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arceBy Rene Trujillo - Mexico City, Mexico (September 15, 2009)- Today is a special day for many Mexicans as they anticipate the 16th of September, which is Mexicoís Independence Day. For boxers like Jorge Arce, it is an honor and privilege to fight on the eve of the national holiday. Today marks the second year in a row that ďEl TraviesoĒ will be fighting on September 15th and he plans to make a statement in the junior bantamweight division with a convincing win. Arce took time out from his busy training schedule in Mexico City to chat about his upcoming fight, his career, and his future outside the ring. As always, the loquacious Arce did not disappoint in this ten minute interview...

DB- First of all, thanks for your time. What did you learn from your fight with Vic Daychinyan?

JA- Yes, sure, like Iíve always said the fight with Vic, there are many unknown things that the public doesnít know about.. I am not saying this to be less of a man; I know I lost fair and square. But for example, my hand has been broken before right here (showing his right hand to me). Iíve broken both my hands before in fights and I have to get my hands wrapped in a special manner, if I donít and I hit something I hurt my hands. Since Margarito had fought a week before me (the Shane Mosley fight), they (the California State Athletic Commission) were very strict about my hand wraps. They wouldnít allow my team to wrap my hands the way Iím used to. They said donít use this and donít do that. They basically didnít let me protect my hands. So every time I hit Vic my hands would hurt. If I were to fight him again with Nacho Beristain in my corner the outcome would be different.

DB- So it was the State Commission that ordered your camp to re-wrap your hands and gloves?

JA- Yes and they ordered it in such a manner that my gloves felt very loose. I like for my gloves to be extra tight and they didnít allow for my gloves to be secured tightly. So the gloves during the fight felt very loose. Every time I hit him, my hands would hurt because there was a lot of play in the gloves. Like I said, they arenít excuses since he beat me but I think if we had a rematch things would be different.

DB- Does Vic hit harder than any of your other opponents or is it just his style that made things difficult for you?

JA- No, no, not at all. The thing with him is that he fights dirty. Iíve always fought against clean fighters but during our fight he hit me with an elbow and had me a bit wobbly for a few rounds. Heís a very dirty fighter and I promise you I am not making any excuses for the loss. He beat me but I would love a rematch to change the outcome.

DB- How is the training with Nacho going since you came here to Mexico City?

JA- Very good, heís teaching me a lot of things that I didnít know. And then there are other things that I already knew but wasnít applying inside the ring and you will see that in my upcoming fights. If you watched my last fight (against Fernando Lumacad) I was more patient and serene and when I was able to I connected with ease. I hope that my next opponent will last more rounds than he did with me so that people can see that my style is a bit different and that I box more now. However, I will gladly take the early knockout as well.

DB- Despite the fact that you are relatively young, you have already had a long career in boxing? How much longer do you plan to keep on fighting?

JA- Well, I would like to be the first Mexican fighter to win a title in four divisions. I have won three titles at 108, 112, and 115. I want to lock up a title at 115 in my next fight (on September 15th on Azteca America) to once again cement my status as a top fighter and then go for a title at 118 down the line and retire as a four division champ.

DB- Would you consider a rematch with Cristian Mijares now that heís fighting at 118?

JA- It could be but heís already lost his luster and is off the boxing radar. He hasnít been the same fighter of late and he would have to up his stock once again.

DB- Whatís your daily training like?

JA- I get up at six in the morning and run in this forest that I like for an hour. I run 12 kilometers everyday and after that I shower, eat breakfast, and go back to sleep. I get up at 10am to get here to the gym at 11. From 11 to noon or 12:30 I train, then shower, eat, and then I just rest and watch TV. I talk to my family as well, thatís what I do in the afternoon.

DB- Were you training at a different city before?

JA- Yes, I was training in Toluca with my old trainer before I came here to Mexico City.

DB- After you are done with the sport of boxing what would you like to do? Would you like to do soap-operas, singing, or calling fights?

JA- I would like to do soap operas and commentating. I think I am going to be an actor and an on-screen heart throb (laughs).

DB- Word has it that you and Fernando Montiel are big party guys and drinkers!

JA- Heís the big drinker, I donít drink! There was a rumor that we were stopped by the cops and that I was driving drunk. But I wasnít drinking; it was him and his brother. It was his brother who was driving and the cops pulled us over for speeding. When the cops realized that Fernando and I were in the car they had to take us in to the station so that the public could see that they were doing their job. They didnít want to make it seem that since we are world champs they would give us a break. But we werenít breaking any laws; the only thing that we were guilty of was having a long night. We were out until seven in the morning; it was a long night of cruising around town!

DB- For your next big fight, what show do you have planned for your ring walk? A horse again? Maybe a bull?

JA- I think I am going to come in on a helicopter! Or maybe on an elephant. If I win the title (on September 15th), I would like for my next fight to be a unification bout against Nonito Donaire. Iím not saying that I am better than him but I would like to fight him to test out his skills. I think that it would be a good fight. I fought Rafael Concepcion (in 2008) and knocked him out inside the distance and he fought him (August 15th, 2009) and it went the full 12. I think it would be a good little scrap.

DB- For your upcoming fight on the eve of Mexican Independence Day, are you looking to get revenge on Simphiwe Nongqayi for defeating your younger brother?

JA- Thatís right! If I knock him out Iím also going to kick him twice when heís down (laughs). Iím going to kick his ass!

DB- Jorge, what would you like to say to all your fans especially those of Mexican descent in the United States?

JA- Iím very proud to be working with Nacho Beristain and itís a great honor to train alongside Juan Manuel Marquez, whoís a great champion. I want to say thanks in particular to all the Mexican fans in Los Angeles for all their support and Iím going to give them good fights from here on out. The small amount of time that I have left in the ring, I promise to give it my all and put my life on the line. They can expect me to always go to war in the ring. But I want to fight Donaire, to see how much of a bad ass he really is.

DB- Jorge, I actually happen to work out at the same gym where Nonito trains (Undisputed Gym in San Carlos, Ca.). Would you like for me to personally deliver a message to him?

JA- Yes, tell him that I want to kick his ass (laughs).

DB- Finally Jorge, can you give us your thoughts on the big fights coming up; Marquez, Mayweather and Pacquiao, Cotto?

JA- I think itís a difficult fight for Marquez because itís not his natural weight. Heís going up two weight classes but at the same time no fighter is invincible and he might be able to win. The way Iíve been seeing him train though, he looks very strong and is working out with a lot of intensity. He looks good and we have to see how Mayweather looks after being inactive for almost two years. Who knows how heís going to look but I always have confidence in Mexican fighters. Our country always backs our fighters and as a proud Mexican I am behind him till the end.

DB- What about the Pacquiao fight?

JA- Iím going to tell you something, I used to always pull for Cotto because I saw him as a very strong fighter. Heís a natural welterweight, a big welterweight. However, Pacquiao has only faced smaller guys and with Oscar, well he was shot. The Cotto fight will be hard but I saw Cotto fight after the Margarito bout and he didnít look the same. Against Joshua Clottey, I didnít see Cotto at his best. He didnít look that good to me. It seemed like Clotteyís shots were finding their mark, Cotto may be regressing a bit and Pacquiao is in his prime right now. On top of all that Pacquiao has that speed and heís a lefty. So I think that Pacquiao is going to beat Cotto, thatís what I think.

DB- Well Jorge, thank you very much for your time.

JA- No, thank you! I want to give my Mexican fans in the US a big shout out, in Los Angeles and San Francisco!

Article posted on 13.09.2009

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