Exclusive Interview with Mickey Bey, Jr.

by Geoffrey Ciani - I was recently afforded the opportunity to have a nice chat with undefeated junior lightweight contender Mickey Bey, Jr. The undefeated contender is looking to secure a title shot sometime this year and is determined to make his mark on the boxing landscape. Here is what he had to say:

Q: Mickey, in your last fight against Tyrone Wiggins you won by first round knockout. Can you tell us a little bit about your performance in that fight?

A: Well, actually it was short but the great thing about it was I actually got to knock him out with the punch that me and my trainer were working on, and that was just throwing the right hand over the jab. Weíve been working on the right hand a lot in the gym so I was really happy for that to be the punch that got him out of there.. And actually it was a heavy fight. I fought at my natural walk around weight and the guy, I think, was maybe 146 (pounds) so he was pretty heavy, but Iím just glad I got the job done and got the victory.


Q: Yeah, that was actually the biggest opponent you ever faced and that was the heaviest you ever weighed in a professional fight. How did it feel carrying around that extra weight?

A: It felt a little awkward, I got to admit right now, because eventually I think I will be able to carry the weight maybe in a few years. It felt a little different, but I felt pretty good at the weight. I just didnít feel the same as maybe fighting at 130 and 135, but I felt good enough because I spar at that weight a lot in the gym, so, it felt pretty good.

Q: Does this suggest that at some point in the future you might start campaigning north of the lightweight division?

A: Oh right, yes. Well actually Iím going to campaign first at 130 pounds, which Iím fighting at for the WBO Intercontinental belt on February 27. Then I think maybe in another year or year and a half I will fight at the lightweight division. Then after that I think I could definitely fight at 140 for a few years and maybe even 147 before itís over because I got good height for my weightóIím 5í9Ēóso I got pretty good height for my weight, so I think as I get older Iím sure Iíll pack on some more pounds.

Q: Now when I last spoke to your trainer Jeff Mayweather ďOn the RopesĒ he mentioned that he hopes you get a title shot before the end of this year, and Iím curious, which champion out there would you most like to face and why?

A: Well right now, I think I would like to face either Robert Guerrero (IBF) or Roman Martinez (WBO). With that being said, I think (Humberto) Soto moved up if Iím not mistaken. So I think that those two might be probably the guest guys right now in the division. I think by fighting one of those guys and beating them that would be a great mark for me in boxing, and to be able to fight on HBO and to display my talent and show the boxing world that thereís another super star out there thatís missing right now that will be around for a long time and a future pay-per-view fighter, hopefully.

Q: Guerrero looked very impressive his last time out. How do you think you would match up against him?

A: Well, no doubt about it, Guerrero is a very good fighter. Heís a southpaw. I think I would definitely beat him cleanly. I canít guarantee a knockout or anything, because thatís nothing you can guarantee, but I definitely can guarantee a victory because I can do it all in the ring. I can adjust, and Iím hard to hit. I can punch, I got speed, and I do it all and Iím a very smart fighter and Iím in great condition and I got a great chin if I do get hit. Iíve never been dropped in my whole career, even through the amateurs. Itís going to be pretty hard for a fighter to beat me on my feet and I canít see myself getting knocked out, but you know, in boxing anybody can be knocked out. I canít see him being able to take what I have. I think Iíll definitely come out victorious and in spectacular fashion.

Q: What areas of your game has Mayweather been able to help you improve the most?

A: Well Jeff, heís been able to help me just making sure that the tools that I have are sharpened and making them even better. He just adds on to everything that I have and is making sure that I can do it all. Making sure that I can mix it up, fighting on the inside, outside, fight going backwards, throw punches in bunches, but the main thing that we focus on is hitting and not getting hit, but with my style, itís not in a boring way. When I hit and not get hit Iím looking for the knockout, sort of like Ray Robinson and Pernell Whitaker used to do. They might be looking for the miss, but Iím looking for a vicious ending after that or a vicious combination after the miss.

Q: Mickey, what do you think your greatest asset is when you enter the ring?

A: I think my greatest asset is my ability to adapt to any fighter while Iím in the ring. That helps me because I donít really have to go into the ring with a game plan. I just have a basic game plan, but Iím able to get in the ring and after a couple of minutes or a round or so, I just got great eyes and I have a good sense of what to do in the fight very fast. I can tell what the fighterís strengths are and Iím able to see weaknesses while Iím fighting, and thatís an advantage because I can see openings and I can set things up in a matter of seconds and get the punches off fast right there when I see the mistakes. And also, mainly, itís the way I train and my discipline outside of the ring. Iím definitely a 24-7-365 fighter. I donít drink, never drankódonít want to drinkónot even on New Years or after I do win the title, there wonít be any celebration drinks. Maybe some punch, but no wine or liquor.

Q: Mickey, which boxer in the sport today do you have the most respect for and why?

A: Well, it might sound biased but I would have to say Floyd Mayweather because of the way that he stayed on top of the game. He won the title in 1998. Heís still undefeated and still on top of the game, and just seeing the way he trains and everything itís like he just won his title. Heís more hungry than a fighter who just won his title. He just works very hard. People might see the side when heís promoting himself and he might seem a little boastful or whatever, but in the gym itís humbling to see how he works and how he makes sure that his priority is to train and to work on his craft every single day at the level that he does. I really admire that.

Q: Now following up on that, the recent rumors are pointing in the direction that Floyd might be squaring off against Shane Mosley sometime in May. How do you think that fight will go down?

A: I like Mosley a lot. Thatís another good friend of mine, but honestly, I really think Floyd will beat him but I think it will be by decision. It will be a very competitive fight. I think the last six rounds of the fight I think that Floyd will really be too elusive and too hard to hit for Mosley. I think that heís not going to be there for Mosley to land the big bomb that he throws. Mosleyís still a spectacular fighter and heís great, but I donít think that his timing is really good enough to beat Mayweather at this stage in his career, but I think it would be a great fight.

Q: Mickey, youíre 26 years old and youíre undefeated right now. Iím wondering, what are some of your long term goals in boxing?

A: Well my long term goals are to become the next pay-per-view fighter and someone that every time people see my name scheduledóall the hard core and the casual fans to be excited to see that itís a Mickey Bey fight coming up and to be an inspiration to a lot of people. To be somebody that just puts on great events both in and out of the ring to where people can remember for a lot of years to come and I would definitely like to bring a little of what I can back in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s when there were certain guys that were fighting, there was just something in the air. I remember when I was four or five years old when there was Tyson fights and things like that, you could kind of feel that there was a fight in the air, and I just want to be the next fighter that can walk the steps of the Mayweathers, the Manny Pacquiaos, and all of the guys before me. I want to be the next great pay-per-view fighter and a multiple division champion.

Q: My final question for you Mickey, do you have anything else you would like to say to all of the fans out at East Side Boxing?

A: Yes, I want to thank you for taking the time out to interview me and I want to tell everybody that thereís a young hungry fighter thatís on the rise that hopefully should get his title shot maybe before the summer is over with and to look forward to another great fighter in the sport and to tune in anytime you see a Mickey Bey fight and to definitely stay in touch. Keep logging on East Side Boxing because I will be visiting very frequently on the site to keep everybody updated and thanks to everybody whoís reading.


I would like to thank Mickey Bey for his time and wish him the best of luck in his boxing career.


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Article posted on 03.02.2010

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