite but Mayweather is quicker, that is, quickness is the ability to perceive and react to things fast – this attribute is in the mind, whereas speed which is velocity of movement, is in the body, Mayweather has speed also. Mosley has a high velocity of movement in his limbs too, but isn’t as quick. Mayweather is sometimes referred to as a ‘virtuoso’ in the ring for the variety of looks he gives his opponents. Mosley fights MAINLY in predictable sequences; 1) paw with the jab, 2) right hand to the head, 3) left hook to the body, 4) left hook upstairs, REPEAT (Richardson has added to Mosley’s repertoire a 5) jab to the body and 6) right hand to the body).

Skills: Advantage Mayweather

Intangibles are defined as abstract qualities or attributes. Shane Mosley’s intangibles are well defined over an 18 year boxing career, more than once has Mosley risen from the ashes like the Phoenix to take his place amongst boxing’s elite. 2 losses to Vernon Forrest (RIP), another 2 losses to Winky Wright and a single loss to Miguel Cotto have done nothing to diminish Mosley’s passion for or excellence in the sport. In a closely contested bout between Mosley and MMAer Ricardo Mayorga, Mosley had to reach down deep to pull out a KO in the 12th round with seconds left. Mosley also came on strong in the late rounds of his matchup against Miguel Cotto but came up short in the end. His will to win will be tested against Money Mayweather, but IT’S Mosley’s NORM to come on stronger as a fight wears on.

Mayweather is commonly accused of cherry picking and fighting lesser than EXPECTED competition, but to his credit he has made ALL of his opponents look like amateurs or second rate fighters. Using his boxing mind which was nurtured beginning at age 3, Mayweather’s a master conman and magician in the ring whose tricks and games fool his most worthy opponents into fighting his fight and ultimately being outclassed by him. If you pressure him he withdraws and draws you in to him, if you withdraw from him he pursues and attacks from all angles, if you stand with him and box he sucker punches you and then counters your return shots, he can fight inside and outside, he can be a brute or he can be a gentleman, a strong-arm robber or a sniper, he has underappreciated power in both (brittle) hands, in-short the ‘art of war’ applies to Mayweather succinctly!!

Intangibles: Advantage Mayweather

In closing all or most of the advantages favor Pretty Boy Floyd, but only once has his heart been tested and he still passed that test…narrowly. Shane Mosley once he left the 135lb division has fought off of heart MANY times and won most but lost a few, yet he fights on. Shane says and I believe him that he is fighting for legacy, Mayweather retorts that he too is fighting for LEGACY but make sure his name is spelled correctly on his paycheck!! Shane Mosley must diversify his punch sequences or he’ll be reduced to a 2nd tier fighter at the hands of the virtuoso. Mayweather must not, and cannot, be overconfident going into the ring; the speech he made on 24/7 about being better than Robinson, Ali and Leonard kinda makes it sound like he is overconfident. But…Lil Floyd ALWAYS says stuff like this, while leaving NOTHING to chance during his preparation. Oscar DeLaHoya was said to have been beaten up by the late Edwin Valero and Victor Ortiz during sparring for his bout against Pacquiao and the result of that bout bore that fact out. It was reported also that Shane Mosley was taken to school by his sparring partners during this training camp if that’s so, will the result of the May 1st fight bare that out?? Floyd Sr. the painter and poet has said that Lil Floyd has looked razor sharp during training yet he hesitated when asked but finally responded that Lil Floyd will KO Mosley. What’s scary is the proclamation PBF made during his post-fight interview after the Marquez fight he said, “I can get better”, recognizing and internalizing that he wasn’t at his very best. I think Mayweather will be MUCH better for this fight and there’s a lot of tension and anger in Sugar Shane Mosley while PBF is relaxed, so Who R U picking??

Prediction: Lil Floyd by 7th Round TKO or RTD

Article posted on 24.04.2010

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