Marquez vs Mayweather: Admit it, you want Marquez to win

Juan Manuel MarquezBy Paul Strauss: Leading up to September 19th, most boxing fans and experts cringe when thinking about the very real possibility of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. walking away with a victory over Juan Manuel Marquez. Most experts and fans begrudgingly realize if the heavily favored "Mouth that Never Shuts" wins, he will grow even more obnoxious, if that's possible. When fans think of the advantages this Lost Wages, IRS loving Snurge enjoys, their skin crawls. They know the noble warrior Marquez has to overcome many gifts on the Money side.

Conjure up some and you begin to wonder why Marquez would even risk taking the fight. At first glance, everything seems to line up on the side of the Counterfeit Currency Champ. He's naturally bigger and stronger. He will enjoy a slight height advantage, but big reach advantage. He is faster, both with his footwork and hand speed.. He is more elusive, and has never been in a real ring war, so he has never suffered the lasting physical scars and damage that type of combat can inflict. Also, he has never lost, so he has that supreme confidence in his abilities. He's a gym rat, and has been since a young age, so even though he has had a lay-off, he has continued to work out hard, and maintains his sharpness. He also equals any fighter in his mental preparations for a fight. He has seen just about every style and technique that's out there, and he knows how to deal with them all. He can box from a distance, using his great foot speed and pot-shot his opponent. He can use that foot speed to close distances and strike like lightning before his opponent can react, leaving them wondering what the hell just happened. He can rough up those who think they're tough customers. He can muscle them, use leverage and let them run into his forearm or elbow, or maybe even the heel of his glove if necessary. And of course, there are the clever, hard and accurate counters that cause fighters to start thinking, "I can't beat this guy!"

All this stimulates the unthinkable, "Realistically, what the hell kind of chance does Marquez have?" Was his agreement to take this fight foolish or was he just looking for a payday? Is he hoping against hope that he might be able to land a lucky punch, or glancing blow that might cause a fight ending cut? Surely he remembers being down four times in his fights against the Pac Man? He doesn't have to see the replay of his fight with Barrera to know that what was deemed a slip was really a knockdown, and that he was in serious trouble. Surely he remembers having trouble with fast, good boxers such as Chris John?

This is getting depressing. Just how badly in favor of Mayweather are the odds going to be? Let's take a quick second look at the main points for those of you not paying attention. He's taller and has a big reach advantage. He's faster. He's a better boxer. He's more elusive. He's never been seriously hurt by cuts, or badly bruised up in a tough fight. He's always in great shape. He's a student of the game. He is supremely confident, and he's never been beaten. Throw the towel in now and resign yourselves into the hopelessness of the situation.

For crying out loud, all this must mean there's only sympathy left for Marquez? It's obvious he has unrealistic aspirations, right?. He must be delusional! Has he managed to seclude himself to the extent that he's managed to avoid reading the opinions of all the experts? Has he been in the game for all of these years and failed to follow the career of the Cash Cow? How can this man remain unfazed and underwhelmed by all the Money Monger hype?

Equally important, why do you want him to win? Is it just because he's an overwhelming underdog? Or, do you want him to win because of your dislike for the Chump of Dysfunction. Or, do you not so much want Marquez to win, as you want Cloudy Weather to lose? It certainly can't be because you realistically think he can win? How's that possible with all that's been said? Now who is delusional!

Wait, you bellow! There really are "chinks" in the armor of the Blighty Little Mercenary. He can be made to fold and fall. He can be made to slip and stumble. Marquez believes this to be true, and many of you do as well. He and you fans know the Artful Dodger carefully maneuvered his way around the likes of Miquel Cotto, Antonio Margarito, Shane Mosley and Paul Williams to name a few, while Marquez anxiously sought to make big fights. He and you fans know the Braggart had to have a reason for those tactics. Is Little Floyd as confident as he might have us believe? Could it be that Juan and you fans were watching when Zab Judah when he landed a good counter right hook that caused Flaying Payday's demeanor to wilt a bit and for his glove to touch the canvas? Could it be that JMM and you know Oscar had Floyd beat if only he would have kept firing his jab? Maybe it's because Dinamita and you know that Junior has never fought anyone that fires off punches with the kind of accuracy JMM has demonstrated? Or, it could be that you and JMM know Fleeing Floyd has never come up against an opponent who is such a master of managing distance and will be countering his counters? Ask Joel Casamayor about that. Could it be that you believe JMM is capable of feinting the feints of the Grand Salami of Moolah? Could it be that you believe JMM has already proved he can deal with speed, as evidenced in his great fights with the real P4P champ. Could it be that JMM is supremely confident because he knows that he has already overcome great adversity and been victorious?

JMM and you also know there's no such thing as a "Sure Thing". The people who believe that are the ones who have gambling problems. To use an electrical metaphor, JMM is properly "grounded". There will be no power surge made against him. He is emotionally stable, in control and not subject to all the hype. Call it an intangible if you want, but it's just as important as any of the other gifts, even if The Spoiled One thinks he is "one" (gift) to the world. When JMM's gloved hand is raised in victory, you will be shouting out like Peter in Peter and the Wolf, when the wolf is no longer a threat (or howling)........"Oh, happy days!"

Article posted on 26.08.2009

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