The Legacy of Mayweather & Marquez v. Mayweather

floyd mayweather jr.Weigh-In Results: Floyd Mayweather 146 vs. Juan Manuel Marquez 142
Chris John 126 vs. Rocky Juarez 126
Michael Katsidis 135 vs. Vicente Escobedo 134
Orlando Cruz 126 vs. Cornelius Lock 125

By Yero Moody: In my absence away from writing about my favorite sport I've spent time just being an observer. I'm usually training and writing but these past few months have been a welcomed hiatus. It's made me sympathize even more with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. who is coming off a nearly two year hiatus away from boxing. It's made me miss what I do and re-ignite the fire and I'm sure its had the same effect on Mayweather.

Many who have read my articles know that I am a fan of Mayweather the boxer but not a huge fan of Mayweather outside of the ring.. I don't know him personally so I would never say I dislike him but I don't like some of the things he says and sometimes does. I'm also very aware of the attempts by the media to consistently highlight the negative actions of people of color. I don't say this to start a "race debate" because I know that the media also covers the negative actions of whites as well. I also know that not every white journalist or reporter who writes about the negative actions of a person of color is racist or prejudiced. However, many polls done in the media throughout the past fifty years reflect that most people of color and many whites who participated in these polls felt that the media, as a whole, is unfair and biased in this regard.
Mayweather, however, because of his flamboyant and arrogant disposition, has made himself a constant target. He has no one to blame but himself. Although his claims of racism have some merit at times, he has yet to look at the man in the mirror. He can still sell tickets, promote his fights, and earn huge amounts of money without the bragging and and the putting down of others. He is solely to blame for the negative aspects of his legacy. He gives his detractors/haters all the fuel they need to continue to keep their fires lit. He has become one of the poster children for this modern day, selfish, "its all about me," attitude of many of today's athletes.
Mayweather the fighter, on the other hand, is a different animal. You can't debate his talent nor his skills. His work ethic is one of the best, if not the best, of any athlete in professional sports today, period. I get bored by the constant chants of those who obviously do not know boxing. Such ridiculous chants as "Mayweather runs all night" and "Mayweather is a cherry picker." These are "fans" and writers who have either been dooped or they are trying to doop those of us who do know.

For the record Mayweather is a small welterweight! For him to take a fight with a fighter who is a natural 154lb fighter; Oscar De La Hoya and beat him is no small feat. The fight that hear the most about in which Mayweather supposedly "ran" in was his bout against Carlos Baldomir. Who by the way, could easily fight at 160 lbs. Mayweather would have been an absolute fool to trade with a fighter with that big of a size advantage. The fight I watched showed Mayweather hitting and not being hit which is the object of boxing. Did he not also trade with Juan Castllio in their second fight and KO Diego Corales in his prime? Make no mistake, these "fans" who accuse Mayweather of "running" are the very ones who thought Mayweather would lose these fights and/or wanted to see him lose. That is why they accuse him of "running" because they wanted to see him foolishly trade with bigger fighters so they could get their wish.

"Cherry picking"? Mayweather went after Acelino Freitas, Joel Casamayor, Kostya Tyszu when he was 130 lbs. They all said no. He went after a prime Oscar De La Hoya when he was 135lbs. and stated that he would go up two weight classes to fight him at 147lbs. It was Oscar who said no. He stated he would fight Miguel Cotto when he and Cotto were both promoted by Bob Arum and it was Arum who didn't want that fight to happen stating that Cotto wasn't ready. He called out Ricky Hatton before Hatton got the courage to call him out and it was Hatton himself who said he needed more experience. He went after Shane Mosley not once, but twice. In 2006 and when Mayweather was at 135lbs. and Mosley was on top of his game. Mosley said no both times. Are these the actions of a "cherry picker"? Unlike alot the fans who say Mayweather was "afraid" of Antonio Margarito because he turned his $8 million dollar offer down. I really do not think that Mosley, De La Hoya, Tyszu, Cotto or Casamayor were afraid of Mayweather. Boxing is also a business and timing is important.Which is why I am boldly predicting that Mayweather will absolutely fight Cotto or Pacquiao and Mosley which will seal his legacy as one of the best!

Marquez v. Mayweather: I am a big fan of Juan Marquez. I felt like the second fight he had with Pacquiao should have been at least a draw. He has tremendous ring smarts, a big heart and great skills. Unfortunately for him, so does his opponent and even more. I don't agree with the double standard argument that Floyd Mayweather and alot of people are using in regards to Mayweather fighting Marquez as opposed to Pacquiao. When Pacquiao fought Marquez Marquez was closer to his natural weight. Secondly, unlike Pacquaio, Marquez does not look good at the higher weights. It's not the same ball game and Mayweather is fighting an entirely different Marquez than Pacquiao did. This is a very good tune-up fight for Mayweather and nothing more. I also want it to be very clear, it would not matter if the fight were taking place when Mayweather was 130 lbs. Mayweather is simply more skilled than Marquez. Mayweather by TKO in 8 rds. or less!

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Article posted on 19.09.2009

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