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24.11.03 - By Micah Yonkoski: I know they are trying to make me an opponent, but thatís not what I came into this business to be.Ē

IBF: Okay Glenn, lets start off by hearing your view on the fight with Clinton Woods and do you think there was anyway that the fight could have been viewed as a draw?

GJ: No way! I donít see any way that the fight could be a draw. I mean, if the British judge called it a draw then that should automatically tell you who won the fight. I have no idea how the American Judge came up with his score, but itís happened to me here in the states as well. So, what can you do?

IBF: From what I saw of the fight, you really pressed the action and most Iíve talked with feel you deserved that fight. However, were you as tired as you appeared in the late rounds and in your honest opinion did you get a break with that knockdown that was ruled a slip?

GJ: No, there were no knockdowns in the fight. He slipped and I slipped in the fight. I slipped twice and went to the floor and he slipped once and went to the floor and we both slipped many other times, but didnít hit the floor. They have a ridiculous canvas which is very slippery. I donít know whey in the world they use it and the huge logo in the center makes it even worse. It gave us both problems, but he (Woods) has fought on it many times and should have a better understanding of how it works and he still fell. There were no knockdowns; it was a good fight that I won. I gave him maybe three rounds at most and they were some close rounds. At best, Iíll give him four rounds and how they came up with a draw only God knows, because I donít.

IBF: Youíve been robbed or came up just short on so many occasions, where do you feel this decision rates on your growing list of heart breaking decisions?

GJ: Well Micah, obviously when you fight for a world title and you get robbed it hurts more than any other time because this is a chance to put me on a plateau and make some real money to support my family. With that said, all robberies are heart breaking and if I hadnít been robbed so many times in the past, I would have fought and won a world title a long time ago. To win the fight and actually lose a chance to be a world champion just sinks the knife in a bit deeper.

IBF: Itís got to be an awful feeling for you when the final bell rings in any fight your in as you have came so close with so many elite fighters such as Julio Gonzalez, Sven Ottke, Omar Sheika and I wonít even mention the travesty I saw when you clearly beat Daniel Judah. How do you continue to stay motivated when things like this continue to happen?

GJ: Well, the truth of the matter is that I have a family to feed, you know and I have to go out and provide. I create the family, so I have to feed Ďem. I have my own goals and I canít let anyone decide what happens with me and that is what keeps me goin. I know they are trying to make me an opponent and thatís not what I came into this business to be. If they keep robbing me then the people will see it and obviously I am a better fighter than my record shows and everybody knows that. I let the people recognize me for the kind of fighter that I am.

IBF: Certainly you were pleased with the IBFís ruling that you and Clinton Woods will fight again within 90 days to determine the championship, have you any information on a date or venue for that fight?

GJ: No, I donít have a date on that yet, but I know itíll happen before February 7th because that is the end of the ninety day period. I have heard talk about it being the undercard for the James Toney fight and I know the people in England are now trying to get the fight over there as well. I donít know which way itís going yet, but I am just waiting to hear the final word and letís get ready and deal with it.

IBF: Seeing as to how youíve been robbed equally on all shores, do you have a strong preference on any location?

GJ: Well, Iíd prefer the fight to be here because I live here and Iím trying to get in the American eyes and let the people see the new Glenn Johnson and how Iím fighting lately. Other than this fight, I am going to probably be fighting over here and this is the people that I am trying to impress and hope they come out to see me. Fighting out in England isnít going to boost my career here in the states. Let me say though that I have no trust, no confidence at all in judges.

IBF: Have you already begun preparation for the rematch?

GJ: No, Iím not doing anything except eating basically and working on getting fat, but after Thanksgiving I am going to go back into the gym and get ready for the rematch. I just came off of hard training and I am letting my body heal and get used to being fat.

IBF: Youíve challenged for the IBF world title at three different weights and have yet to wear the belt, give us a sense of the feeling you will get should you beat Woods and become a world champ? Will all the disappointments to date help to make the achievement that much better?

GJ: Definitely itíll make the feeling that much better because Iíll know that I beat the odds and know how badly they tried to keep me down, but at the same time, I donít know what the feeling will be like because it hasnít happened to me. Let me go win this championship and then give me a call and Iíll let you know.

IBF: After Oscar De La Hoya lost a decision to Mosley in their rematch and then cried corruption and for an investigation to be launched for the betterment of all boxers, he hasnít done a thing and has since backed away. Would you support an investigation such as that (Being the poster-boy for bad luck decisions) or do you think Oscar was as off base as I do?

GJ: (laughs) Honestly, when I heard about him launching the investigation I was happy and I wish he would have done something because he is the last guy that Iíd suspect to get robbed because of who he is. I figure most likely he will get the close decisions, but I felt he got robbed against Trinidad and I felt he got robbed the last time out against Shane Mosley.

IBF: Considering the fact that you have been slighted so many times by questionable to disgusting judging, would you ever entertain becoming an official of some sort after itís over and help see that another kid doesnít suffer from the calls that you have?

GJ:IBF: Youíre 34 now and appear to be fighting better than ever. Is there a fight out there besides the one directly ahead that really motivates you? Howabout Antonio Tarver or a rematch with Julio Gonzalez?

GJ: Every fight motivates me and all I need is the date, place and time and Iíll be there. I am motivated to fight everyone as there is no man on two foot that I wouldnít fight or that I am afraid of and it doesnít matter what weight, if they approve it then Iím there. No matter if itís heavyweight, cruiserweight, light heavyweight, super middleweight or what, if they approve it Iím there. It donít matter who it is. Iíd love to fight Antonio Tarver or Roy Jones or whoever as that is my reputation. If there is a fight then Iím there.

IBF: Speaking of Jones-Tarver, what was your opinion on the fight and do you think a rematch would have a different outcome?

GJ: I doní know about a different outcome, but I think Roy Jones would win a bit more clearly as the reason it was so close last time is because Roy Jones had to lose all that weight. If he wasnít so dehydrated then he would have been much better. The guy is so good that we have never seen him in even a close fight and that is the only reason we are even talking about this. He is the best pound-4-pound fighter in the world for a reason.

IBF: Okay, well I want to thank you for taking the time to grant me this interview and in closing, is there anything that youíd like to say to the readers out there and those that stand behind you as you go into the Woods rematch?

GJ: Yeah, yeah thanks. I would definitely like to say to the people that this is Glenn Johnson and he is new and determined and everyone who knows about boxing please come out and watch me. If you see my name in here, on the websites or in the newspaper just please come out and watch. I am working hard and trying to be a million dollar fighter, but I need and appreciate all support and itíll help get me to that plateau.

IBF: Well, Thanks again Glenn and best of luck in the future.

GJ: Okay anytime and thanks for doing the interview.

*Interview originally submitted to IBF Reporter

Article posted on 24.11.2003

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